13 August, 2006

Incoming: La Salette Journey

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Subtitle: Catholic Blog dedicated toward Our Lady of La Salette: Reconciler of Sinners.

Fr. Denis Fahey and the Jews

“In a public address given in the Vatican to Belgian pilgrims in 1938, Pope Pius XI said: “Mark well that in the Catholic Mass, Abraham is our Patriarch and forefather. Anti-Semitism is incompatible with the lofty thought which that fact expresses. It is a movement with which we Christians can have nothing to do. No, no, I say to you it is impossible for a Christian to take part in anti-Semitism. It is inadmissible. Through Christ and in Christ we are the spiritual progeny of Abraham. Spiritually, we [Christians] are all Semites.”

Although fond of counting Jewish noses in Hollywood, the Politburo, and the United Nations, as well as sniffing out people with Jewish blood, Father Fahey denied that he was an anti-Semite because he honored pre-Christian Jews. Nevertheless, he enjoyed quoting papal policy statements against Jews, coyly refused to reject the long-debunked Protocols*, praised the anti-Semitic activities of Henry Ford, and denied the death toll from the Holocaust.”

– Sandra Miesel

Dear Mr. O’Farrell,

Laudetur Iesus Christus!

“As a member of Father Feeney’s congregation, and as someone who knows many of Father’s lifelong intimates, I can tell you that Father Feeney was no racist. Father Feeney’s vigorous protests against the Jews were from a purely religious perspective. In this, he followed the thinking of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church….

I strongly recommend to you the works of Father Dennis Fahey, a great apostle of Christ the King, whose very supernatural perspective on social issues needs to be more closely studied by those who wish to restore Christian order to society…”

– Brother Andre Marie, M.I.C.M., responding to an article written by Luke O’Farrell entitled “The Joy of Genocide” at the Vanguard News Network, a website which has the following on its masthead: “No Jews. Just Right.” – http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/?p=494

Father Feeney was no racist? There are accounts of him screaming at Jewish people and hurling anti-Semitic epithets at them while condemning them to Hell. In his acclaimed book on the life of Richard Cardinal Cushing entitled “Cushing of Boston: A Candid Portrait,” noted author Joseph Dever – who was both a well known novelist and feature writer for the Boston Sunday Herald as well as a former editor of the Bruce Publishing Company, devotes a chapter to the Leonard Feeney affair.

He writes, “Many Boston Catholics – this writer included – were friends of Feeney and his brother, the whimsical, lovable fellow Jesuit, Thomas Butler Feeney, during World War II and through the late Forties. The relationship was laudable and normal in those days. Eventually, Father Feeney began saying and doing strange things; perhaps he was under exceptional mental strain. His rigid, fanatical emphasis on ‘No salvation outside the Church’ was bad enough at first…But Father Feeney’s rigid fanaticism deteriorated steadily into bitter invective. He reduced the doctrine to the absurd..” (p. 144).He continues: “Anyone who has ever been to St. Benedict Center during the first days of deterioration, or to the Sunday ‘seances’ at the Boston Common during the final days, can recall some of Father Feeney’s sick, horrifying rhetoric. Even in the early days, no difference of opinion, no matter how gentle or reasonable, would be tolerated.” (pp. 145-146).

Brother Andre Marie has also insisted that members of the Saint Benedict Center are not anti-Semitic. But the facts suggest otherwise. Read the following article over at Fringe Watcher: http://fringewatcher.blogspot.com/2006/01/feeneyite-connection.html

* Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, an anti-Semitic propaganda tool which has been thoroughly discredited by historians. See my article linked at Fringe Watcher.


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  7. 4 Responses to “Incoming: La Salette Journey”

    1. jackumup Says:

      all peaple who questions jewish activity must be labled anti semetic period

      “Riddle me this” what is it that would drive a normal christian to toss a live inocent child into a gas chamber?

    2. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Why do people who should know better insist on giving ‘anti-semitism’ a religious dimension?? Anti-semitism is a reaction to and consequence of typical jewish activity.

      If any other race of people were behaving as jews do in White counties church leaders, if they had any balls, would alert their congregations.

      The jews cynically wrap themselves in the bible in their efforts to secure Christian protection.

      If the average Christian knew what “the chosen ones” really thought of them, as stated in the Talmud, how things would change!!

    3. You Guys Are Fricking Retards Says:

      The term Christian when written in Catholic Doctrine, Decrees, etc. is in reference to mean Catholics. So when Fr. Fahey says Christian in that statement he is truly saying Catholic and not meaning Protestants.

    4. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Christianity and the myriad cults it spawned was inflicted on our race by the jew. We tried to digest and civilize it and remove the more obvious Talmudic malignancies, but failed. The aryan spirit shone through in the great works of architecture, art and culture which were nominally Christian. For hundreds of years Christian leaders knew the jew was the enemy and niggers were sub-human and that the Church was a focus around which European people could rally against racial enemies. However, it was still an alien cult based on the scribblings of liars and lunatics which had been imposed on us, frequently with ferocious savagery. It cost us dearly in blood and did untold damage to our spirit. Our civilization developed despite Christianity, not because of it. Now, it is again our open enemy. It doesn’t matter which version of the cult, they are almost all lethal to our survival. The jew, who has long infiltrated the Catholic church, can be thanked for turning it into a rotting edifice which is obviously not worth trying to save. For hundreds of years Christianity was a force which resisted the incursions of Islam to our continent. Now, it actually assists the invasion of every racial enemy we have. Other than possibly Russian Orthodox and a couple of Christian Identity sects it is religion to be utterly rejected by any racially aware white person. We can admire the creativity of our ancestors when looking at a mediaeval cathedral, but we must not mistake that creativity for the religion itself. The men who created those edifices had no choice but to build or paint for the Church. The Church had immense power for hundreds of years and constantly abused that power. It was corrupt fifteen hundred years ago and is corrupt today.
      White people need to understand that all the organised bodies of our society are now working against us; the church, the judiciary, the government, the police, the education establishments and so on. They have been taken over and corrupted by the jew with malice aforethought. Whether you are able to do anything about that now is moot. You at least must recognise it. Otherwise you will just flail around in puzzled frustration. When you understand you will not be surprised when the system shafts you. That’s what enemies do. Once you get over that hump you will then begin to behave appropriately; ie in a way that helps you to survive. And, ask yourself, do you actually need a religion? If you want to commune with the Universal Consciousness behind everything do it yourself. You don’t need a priest or church. Many of our ancestors probably felt that way in their hearts.