23 August, 2006

Bush Favors Israel Over America

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[Israel gets billions upon billions of dollars YOU EARNED, while Alabama, Mississippi and other states go begging.]

Israel is full of sh*t – literally

And you thought it was just figuratively.

According to a report that examines how effective economic sanctions and divestment might be in forcing Israel to end its occupation of Palestine . . .

Israel is the “biggest exporter of fertilizers, polished diamonds and industrial oils. It exports 57% of the total world exports of fertilizers, 34% of the total exports of polished diamonds, 26% of the total exports of industrial oils and 12% of the total weapons sales.”

Why am I not surprised? They really are full of sh*t!

And that’s not all.

Since 2002, Israel has become a LENDING market. Foreign aid from places such as the United States and Germany has given Israel “a powerful base of foreign currency which strengthened its economy.” Since 1996, Israel has steadily increased its Central Bank reserves initiated by a 9 billion dollar grant from the United States under the Clinton Administration in a move designed to stabilize the Israeli economy.

That’s 9 BILLION DOLLARS – a GRANTthe kind you need NOT pay back.

For the record, the governments of Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana had to BORROW – at interest – most of the money the federal government made available to them after Katrina AND they were forced to sign a loan agreement that included an unprecedented provision that FOREVER bars loan forgiveness – under ANY circumstance.

Don’t believe me? Here’s Dubya talking to Matt Lauer about it.

[Matt Lauer:] there was recently a loan package approved by Congress, a billion dollars in emergency loans for the states hardest hit by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. That’s the good news. Some Democrats complain that there was wording taken out of that loan package, a forgiveness clause that has traditionally been included in loan packages in the past. And they’re wondering why these three states were singled out. Would you ask Congress to go back into that legislation and reinstate the forgiveness clause?

THE PRESIDENT: I think Congress – what Congress said is that the previous loans were limited to a relatively small amount of money. These loans are much greater loans. And that what Congress has said is you’ll have five years to repay, plus an additional five years to repay. And so I think it’s a kind of package that Congress was comfortable with giving and I was happy to sign it.

Get it? One billion dollars loaned to our own states is so much money that they have to pay it back, while 9 billion dollars handed – as a gift – to Israel is well deserved. Or, so the logic goes.

Anyway, the report on Israel concludes that a boycott would not work.

In the event of an effective sanctions and divestment campaign, Israel is better positioned and protected from the effects for a longer period of time due to the size of these reserves.


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  7. 5 Responses to “Bush Favors Israel Over America”

    1. VLC Says:

      Alex: “Anyway, the report on Israel concludes that a boycott would not work.”

      Don’t forget that in the US all companies have to comply with the anti-boycott laws established in the 1970s to protect Israel from the Arab boycott, meaning that any company that agrees to answer a customer’s question about the provenance of a product, i.e. “is your stuff made in Israel ?” can be fined thousands and even in some cases millions of dollars.


      North Kansas City company settles charge related to boycott of Israel

      Cook Composites and Polymers Co. has agreed to pay a $6,000 fine to settle charges that it violated Commerce Department regulations aimed at countering the Arab boycott of Israel.

      The department’s Bureau of Industry and Security had charged that, in response to a request from a customer in Bahrain, Cook had furnished information stating that the goods being shipped were not of Israeli origin and did not contain Israeli materials.

      The bureau also charged that Cook had failed to report its receipt of the request.

      Cook, of North Kansas City, neither admitted nor denied the allegations, but agreed to pay the $6,000 civil penalty.

      The antiboycott provisions bar U.S. companies from providing information about their business relationships with Israel. They also require that receipt of boycott requests be reported to the Bureau of Industry and Security, formerly known as the Bureau of Export Administration.


      another example:


      L’Oreal fined $1.4 million for following Arab boycott
      Friday September 1, 1995

      Jewish Telegraphic Agency

      WASHINGTO, D.C. — In a clear sign that the United States will continue enforcing bans on compliance with the Arab boycott of Israel, the Commerce Department has levied the second largest fine since enforcement began more than 25 years ago.

      American L’Oreal affiliates agreed to pay $1.4 million to settle an investigation of the cosmetics giant. As is customary in such settlements, the firms did not admit complying with the boycott.

      The investigation should remind the exporting community that the Arab boycott of Israel “is not yet consigned to history,” said John Despres, assistant secretary of commerce for export enforcement.

      Anti-boycott laws “will continue to be enforced vigorously until the boycott is completely ended and U.S. law has been changed accordingly,” he said.

      The Commerce Department had charged L’Oreal affiliates in the United States with supplying information about their commercial relations in Israel to L’Oreal’s Paris headquarters in the late 1980s. That information was allegedly used to assist the firm in dealing with Arab boycott authorities.

      The settlement announced Tuesday was based on three documents containing 144 alleged violations.

      According to the settlement, Parbel of Florida will pay $1.4 million; Cosmair Inc. will pay $9,000; and Bruce Mishkin, associate corporate counsel for Cosmair and the former vice president of Helena Rubinstein, will pay $50,400. All are L’Oreal affiliates.

      The charges against L’Oreal and its affiliates were among the most significant ever made by the Commerce Department, Despres said.

      Only Baxter International, which paid more than $6 million in fines in 1993, has paid more to the Commerce Department.

      L’Oreal’s attorneys maintain that the company and its affiliates are innocent. “This is a settlement of contested charges. We deny that there was any violation of the law,” said Stanley Marcuss, an attorney representing L’Oreal.

      Jewish organizations were quick to praise the Commerce Department.

      “The lifeblood of the boycott is built around information received,” said Jess Hordes, Washington director of the Anti-Defamation League. “The Commerce Department did a good job in enforcing U.S. anti-boycott laws.”

      Although praising the Commerce Department for its investigation of the case, American Jewish Congress officials noted that L’Oreal has substantially increased its investments in Israel.

      “L’Oreal has demonstrated within the past year a complete abandonment of its former policies by developing a very large economic program in Israel,” said Will Maslow, former editor of the now defunct AJCongress newsletter, Boycott Report.

      One member of Congress who has been outspoken on the boycott welcomed the settlement. “The Arab economic boycott is not only illegal, it is immoral and any company that supports it must be brought to justice,” said Rep. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), who chairs the Congressional Task Force to End the Boycott.

      While L’Oreal officials maintain their affiliates did nothing wrong, company officials acknowledged that L’Oreal should not have sent letters in the late 1980s to the boycott office in Damascus, which detailed the company’s involvement with Israel. In a letter to ADL national director Abraham Foxman, L’Oreal’s chairman apologized for its past relationship with the boycott office in Damascus.


      according to jew Fred Taub of Divestment Watch even promoting a boycott on campuses is illegal since the law not only targets american companies but “US persons”:


    2. Donger Says:

      “VLC Says: …”

      Wow. When you guys say Zog, you mean it.

    3. Sarah Martin Says:

      Fred Taub is a hunk…. you are just jellous becuase you gay guys can’t have him.

    4. Dolores Brice Says:

      I believe Israel is the chosen nation of God and will always be rich in mineral and diamonds. Bush does not favor israel but what they have–he wants. Bush does not favor anyone but himself. The nation is at his mercy until God, that same God who chose Israel show Bush who’s really in charge.

    5. Craigushka Says:

      Those people living in the illegal state calling themselves jews are not the chosen of God. These people are God’s mortal enemies, and those who support them do it out of thinking they are the chosen, and the creator is going to reward them for it.
      Many people support them out of shear ignorance, and stupidity, because some evil political leader said we should, but they are in their pockets.
      These people are the border of wickedness, and the people of God’s curse. The stupid dumb dog preachers even teach these so-called lies that they are the chosen, and Jesus was a jew.
      These so-called preachers, priest, politicians, and layman are nothing more than deceived fools, and mouth pieces of satan, while building up the enemies of God, and bringing down America.
      There is a double standard when it comes to those people, and anybody stating otherwise is a liar. America should come first, but traitors are placing America second when it comes to this terrorist state.