8 August, 2006

Important Thoughts, Financial and Economic Advice

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By George Lenz

Currently we are getting a large influx of new posters. Some of them are more, some of them are less familiar with principles and objectives of Our Movement, yet most lack first hand practical experience of serving the Movement and dealing with jewish persecution. Thus I decided to remember a story of a Great White Man, who sacrificed a lot for the Movement, and died, having not seen the White Victory. I am talking of Pastor Richard Girnt Butler.

Pastor Butler was born in 1918, in a relatively well off White family. His childhood, spent in a family friendly White environment, taught young Rich the strength of character and genuine curiosity, as well as give him a keen understanding of nature of negro and jew, that later helped him to understand the true meaning of the Christian Scriptures. He always wanted to become a pilot, as many great Americans of his time, including famous American hero Charles Lindbergh so he joined the U. S. air force. While being against the war with Germans, he heroically fought for his country, and was decorated for his bravery in service. After the war he started an aerospace company, that due to his talents and creativity has made millions for its owner.

Yet success in business had not healed Pastor’s Butler broken heart. He saw his country, the old America, disappearing, and replaced by jew-reinvented AmeriKwa; every time when he went to church of his youth, once friendly to Whites and hostile to the niggers, and heard the new talk of “noble” jews, niggers and indians, the old veteran’s heart got bruised. He decided to fight the cancer that was destroying his Race, Civilization and Country. He understood well that the root of the evil lay in wrongly-interpreted White Religion, Christianity, so he decided to open a new church, promoting healthy, Aryan, spirit, and truly serving the American people. And he became the head of the church, called Aryan Nations Church.

The task of running the church included helping the White youth to understand the dynamics of changing world around them and to prepare them for White struggle for Bread and Freedom, going to marches and meetings to show Whites that there those who stand by them, as well as meeting with fellow WN leaders to discuss the strategy and tactics of the struggle. His church, based in White inner homeland of Idaho, was always opened for comrades, and he was always willing to help by piece of bread and advice. That’s what the jews hated the most, and that’s why they decided to destroy the Pastor. A sleazy jew morris dees from the criminal jewish “human rights” NGO southern poverty law center staged a provocation, sending two well known criminals to investigate the Church. When they were detained by the security, acting legally and within their rights, dees sued the Church, and with the help of corrupt democratic judges, bankrupted it. Pastor Butler lost everything, even his Church name, yet his comrades helped him and bought a new house for him, where he continued his work till his death. I cooperated with him, helping to set up missions and a number of literature projects, and I remember his last mail, written three days before his death, full of words of encouragement and gratitude.

The jews failed in their goal: they managed to split Aryan Nations, yet it didn’t work to destroy it. The Church (http://www.twelvearyannations.com/) still exists, serving the white people as faithfully as it did in the past, establishing missions and otherwise spreading the True Word of God. No did we forget Pastor Butler: his birthday is a special date for all of us, White Nationalists, a day of remembrance. Such is the degree of loyalty and devotion that is expected of the White Nationalist.

The sad state of the American budget deficit and national debt is raising growing fears among the American public: for the FY 2005 the official deficit is 318 billion USD, FASB compliant deficit is 718 billion USD, and with Medicare and Social Security 3,500 billion USD. The current U. S. public debt is 8,445 billion USD, so the financial condition of the country is getting worse and worse. Painful measures would be required to put government finances in order:

1. The first measure would be abolishing Medicare and Social Security, replacing them with negative income tax, paying the difference between USD 500 and monthly income of each U. S. citizen 16+ years per month or USD 250 and monthly income of each U. S. citizen 16- years: this would cut the expenses by 1300-600=700 billion USD.

2. The second measure would be cutting military expenses to 50 bln USD per annum, saving 430-50=380 billion USD

3. The third measure would be slashing 50% from government expenditures in each department, saving 480-240=240 billion USD

4. The fourth measure would be canceling an intra – government debt of 3,600 billion USD, bringing public debt to 4800 billion USD

5. The fifth measure would be a unilateral restructuring of all U. S. government debt, held by foreigners (1600 billion USD), by transferring it into zero coupon 10-year bonds at par value, eliminating interest expense.

6. The six measure would be a unilateral restructuring of all U. S. domestic debt (3200 billion USD) into 2% 10-year government bonds, cutting interest expense by (180-60=120 billion USD)

7. The last measure, would be putting part of the budget surplus (400 billion USD) into cutting taxes, and a part of the budget surplus (400 billion USD) into paying off the government debt. Also part of the debt would be monetized by transferring each year 100 billion USD of debt into 1% 1000 USD treasury notes, in circulation on par with federal reserve notes.

That’s the sound and reasonable way of putting U. S. government finances in order.

I am getting many questions about gold and silver prices. Basically the price of gold or silver is its internal value, which depends on supply and demand for gold + risk premium, which depends on economic, mainly inflationary, and political risks. The internal value of gold and silver is relatively stable in the medium term and currently oscillates around 450 USD for gold and 9 USD for silver. The risk premium is difficult to forecast. The model I ran gives a 75% chance for gold staying above 600 USD and silver staying above 12 USD, should current geopolitical situation remain unresolved. Should the geopolitical situation get more complicated, e.g. a new war starts or Iran ends oil shipments, there is a 89% chance of gold going above 750 USD and silver going up above 15 USD. Should the geopolitical situation be resolved there is a 60% chance of gold going down to below 550 USD and silver below 10 USD.

The Dow is slightly down to 11 180, and I expect a slight further correction to 11100-11150. Currently, it is a good time for short selling, I recommend ORCL (current value 14,8 vs, internal value 4.5), 1-2 week sell (expected value 13.5-14) as well as opening a 1-year short position.

Ftwainth, 2006

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  7. 6 Responses to “Important Thoughts, Financial and Economic Advice”

    1. wayne h. Says:

      I agree with many of your suggestions for fixing the economy .However these are radical changes and under the current political situation would be impossible to implement .First to go would be the federal reserve ,second would be to go back to some kind of gold standard .We can’t inflate our way to a stable currency.Gold and silver have always been a safe harbor in times of economic fear.The congress refuses to take it’s constitutional responsibility seriously by controlling gov. spending and if we can’t control this there is no chance of reform.Also we can’t tax our way out .The system is so out of control that there will be serious economic pain for all but the very wealthy before the situation improves .Also the globalists are trying to consolidate economic control of world economies through the various trade agreements and treaties that will take away our sovereignty and economic self determination ,an example of this is the amero and euro forms of currency .The intl. bankers know if they control the money they can control the politics ,history proves this.The stock market is tough game to play unless you can devote the time to study it .The cost to to earnings is very low when you consider taxes and inflation. According to some economists we are still in the early stages of the gold and silver bull market and we could see $2000/oz gold by 2010,all cmmodities have been on an upward trend for the last four or five years .I believe these are a good hedge against imminent inflation due to higher oil prices and instability in the middle east. I see no solution to the economic problems we face ,get out of debt try to be as self sufficient as possible and prepare for a depression .

    2. ftwainth Says:

      Thank you for this interesting comment. The state of the U. S. economy is definitely very bad: imbalances abound, and we definitely need sound money, gold and silver, that is, as a first step in the right direction: I currently work at sound money dictum to enter it in our political program. Treaties can be denounced, it is not a serious problem for us. Stock market, for a dedicate and persistant investor, can be a source of good profit. And gold and silver is an excellent investment opportunity in the medium term.

    3. -JC Says:

      The character of our father’s generation and devolution in stark relief: There have always been some men who were afraid of nothing except failing to make at least a small difference. I strongly recommend the video “Death & Taxes” about the life and legacy of Gordon Kahl; it will give you valuable insights and contains rare footage. The video will be a collectors classic and should be viewed by everyone in the movement.

    4. Lee Luttrell Says:

      Thanks for remembering Butler……At the same time that Rev. Butler was up in Idaho…There was Rev William P. Gale in Southern California. Both men had and preached the same ideals. (Christian Identity). They also had two different approaches….Butler consolidating his people in one basic area…the other spreading the message in little groups throughout the country..mainly in the South. It was called the “Committee of the States.”..Instead of trying to correct a corrupt system with the very corrupt system you are trying to correct…The Committee believed in REPLACING the current system with another. Each State had its own government, militia and we were beginning to coin our own money. Details are too many to go into here…simply said… the American Communist came and the whole thing went to Hell. I just wanted to point out..that if we are talking DEPPRESSION Here…that should be a prelude to OVERTHROW!!!

    5. A. Wyatt Rieder Says:

      Interesting ruminations on economics. Butler was a noble fellow. But you cant seriously believe that CI nonsense.

      Also why spend much energy thinking about how to reorganize one of the most massive economies in the world when CI adherents– White activists too– can barely hold together a simple membership organization past the death of a founder?

      Better to spend some of that energy thinking about “the ten tribes” and “the gold standard” on topics like “organizational structure” and “membership criteria.”

    6. Carpenter Says:

      NGO southern poverty law center staged a provocation, sending two well known criminals to investigate the Church. When they were detained by the security, acting legally and within their rights, dees sued the Church, and with the help of corrupt democratic judges, bankrupted it.

      What I heard was that they were chasing after the SPLC car down the road, firing at its tyres. Not very smart.