12 August, 2006

Gilchrist ‘n’ Friend

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Race-free restrictionism makes strange bedfellows…

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  7. 16 Responses to “Gilchrist ‘n’ Friend”

    1. jackumup Says:

      What the fuck is this

    2. E Says:

      Glenn Spencer has the only anti-immigration group I would join.

      He defended October Sun Film’s “The Line in the Sand” and Kevin McDonald from what I have read.

      He hates neocons but I don’t know if he understands neocon = jew.

    3. E Says:

      That race traitor is the head of one of the Minutemen groups.

      Bill White righteously protested this piece of shit in DC.

      His grandchildren are mongrel mexicans.

    4. Al Parker Says:

      Anybody aware that the Comments pages of VNN do not render properly with Opera Internet Browser? Comments appear on the RED-lined background — it must be a bug in the blog software (maybe it was fixed in an update?).

    5. Elite Aryan Crack Smoker Says:

      Yes, I have the same color-rendering problem with Opera browser. Out of desperation, I use the mouse to highlight the obscure text (as if to cut&paste) and that at least allows enough contrast to read it. But it’s a pain, to be sure.

      This is the only site where I’ve encountered this problem. If only Uncle Adolf were here, he’d know what to do.

    6. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Chris Simcox, aka “The Little Prince”, is now married to a Jewish Princess. His last wife was a Negress in Los Angeles. His mullato son just graduated from high school there a little over a year ago. He has raked in over $1.6 million in his Fence Scam, see http://www.americanpatrol.com/ABP/FENCE-WATCH/MenuFenceWatch.html

      James Gilchrist has raked in over $250,000 in the last two years. Gilchrist is just less successful than TLP in begging for money. He is fighting it out with Simcox over the Minuteman name . Both are working for the Open Border Lobby.

      Glen Spencer has two daughters married to Jews. He does maintain an excellent website with the latest news. That hardly justifies the over $500,000 that he rakes in each year. He has attacked TLP because he is cutting in on his take.

    7. DIEWALKURE Says:

      Chris Simcox is an FBI informant and has already informed on, and stabbed many patriots in the back. I have not heard of Gilchrist doing that.

      Moderator Note: 

      Do you have any evidence to back up your claim? 

    8. D. Smith Says:

      Perhaps the overwhelming stench of the negro to the right has driven the white “man” on the left to tears.

    9. Mark Says:

      And so another white man succumbs to the third world and sells his soul so he isn’t called a racist.

    10. The Ebil White Jesse Says:

      Ebil White Brothers!

      Are you enjoying the Reconquista Shoah?

      The Negro senses his usefulness to ZOG has waned. He is thrown the Obama bone, but, t’ain’t a Pinche Vato in the conetree that would vote for this MetrOprahsexual. Are you Kwazy? Locos Hueros estupidos! Andale MEChA! Viva Villaraigosa! Viva Jorge [George] P.!!

      We got to get the word out. Our Ebil White Brothers are also now sensing that something bigger than they ever imagined is up, but desperately need a Paul Revere in every Hood to step up and tell ’em like it is. So, put down the grass, Young Aryans, and get busy with the truth at the grass roots. The eternal & highest high you will ever know!

      And finally it has been forgotten that the condition which must precede every act is the will and the courage to speak the truth – and that we do not see today either in the Right or in the Left.

      Munich — Aprill 22, 1922

    11. Carpenter Says:

      Paul Revere … yes. He would be arrested today. Terrorist gun-toting troublemaker.

    12. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      11-17-02, 20:01
      Has anyone else seen this before?

      It does lend creedence to my theory that right-wing Jews are increasingly weighing in on the anti-immigration debate as immigrant groups hostile to Jews (Hispanics and Arabs/Muslims) gain in prominence.

      http://www.americanpatrol.com/SPLC/GStoDMR…LTE_010520.html (http://www.americanpatrol.com/SPLC/GStoDMReg-SOLCLTE_010520.html)

      Glenn Spencer to the Des Moines Register

      Note: As of the date of this posting on the AmericanPatrol.com site the above had not been published in the publication to which it was addressed.

      Re: The Southern Poverty Law Center

      Email to the Des Moines Register

      May 20, 2001


      As the issue of immigration surfaces in Iowa, it is not surprising that so does the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). My organization, Voice of Citizens Together (VCT – d.b.a. American Patrol), has been labeled a “hate group” by SPLC.

      A few words on my background. For ten years I struggled with American Indians to help them secure the rights and abilities to develop their own energy resources. I was V.P., General Manager of Arrowstar, Inc., an Indian-owned seismic exploration company that successfully trained hundreds of American Indians in seismic data acquisition, while at the same time discovering oil on reservations. During this time I revealed a disturbing pattern of discrimination against Indians at ARCO, which they quickly corrected. (A check with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Billings, Montana will confirm my statement.)

      I co-founded VCT with Shirley Lertzman, a Jewish woman who was just completing her final term on the Los Angeles County Grand Jury, after serving seventeen years in that position. She and her husband, Dr. Lertzman, are now retired in Las Vegas, and we are still friends. Does it seem reasonable that a high-profile Jewish woman would get tied up with a Nazi? Hardly.

      We have so many Jewish supporters some said we were a Jewish front organization. But with so many Black and Hispanic Christians in our midst, such a claim doesn’t stick. Would it seem possible that leading Jewish leaders such as Irv Rubin, head of the Jewish Defense League (of which I am a member), support a hate group for so many years? Hardly.

      SPLC’s Web site say we are hate group in part because our video, Immigration: Threatening the Bonds of Our Union, points to the role of Mexican gangs in bringing methamphetamines to Iowa.

      On May 13, the New York Times reported: “It’s been growing tremendously in the last five or six years,” said Joe Keefe, chief of operations at the drug agency. ‘In 1996, we looked at methamphetamine trafficking by the Mexican nationals and had 60 investigations. In the last couple of months, we had over 800.’ The organizations have also expanded their marketing all over the country, he said, such that methamphetamine produced in California can be bought on the street in Portland, Me.” Our video shows Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) accusing Mexican gangs of being behind the methamphetamine curse in America.

      In my judgment the only hate group involved in this dispute is the SPLC – they hate the truth.

      America needs the truth today as never before. Caving in to to name callers like the SPLC will deprive us of the kind of open debate that is vital to our future as a nation.

      Glenn Spencer


    13. DMS Says:

      I sent this scan image to VNN about two months ago (I regognise the crumple marks and food stain!). The caption reads “Jim Gilchrist, left, hugs Fred Hayes, an advocate for rights of homeless people. Blacks who showed up at the Minuteman Rally yelled at one another about whether the group helps or hurts them.”

    14. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      The gentleman’s name is Ted Hayes.


    15. DMS Says:

      I double-checked the caption, it says “Fred”. Huh.

      When I emailed this photo to VNN, I made mention that Mr. G appears to be holding his breath.

    16. Mati The Estonian Says:

      my enemis enemy is my friend – I now most blacks are starting to hate jews even more then most whites – reason is because blacks are kind of kike pets they have been enyoing less spying from ADL and others like this. so information about jewish slave trading are around blacks quite common (I have seen few vids about this – made by jews) – You guys in the USA are unluckily tide with blacks – so yOU must work with them to bring down the ZOG the maine and most important thing YOU must do and before the most of the world starts REALLY hate America and Americans. at this point most of the people around the globe makes differnce between American ZOG leadreship (they have they own experience about BAD politicians) but the time is enemy. I did reside in US at 1999-04 (in DC)and I have some first hand experiance about conditions you have there. the thing you guys need is allays – I have heard about even mexican groups oppoising illegal immigration not mention blacks so you need to establish some rules how deep the cooperation will be and all other details but if you dont cooperate in soon there will be no whites left in USA.
      few intresting links to read to …