30 August, 2006

Fantastic New Movie: “One Third of The Holocaust”

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This is the four-hour complete version of “One Third Of The Holocaust.”  Click the play button below the photographed text at site and it will immediately play– no download wait.


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  7. 7 Responses to “Fantastic New Movie: “One Third of The Holocaust””

    1. Tim Says:

      The presentation is easily understandable by anyone paying attention. One thing about Treblinka that is not mentioned in the video clips is the ground radar studies performed at Treblinka by Richard Krege, an Australian engineer. He and his team used a very expensive ground radar device to detect disturbances in the soil at the Treblinka site. The ground radar can detect if the earth has been moved, i.e., if excavations have taken place in the ground at any time in the past. The only thing the Krege team found at Treblinka was an old Polish cemetery that dated back a few centuries. The ground radar instrument showed no evidence for any of the alleged mass gravesites, debunked by other means in the video.

      This lack of evidence of mass graves at Treblinka is on par with the lack of evidence of homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz as demonstrated by the research of Germar Rudolf. The holocaust phooey is a bunch of phony baloney and anyone who makes a minimal effort to look into the details of it will quickly realize that something very fishy is going on. It’s pure B.S.

    2. David Prospero Says:

      This is the kind of video that should be presented in schools and universities. It makes valid points, questions evidence and exposes liars and emotional storytellers. At the same time, it leaves open points for debate. Whether or not this is intentional, I don’t know but it has subtle points of contention that could tempt pro holocausters to debate allowing further factual and logistical evidence to be presented that would overwhelm any argument they could front.
      This is the kind of video that needs to be presented to youthful inquisitive minds….the kind of education young people of all races need to be exposed to…so that they can see the venom of the holocaust promoters.
      A commendable video and one of my mail arounds.

    3. jimbo Says:

      yeh…it’s good…..very good! with mountains of evidence……is there actually a ‘condensed’ vrsn?

      4+hrs is a bit too big of an ask in these ‘attention deficit’ days….
      OK…..i’ll ‘fess up!……the old ‘lid-locks’ started to droop after abt 2hrs worth of solid documentation…………….but…..to ‘rebut’ a mountain of bull-shit, i guess you need a mountain of hard evidence, eh?

    4. Ron Says:

      Jimbo and others –

      This it is in bite-sized chunks. I think the following site is home base for this excellent video:

      The video is organized into 30 episodes with a picture and blurb for each.


    5. lawrence dennis Says:

      Excerpt from:

      Full Text Of President Ahmadinejad’s Letter To German Chancellor Merkel



      For sometime I have been thinking why some nations that their history shows they have indeed had an important and prominent share and role in material and spiritual progress of mankind in various arenas of science, arts, philosophy, literature and politics and were makers of civilization are not allowed to be proud as a nation of their historical accomplishments and play their deserved and constructive role on the global arena. They try to keep the black cloud of humiliation and shame hanging over their heads. And even more regrettably, some of the leaders of such a nation regard this situation befitting them and their nation and try to justify it. This is really an astonishing phenomenon in today’s world. The propaganda machinery after World War II has been so colossal that has caused some people to believe that they are the guilty party by historical accounts and must pay the penalty fort the wrongs committed by their forefathers for successive generations and for indefinite period of time.


      World War II came to an end with all its material and moral losses and its 60 million casualties. The death of human beings is tragic and sad. In all divine religions and before all awakened conscience and pure nature of mankind and the sense of right and wrong, the life, property and honor of people, regardless of their religious persuasion and ethnic background, must be respected at all times and all places.

      Sixty years have passed since the end of the war. But, regrettably the entire world and some nations in particular are still facing its consequences. Even now the conduct of some bullying powers and power-seeking and aggressive groups is the conduct of victors with the vanquished.

      The extortion and blackmail continue, and people are not allowed to think about or even question the source of this extortion, otherwise they face imprisonment. When will this situation end? Sixty years, one hundred years or one thousand years, when? I am sorry to remind you that today the perpetual claimants against the great people of Germany are the bullying powers and the Zionists that founded the Al-Qods Occupying Regime with the force of bayonets in the Middle East.

      The Honorable Chancellor

      I have no intention of arguing about the Holocaust. But, does it not stand to reason that some victorious countries of World War II intended to create an alibi on the basis of which they could continue keeping the defeated nations of World War II indebted to them. Their purpose has been to weaken their morale and their inspiration in order to obstruct their progress and power. In addition to the people of Germany, the peoples of the Middle East have also borne the brunt of the Holocaust. By raising the necessity of settling the survivors of the Holocaust in the land of Palestine, they have created a permanent threat in the Middle East in order to rob the people of the region of the opportunities to achieve progress. The collective conscience of the world is indignant over the daily atrocities by the Zionist occupiers, destruction of homes and farms, killing of children, assassinations and bombardments.

      Excellency, you have seen that the Zionist government does not even tolerate a government elected by the Palestinian people, and over and over again has demonstrated that it recognizes no limit in attacking the neighboring countries.

      The question is why did the victors of the war, especially England that had apparently such a strong sense of responsibility toward the survivors of the Holocaust not allow them to settle in their territory. Why did they force them to migrate to other people’s land by launching a wave of anti-Semitism? Using the excuse for the settlement of the survivors of the Holocaust, they encouraged the Jews worldwide to migrate and today a large part of the inhabitants of the occupied territories are non-European Jews. If tyranny and killing is condemned in one part of the world, can we acquiesce and go along with tyranny, killing, occupation and assassinations in another part of the world simply in order to redress the past wrongs?


      We need to ask ourselves that for what purposes the millions of dollars that the Zionists receive from the treasury of some Western countries are spent for. Are they used for the promotion of peace and the well-being of the people? Or are they used for waging war against Palestinians and the neighboring countries. Are the nuclear arsenals of Israel intended to be used in defense of the survivors of the Holocaust or as a permanent threat against nations of the region and as an instrument of coercion, and possibly to defend the interests of certain circles of power in the Western countries.

      Regrettably, the influence of the Zionists in the economy, media and some centers of political power has endangered interests of the European nations and has robbed them of many opportunities. The main alibi for this approach is the extortion they exact from the Holocaust.

      One can imagine what standing some European countries could have had and what global role they could have played, if it had not been for this sixty-year old imposition….

      —– SNIP —–


    6. Sergey Romanov Says:

      Here’s a Chicken Challenge for the author of this video trash!


      Why is he so afraid to link to http://holocaustcontroversies.blogspot.com/2006/04/quick-links.html#debuv


    7. long live the Truth Says:

      Six corporations entirely owned by jews and top-officered by jews control 95% of all media broaqdcasting. They’re jewed from top to bottom.Now,the jews have 75% of ALL American lawyers,virtually ALL of the media,a whopping,whopping % of ALL the money and the truth too?And yet all they due is censor.censor,censor in ALL western countries as to the holohoax.Why not bring the revisionists on t,v.(the jews’ t.v.)for a debate and destroy the revisionists ONCE AND FOR ALL withy the truth? Because these monsters/deicides are lying about the whole thing (see John8:44 to John8:48 for the jews true nature).