18 August, 2006

Buried Treasure from Arch Stanton

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In the past I had never really considered the uniformed Nazi to be of any value to the white movement. In fact I maintained the visage of the uniformed Nazi has long been a detriment to the formation and pursuit of any successful white political movement. After all, for proof of this deleterious effect one only has to look at how effectively the jews used a photo of David Duke in Nazi uniform to thoroughly discredit and defame his person, thereby greatly ameliorating his political power. But no more, no-siree-bob, I have seen the light, I have changed my tune to Tomorrow Belongs to Me! That’s right, after the seeing the Nazis’ effect on our neighborhood Nubian Viking fest, I have totally changed my mind about the throwback effect of the uniformed Nazi.

The astute, jew-aware, white person should be able to detect the supreme irony in a situation where a Negro is feted as the head of a white celebration traditionally embraced by Germans, while the ultimate representation of German power (admittedly displayed in a more or less comic form) is shunned. Note the idiot mayor’s overriding concern for any possible offense to the Negro’s delicate sensibilities? Quote: “My main concern was for Jasmine and the other girls — I didn’t want this to leave a sour taste in their mouths.” This is how the jewish “Alice” turns our world upside down by forcing us to view it through their dark and twisted looking glass. Kudos to the Nazis (may their tribe increase) for putting pressure on the festivities by shining a glaring, white, light on the dark, muddy, festivities. This type of visual demonstration should happen at every jew-twisted, formerly white activity. Imagine for a moment how marvelous it would have been to see two or three hundred Nazis in full SS uniform (Viking division of course) attending the Viking Fest. It would have been even more elevating had they been goose-stepping in formation down Viking Way while singing a rousing rendition of “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” – talk about really ruining the jew’s party!

Why the 180 degree turnaround? Simply because, from the viewpoint of the stupid bovina festival organizers and supporters, these few Nazis were the ugliest possible pimple that might adorn their otherwise smooth, unblemished, jew inspired, smug, multicultural festival’s ass. Picture the perfect jewish Amerikwan princess prom queen, (maybe a teen aged version of Bela Abzug or Madaligned Albright) with a huge, ugly, zit in the middle of her face at the moment she accepts her crown and bouquet and you’ll have a better understanding of the Nazi’s role at Viking fest. After all what could be whiter than Nazis attending a newly minted, multicultural, mud festival?

Think about it, while you might see a Negro Viking queen you most certaintly will never see a Negro Nazi queen. The loud and obvious fart of the Nazis filling the jewish-perfumed multicultural room completely spoiled what would have an otherwise been a very quiet and orderly theft of yet another traditional white festival. In the words of the mayor, the Nazi presence left quite a sour taste in the jew sycophant’s mouth.

Hooray for the Nazis! I say more Nazis, in fact a lot more Nazis, in full uniforms at every white festival and every occasion where the thieving jew parasite has usurped the white man’s heritage by applying an ugly layer of mud.* In fact, do you know the what the jews hate most, do you know what sight makes them wet their pants in horror? – The sight of a blond, Ayran, male wearing a black SS uniform adorned with snazzy, silver, totenkopfs. Consider the irony found in the all-black SS uniform; think of the fashion statement this uniform makes to jews. “OK jewish schwine, you like black? You want black everywhere in our white society? How’s this for black, is it black enough for you yet asshole?”

And so my fellow Kwanners, in conclusion I say forget the current brown-shirt motif and fade to black! And hey, if you really want to throw a monkey wrench in the jew’s multicultural mechanism, then remove the political target by shunning any political affiliation with your march. Simply bill your SS troops as historical re-enactors celebrating their German military heritage during Viking Fest. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Amerikwans free to re-enact various historical events? Well how about re-enacting the Nuremburg rally or the victory march through the Arc de Triomphe? The visual effect of SS marching troops will make quite enough statement on its own, but adding a festive song or two would certainly add to the overall effect on the public. Jawhol, mein Herr!

(*Speaking of mud, you ought to see Liberty Bay at low tide. Why the new, Negro, Viking queen would simply disappear if she fell into Liberty Bay after the tide ran out.)

Arch Stanton

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  7. 39 Responses to “Buried Treasure from Arch Stanton”

    1. moderator Says:

      Also by Arch Stanton, Interview with the Grim Reaper


    2. Mark Says:

      Here’s the problem:

      “Peggy Campbell, Jasmine’s mother, said she was initially concerned and angered. Peggy Campbell is half-Norwegian and half-Swedish; Jasmine was adopted.”

      She was raised by a Nordic mother, and so she thinks she’s Nordic or entitled to that identity. Blame the mother.

      The uniformed Nazis should be protesting the whites responsible more than the confused black girl.

    3. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      >>Race has *so* not been an issue for Jasmine Campbell>>

      Pulitzer-level newspaper writing in the ‘Kwa.

    4. moderator Says:


      There is no such thing as a *half-white*. One is either White, or not White. One drop of nigger blood disqualifies mongrels from the White gene pool. Sorry, those are the rules. Let the mongrels have their own culture, we want ours unmolested by their presence.

    5. Angle Says:

      Thanks moderator for that statement. Thats why I come back to vnn time and again and barely set foot in stormfront any more. We must be a people of untainted blood, or we have already lost to the jew.

    6. Mark Says:


      You misread my post.

      Let me clarify: I never said she is half-White. The Black girl is *adopted*, and she is half-Hispanic and half-Black. The mother is fully Nordic, being half-Norwegian and half-Swedish, and not biologically related to the *adopted* Black girl. However, being raised by a Nordic mother has given the *adopted* Black girl the notion that she is included in the Nordic community. So you’re looking at the end result.

      As to your argument that someone can not be half-White, that would be technically incorrect. Someone unfortunately can have a white parent and non-white parent, and thus be half of that lineage. That however would not qualify someone as White.

      I agree with your notion that admixture is undesirable, and in fact I raise the ante by promoting Northern European preservation, which is the foundation of America. http://www.racialcompact.com

    7. Steiner Says:

      Arch has come to the conclusion George Lincoln Rockwell reached back in the early 60’s. WN’s really need to study GLR, the man was a genius, murdered in the great 60’s wipe out of political dissidents (ever stop to consder how many major political assinations took place back then, and if you do, do you wonder if it was a FBI operaton with a code name like “EvenKeel” to put down the potential revolutionaries rocking the systems boat?). Anyway, GLR worked for years with “Kahnservitives” and finally concluded they were useless. He futher concluded that it was only the Nazis/Fascists that understood the Jew and only by being one of them could the Jew be properly confronted. He was right.
      As a side note; Scandinavians are idiots. These useless shits have been adopting Niglets since the 70’s and importing them to Norway, Sweden, Finland – it just tickles these chowderheads pink – the best thing that ever happened to these dimwits was German occupation – the stupid shits need it again.

    8. CZ Says:

      The truth be told I am not against ‘nazi’ uniforms. A well organized group of FIT white men wearing black motorsports jackets with silver accents / piping and pins, along with a red, silver grey or white shirt, motorcycle pants with polished boots (like steel toed chippewas), sunglasses and military caps would look imposing, but the NSM need to realize they need to be in shape. No one respects a dumpy, unhealthy looking man. And all the participants need to have nearly the same outfit, down the the manufacturer, and with similar added imagery. This similarity in dress also leads to comradery, and the intimidation factor.

      An outfit like that would be one men can fight in, look good in and be proud in. I would wear an outfit like that. But you must be in good shape, and the facial hair has to go. No one respects a guy that looks like Paul Prudhomme, and flaccid muscles do not make for good fighters.

    9. brutus Says:

      Quotes from the news article:

      “Campbell was chosen last month by a panel of judges from outside Kitsap County to represent the town in its annual festival, which runs May 19-21.”

      “We wondered if this was how people felt,” she said. But police told her that the e-mails appeared to have come from people with ties to a white-supremacist group who live outside the area.”

      “The people who have time to worry about what happens in somebody’s else’s town must not have very much going on in their lives,” she said. “In the end, they are just pathetic, ignorant people.”


      The blazing and incessant hypocrisy invalidates anything the jew says about anything.

      On one hand people’s opinion from outside the town are desirable and good, and on the other hand people’s opinions who oppose the jew are from “pathetic, ignorant people”.

      Every single one of us knows that most of the White people in that town secretly see that nigger winning the contest as pure bullshit. But they dare not speak the truth because the jew will take their job away. Yes, there is a certain percentage of nigger lovers, but I feel that they are in the minority.

      Notice how the jew will never juxtapose the most obvious question. Such as: “How would Nigerians in Lagos Nigeria feel if a White girl were crowned Miss Cannibal in that town?”

    10. jackumup Says:

      So she thought of herself as nordic? did she use a lot of peroxcide and axel grease to keep her hair white and straight? how was she adopted mail order like perscription drugs from canada? why was she adopted don’t they have any other type of stray animals that need homes?

      How much longer will we take this shit?

    11. Outis Says:

      “A well organized group of FIT white men wearing black motorsports jackets with silver accents / piping and pins, along with a red, silver grey or white shirt, motorcycle pants with polished boots (like steel toed chippewas), sunglasses and military caps would look imposing,”

      Or like a Judas Priest cover band.

    12. Mati The Estonian Says:

      OK guys and girls – little refreshment from Ukraine ;-)
      take a peek and enjoy nice blond beauty – sorry guys no porno LOL


    13. Jim Says:

      Thanks Mati – that was inspiring.

    14. Outis Says:

      She looks like a mannequin. Christ, you guys have such bad taste.

    15. CZ Says:

      OUTIS, strangely you are right. but Judas Priest was cool before we found out he flew the pink flag.

    16. Carpenter Says:

      Steiner, you think Scandinavians are useless for importing muds? Then take a look at Germany. Man, just look at those stupid shits and dimwits. Or America. Sorry to burst your bubble, dude. I guess we all need our hate objects.

      Germany was well on its way to becoming a communist state, with its ten million organized communists infesting the streets in the 20s and early 30s. Nothing communist of that size was going on anywhere else in the West; it took a man like Adolf Hitler to save the stupid shits from themselves. He had to make extensive use of the color red and the word “socialist” in the party name to turn the dimwits around, like you get a pack of dogs to move away from one piece of meat by waving another juicy piece of meat before them. Talk about useless idiots. Hitler was far more than they deserved, and he knew it. The Nazis were wise in importing [i]semen from Norwegians[/i] to inseminate the lesser Germans.

      As for Americans, I think we all know the embarrassing history here, no need to dwell on it any further. Ah, there I go bursting bubbles again. I guess the whole race is in the same boat – sucks, doesn’t it?

    17. Steiner Says:

      Mati has a good link – it shows how degenerate “Amerikwan” concepts of beauty have become – these blonde queens wouldn’t stand a chance with the granola crunching, Birkenstock jewbies in the jUSA. “Come the revolution !”
      The Who.

    18. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Mark is right on the money. What is a Scandinavian mother doing adopting a Negress? The poor Negress should be sent back to Africa to connect with her real roots. Send her adoptive mother along to stay. Hitler was far too kind to the Norwegians. He should also have invaded and occupied Sweden.
      Mark Says:

      The 18th 2006f August, 2006 at 1:06 pm

      Here’s the problem:

      “Peggy Campbell, Jasmine’s mother, said she was initially concerned and angered. Peggy Campbell is half-Norwegian and half-Swedish; Jasmine was adopted.”

      She was raised by a Nordic mother, and so she thinks she’s Nordic or entitled to that identity. Blame the mother.

      The uniformed Nazis should be protesting the whites responsible more than the confused black girl.

    19. jackumup Says:

      Mati The Etonian, “Thats what the world Wants”

    20. Mati The Estonian Says:

      as the name says I’am living in Estonia and I have lots of frinds in Finland to. but the most saddening thing is this jewbie multikultural politically correct bullshit going around here to.
      1 example – kike-panks getting intrests up thats keeps salarys low and lots of estonians go to Europe to find better salary jobs. hmm little withe stock wont hurt europe because most estonians WILL come back (not like shit skins) but problem is that during the time when lots of estonian men working aboard local kikeloving political shitskins making laws witch will allow in the future (must admit they do thing few steps ahed) importing lots of living shit to estonia. OK example of rhetoric “we need 50-100 Ukrainian guys to come Estonia so we can replace those bus drivers and welders and construction workes left to Europe. but to do that we need a new law wich allows it. but what they left out is in that new law thay DO NOT specifay it that only ukrainians and only limited period can come. so after a while when bankers tight little bit more the rope around aur respectful trouts and few more guys and girls will leave estonia (problem is the whites in europa will not make babies with them becouse they are “gastarbeiters” they will not make babies because girls are in home and medleing with muds) so we will in position in 20 years when we have lots of middle aged womens with no fucking sex memory frustrated and they will adopt those shit skin babies whose parents will come to estonia from africa and asia becouse of that law with was originally designed to bring just few ukrainians. and they do that all over the europe.
      and next we will have in estonian beauty pageant with mud girls in the row prrrrr.

      PS. looks like You people liked the link – so one more time (in the future by request only OK) few nice links from Estonia – our nice girls ;-)

      1. History of Miss Estonia – http://www.missestonia.ee/SMS.php

      2. Senior High and University girls in competition – http://www.syg.edu.ee/pildigaleriid/sportlik_tegevus/miss_graatsia_2006/galerii/index.htm

      3. Nicest Boobs in the City contest (only few half naked boobs) – http://www.ss.ee/tiss/?tyyp=2&sisuID=21&aasta=2006

      4. And last but not least – one of the best model agency in country – http://www.beatricemass.ee/

    21. Mark Says:

      Looks like you already have a Negro problem there, Mati. The star male all those women have their hands on is a high-yella fella.


    22. Antagonistes Says:

      “the sight of a blond, Aryan male wearing an SS uniform”–

      what about those of us who are brunette? With brown eyes? And a touch of non-Aryan DNA?

      I guarantee you we could wear that uniform, and will wear it when we are tired enough of the murders and the rapes, and the whoring of our country.

    23. Steiner Says:

      Aryans are not all blond haird and blue eyed. If WN’s will take the time, and they should, they can find studies performed by the National Socialist (or in that era and before the establishment of the NS state) detailed racial classifications. I am recalling now, but you had Nordic, Batlic, Dineric, Western (I believe the Western racial type was typicall brown haired and brown eyed) as some of the major types. Don’t get your racial education from jHollywood movies !

    24. Mati The Estonian Says:

      yeah Mark I now – we working on this one to – we allready get rid of Dutch ambassador Hans Glaubitz faggot with mud boyfriend. so now we working to make all those other muds feel very uneasy …
      next will be kikes and bolseviks (wich essentially the same).
      so you can take a look kikish/faggot dutsh ambassador just follow the link – sorry I was unable to finf englis version ;-)


    25. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      Another bombshell beauty-


    26. Steiner Says:

      Perhaps a little off point, but why couldn’t this F***** up country have been this far gone in WWII, link here: http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2006-08-19-older-recruits_x.htm

    27. Amused Says:

      From the original post by alex:

      “After all, for proof of this deleterious effect one only has to look at how effectively the jews used a photo of David Duke in Nazi uniform to thoroughly discredit and defame his person, thereby greatly ameliorating his political power.”

      From a slightly more credible source, the dictionary: “ameliorate: To make or become better; improve.”

      So, the Nazi-uniform picture *improved* David Duke’s political power? Are you 100% in agreement with that statement you actually made, you dummy?

      Dude, do you even know or care what the word *ameliorated* means? Or are you just thrilled to have worked a polysyllabic word into your vernacular? If so, perhaps you’d be better off using “eradicated,” “vitiated,” or “eviscerated,” even.

      With inarticulate demagogues like you, the movement should be concerned. Or amused.

    28. Mati The Estonian Says:

      USA is to big for its own good :-(
      too many white people want too many thing – but actually all differentses are just skin deep. but they cant look behind kike introduces rethorics. one post above (Aused) is a good example of this. OK Alex made a mistake – he probably just copy-pasted this remark from someplace and did not paying much attention or even if he didnt now exact meaning of this word then so what ??!! this kaind on picking is stuped.
      to Amused personally; if you are real nice white aryan person and not sobbing kikish back stabbing provocateur you post should look something like this: Alex the dictionary states: “ameliorate: To make or become better; improve.” i hope you make notice for that. thanx Amused.
      thats all – we in here are behind ONE idea – no kikes and everyone should live in they respectful countrys and above all white unity and comradery. but this kind of picking shows YOU low mental ability and total disregard of ideas what normal white person must have – honesty and love towards another whaite man. we have old folks remark in estonia – “If one sees a error he will help to fix it” (translation is not in his best but should be close enough).
      the thing You guys should do in US is go and join in masses to Independent Party (I kind of rememeber there should be one in US) then take it over – then elect David Duke or Alex or someone else in party leader and crush in next elextion all those mud loving kike ass kissers and when in WH do the legal revolution – disband Dept. Homeland Security trhow out from Hill all those idiots thats let the kikes and AIPAC run the show and take back You country. I heard You have still few army generals left – they will help … so by 2010 elections ( if I remember correctly the time table) You the white people will sit in the Hill and WH and will be able to get ridef those kike swindlers.
      I now foe first You/we need give some room for muds but they will kill himself out ….
      most important thing – no kikes or they puppets in WH and Hill …

    29. moderator Says:

      Alex Linder did not post this post this article, which was written by Arch Stanton. It is not the role of Alex or myself to track down errors in a submission.

      Be it known, I scan HUNDREDS of posts each day, mostly looking for antifas attempting to post some sort of threat so that harm may come to VNN.

      Perhaps Mr. Amused would like to volunteer his time and act as a proof editor on VNN/VNNF. No, I think he would rather snipe from the tall grass.

    30. Tyler Durden Says:

      CZ was so right. All I get when I see a NSM rally is a big laugh. Fat dumpy guys marching out of step and yelling from behind a police guarded fence sends no (ZERO) fear in the minds of the brain washed white public let alone the sub human races. The Russian and Sweede nazi’s look like they mean what they say. They will kick your ass in a heartbeat. I don’t want beer swilling drunk fucks ( most of who make up the NSM ) representing my idea of white America. They also could use a tougher leader, someone like Rockwell instead they have Curly of the Three Stooges.

    31. Mati The Estonian Says:

      find this – its short but few VERY intresting points about our race origin …


    32. Johnny Rotten Says:

      All of the in-fighting about who is Aryan and who is not is a major problem in the White movement. Some people cannot even tell who the hell is realy white as is obvious by the photos of some of those women. Some to me appear to be asiatic in descent. White men have been roaming and taking over and banging the locals for centuries. It is no surprise that SOME whites have SOME adulteration. As long as this slight admixture does not effect the way the person ascts or thinks then SOME adulteration will have to be allowed into the whites gene pool…..otherwise you may be excluding some of the best people out there. I personaly have a prarie nigger (“native american”) in my family tree from generations ago. This blood though has been outbred over time and what I do have is so insignificant that it does not play any part in my mental ability or physical attributes. I have Brown hair and green eyes and tested at an IQ level higher than most adults in the 3rd grade (that was the last time i had an IQ test… 122). If all you want is to have blonde hair blue eyed Aryans then you are alienating a good chunk of the white community and you will quickly find out how outnumbered you will be in the coming fight for our race. Hate me if you have to, I couldnt care less but dont discredit my whiteness due to a stray family member deciding to put his poker in an injun 6 generations ago.

    33. Mati The Estonian Says:

      lets be honest guys and girls – like Johnny Rotten did say – our forefathers did lots of “bangig” and not allways in the best places. so for the modern time is most important not only blue eyes and blonde hairs but readiness to stand for white race. after some digging I have found out that even some blacks are even stronger anti-semites (good for them) then most whites. they feel inside of they guts the evelness of kikes (they are more closer to the mother nature then we) after all kikes bring they sorry asses to America killing lots of them in process. and for now we need find a allys to beat the ZOG (OK I now I am not american but I lived there 5y and feel kind of related to white american people – and only for skin – and I now – when YOU succumb finnally for kikes then its hopeless for the rest of the world) and all that neocon kikes – so the most good candidates are at this point blacks. and this is for 1 good reason – kikes did turn blacks kind of media darlings – atleast for the first wave of uprising will catsh kikes by surprise. If for example David Duke (just a name – it my be Alex Linder to ;-) ) will run for OFFICE supported with not only whites but blacks to they practically do not have ANY change – remember the Kennedy. afterwords we can do same nice campaign like “Rise The Africa Literacy” or something and lots of blacks go there (at least most dangerous – with higer IQ) “to rise” and will tangeld there. but atleast white people get ride of kikes -the most dangerous enemy of all.
      reacently I found 1 nice irish guy with lots of intresting reading about mens history – I dont think he is 100% accurate but if we include guys like D.Icke and some others we will get intresting picture from our history wich is supressed by kikes and the reason why kikes do what they do (with out understanding HES reasons You can not fight You enemy) so take a look and happy hunting …


      PS. dont forget Jim Marrs superb and very exellent book about recent decades/ centuries kike activities – book is named Ruled By Secrecy. Jim do not mention kikes but if one reads the names it will self evident ….
      You can get pdf version from my website (sorry Jim) or use Amazon.com …

    34. Antagonistes Says:

      I like the post by Johnny Rotten.

      I like to be sure of things (an Aryan trait) so I had a DNA test done. The outfit that does the testing does it TWICE to make sure.

      They said I was 94% European and 6% East Asian. EAST ASIAN? Yes, they said. Could this just be “noise”? No, they said, Caucasian noise is usually a little more than 1% Sub-Saharan African or Native American.
      Could this be something left over from the Mongol invasian of Europe?
      We don’t know, they said.

      Like Mr. Rotten, my IQ was high enough to get into Mensa (for what that is worth), which I did for awhile until they put Bill Clinton on the cover of the Mensa bulletin. When I was younger my hair was very dark but it has lightened with age. It is stiff and stays “spiked” on its own until it gets longer than an inch or so. My eyes are dark brown.

      I am married to a girl who is almost, or might possibly be, pure German.

    35. Jack Burns Says:

      Hi Antagonistes

      I, too, have always been a bit curious about the true details of my personal genetic lineage. As far as I know I’m pure European — double German grandparents on my mother’s side and double Slovak grandparents on my father’s side — but the shape of my eyes tells a somewhat different story. I vividly recall my childhood friend’s little five-year-old sister studying my face intently for some time before finally blurting out, “He’s got funny Chinese eyes! While taken aback even then, there was no way I could deny her purely innocent yet oh so astute observation. In any case, ever since that eventful day, I’ve always wondered just how much Mongolian genetic influence I might have coursing through my veins and would much appreciate knowing the name and location of the lab you used to further nail-down your own genetic identity.

      Kind regards,


    36. Antagonistes Says:

      Hi Jack–

      The lab is called GeneTree DNA Testing Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

      The web address is http://www.genetree.com.

      The test is very simple (three mouth swabs which you send back) but it costs about $220.00. This particular test is called AncestrybyDNA.

      But like you, I had some experiences when I was younger that made me wonder, so I had to know.

    37. Johnny Rotten Says:

      I forgot to mention that even with my slight adulterated blood line….I am the father of a 4 month old Blue Eyed Blonde who is bigger than average and seems very intelligent ( he can do things most his age cant or arent developed enough to do). Oh, and he has one hell of a grip on him. Watch out Yids! When this white boy grows up hell need something to squeeze the shit out of.

    38. Alfred Holden Says:

      It is with great sorrow that such racist rant should come by way of Poulsbo.

      Let us examine the story:

      Jasmine Campbell is a wonderful person. Poulsbo is a wonderful town. Vikings are synonymous with people of Scandinavian descent. Choosing a wonderful person like Jasmine, though seemingly innocent, is an affront to all things Scandinavian.

      Let me explain:

      You have a President. You select a cabinet. You appoint a nice intelligent lady named Condoleeza Rice. One thinks nothing of this appointment. Then you have this long administrative period of conflict that is enmeshed in Middle Eastern affairs. If one examines the role that International Relations represents, the considerations of the respective peoples and their indigenous cultures, is a principal factor one takes into account, if one is interested in a successful outcome to Middle Eastern negotiations. Now here comes Condi Rice, a woman, into the tents of Arabs, where women are veiled and besides this, she is black. Think on how this must affect the outcome of any suggestion on Condi’s behalf to those muslim men?

      The point that needs to be understood is, in a society where the respective cultures of its native peoples are venerated, to elect a person that is not in accordance with the spirit and the blood of those people, is misunderstanding the purpose of that commemoration. The person that was chosen as Miss Viking Fest 2006 is not representative of the native contributions of the SCANDINAVIANS it was meant to celebrate.

      Please understand, imagine electing a Miss African Fest 2006, a blond Norwegian. Or perhaps, a Native American Fest 2006, a blond Dane. And finally perhaps a Miss Asian Fest 2006, blond Swede.

    39. James Woroble Jr. Says:

      I think a remake of the ’60’s movie ‘Exodus’ with an all nigger cast portraying jewz could – possibly – bring the point home to the malicious sociopathic (K)ike.