29 August, 2006

Radio Appearance Delayed Til 12midnight Today

Posted by alex in Alex Linder, radio, VNN controlled media appearances at 10:47 pm | Permanent Link

One hour delay. At midnite CST Linder will appear on “The Conway and Whitman” CBS/L.A. radio show:


It is possible to listen online through:


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  7. 3 Responses to “Radio Appearance Delayed Til 12midnight Today”

    1. confederate Says:

      bad move.

    2. bubba Says:

      Take a look at the pic of those two clowns (conway/whitman) They are the typical male losers that breath air and occupy space in SoCal. Having lived a few years in Newport Beach just brought back vivid memories. Middle aged nerds projecting the air of hip and stuck in permanent adolescence. Yeah…bet these old punks try to hit on chicks all the time. (and get rejected by all except the very retarded)
      Just hearing the last few minutes of the previous guest was enough for me. (some kid hanging around with Paris the kike Hilton…wow, what fun) I knew where this was headed straight away. Go into the attack mode, prevent any kind of reasonable response. Make the Jew masters happy…..what else is there.
      Of course there is the “kick your ass reasoning,” “betcha couldn’t last long in Compton.” With all the muds there, even they don’t last. Crime has a way of following them wherever they are. Maybe the same logic could be applied the jews in germany, they got their asses kicked, so there!!! The ass kickers are always right according to two bald beach boys.
      Jew controlled media will never discuss or reason with any kind of white point of view. Just not possible. No way, no how. Hey, the aryan doesn’t even exist. If the truth ever got out to the dumb down goyim, oy vey for the kike and their lackys. And do they ever know it. Though there is hope and a small flickering light at the end of the tunnel. I am seeing cracks in the jew media wall of bullshit. Just like the Weimar period, it won’t last forever. More and more people are beginning to wake up. Just a matter of time.

    3. Quiksilver Says:


      I’m sure you had better things to do than to give these two morons 40 minutes of your life. Hell, I wouldn’t give them 4 seconds. You should be going on more serious shows. Just don’t expect them to be in Amerikwa, since these two clowns represent the average American media for the average sheeple that listen to them and think they are entertaining. More hate was coming from them, than from you. Their goal was to put you down by insulting you as a “nazi” and insulting you partner and children. What lowlifes. It would be an act of patriotism to cut their jew loving tongues out and stick it up their… hey, anywhere you feel like.

      Conway & Whitman, if your reading reading this, FUCK YOU. You are nothing more than pathetic little maggots lapdancing to the jew. You two should be a dictonary definition of the sickness that is produced by the jew media.