1 August, 2006

Bottleheart: Gibson Pusses Out

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This is why I can’t stand that Jeboo shit. These fucks always go crabwise in the end. Gibson, you stupid pussy, tell them to fuck off like you were a man. “I hate jews? They hate Christians. Fuck ’em. Wait till you see my 6 Million Bwahaha Productions release: Judeobolshevism: The Real Red Holocaust.”

Gibson asks Jews for help in healing

By JEREMIAH MARQUEZ, Associated Press Writer1 hour, 3 minutes agoMel Gibson acknowledged making anti-Semitic slurs during a drunken driving arrest and begged Jewish community leaders Tuesday to meet with him to find “the appropriate path for healing.” A sheriff’s watchdog, meanwhile, said deputies appeared to have handled Gibson’s arrest properly.

It was the actor’s second apology since sheriff’s deputies stopped him for speeding early Friday on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, where officials said he was doing 87 in a 45 mph zone. He was arrested for investigation of drunken driving after a hostile, offensive confrontation with deputies.

The latest apology went far beyond the first — which spoke primarily to deputies_ by addressing Jewish groups directly.

“I want to apologize specifically to everyone in the Jewish community for the vitriolic and harmful words,” Gibson said in a statement issued by his publicist Tuesday. “Please know from my heart that I am not an anti-Semite. I am not a bigot. Hatred of any kind goes against my faith. … There will be many in that (Jewish) community who will want nothing to do with me, and that would be understandable. But I pray that that door is not forever closed.”

Jewish groups generally said they wanted to see proof of Gibson’s repentance before meeting with him.

“We always felt that there was another agenda, but we never called him an anti-Semite. I guess this moment in Malibu finished the circle, and so now it all comes together,” said Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League. “But I’d like to put it behind him, I hope he wants to put it behind him, but you need to work at it. You can’t just say I’m no longer a drunk; you can’t just say I’m no longer a bigot. You need to work hard at it, and we’re ready to help him.”

County prosecutors were reviewing the sheriff’s report Tuesday to decide what charges, if any, would be filed against Gibson.

A civilian watchdog attorney, investigating allegations of a cover-up by the Sheriff’s Department, said a preliminary review found nothing wrong with the handling of Gibson’s arrest.

“In this case, the information reviewed to date indicates that LASD did ensure that the arrest of Mr. Gibson was handled in accord with its policies and practices,” said Michael Gennaco, head of the county Office of Independent Review.

According to a law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity, the sheriff’s report says Gibson told the arresting deputy “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world” and asked him, “Are you a Jew?”

Gibson’s publicist, Alan Nierob, said Tuesday the actor was in ongoing program for alcohol abuse before his arrest and had entered a new program since his arrest Friday. Both were described as outpatient programs.

As a public person, “when I say something, either articulated and thought out, or blurted out in a moment of insanity, my words carry weight in the public arena,” Gibson’s latest statement said.

ABC announced late Monday that it had scrapped plans for Gibson to produce a miniseries on the Holocaust, saying it had not seen even the draft of a script in nearly two years.

Gibson, 50, has had an edgy relationship with Jewish organizations since the success of his 2004 blockbuster “The Passion of the Christ,” which some criticized for portraying Jews as responsible for the death of Jesus. Supporters said the movie merely followed the Gospel story.

“Anti-Semitism is not born in one day and cannot be cured in one day and certainly not through the issuing of a press release,” said a statement from Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles.

Gibson should read about Jewish persecution and the Holocaust and “visit sites where it occurred,” Hier added by telephone from Israel.

“When Mr. Gibson embarks on a serious long-term effort to address that bigotry and anti-Semitism, he will find the Jewish community more than willing to engage and help him,” he said.

Gibson, a top star of the 1980s for the “Lethal Weapon” series and winner of the best-director Oscar for 1995’s “Braveheart,” has long acknowledged problems with alcohol. In a Saturday statement, he said he acted “completely out of control” during his arrest.

Witnesses said Gibson had been drinking at a Malibu beachfront restaurant called Moonshadows before his car was stopped. Widely distributed photos show Gibson with his arms around several young women at the restaurant shortly before his arrest.

The Sheriff’s Department initially did not mention Gibson’s remarks when giving an account of his arrest, with a sheriff’s spokesman claiming the arrest was made “without incident.”

Gennaco, the lawyer who oversees the sheriff’s watchdog, said he wouldn’t have described the arrest that way. The deputy’s decision not to handcuff Gibson was within department policy, added Gennaco, saying the department generally prefers to have suspects handcuffed but that officers have discretion whether to do that.

Also, the department turned over all necessary information to the district attorney’s office, he said.

Gennaco, however, couldn’t say whether the department had tried to shield Gibson’s remarks from the public when the original arrest report was ordered modified and the comments placed in a supplemental report instead.

“That question I don’t have an answer to,” he said.

The department has denied any cover-up.


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    1. van helsing Says:

      Quite disappointing, yes. And it won’t do Mel any good. They will still go after him hammer’n’tongs.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      OK, Braveheart. “Braveheart”–bwa ha ha ha, bwa ha ha, bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha . . .

      I guess you will give the Jews some of your millions, maybe even make a movie about anti-semitism. Go ahead and give them your cahones, also.

      I guess I am now looking for a White Racialist PAGAN hero instead of a White Racialist Christian hero; perhaps Alex is right–the Christians always morph into weepy doormats.

      Maybe William Gayley Simpson was right–believing that you are “saved”:
      all this does is sterilize the ground of your soul and prevents authentic spiritual and character growth. After all, no effort is required on your part. The garden here, Simpson said, can be neglected–it doesn’t matter. When you die you will be whisked off to a perfect garden, with no effort on your part! Whoop, whoop!

    3. David Prospero Says:

      Mel Gibson ‘s Catholic faith teaches him to follow his faith’s words. Now you don’t have to agree with this faith but HE is bound by it.
      Grovelling it may be to many including myself but he no doubt believes he’s serving a higher purpose through this demonstration of self-humiliation.
      At the end of the day, he’s doing this for himself, his family and friends, and his faith…. NOT the jews.

    4. Lutjens Says:

      Gibson will always despise the Jews. This won’t be the last of it from his end. His father couldn’t stand them, he can’t stand them, and I can guarantee you his kids can’t stand them. Like Prospero says, he is doing this for his public image. Deep down, he despises those fuckin rat finks.

    5. Il Duce Says:

      Further proof the Big Media is in the hands of Jews gnashing of teeth on Mel’s without given him the opportunity in the major media outlets to defend himself. Or at least explain himself as to why he feels that way. Same goes with the Holycost; one sided despicable insane kikes arguing without oppositions David Ervin, Zundel and all to counter Jewish bullshit.

      You can not reason with the chosen’s one who want more power at the expense of Christian goyim.

    6. Lutjens Says:

      That Goddamn Marvin Hier lol, what a sheenie. Explain the 58,000 dead Germans at the hands of the Polish Bolsheviks. Let’s talk about Bromberg, or Black Sunday as it is called in that region. That’s right Marvin and Abe, Jewish communists committed those killings. That’s not even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to you fuckin lying, swindling, murdering rats.

    7. The Gadfly Says:

      So who spilled the beans to the media about what Gibson had said?

    8. Theseus Says:

      A chance at a “teaching moment,” missed.

      MSNBC had a poll where 70% said they did not give a damn. There appear to be considerable cracks in the MSM’s ability to claim a moral high ground in its role as critic.

    9. Alex is right about christianity Says:

      how elated i was when i heard the news of gibson’s drunken truth outburst!

      how worried i was, but still hopeful, when mel sobered up and apologized in a very ambiguous way.

      how horrified, disappointed, and sickened to the marrow of my bones, now that the hangover has worn off and mel is grovelling before the jews like some employee who depends on them for his very livelihood!!

      how disgraceful, unmanly, and yes, CHICKENHEARTED of this supposed HERO to non-jews, not just christians.

      but, he’s a GODDAMNED CHRISTIAN. c’est la problem. he’s filthier than filthy rich, he can tell the jews to go gas themselves, and he grovels like this???!!!

      what POWER do the jews have???? what the fuck is wrong with this insane world that a powerful figure like mel gibson has to crawl on his belly. if he has to, and is compelled to, against his obvious very deeply held beliefs about those fuckers, what can the jews DO TO US????

      what is the magic, the pure demon-witchcraft that these jews exert to make even the most powerful and rich amongst our like-minded folk grovel, weep, and beg; and all to no avail; they will CRUCIFY HIM ANYWAY!!! IS HE A MORON???? how?? he can’t be!!! he’s a FUCKING CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Glenn Gibson Says:

      mel’s not the only one to grovel and beg for mercy from the enemy when the SHIT HITS THE FAN.

    11. wayne h. Says:

      This is another field day for the jews media They spend a whole week telling the world what an antisemite and belligerant drunk Mel is .Mel apoligizes and they acccept but say he is still antisemitic.The booze removed Mels ‘ inhibitions and he spoke his mind for a change ,now he must grovel his way back into the hearts of his fans so he won’t be blackballed into obscurity .Mel chose his own hell ,I hope he can overcome it.

    12. alex Says:

      These Gibson types resort to the bottle to relieve the pressure that comes from their being/seeming discrepancy. That’s the problem. His dad tells him the truth about jews. His dad never lied to him, he says. In public he feels he must lie about his actual opinion. He’s double minded, hence infirm.

      Just say you don’t like jews. If they’re interested, explain why. Otherwise, fuck you, it’s my opinion and I don’t care what you think. Let your movies do the talking. Produce one about the Holocaust That Happened.

    13. David Prospero Says:

      The upside of all this is the reinforcement to Christians that they aren’t and will never be jews. Jews are eternal haters, can’t turn the other cheek and this provides Christians with their identity and allows them to feel and act superior.
      This hate frenzy by all the usual Foxmans is being soaked up by Christians and it will only galvanize them to Mel’s defence. As long as he grovels, he’ll appease Christians and receive their forgiveness…and that’s all he cares about.
      After all it wasn’t jews that sent his Passion of Christ throught the box office roof.

    14. N.B. Forrest Says:

      So instead of laughingly telling Mahvin, Abie Baby ‘n’ Co. to suck his goy ass, he tearfully sinks to his knees to suck their smeggy schmucks instead. Just heard the bastard’s going make a Yom Kippur pilgrimage to an L.A. stinkagog for what is sure to be a blubbering “atonement” broadcast worldwide……

      Just how many hundreds of millions does it take for a White man to give kikery the Finger?

    15. Sam Says:

      If a man with a billion dollars can’t tell the jews to screw off, who can? On the other hand, the jews win nothing when they extort these apologies out of people. Nobody’s fooled by it.

      3% can’t rule the rest; their balancing act becomes more precarious all the time. Remember, they must win every time and we only have to win once.

    16. Celtic Warrior Says:

      We all know what Mel really thinks, so why did he cravenly apologise?? Maybe he is playing the long game.
      His comment that ‘jews have caused all the wars’ is sure to get people thinking especially now that the kikes are bombing the shit out of Lebanon.

    17. RabbitNoMore Says:

      Mel Gibson woud have had an easier time if those Road Warrior movies were reality instead of the one he’ll know from now on.
      As rich and powerful as he is, big jew is still way huger. He’ll never work in this town again…
      Unless he grovels incessantly from now on… and even then itz iffy.

      Disappointing, he was off to such a great start naming the jew, but itz all over now…


    18. whyowhy Says:

      Frankly, I can’t understand the groveling. Gibson needs nothing from the jews. He has all the money he needs to live a comfortable life, make any movie he wants and get it into the hands of his audience. Any lies or negative publicity they throw at him he can publicly refute via the Internet. He is truly free to express any thought he wants, no matter what anyone thinks of it. So why grovel?

    19. Jim Says:

      “I talked to a top studio executive yesterday who will have to go nameless who said we don’t care if he opens an orphanage in Israel on his knees, we’re not forgiving this guy. Wow,” said O’Neil.

      Here is a sample of the fate that awaits Chickenheart.

      To rebuild his reputation, Gibson must “show people, not just tell people,” Sitrick told CNN.com.

      “He has to do things to demonstrate [he’s changed],” Sitrick said, which can range from donations to Jewish organizations to participation in tolerance programs, he said.

      Sitrick said Gibson is, in some respects, in uncharted territory. “I don’t know of a comparable case,” he said. He believes Gibson has an uphill battle to recover his reputation — “there are some people for whom these wounds will never be healed” — but “it’s very early and the jury’s still out. … He’s extremely talented and very successful, so [rebuilding] is possible.”

      Why would anyone with close to a billion dollars in assets leave themselves open to this kind of humiliation? Does he secretly harbor a desire to be crucified just like his boss? Why not ask the media kikes if they really want to go there? Now, dying old in his bed many, many years from now. He will have the opportunity to ask himself the question that he made so famous. And the answer will be…………” If only I could go back and NAME THE JEW.”

    20. Paul Says:

      They’ve been after Gibson ever since he pocketed $800 million for Passion which they didn’t get their grubby hands on. Envy, jealousy and hatred for portrayal of kikes in Passion and SUCCESS. Gibson’s production company has three TV shows pulling in moolah. Spielberg and co hate this guy with a passion – he and his family get death threats all the time. Poor guy’s under a lot of pressure. The police like him and wanted to shield him but pressure from the LA upper echelons controlled by ADL, ACLU and likes of billioniare financiers like Eli Broad, prevailed.

    21. Il Duce Says:

      Mel Gibson should come to conclusion by now. Either stands up like a man, or fall back to Jeboo bleeding heart and die for their sins.

      If I was Mel, I would move to Iran and make tons of films on the Holohoax swindle of 20th century .

    22. jimbo Says:

      re: ‘Jim’

      “To rebuild his reputation, Gibson must ‘show people, not just tell people,’ Sitrick told CNN.com”

      any-one know wht, if any-thing, the late Marlon Brando actually did after he spilled da’ beanz on da kikez? i know he virtually had to get down on his knees and ‘suck off’ Simon Weaselfeatures but….apart from that?……….

      here’s a GOOD ONE:

      “Anti-Semitism is not born in one day and cannot be cured in one day and certainly not through the issuing of a press release,” said a statement from Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. Gibson should read about Jewish persecution and the Holocaust and “visit sites where it occurred,” Hier added by telephone from Israel

      the reason anti-semitism is ‘not born in a day’ is, of course, because it is usually the conclusion of a well-researched, measured and well-thought-out logical process.

      ‘pro-semitism’, OTOH, is a result of blindly and un-critically accepting verbatim a large and self-contradictory body of un-tested assumptions.
      basically, it involves the willing suspension of dis-belief if not the willing suspension of all critical and analytical mental processes!

      so, clearly, reading about non-existent ‘jewish persecution’ and visiting sites where such ‘persecution’ did NOT OCCUR are actions hardly likely to restore Mr Gibson to a pro-semitic state of zombified somnabulence are they?

      the only ‘jewish persecution’ any-one with evn ½ dzn fully-functioning brain cells would discover is, of course, the hideous persecution of non-jews[particularly: white people] BY JEWs)

    23. Ben Turpin Says:

      Paul is right about Eli Broad and Spielberg. Spielberg is incredibly jealous of any non tribal director who enjoys some success, even if the toe the line. The jealousy Spielberg has towards James Cameron’s talents and success is legendary in Hollywood. Eli Broad was the biggest donor to LA Mayor Villaraigosa’s campaign. Broad is a contractor. He builds huge housing tracts in the suburbs like Lancaster, gets whites who are fleeing LA to move in. Then a few years later he moves browns and blacks in to make the whites mover farther away to … new tracts built by his company. Despicable. His open hate against Gibson for putting out the “Passion” is just another example of the true evil that lies in the hearts of the self deceptive self chosen. Mel should say ‘fuck it’ and do a film about the fraud behind the Holohoax. It’s a war, he may as well jump in head first.

    24. Kievsky Says:

      Gibson has clearly been shielded from White nationalist Truth with a capital T — Repentance will do you no good.

      He could have got them off his back by ratcheting up the rhetoric every time they shoved a microphone in his face and brought up the question of his “anti-Semitism.” We know that; he doesn’t. You don’t see the Jews putting microphones in the face of Alex Linder, after all, because they know what will result.

      Too bad. Chickenheart is right.

    25. No Excuses Says:

      There is NO EXCUSE for mel. He can hire the most hard-ass security in the world with his money to protect him and his family for the rest of their lives. he can make any movie he wants and get it out there. he obviously HATES jews. yet he grovels. there is NO EXCUSE. and i, a white man, will NEVER FORGIVE HIM for caving in. unless! he makes a 180, and NAMES THE JEW right now!!!!! not on his fucking old fart death bed 30 or 40 years from now, but NOW!!!!!!!!! I DON’T WANT SOME OLD MAN DEATH BED CONFESSION THAT HE really hated the fuckers, I WANT A 50 YEAR OLD’S STATEMENT NOW!!!!!!!

    26. steven clark Says:

      Well, Gibson wants to be in Hollywood, and the tribe have the ball and bat. It seems no matter how much money you have, you’re terrified of them. Certainly being drunk in public is not good. Mel realizes this (as I hope we do), and I’m sure this guilt is also tied up with kowtowing to appease the tribe…and of course it will do no good. Surely he realizes that. Anyone realizes that. They were gunning for him, and now it’s open war. Mel might just as well fight back. I always thought it would have made more sense for Mel to take his cash and create his own studio, but instead he wants to make big-budget films about Mayan civ and…the holocaust? Anyway, it was encouraging to hear Michael Savage say that he bears Gibson no ill will. “So he’s a bigot,” Savage say, “we all are in our own privacy…everyone hates everyone…the ADL will use this as a shake-down, like they always do…leave Mel alone.” Savage knows the score.

    27. Jimmie Says:

      This is Icon Productions\’ phone number, Mel\’s production company. I\’m gonna call them and let them know what I think of grovelling before the unforgiving semitc filth.


      No phone numbers, please. –moderator

    28. CZ Says:

      Christianity has now become the genocide for our people.
      Kneel to the Jews, grovel.
      Die for the Jews.
      See the Jews as chosen.
      Accept your destruction and death.
      Hand your daughter over to niggers, and other non white scum, to wipe out your blood line.
      Never defend yourself, or your legacy.
      Run, and lie why you are running, never fight.
      Pile onto and destroy your fellow white man if they call him a racist or Anti-Semite.
      Accept all deviancy as normal.
      Never question anything, it’s all in God’s plan.

    29. CZ Says:

      Additionally, if Mel Gibson, as rich as he is, and as independent as he can be does not stand up for what he believes now, he has comitted one of the greatest sins ever against our people; to have the power to take action as well as the knowledge, and yet forsakes his own people.

      It seems now though, that all of his roles of the man standing against the storm have nothing to do with his personality. He will forever be a hollow man. He only had to say he was mad about the news, now he has gone and groveled. And I think; “What $100 million could do for our people…”.

      This comes as a great sadness to me.

    30. Jimmie Says:

      I just called and asked for Mel Gibson’s voicemail, and they put me through to someone who’s probably his secretary’s voice. Go ahead and tell him what you think. I just said that it’s a pity that Braveheart turned out to be a chickenheart and said how much money do you need before you can tell the jews to go screw themselves. Also said that he shouldn’t have apologized for something which is factually accurate, and that the jews have hijacked amercan foreign policy, and that this fiasco demonstrates they do indeed control the media and manipulate public opinion. I said I hope he can live with himself not taking the opportunity to give them both barrels instead of grovelling to them and that if that’s his brand of xtianity, then it’s pretty sad.

    31. Glenn Miller Says:

      Gibson’s been read “the riot act” by MOSSAD, which went something like this:

      “Mel, we want you to take a look at this pile of photos. Every one of them shows what we did privately to Nazi leaders and their parents and children in 1945 and 46. We made sure they all lived for weeks while enduring the pain, before we stuck ice picks in their eyeballs, ending their lives.

      “And guess what Mel ?? Not one of our agents has ever been arrested. No one outside MOSSAD even knows.

      “Now Mel, just think. If we could torture and murder thousands of famous anti-semites over 60 years ago and get away with it, do you in your wildest dreams, think for a second, we can’t do the same to you and your’s now ?? And believe me, in 60 years, we’ve come up with some far more delicious ways to liquidate our enemies. Think about it. And have a nice day.”

    32. Jewish Prosecutor Says:

      maybe they can prosecute mel for a hate crime based on this:

      while he was doing 90 mph, and engaged in “reckless endagerment”, he was having “hateful thoughts”, which cmae out right after he was stopped.

    33. Glenn Gibson Says:

      Is that what they said to you, Glenn?

    34. James Woroble Jr. Says:

      GIBSON: From ‘Braveheart’ to ‘Slavefart’ in one great slobbering suckoff of the (K)ike!

      Mel is about to discover the deep dark secret of total FAILURE – try to please everyone! Now both sides of the dynamic view him with disgust.

      Gibson Apologizes, Appeals to Jewish Community for Help
      Associated Press 1 August 2006 / 8:30 AM PDT

      Mel Gibson’s statement, released to the news media early today,
      five days after his drunken driving arrest in Malibu:

      LOS ANGELES — There is no excuse, nor should there be any tolerance,
      for anyone who thinks or expresses any kind of anti-Semitic remark.
      I want to apologize specifically to everyone in the Jewish community
      for the vitriolic and harmful words that I said to a law enforcement
      officer the night I was arrested on a DUI charge.

      I am a public person, and when I say something, either articulated
      and thought out, or blurted out in a moment of insanity, my words
      carry weight in the public arena. As a result, I must assume personal
      responsibility for my words and apologize directly to those who have
      been hurt and offended by those words.
      The tenets of what I profess to believe necessitate that I exercise
      charity and tolerance as a way of life. Every human being is God’s
      child, and if I wish to honor my God I have to honor his children.
      But please know from my heart that I am not an anti-Semite. I am
      not a bigot. Hatred of any kind goes against my faith.

      Mel Gibson asks Jews for forgiveness. ADL’s Abe Foxman will guide him.

      I’m not just asking for forgiveness. I would like to take it one step
      further, and meet with leaders in the Jewish community, with whom
      I can have a one on one discussion to discern the appropriate path
      for healing.

      I have begun an ongoing program of recovery and what I am now
      realizing is that I cannot do it alone. I am in the process of
      understanding where those vicious words came from during that
      drunken display, and I am asking the Jewish community, whom I have
      personally offended, to help me on my journey through recovery.
      Again, I am reaching out to the Jewish community for its help. I know
      there will be many in that community who will want nothing to do with
      me, and that would be understandable. But I pray that that door is
      not forever closed.

      This is not about a film. Nor is it about artistic license. This is about
      real life and recognizing the consequences hurtful words can have.
      It’s about existing in harmony in a world that seems to have gone mad.


    35. Smell Gibson Says:

      that smelly apology from bottleheart (alex, that is such a funny name!) has to be THE most sickening thing I have ever read in my entire life, and i mean that sincerely.
      a HUGE opportunity for a HUGE public figure to tell the jew to go fry, the HUGIST (is that a word?) i can think of, and the schmuck (yes, i’m using yid speak in reference to mel now) sucks the jews’ collective dick.
      i’m puking inside.

    36. Just So Happens Says:

      Mel Gibson has been suspected of The Thought Crime, Anti-Semitism, for some time now.

      Just so happens:

      Mel was pulled over by a Jewish cop.

      Mel was in the mood to discuss (was roped into discussing) Jewish matters with a Jewish cop. How else would the subject come up?

      Mel realized, a bit too late, after he had said a bit too much, that he had been roped into discussing Jewish matters by a Jewish cop. Hence the oops, “are you Jewish?”

      Just so happens Jews are 2-3% of the population. Thus using raw statistics without one’s brain engaged, Mel, at best (or worst, depending upon your point of view) had a 1/33 chance of being pulled over by a Jew. But wait, police work is by and large a boring job intelligent people lose interest in very quickly. Also, intelligent people tend to question authority, so the system is designed to weed them out in the police recruiting and testing phase. Jews in general are intelligent people, so the likelihood of Mel being pulled over by a Jew is more like 1/100.

      Just so happens.

    37. Dr. Krankheit Says:

      It’s sickening to see the Jews doing to Mel Gibson what they are doing to Lebanon.

    38. alex Says:

      I’ve never even heard of a jewish cop. It stands to reason the only place you’d find them is in a high-dollar area where theirs powers can be helpful in accumulating blackmail material.

      I really believe Gibson is torn between the truth that jews generally stink, and the Catholic line that everything with a human face is Super-Duper Important.

      Is the white race to die because one black in every few hundred million is Thomas Sowell?

      Yes, says the church of Jeboo. Verily say we, “Fuck no.”

    39. LUX Says:

      Say your Mel Gibson and you’ve got a problem. You’ve got this movie coming out soon but because you pissed off the kikes with The Passion you can’t get any “buzz” in Hollywood.
      You’re drinking a little, not crazy drunk but enough to get the juices flowing with your buddies one night and after a cell phone call with your dear old dad an idea comes to you. You know the sherriff department personnel fairly well. You know what it will take to get their attention.
      How about a little adventure Hollywood will be unable to ignore, especially since they need something to distract the judeo-christians from their tribesmens’ increasingly unsavory follies in Lebanon? I’m guessing 82 in a 45 MPH zone ought to do the trick. Let’s have one more beer so they can’t possibly ignore my speeding infraction.
      I know just what I’ll say when I get pulled. I’ll create some “buzz”.
      America will have to go see the movie by that jew-hating crazy-as-fuck Mel Gibson.
      Great idea dad.

    40. LUX, that's a moronic theory Says:

      LUX, that’s a moronic theory

    41. Alan B'stard M P Says:

      Yeah. Fuck Gibson for doing that. He is 50, wealthy beyond belief and at his stage of life should be able to say “fuck the jews ” with impunity!

    42. Alan B'stard M P Says:

      It could be Gibson now wants to be a fulltime producer and needs the kikes!

    43. huwaif Says:

      I hate people who profess and recant. meinhitler and my rockwell did not and they paid the ULTIMATE PRICE !!!!! perhaps he is pkaying the jews at the game they know best. DECEPTION UNTIL LATER.