27 August, 2006

Goyfire #37 in the Bag; Linder on CBS Radio This Wednesday

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VNN update –

Just finished a tasty GF, #37, with Agis, Craig, Geoff… Lots of good topics, including Scythians, Mexicans, concealed carry in Kansas, nigger triggerist in Vermont, free speech and Fromm, and lots more…

Please note: I’ll be on

“The Conway And Whitman Show”


this WEDNESDAY at 11 pm CST, 9 pm Pacific. Feel free to call in and tape the show.

This show is on the CBS radio network, out in Los Angeles.

They’re interested in discussing The Aryan Alternative and the general scheme of things. I’m informed that I should not “clam up,” as many guests do. No problem there, hoss!

It’ll be as free and wild and goyfirelike as the men controlling the mics allow…

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  7. 19 Responses to “Goyfire #37 in the Bag; Linder on CBS Radio This Wednesday”

    1. brutus Says:

      I can’t find the bag that Goyfire #37 is supposed to be in?

    2. alex Says:

      Not posted yet, will be up later this week.

    3. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      I don’t know what kind of reception Conway and Whitman will give
      Al, but the producer, Gerry looks like a kike. I learned, the hard way never to trust anybody with the name Jerry or Gerry.


    4. Steve B Says:


      I have listened to these clowns and you probably already know this but for your readers, Conway and Whitman is a comedy show. Tim Conaway jr is the son of Tim Conway of Mchales Navy and Carol Burnett fame. Brian Whitman is a pretty good impressionist and the show is rather entertaining in a politically correct lemming sort of way. They like to make cracks about rednecks, arabs, and sometimes even blacks and mexicans but never…never the guys who own them…..JEWS!

      If they are serious about having you on the show then get ready for a silly skits, wisecracks and canned Hitler impressions. The real funny part is, you have more comedic talent and brains than these 2 jackoffs put together. Can’t wait to here the Linder impression of the oy veying jew kvetching about the holocaust, Palestine and jew media control.

    5. Craig Cobb Says:

      Please consider mentioning that their CBS corporate affiliate “owner”, Sumner Redstone “content is king”/Murray Rothstein is the jew behind the Mau Mau jungle love poetry at MTV. Murray owns 76% of Viacom’s stock.

    6. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      Yeah, Gerry looks like a kike alright especially on the 4 th picture.


    7. E Says:

      Don’t be like everyone else, make SPECIFIC EXAMPLES of the jewish attack on our people.

      For example, MTV doesn’t even bother playing gangsta rap in the primetime anymore, it’s all interracial dating shows.

      For instance, “Date My Mom” is an ENTIRELY SCRIPTED SHOW posing as “reality”. You can hear and see them spew the jew filth off the cue cards as a blonde “Mom” dates a black.

    8. E Says:

      Steve says this is a setup, so I guess these faggots find something funny about elderly historians in german and austrian prisons, or young men in canadian prisons for thoughtcrimes.

      This is gonna be a setup, they probably have a whole comedy routine already written.

      You should demand two minutes to talk to introduce our point of view, and when they bait you, use specifics. For example, Ken Melhman, jew chairman of the Republican party spoke in front of La Raza.

      “Jews control our immigration policy” sounds prepostorous to a lemming until you cite specific examples.

      Richard Perle, Wolfowitz, etc for Iraq. Also please let the listeners know that “NEOCON=JEW” and then everything will become clear.

    9. alex Says:

      Thanks, guys. Any info you dig up is appreciated. High or low, itz no difference to me.

    10. Scipio Americanus Says:

      Alex, here is your opportunity to introduce the newly minted word LOXISM to the public at large. Good luck!

    11. JAT Says:

      Alex, try to get in the following phrase as often as possible:

      “Google ‘culture of critique preface’.”

      Try to make it part of the answer to every other question they ask.

    12. Olde Dutch Says:

      The only possible benefit to Alex would be, if he can get govnn.com out of his mouth at every opportunity. That, and the idea that he is building a serious news network. Govnn.com

    13. Vadim Says:

      Linder can wipe the floor with those guys, as his remarks tend to be actually witty as opposed to the jew cue card idiocy used by that variety of *blue cosher tube* hosts.U can say that they are gonna be outclassed. The impression I have is that media workers will most likely attempt to fit Alex into the Goose Stepping Zig Heiling stereotype. Perhaps it is convinient for him to concentrate on todays realities that need a fixin’, and not play their game to showcase their guest as a stereotypical Chair Poundin’ Hitler Bunny.

    14. jimbo Says:

      The best of British luck to you Herr Linder!

      …..hope the ‘good bits’ don’t end up on the ‘cutting room floor’…….oh yeh!…..might be an interesting idea to tape from yr end too….and then compare results!

    15. SandNiggerTime Says:

      Hey look, its a whole new balllgame now that the Hezbo ragheads opened a can of whoopazz on the Izbo yids and also after everybody know the Bush fuckhead punk was behind it all just like he was behind the 911 bullshit with daddy and just as he is getting his fucking ass kicked in Iraq as all chickens eventually come home to roost.

      Why is VNN not taking advantage of this and now we read the idiot winner of the Hezbo ragheads is apologizing for causing the Izbos to attack when they capture Izbo soldiers inside Lebanon? Is this some kind of reverse psychology trying to trick the hebs and their puppet Bush?

      Izbo kikes are devastated by this yet nobody seems to know how to take advantage of all this winning. Instead of backing off the ragheads should have kept this thing going and other raghead sand nigger nations like Syria and Iran should have continued to put an end to this Izbo occupation shit once and for all.

      World opinion is against the Izbo hebs and now the sand niggers are packing it in and even apologizing? This cant be true can it? The destruction of Lebanon and killing of little ragheads was the worst thing ever for Izbo yids and they know it.

      Afterall the way the Izbos have gained their trillions and sympathy is with politics and world opinion playing the poor down trodden persecuted violated victims of a brutal holohoax and terrorists or turists as Bushshit calls it to mimick a fake southern accent.

      Maybe in the end these sand niggers are pathetic quitter weaklings who only want peace and quiet like their counterpart niggers in Kwa and Frica.
      Would opinion has turned on the Izbo fags and they know it so they and Bushshit lets the UN come in to save them even though they killed 4 UN members a few weeks earlier.

      It seems VNN and all other semi-white nationalist pusheads are forgetting and letting the chance of a lifetime slip out the door when in fact the sand niggers have the Izbos against the ropes for the first time in 50 yrs. Now is the time for the knockout punch not back off and wait for the bell.

      Where is pushead whinyass Edgar Steele? He is so fucking dumb to be so smart.

      On a lighter note when will someone go fuck that blonde jew bitch Debbie Schusllel bitch or whatever her name is? This tired whore has probably fucked and sucked every nigger dick in Detroit and has HIV and the crabs and VD in her stank pussy but she really needs somebody to give her ass a good fucking to shut her up. Yea she probably eats pussy and female asshole too but she needs a real man like one of these VNN fuckers with big cocks to go show her what a good fucking is all about to shut her idiot ass up for a while. The bitch is fucked in the head. Go get her.

    16. Glenn Miller Says:

      Excellent news, Alex. Give um hell. As I understand it, the show can be heard from car radios, 97.1 FM on the dial, in LA. That means millions, potentially. Plus, worldwide internet radio. Right ??

      Try to broadcast our websites, vnnforum.com and govnn.com. And also my phone number for the benefit of listeners who want a free copy of VNN’s newspaper (417-463-7703).

      A hard-hitting, one-liner comes to mind, you might consider making when “the holocaust” is brought up: “Ha !! What the hell kinda idiot believes something that’s a criminal offense to even debate, much less deny ??”

      Relax, and steel yourself against feeling any pressure. Look at it as a huge opportunity, and one in which you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, but much to gain. Be a happy warrior.

    17. VLC Says:

      be sure to say ‘goyfire.com’ as many times as you can and ask Stan to monitor the site’s traffic stats. You should evaluate your participations in mainstream kosher radio shows in terms of new visitors to VNN and new listeners to Goyfire. Radio listeners should be more likely to give Goyfire a try than TV watchers

    18. Craig Cobb Says:

      Utter “Google ‘One Third Of The Holocaust’ “, and there is the four hour truth movie– link #1 at google.

    19. Mona Montgomery Says:

      Alex did a wonderful job on the interview.