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Reader Mail: 8/11/06

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Germany’s taste for foreign intervention.

by Yoav Fromer

When the United Nations announced late last year that it would proceed with historic elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) this summer, there weren’t too many volunteers for the job. The tragedy of the Congo–recently awarded the unfortunate title of The Deadliest War in the World by Time for having consumed almost four million lives–was not a very attractive destination for anyone’s troops. Most of the former colonial powers found compelling reasons why not to help secure the first elections in over 40 years in the war-torn African nation. According to Der Spiegel’s website, the previous landlords in Brussels feared it would ignite old animosities toward native Belgians still living there. Both the Brits (who are already stretched in Iraq and Afghanistan and worried about the language barrier) and the French (who are contributing significant forces to Côte d’Ivoire) were just as reluctant to jump into the driver’s seat. Fortunately though, at a time when others were looking the other way, salvation found its source in a most unexpected place: Berlin.

Despite considerable opposition from within, the newly elected Christian Democratic Union (CDU) government of Angela Merkel overcame its own resignations and heeded the call last March. With a sizable force of 500 combat troops supported by another 280 logistical personnel, the German army is currently leading a 2,000-strong joint European force into the Congo and neighboring Gabon, a presence which began on the eve of last week’s elections and which will continue for a period of at least four months. Its mission: assist the nearly 17,000 permanent peacekeeping troops already there, secure the elections, and protect U.N. personnel. Which, considering the size and volatile history of the country, is no easy task.

Unlike their previous humanitarian missions to the continent–in Somalia, Liberia, and Sudan–the DRC may force the Germans to do something they have all but forgotten: fight. To counter the threats from what is considered one of the most hostile environments in the world, U.N. Resolution 1671 appropriately authorizes the force “to take all necessary measures” to achieve their goals. And that’s exactly what they’re prepared to do. Commanding officer General Karlheinz Viereck has already instructed his men to protect themselves at any cost, even if it means shooting at the child soldiers who notoriously roam the Congolese wastelands.

It has been almost 64 years since Monty’s Eighth army chased Rommel’s Afrika Korps out of the northern Sahara. The return of German army boots to the sweltering continent–not under the banner of neutral humanitarianism, but rather as the new (albeit temporary) sheriff in town–is more than just another peacekeeping mission: It’s the latest stage in the evolution of resurging German power.

Even without the Congo, Germany’s plate is already full. At present, the army is involved in no less than eight peacekeeping operations–several in active war zones. In Afghanistan, they have recently taken over command of the nearly 10,000-strong multinational force that controls the northern part of the country (the isaf)–to which they currently contribute by far the largest non-U.S. contingent, with about 2,700 troops. In the Balkans, they are spearheading nato and EU operations with significant ground forces, and they are expected to take command of the EU Bosnian mission by year’s end. Alongside these growing responsibilities, Berlin has taken the lead role in nato’s rapid-response force, scheduled to go operational this autumn. Just last month, the force underwent its last test run in a joint exercise in the Atlantic (codenamed “Steadfast Jaguar”). Besides commanding the entire exercise, German General Gerhard Back–who serves as nato’s joint forces commander in Brunssum (the organization’s number-two job)–is also the overall commander of the isaf operation in Afghanistan and is presently designated to lead the organization’s response force if called upon. And there’s more. The latest outbreak of violence in the Middle East has created yet another peacekeeping destination to which the German army may be headed. As the Associated Press reported over the weekend, Germany is considering contributing forces to the proposed international force destined for Lebanon–a proposal that Israeli officials have so far openly endorsed.

In 1993, Gerhard Schroeder proclaimed that Germany would need ten years at least “to find a new German identity” before it could resume foreign interventions. He didn’t quite get the grace period he wished for. In the ’90s, in the aftermath of reunification, Germany systematically redefined its military power on the international stage by increasing its involvement in calculated gradations. It offered mostly logistical and medical support during the first Gulf war and the Somali crisis, and it sent Tornado fighter jets to help with nato’s Bosnia campaign. By then, the Germans had come to the water’s edge time and again without getting their feet wet. In Kosovo, they took the plunge and deployed heavily armed ground forces. And, while the DRC signifies the next step for the reemerging German postwar power, it certainly doesn’t appear to be the last.

In an interview with the International Herald Tribune last April, Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung announced Germany’s intention to increase peacekeeping forces so that, by next year, the country’s 7,500 active peacekeepers will be doubled. And that’s just the first step. “Our plan is to have 35,000 highly trained soldiers for missions,” Jung said. “Furthermore, there will be 70,000 soldiers trained for providing stability for long-term peacekeeping missions and 145,000 support troops.”

To be sure, there are still German doubts. In June, the Bundestag formally authorized the Congolese deployment by a comfortable margin, but not without several weeks of acrimonious debate. At the time, a poll by Die Welt suggested why passions ran high in the Bundestag: Only 37 percent of Germans supported the mission, while 59 percent remained opposed. Which raises the question of why, exactly, Berlin is flexing its muscles abroad.

Beyond the Churchillian notion that with great power comes great responsibility, the German rationale remains ambiguous. It is no secret that international pressure, mainly from Turtle Bay, Washington, and Brussels, hasn’t made life easier for the government. Reports in the European press earlier this year suggest that myriad diplomatic pressures mounted on Berlin to spearhead the Congolese mission, and one senior diplomat who served in Berlin and Brussels complained that Germany needed to feel the heat: “If it wasn’t for international pressure, they would be all too happy to be rid with it completely,” he told me.

But, judging from the rhetoric of German policymakers, there seems to be a much more influential and less cynical force at work: idealism. It’s no wonder Merkel has already managed to forge a special “friendship” with President Bush after only nine months on the job, since her moralistic approach to foreign policy sounds at times as if it emanated from the White House itself. “[W]e are united by a shared set of fundamental values, a common understanding of freedom with responsibility, and a shared view of humankind and human dignity,” Merkel told a Munich conference on security policy in February. “Germany is prepared to take on responsibility, indeed greater responsibility, beyond nato’s boundaries, in the cause of safeguarding freedom, democracy, stability, and peace in the world.” (Sound familiar?) In addressing the Bundestag in March, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier kept to this script and explained that Germany simply “could not abandon” the Congo. His colleague at the defense ministry talked about the need to “make an important contribution to stabilization and democratization.” And a diplomat from Germany’s U.N. mission echoed the prevailing attitude behind increasing global involvement: “The world is not a paradise, and we have a responsibility to improve it,” he told me.

In the absence of well-trained and well-equipped peacekeepers capable of enforcing Security Council resolutions and bringing about actual peace–and considering the lack of manpower, not to mention the unwillingness, of the United States to fill in the gap–the resurgence of a modern, professional, and highly motivated German army is one of the more promising developments for the post-cold-war era. At the onset of the Allied occupation of Germany, French politician Jean Monnet demanded that “the first soldier recruited in Germany will be a European soldier.” Although Germany began to rearm independently after ascending to nato, Monnet seems to have gotten his wish. The most reassuring fact about rising German power–one that, a decade ago, would have raised a few eyebrows–is that it is strictly embedded in the framework of multilateralism and firmly dedicated to the regional and global institutions that support it. As the defense ministry’s official website proclaims, “Germany can only defend its interests in cooperation with allies and partners and as a member of the European Union, the North Atlantic Alliance, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the United Nations.” In 2002, then-Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer reiterated this multilateralism in an interview with Charlie Rose, saying, “We don’t want to play a greater role as Germany on the global stage. … We want that Europe, the European Union, step by step, could play a greater role. And, of course, we, as a big member state of the Europian Union, will contribute to that”.

If this increasingly idealistic multilateral approach sounds familiar, it’s not by chance. According to a 2003 study of German foreign policy by Scott Erb of the University of Maine at Farmington, it has developed into something we already know quiet well. It’s called Wilsonianism.

Yoav Fromer is the political correspondent in New York for the Israeli daily newspaper Maariv.



“One Jewish friend of Bush actually called up a senior Israeli official and began yelling, ‘What the hell’s going on here,'” a source said. “‘Are you going to fight or what?'”


Bush and Condi clash over Israel; president overrules her for the first time

Insight Magazine
August 8, 2006

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has become increasingly dismayed over President Bush’s support for Israel to continue its war with Hezbollah.

State Department sources said Ms. Rice has been repeatedly stymied in her attempts to pressure Israel to end strikes against Hezbollah strongholds in Lebanon. The sources said the secretary’s trip to the Middle East last week was
torpedoed by the Israeli air strike of a Lebanese village in which 25 people were killed.

“I’ve never seen her so angry,” an aide said.

The U.S. response to the Israeli-Hezbollah war was said to have divided both the administration as well as the family of President George W. Bush. At the same time, it marked the first time since Ms. Rice became secretary of state that the president has overruled her.

“For the last 18 months, Condi was given nearly carte blanche in setting foreign policy guidelines,” a senior government source familiar with the issue said. “All of a sudden, the president has a different opinion and he wants the last word.”

The disagreement between Mr. Bush and Ms. Rice is over the ramifications of U.S. support for Israel’s continued offensive against Lebanon. The sources said Mr. Bush believes that Israel’s failure to defeat Hezbollah would encourage Iranian adventurism in neighboring Iraq. Ms. Rice has argued that the United States would be isolated both in the Middle East and Europe at a time when the administration seeks to build a consensus against Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Instead, Ms. Rice believes the United States should engage Iran and Syria to pressure Hezbollah to end the war with Israel. Ms. Rice has argued that such an effort would result in a U.S. dialogue with Damascus and Tehran on Middle East stability.

“The United States and Israel must understand that it is not in their long-term interests to allow themselves to become isolated in the Middle East and the world,” said Sen. Chuck Hagel, a Rice ally and senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “Both Damascus and Tehran must hear from America directly.”



The largest demonstrations in our history are daily proof that millions of Mexicans want a full accounting of last month’s presidential election. My opponent, Felipe Calderón, currently holds a razor-thin lead of 243,000 votes out of 41 million cast, but Mexicans are still waiting for a president to be declared.



August 10, 2006

Judge Won’t Dismiss Pro-Israel Spy Case


A federal judge rejected claims Thursday that two former lobbyists’ constitutional rights would be violated if they were prosecuted under a World War I-era espionage law for receiving and disclosing national defense information. U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III ruled that the 1917 Espionage Act is not unconstitutionally broad and vague when it seeks to bar receipt or disclosure of “information related to the national defense.”

The indictment against Steven Rosen of Silver Spring, Md., and Keith Weissman of Bethesda, Md., alleges that they conspired to obtain classified reports on issues relevant to American policy, including the al-Qaida terror network; the bombing of the Khobar Towers dormitory in Saudi Arabia, which killed 19 U.S. Air Force personnel; and U.S. policy in Iran. Rosen and Weissman, former lobbyists for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, are accused of sharing the information with reporters and foreign diplomats. No trial date has been set.




WHO Are the War Criminals?

The Hizballah resistance fighters, in the defense of their
country against Zionist aggression, have responded with
small arms and relatively simple rockets. Despite their
lack of sophistication, however, they have managed to
keep enemy civilian casualties down to one-third (1/3)
of those killed.

By comparison, Israel — with all of its advanced,
U.S.-made weapons systems and vaunted precision guided
missiles — has managed to achieve the record-high ratio
of nine (9) Lebanese civilians killed for every combatant.
That is to say, nine-tenths (9/10!) of the Lebanon dead
are civilians.

Can the mass murder of these civilians be explained away
as mere “collateral damage” amid the “fog of war”?

Or is something more sinister taking place? Are we, in fact,
talking about U.S.-sanctioned state terrorism and the
targeted assassination of a people?

And if so, WHO are the war criminals?


A teacher is explaining biology to her 4th grade students. “Human beings are the only animals that stutter”, she says.

A little girl raises her hand. “I had a kitty-cat who stuttered”,
she volunteered.

The teacher, knowing how precious some of these stories could become, asked the girl to describe the incident.

“Well”, she began, “I was in the back yard with my kitty and the rottweiler who lives next door got a running start and before we knew it, he jumped over the fence into our yard!

“That must’ve been scary”, said the teacher.

“It sure was”, said the little girl. “My kitty went ‘Fffff, Fffff, Fffff’… and before my little kitty-cat could say ‘F**k,’ the rottweiler ate it!



More About AmRen and the Jewish Issue

Note the mention of the V-DARE website [scroll about half-way down the page]. Also note the comments at the bottom of the page. We say that it is great proof of Jewish power that Jews “can’t” be mentioned negatively in America without causing controversy. And a final comment: since Jews aren’t genetically White, how can they belong to, or work for, any pro-White group? By such a standard, negroes could join pro-White groups. May we expect Black Klansmen in the near future? How about Mexican neo-Nazis?


The original report here:



“Outside the cities, for most part, American’s live like savages.” Dr.
Richebächer poked me again. “C’mon, you know it’s true.”

[Not sure what he’s getting at here. The things populating most cities these days are savages, nothing like about it.]

We had come nine time zones from Vancouver to visit Dr. Richebächer in Cannes. While discussing the difference between Europe and the United States at dinner, he kept pointing out the number of babies being pushed in strollers.

When we were doing research on demographics for our book Financial Reckoning Day, several years ago, we discovered France was the only country in Europe with a naturally increasing population rate. All the others, most notably Italy, were producing babies below “the replacement rate.”

“In the 1950s, when I was having my children,” said the good doctor, “France was facing a similar disposition. They were not producing children fast enough to keep their population rising. That’s when the invented the crèche [a free kindergarten for little ones] and helped working mother’s get a tax break and land help with other families who had borne a lot of children. Today, we see the fruit of those changes. France is alive with babies. It’s wornderful.”

Our babysitter here in France is 18 years old and proudly claims her “cohort” – those in their teens and twenties – to be the largest segment of society in the country. Interestingly, according to Huntington’s book, Clash of Civilizations, it is the rise of this same cohort in the Islamic world that is creating such a wave of revolutionary discontent. Huntington
likens the rise of militant Islamism to the Protestant Reformation in the Middle Ages in Europe…driven by a desire for purity of soul and a healthy dose of teenage testosterone.


American reporting on Israel, specifically the use of experts by tv shows, is like covering a football game and not telling you the ref’s from Pittsburgh and has $200k on the Steelers. For example, Bernard Lewis is “the greatest scholar” on the Middle East and Islam. No mention – ever – he’s a jew.


“Of course, you can’t say this in America…you can barely say it in England,” began a guest at last night’s dinner.

There is nothing like forbidden words to get a man’s attention. If you want to make sure people listen to you, whisper.

We listened up.

The man doing the talking was a fellow Irishman…his family cast out from the homeland many years ago, like your editor’s, by poverty, famine, and most likely, trouble with the law. His wife was Lebanese. Naturally, the talk turned to the current crisis in the Middle East.

“What is really, really amazing,” he began, “is how the Israelis have managed to get control of the foreign policy of the largest, most powerful country on Earth. There is no blue water between America’s foreign policy and Israel’s. You have to hand it to the Israelis; who would have thought it possible? They can do whatever they want in the ‘Near East,’ knowing that they have the world’s only superpower backing them up.

“And can you believe Condoleezza Rice? I read in the newspapers that she said that Americans had not faced such a threat since the British burned down their capital in 1812. What is she talking about? The British threatened to end the American experiment with independence completely, which probably wouldn’t have been a bad idea, in retrospect. But whatever threat she is talking about today is nothing in comparison. Sometimes, you don’t know whether these politicians say things they think the public wants to hear or whether they actually believe what they say. And, you don’t know which is more appalling.

“And now, what the Israelis are doing in Lebanon – that’s appalling, too. I was in New York recently, and I couldn’t believe how lopsided the news coverage in the United States really is. Every Israeli casualty is treated as a horrible tragedy, but a hundred women and children dying in Lebanon is passed off as a military victory for our side.”

His wife picked up the conversation.

“I left Lebanon when I was three,” she told us. “But I still have a lot of family there. My brothers, cousins, uncles and aunts…they were all in the country when the war started. At first, they said they would stay and tend the business. But now, they’ve all had to leave. Thank god they could. It’s far too dangerous to stay.

“We ourselves were planning to go there for a summer vacation, but I’d just had a baby, and we thought the trip would be too hard. Had we gone, we probably would have been caught in the fire when the Israelis started bombing the place.”

“You know,” resumed her husband, still intent on the bigger picture, “when I was growing up, we used to read things about the Zionist conspiracy. You know, like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion…things like that. It was really horrible stuff, put out by nuts and kooks…the same kind of people
who like to say the Holocaust never happened.

“But now, there really is a Jewish conspiracy, isn’t there? I mean, neo-conservative Jews really have got together to take control of the U.S. military and divert it to their own interests. They already control a substantial part of the U.S. media, you know, and the financial sector. For instance, guess who owns the Federal Reserve? Goldman, Lazard,
Rothschild. I was shocked when I first found out. Now, its looks like they control the U.S. army, too. Well, bravo for them!”

“But wait,” we replied. “Isn’t that like saying that if the majority of lawyers are Episcopalians, then the Episcopalians control the courts? Even if it were really so, not all Episcopalians think alike, you know…nor do all of them have the same agenda.”

“Of course,” came the reply. “You’re absolutely right. There are plenty of Jews who oppose the Bush administration and Israel’s attack on Lebanon. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not being anti-Jewish here at all. But at the same time, we have to think for ourselves and not just conform to popular
shibboleths and taboos.

“And, whichever way you look at it,” he continued, “you can’t deny that there is definitely a group of Jews with a particular point of view…and a particular agenda. They have definitely gotten themselves into positions of power. Naturally, they use the power to promote their own interests…Israeli interests, I should say. Is that a conspiracy? Well, yes. Is it wrong? Well, no. I’m not saying that. Israeli interests could
be just as important to us as our own. Some people certainly think they are. I’m just saying that if most Americans understood what was going on, they wouldn’t like it.”

Even when the mopes and dopes come around to our position, they still shit on those who were there first. Another name for anti-Semites is good Samaritans – but don’t ever expect the cowards who only turn when their personal interests are threatened to show owed respect.

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    1. alex Says:

      clip from jew Jon Stewart on Daily Show, mocking Condi Rice and danger/opportunity…


    2. alex Says:

      Hannity Goes Into Meltdown Over the Lamont Victory
      By: Jamie Holly @ 1:50 PM – PDT

      Hannity is in a tizzy over the Lieberman loss and he showed it last night on Hannity and Colmes.

      Video – WMV Video – QT

      You got to love when Bob Beckel calls Santorum a “wingnut” so Hannity responds with “your a left wingnut. What’s with the name calling?”. Hannity also goes on to equate terrorism with the rise of Nazism and says the Democrats are sticking their heads in the sand during it. Remember – 60% of this country are the cowards with their heads in the sand that Hannnity is talking about.

      It is definitely clear that Hannity is scared because his beloved party and warmongers are losing support fast in this country and will end up losing control this fall. You got to give him credit though – he is going down while swinging.

    3. alex Says:

      link to above:


    4. alex Says:

      There are only a very FEW articles about this Jewish American sailor arrested for espionage – ask yourself why. Had this guy been anyone other than a Jew, you can bet your ass the media would be all over this story like white on rice. Seriously, this is a MAJOR situation/case, yet the American m,edia hasn’t even mentioned it. This is EXACTLY what happened to the Asher Karni case – remember the Jew named Karni that was arrested on January 2, 2004 for having sold [Past Tense] more than 60 nuclear weapon detonators to Pakistan?????????

      UPI Intelligence Watch
      United Press International – 1 hour ago
      … 11 (UPI) — On March 26 US Navy agents arrested Fire Control Technician Third Class Ariel J. Weinmann at an airport in Dallas on espionage charges. …

      Virginian Pilot Navy will let media listen to recording of sailor’s hearing
      Virginian Pilot, VA – 10 hours ago
      … Ariel J. Weinmann, 21, faced charges of desertion, wrongly possessing classified information and delivering classified information to a foreign government …
      Investigators rule out Israel link in US Navy spying case Gulf Daily News
      US sailor faces spying charges after deserting Navy with crucial … Gulf News
      Salem sailor held on spy charges OregonLive.com
      All Headline News – Washington Post – all 275 related »
      Reporters Committee criticizes Navy’s secret pre-trial proceedings …
      Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, VA – Aug 9, 2006
      … The Norfolk Naval Station has refused for months to release information about the case of Fire Control Technician 3rd Class Ariel J. Weinmann, a petty officer …

      Thursday’s front page
      Statesman Journal, Oregon – Aug 10, 2006
      … Petty Officer 3rd Class Ariel J. Weinmann, 21, of Salem was held at a brig at Norfolk Naval Air Station on six charges, the Navy said. …

      Petty officer held in secret for 4 months
      Virginian Pilot, VA – Aug 3, 2006
      … The case against Fire Control Technician 3rd Class Ariel J. Weinmann is indicative of the secrecy surrounding the Navy military court here, where public …

    5. alex Says:



    6. alex Says:


      JEWS IN PORNOGRAPHY, 1890 TO THE PRESENT. From “eight pagers” & 8mm home movies in the 1930’s to High Definition DVD’s & high priced adult “toys” in 2006…..A HISTORY

    7. alex Says:

      Jewish invader of Lebanon from Tel Aviv West (USA before 1948), Michael Levin is killed by Lebanese freedom fighters. Listen to these self rightous Jews (including Levin’s father) whine about the Jew invader.
      Former Speaker of the Whorehouse, Fig Newt Gingrich (R) is up next. Gingrich is an ardent supporter of Isn’t-real (occupied Palestine), the ultimate shabbos goy. ( shabbos goy: A Gentile domestic employee who cleans the Jews dirty toilets on Saturdays)…LISTEN to the audio…..Mike Kovich



      America Has Jewish Roots?

      So now there is an old U.S./Jewish connection dating back hundreds of years? Will we next learn that George Washington was really half-Jewish? Furthermore, we suggest that Russell Kirk didn’t understand Jews or Judaism. As Dr. William L. Pierce said, Judaism is not a universalist religion. It is a religion for the Jews only – unlike Christianity, which is universalist and for anyone who wants to convert to it [1]:


      [1] the religion of Judaism allows a few converts, but conversion is both rare and difficult. Such conversions aid the Jews, as they allow the Jews to claim that they aren’t a race of bigoted outsiders who shun non-Jews – in other words, conversions are allowed for appearances sake

      Iranian leader interview to air Sunday on ’60 Minutes’

      Iranian Leader Speaks to Mike Wallace
      Exclusive Interview Will Air on ’60 Minutes’ Sunday at 7 p.m. ET/PT, 6 p.m. CT
      CBS News Aug. 9, 2006

      NEW YORK — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sat down with Mike Wallace in Tehran on Tuesday in a rare, exclusive interview with a Western reporter.

      In the wide-ranging interview, the Iranian leader comments on President Bush’s foreign policy, the lack of relations between Iran and the United States, Hezbollah, Lebanon and Iraq.

      Speaking about President Bush’s failure to answer his 18-page letter that criticized U.S. foreign policy, Ahmadinejad said, “Well, (with the letter) I wanted to open a window towards the light for the president so that he can see that one can look on the world through a different perspective. … We are all free to choose. But please give him this message, sir: Those who refuse to accept an invitation will not have a good ending or fate. You see that his approval rating is dropping every day. Hatred vis-à-vis the president is increasing every day around the world. For a ruler, this is the worst message that he could receive. Rulers and heads of government at the end of their office must leave the office holding their heads high.”

      On what the “conducive conditions” would be for Iran to establish relations with the U.S., the president said, “Well, please look at the makeup of the American administration, the behavior of the American administration. See how they talk down to my nation. And this recent resolution passed about the nuclear issue, look at the wording. They have given us — presented us with a package which we are studying right now. We even gave them a date for our response. Ignoring that, they passed a resolution. They want to build an empire. And they don’t want to live side-by-side in peace with other nations. The American government, sir, it is very clear to me they have to change their behavior and everything will be resolved. (George W. Bush) believes that his power emanates from his nuclear warhead arsenals. The time of the bomb is in the past, it’s behind us. Today is the era of thoughts, dialogue and cultural exchanges.”

      The report will be broadcast on 60 Minutes this Sunday at 7 p.m. ET/PT.


      Professor Shamir WEZ:

      Praise the Prophets, I am dancing the Hatikva! Check out the shofar and
      all the new Jewish Princesses! Check out more photos at the link. I am
      putting Benjy Lovitt in for Quote of the Day for:

      “Postpone my Aliyah?” he asks. “What are you, crazy?”-Benjy Lovitt

      Donald E. Pauly
      Zionist Rastafarian
      17th in Av, 5766


      Caption:A new oleh blows a ram’s horn, invoking the daily Jewish prayer:
      “Sound the great shofar for our freedom and gather us together from the
      four corners of the world to our land.”

      Caption: Kim Richardson, 21, is arriving from Poughkeepsie, New York. She is joining her sister, Jen, who moved to Israel two years ago. Both sisters say they never thought about moving to Israel while growing up, but attended a program called Netiv their freshman year of college, during
      which they worked on Kibbutz Saad, studied at Hebrew University and fell in love with the Jewish state. “The hair stylist I went to before I boarded
      the plane yesterday understood why I decided to move here the best,” Kim said. “His name was Hugo, and he told me, ‘It’s all about your generation – you can change the world.'”

      Professor Shamir WEZ:

      I must take exception to:

      “It is about time we internalise the fact that Israel and Zionism are the
      ultimate Evil with no comparison.”

      Zionism is the ultimate good. It is the Final Solution to the Jewish

      Anti-Zionism is the ultimate evil. LIBG! TYIJ!

      Donald E. Pauly
      Zionist Rastafarian
      17th in Av, 5766

      Original Message:
      From: Israel Shamir shamir@home.se
      Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 01:52:56 +0300
      To: shamireaders@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [shamireaders] Beyond Comparison by Gilad Atzmon


      Gilad Atzmon – Beyond Comparison

      photo at left: You don’t have to be a brutal tyrant to want to commit
      crimes against humanity. Hatred is alive and well in Israel in nice young
      patriotic families. Israel is a country bad enough as it is, without making
      historical comparisons.

      “Israel Military action is an unjustified aggression that is being carried
      out in a style of Hitler, in a fascist fashion.” (Venezuelan President Hugo

      “Clearly, President Chavez needs a reality check when it comes to the
      Middle East conflict.” (Anti-Defamation League National Director, Abraham
      H. Foxman)

      There is a trend amongst us all, the critical voices of Israel and Zionism.
      Time after time we compare Israel to the Third Reich; we equate the IDF to the Wehrmacht, we find a resemblance between the Israeli Air Force’s
      tactics to the blitz technique of the Luftwafe, we occasionally associate
      Sharon’s and Olmert’s war crimes with those of Hitler. I myself have fallen
      into this very trap more than once. But I have now made up my mind. This
      fashion of speaking must be stopped once and for all.

      To regard Hitler as the ultimate evil is nothing but surrendering to the
      Zio-centric discourse. To regard Hitler as the wickedest man and the Third
      Reich as the embodiment of evilness is to let Israel off the hook. To
      compare Olmert to Hitler is to provide Israel and Olmert with a
      metaphorical moral shield. It maintains Hitler at the lead and allows
      Olmert to stay in the tail.

      My mother, indeed a very clever woman, challenged me a long time ago
      asking: “Tell me Gilad, why is it that you and your friends always compare
      Israel to the Nazis? Isn’t Israel bad enough?” At the time I found her
      remark rather amusing, but my mother’s cynical instinct was more than
      correct. Israel is indeed ‘bad enough’. Israel has already established a
      unique interpretation of the notion of wickedness that has managed to
      surpass any other evil. It is about time we internalise the fact that
      Israel and Zionism are the ultimate Evil with no comparison. And if this is
      not enough, unlike Nazism that belongs to the past, Zionism’s wickedness is a crime which is still unfolding and worsening. Chavez obviously has the
      absolute right to say what he said, yet I have to remind the adorable
      Venezuelan President that Hitler has never flattened a country for no
      reason at all, and this is exactly what the Israelis have been doing in
      Lebanon for four weeks already and in Gaza for years and years. Looking at the carnage and the devastation in Lebanon doesn’t leave any room for
      doubt. The current Israeli brutality is nothing but evilness for the sake
      of evilness. Retribution that knows no mercy. Israel is a devastating
      collective resurrection of the Biblical Samson. It is a modern
      representation of the man who kills women, children and the elderly, the
      Hebraic victorious master of blind indiscriminate retaliation.

      For years, politically correct liberals who present themselves as leftists
      have been insisting upon telling us that Israeli aggression should be
      understood in expansionist colonial terms. This line of thinking is still
      promoted by more than a few Jewish peace activists around the world. The
      reason is simple; as long as Israel is a colonialist state, then the
      archaic 19th century Marxist orthodox paradigm can be applied to the
      conflict. Moreover, if Israel is indeed an expansionist colonial regional
      force, then nothing is categorically wrong with the Israelis, they are just
      like the British were, but 150 years too late.

      Nonsense! The above dated interpretation is fundamentally wrong and
      deliberately misleading. Moreover, it is not applicable anymore, not even
      as a Judeo-centric PC fig leaf. Watching the devastation the Israeli Air
      Force has left in its wake, looking at the death and carnage in Lebanon
      doesn’t leave any room for doubt. It has nothing to do with colonialism or
      expansionism. Lebanon and Beirut are not and have never been part of the Zionist Lebensraum aspiration. It is the other way around, till the late
      1960’s the Israelis were totally sure that Lebanon would be the first Arab
      country to make peace with the Jewish State. Israel has never had any
      interest in the north of the Litani River and in spite of that, Israel has
      now destroyed every single Lebanese bridge, every airport, every power
      station. Hospitals are bombed, villages and neighbourhood have been wiped out, one thousand Lebanese civilians have lost their lives and over a
      million citizens are displaced and homeless. Now is the time to stand up
      and say it, unlike the Nazis who had respect for other national movements
      including Zionism, Israel has zero respect for anyone including its next
      door neighbours. The Israeli behaviour should be realised as the ultimate
      vulgar biblical barbarism on the verge of cannibalism. Israel is nothing
      but evilness for the sake of evilness. It is wickedness with no comparison.

      Hence, there is no room for comparison between Israel and the Nazis. If a
      comparison is to be made, then it is the Israelis who win the championship
      of ruthlessness and the reasons are obvious. Nazi Germany was a tyranny,
      Israel is a democracy led by a centre-left national unity government. While
      we do not have any formal objective tool to determine the German people’s approval of Nazi crimes (in the first place, Germans were not informed about Nazi homicidal crimes. Secondly, there was no objective independent poll system active in Germany at the time), the Israelis collectively approve their government’s crimes in Lebanon and this fact is
      overwhelmingly documented in more than a few polls.

      Nazis were indeed proper expansionists, they were trying to take towns and land intact. Carpet bombing and total erasure of populated areas that is so trendy amongst Israeli military and politicians (as well as
      Anglo-Americans) has never been a Nazi tactic or strategy. Apparently,
      Israel isn’t trying to take Lebanon; Israelis do not seem to be interested
      in Lebanese land. They just want to demolish it. One may wonder what it is
      that they really want to achieve. In fact no one in Israel, or anywhere
      else for that matter, knows. Do they want to dismantle the Hezbollah?
      Surely, they have achieved the very opposite. Their impression that
      Hezbollah is a small faction of minority fundamentalist militia that could
      be done away with effortlessly is shown as a ridiculous thesis with each
      passing day. Not only has it demonstrated itself as a force to be reckoned
      with, Hezbollah is now supported by 85% of the Lebanese people and this
      includes the Christian population (80% support among the Christian
      Lebanese). Does Israel want to maintain its power of deterrence? Surely it
      achieved the very opposite. By now, every Arab knows that the Israeli Army isn’t that glamorous anymore. In fact the photos of the Israeli military boot left on Lebanese soil says it all. In this war, it is the Israeli
      soldier who is taking off his military boots and running away for his life.
      Does Israel want to secure its populated centres? Surely it has achieved
      the very opposite. The more Israel hits Lebanon’s infrastructure, the
      greater are the barrages of missiles that are falling on Israeli cities. In
      fact, it is just a question of time before Tel Aviv gets a glimpse into the
      notion of life in Gaza and Beirut. Indeed Israel has no plan or strategy;
      instead it practices the lowest form of collective barbarian zeal. The
      Israelis demolish for the sake of demolishing. Israel is indeed an evil
      with no comparison.

      Yet, we have to admit that Nazis were pretty good in provoking some
      international outrage. Not many loved Hitler beyond the Germanic world (and the English aristocracy). Israeli cannibalism, on the other hand, is adored by some Western leaders, and it is Blair, Bush and even Merkel who are afraid to stand up to Zionist barbarism. While Nazism was defeated 12 years after it took power, Zionist brutality is a snowball of repulsive anger that knows no boundaries and no end. It rolls over the West and recruits the most morally deteriorated forces around, whether they are Blair and his ilk or some radical American Christian Fundamentalists. Zionism aims at turning our planet into a bloody battlefield. For the time being it is reducing the UN institution into an American neoconservative puppet. It is time we admit that Zionists are standing in the very centre of the so-called ‘Cultural Clash’. While Nazism was a nationalist expansionist movement with extensive yet limited ambitions, the Jewish State and its Zionist lobbies are trying to revive the spirit of a global crusade in the name of a bizarre religious war (Judeo-Christian versus Muslim). If we want to save this world, if we want to live in a humane planet, we must focus on the gravest enemy of peace, those who are wicked for the sake of evilness: the Israeli State and world Zionism.

      It is about time to get out of the closet and to say it all loudly. Israel
      and Zionism endanger our world. It isn’t just Lebanon, Palestine and the
      Arabs who suffer. It is now Britain and America that are dragged into an
      idiotic war. It is the entire West that is asked to rescue what the
      Israelis left out of Lebanon. We all have to de-Zionise ourselves before it
      is too late. We have to admit that Israel is the ultimate evil rather than
      Nazi Germany. Abe Foxman and the ADL are correct for a change, we all need a reality check. We should never compare Israel to Nazi Germany. As far as evilness is concerned, we should now let Israel take the lead.

      Lebanese resistance
      destroys Israeli gunboat

      Hezbollah: Guerrillas destroy Israeli gunboat
      Associated Press Friday, 11 August 2006

      BEIRUT, Lebanon — Hezbollah TV reported Friday that guerrillas
      destroyed an Israeli gunboat with a crew of 12 off the coast of Tyre.

      The Israeli army denied the Hezbollah claim. Israeli vessels have been
      enforcing a blockade of the Lebanese coast since fighting began 30
      days ago. Larger craft have repeatedly fired shells against Hezbollah
      positions and strongholds, including in south Beirut.

      Al-Jazeera television identified the vessel as the Super Dvora, an
      Israeli patrol and interdiction craft.

      Hezbollah has claimed several hits on Israeli vessels, but Israel only
      acknowledged one in which four sailors were killed on July 14, two
      days after the war started.



      On the ADL’s training of “law” inforcement officals in a state near you. Find your state. For my fellow Hoosier buddies, check out the ADL’s training to the Indiana State Police Academy. If the ADL (Ashkenazi Defecation League) is training law inforcement officals in your area & your an aware White, then these “law” inforcement officals are NOT your friends. Why should a Jewish pressure-criminal-spy agency dictate law inforcement doctrine? MORE HERE….



      Perched on the edge of her sunlounger, the young Jamaican man picks up the woman’s hand and lavishes it with kisses. “You is very beautiful, you know that, girl?” he says. The ‘girl’ giggles as she sips her cocktail. Somewhere in her early 40s, she hardly qualifies for the description. Nor is her beauty strikingly obvious.


      Maori ‘warrior gene’ claims appalling, says geneticist

      Thursday August 10, 2006
      By Jon Stokes

      Claims by a New Zealand scientist that Maori carry a gene linked to a range of anti-social behaviours have been labelled appalling by a leading New Zealand geneticist.

      Dr Nicola Poa, research fellow at Christchurch School of Medicine, said it was unheard of to link a gene to race-based behaviour.

      “It is pretty contentious to be tagging a gene, especially with that type of behaviour, to an ethnic race. There are huge ethical behaviours behind it. I was appalled.

      “You have to be very careful. It is quite a big leap to be able to connect it to a type of behaviour. You really need input from psychologists or psychiatrists to do it at the molecular level. Genes are the basic building blocks. It’s a big leap to adapt it to someone’s behaviour.”

      Dr Rod Lea, a genetic epidemiologist at the Institute of Environmental Science and Research in Wellington, told an Australian genetics conference this week that the monoamine oxidase gene (MOA), carried by a large number of Maori, could be a key to addressing several health issues.

      The gene, dubbed the warrior gene, has been associated with risk-taking, including gambling, addiction and aggression.

      Dr Sam Hancox, of Otago University’s Dunedin Multidisciplinary Unit, said genetics and their link to behaviour required recognition of environmental factors.

      “It is extremely unlikely that a single gene explains anything. It is almost always a combination of factors, particularly environmental influences.

      “There is no gene for making great rugby players, but then if you have the wrong person no amount of coaching is going to ensure he will be an All Black. You have to have the right set of genes and the right set of a coaching.”

      In 2002 the Otago-based unit researched the effects of a variation of the MOA gene on abused children.

      The research found few of those producing high levels of the variant MAOA gene developed antisocial behaviours, despite being maltreated. However, around 85 per cent of those severely abused with low levels of MAOA developed antisocial behaviours.

      Meanwhile, Dr Lea has moved to emphasise that the nature of his research is to assist in Maori health, especially high Maori smoking rates.

      Speaking on National Radio yesterday, he said the focus of his research was to identify genes to determine why Maori smoking rates were among the world’s highest. He said around 60 per cent of Maori carried the MOA gene, discovered by United States researchers, compared to 30 per cent of Caucasians.

      “This gene has been linked to different anti-social and risk-taking behaviours, but the link has been usually quite weak, and often is only present in association with non-genetic factors – that is, other factors such as upbringing, socioeconomic circumstances, other lifestyle factors.”

      Meanwhile, Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia said the warrior gene reports demonstrated unbalanced treatment of Maori by the media.

      * * *


      Standards Lowered Again

      Now ShaWanda, KaSheena and LaTrell can teach your White children soshul studees an’ historee. [Tell dem ’bout Dr. King, word! An’ how dee Eegipshians done built dee piramids, dawg]:


    8. alex Says:

      Conceived by (K)ikes
      Designed by shitskins
      Manufactured by niggers

      N – A – A – A – A- H!


    9. alex Says:

      India Bans Arab TV Channels Under Pressure From Israel
      Shahid Raza Burney, Arab News

      BOMBAY, 6 August 2006 – In a country widely referred to as the world’s largest democracy, the Indian government has succumbed to mounting Israeli pressure and ordered a nationwide ban on the broadcast of Arab television channels.

      The Indian government’s ban on Arab television stations is in complete contrast to the friendship that Arab countries imagine exists with their neighbor across the Arabian Sea. It seems the ban is a move to ensure that Indians do not get to see the atrocities that are presently being committed by Israel in Lebanon and the occupied territories.

      Nabila Al-Bassam, a Saudi businesswoman on a trip to Bombay, told Arab News how she became exasperated at not being able to watch Arab channels at Bombay’s leading five-star Oberoi Hotel. When she took up the issue with the hotel manager, she was told that Arab television channels had been banned across India.

      A perplexed Al-Bassam then sent an SMS to Arab News Editor in Chief Khaled Almaeena to verify whether this was indeed the case. “Oberoi Hotel tells me that the government of India has banned all Arab TV channels. Why? I hate watching CNN and BBC,” she wrote to Almaeena.

      Talking to Arab News, Oberoi Hotel Manager Mohit Nirula did allude to the fact that a ban was in place. “The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has laid down certain rules. It is our duty to abide by and follow the rules of the country,” he told this correspondent.

      Minister of Information and Broadcasting Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi was busy in Parliament and was unavailable for comment on the issue. However, a ministry official explained why the Indian government decided to enforce the ban. The official highlighted that India enjoys close and cordial relations with Israel and the US more than any of the Arab governments.

      According to another source within the government, the ban is a clear sign to all governments in the Middle East that the Israeli, American and British governments carry far more influence in India than any of the Arab governments.

      Several senior Indian journalists explained that the ban was an indication that India had succumbed to Israeli pressure rather than American.

      “The whole exercise is to browbeat Arabs and show them as terrorists. The government is subscribing to the absurd argument that channels like Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya promote hatred and encourage terrorism,” they said.

      Political analysts in India described the move as a game of double standard that India is playing. On the one hand India establishes friendship with the Arab world while simultaneously it joins with Israel and the US in defaming them. It seems that the pro-Israeli lobby wishes to drive a wedge between India and its time-tested Arab allies. The Indian government’s present stance is in stark contrast to the late Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s staunch support of the Palestinian cause.

      The banning of Arabic channels is a federal government decision, done under what senior Indian journalists claim to be intense pressure from the Israeli, American and British governments.

      The Indian government has been vocal in its condemnation of Israeli barbarity and has offered millions of rupees in aid to refugees in Lebanon. Arabs sympathetic to India have therefore met the news with surprise.

      Many Arabs draw inspiration from India’s heroic struggle against British imperialism and the Indian independence struggle is seen by Palestinians as a brilliant example of throwing out the yoke of imperialism. It is sad that 50 years after independence the world’s largest democracy unfairly suppresses alternative opinion and allows itself to be dictated to by foreign powers.

      The analysts believe the Indian government may have used a clause within the Cable TV Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995, that certain channels or programs that can potentially cause damage to India’s friendly relations with foreign countries can be banned, a clear violation of democratic ideals such as freedom of expression and freedom of speech.

      The response to the ban by hotel administrations across Bombay has been dismal. Chad Alberico, JW Marriott’s customer care official in Washington, said: “We have reviewed your recent inquiries regarding the television offerings at our JW Marriott Bombay. We have phoned our colleagues at the hotel to discuss the matter at hand, but as it is the weekend, we will need additional time to form a complete response.”

      “I’m on my way home, it’s the weekend and I will respond on Monday,” said Shehnaz Ankelsaria from the Taj President Hotel. Annan Udeshi from The Hilton was unavailable and asked for a message to be left on her recorder. Khushnooma Kapadia of Marriott Hotel said she would get back later. Rafat Kazi from the Grand Central Sheraton said that she would answer after consulting her general manager. Puja Guleria of Sheraton Maratta said she needed time to deal with the questions. Firuza Mistry of Grand Hyatt said that she was not aware of the facts and would check and respond, and Priya Mathias of Hyatt Regency said that she would also need to check with her senior officials to comment

    10. alex Says:

      http://www.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2006/8/8/232848.shtml?s=al These Jews could care less about that moron bitch in the “White” House. They care & love Israel & Israel only! Like the Julius & Ethel Rosenberg & their Jewish pals, these kikes (Democrat or Republican) have NO loyality to the US…….Mike

    11. alex Says:

      The Senate has ratified a treaty under which the United States will join more than 40 other countries, mainly from Europe, in “fighting crimes committed via the Internet.” The Council of Europe’s Convention on Cybercrime, ratified late Thursday, is the first international treaty seeking to address Internet crimes by harmonizing national laws, improving investigative techniques and increasing cooperation among nations.

      The convention targets hackers, those spreading destructive computer viruses, those using the Internet for the sexual exploitation of children or the “distribution of racist material” and terrorists attempting to attack infrastructure facilities or financial institutions.

      The treaty requires that the U.S. government help enforce other countries’ “cybercrime” laws – even if the act being prosecuted is not illegal in the United States. That means that countries that have laws limiting free speech on the Net could oblige the F.B.I. to uncover the identities of anonymous U.S. critics, or monitor their communications on behalf of foreign governments. American ISPs would be obliged to obey other jurisdiction’s requests to log their users’ behavior without due process, or compensation.

      Alex, this could be really big… what is your opinion regarding this latest Judeo-Marxist attempt at destroying free speech? Note the provision regarding “racist hate material” on the Internet. I had a gut feeling this would be passed by the traitors in Congress. Clearly, this has the slime of Jew all over it! Is this their attempt to destroy our 1st Amendment rights via an end run around the Constitution? Sure looks like it to me. Question is will it be struck down by our “Supreme” Court? Probably not. Welcome to Orwell’s 1984. You should discuss this on your next broadcast of Goyfire. Keep up the good work!

      Best wishes,

      Scipio Americanus

    12. alex Says:


      Funny [feel free to add your own ideas if you web-post this]

      [e.g., the chicken was a neoconservative and it thought there was a synagogue on the other side] [or: the chicken was Jewish and it thought there was matzoh on the other side] [or: the chicken was Mexican and it thought there was a burrito on the other side] [or: the chicken was a feminist and it crossed to road to escape male oppression]


    13. alex Says:

      This week, sweet Ann Coulter released her latest in a series of pre-rehab books, entitled Godless. Naturally, the title led me to believe that it was an unexpectedly candid autobiography. Alas, she may be saving that book until after she’s been strapped to a bed at Hazelden for a month. Instead of using this book to dabble in the bracing novelty of introspection, Miss Coulter turns her two-setting mind (“off” and “off her rocker”) to hector us about religion.

      Let’s be honest: Reading a book about religion from Ann Coulter is tantamount to reading a book about dieting from Michael Moore. After all, who wants to be lectured about not being Christian enough by an almost-50 year-old boozehound in a black leather miniskirt who has never been married? Count me as having a healthy skepticism over whether Miss Coulter has saved herself for marriage. Or anything, for that matter.

      In Godless, Miss (oh, how it pains me to refer to that serially-rejected spinster as “Miss,” but something Miss Coulter usually eschews — accuracy — compels me) Coulter turns her shrill furnace of brayed invective, fueled by a bottomless quarry of prickly psychological damage, at the most despicable people in the world. No, not the maniacal murderers who flew planes into the World Trade Center towers, but the blameless Americans who had their flesh burned off of their bodies in those buildings — and the inconsolable spouses they left behind.

      Yes, she directs an anger that shirks all management on women whose husbands were murdered on 9/11. Apparently, in Miss Coulter’s religion, the meek may inherit the Earth, but not before she’s had a shot at making them cry first. With a mouth so busy frothing it apparently has no time to eat, Miss Coulter claims to be livid at these opportunistic widows for being crass enough to remember the event that killed the father of their children. She also gets prickly about them being compensated as a result of the catastrophe.

      Frankly, I think she is simply exhibiting a fierce territoriality on behalf of herself and other Republicans who have used 9/11 to win elections and sell books. Her attitude seems to be: Exploiting 9/11 is our shtick — find your own way to make money! This must account for why she doesn’t take Lisa Beamer to task for registering “Let’s Roll!â„¢” on the trinkets she sold on the Internet.

      Ann Coulter (billed as “Joan Van Ark”) in a television gig preceding her current role as Sean Hannity’s concubine on the Fox sitcom Hannity and Colmes

      Of course, Ann’s every utterance is a carefully choreographed gambit to convert sensationalistic bad taste into sensationally good sales. In this way she is like another rapidly aging blond sex kitten, Madonna, someone else with no discernable talent other than getting people to ask, “Did she really say that?” Miss Coulter mocking the widows of men incinerated by burning jet fuel in the World Trade Center is just her competitive one-upmanship of Madonna showing up on a mirrored crucifix, all but screaming “Look at me! Isn’t this SHOCKING?” And you have to give credit where it is due: Miss Coulter could squeeze ink out of a tombstone.

      But in her mercantile zeal to say what sells, Miss Coulter endeavors to create an image that has apparently had a nasty falling out with reality, leaving them no longer on speaking terms. Indeed, to hear Miss Coulter speak (in that Martha Stewart-on-helium Connecticut lockjaw voice of hers), you’d think she is someone who actually embraces heartland, Christian, American values. In reality, however, she is less like June Cleaver baking pot-roast than she is like Samantha Jones baked on pot. Indeed, this is no piously serene Christian wife, but a braying loud mouth who wears super-slutty clothes, powders her bony nose more often than Lindsay Lohan (if you know what I mean), knocks back scotch with an alacrity that eludes Ted Kennedy since the advent of rheumatoid arthritis, lives only in cities filled with homos and screws anything willing to bang an anorexic skeleton. [Had I typed any of that I would have included the word “allegedly,” but the Lord apparently countenances no such quibbles when he uses my keyboard to throw His voice.]

      This brings me to Miss Coulter’s teen tramp wardrobe. Miss Coulter showed up to the Today show this week wearing a black cocktail dress three sizes too small. At seven in the morning, mind you. No woman in New York wears a little black dress that early in the day unless she is burying someone dead, or looks like someone death, as she makes a Whore of Babylon predawn retreat from the previous night’s licentious debauchery. This may account for why Matt Lauer told me that the poor thing smelled like an ashtray.

      But it wasn’t the color of the dress that was so telling. No, it was the “Look! I got myself one of those Brazilian waxes!” length that spoke more to a Jackie Stallone determination to hang on to youth with knuckles no longer white but bleeding. Indeed, it seems that Miss Coulter’s whole sense of self comes from thinking she is a “hot young babe” who drives, presumably myopic, men wild with a sexual desire so ardent they no longer hear the nonsense she is saying. Goodness me, who would have ever guessed that the Achilles heel for most Republican man would be the sight of pre-operative transsexuals in dresses made for someone 20 years younger?

      Miss Coulter suffers from an affliction I like to call Mariah Carey by Proxy. Celebrities who suffer from this debilitating disease so seldom seek help before some ruthless person takes a photograph of them. Mariah Carey by Proxy afflicts menopausal woman who think they would break the hearts of teenage boys throughout America if they ever showed up in public with a nipple-baring “Love Waits” tube-top. NOTE: Call your doctor if you find yourself wearing clothes that flash undernourished, middle-age legs and surgically-levitated bosoms, particularly when such revealing clothing is not appropriate for the occasion. Side affects may include wearing your hair like a junior high school cheerleader even though you are rapidly approaching 50.

      Please join me in prayer for dear, sad Miss Coulter, as plastic surgery and Photoshop do not seem to be sparing this one-note minx from becoming the Baby Jane Hudson of the easy-to-fulminate set.

      Miss Coulter’s muse, Sylvia Miles (right). Miss Coulter has been overheard bellowing in bars the words made famous by Miss Miles in the film Midnight Cowboy:

      “You were gonna ask me for money? Who the hell do you think you’re dealing with, some old slut on K Street? In case you didn’t happen to notice it, ya big Texas longhorn bull, I’m one helluva gorgeous chick!”

      TIP FOR READING MISS COULTER’S BOOKS: For those of you pressed for time, but still don’t wish to miss out on the tedium of being regaled by one recycled thought spread out over 300-odd pages: You can finish any Coulter book in less than15 minutes by simply skipping over the word “liberals.” Try it! This time saving technique is even more effective with anything typed by Sean Hannity, who has shown the bracing resourcefulness it takes to parlay basically two thoughts into an entire career.

    14. alex Says:

      Letter re Evola and Truth Is No Defense:

      Hi, Ive been reading your site for some time and occasionaly write in with comments. This email is concerning the truth is no defense broadcast on julius evolas ‘regression of the castes’ with geoff beck. There are a few inconsistencies and not enough explaination of some very important topics. The broadcast mentions that over time(like it is suppossed to be a natural occurence which its not consequently) the slaves and the inferiors become the masters. This is in regard to the alien non-white races(especially in my mind the jews, and that the end of civilization will come when the weakest most vile caste the one that should be enslaved most of all becomes the master(ill get to this point later). You ran an article a few years ago saying that some jewish scientist said that on of the main reasons of the jews recent predominance mainly in control of multi-media and politics is due to the miscenegation of jews with the aryan bloodlines and its subsequent poisoning of some of the white population(but not all of it). I think this is of some importance. You ran an article on vnn awhile ago saying that a jew though they are white skinned, when genetically sequenced group with palestinian arabs, this fact is backed up by an article on that site ‘lies exposed’ that had a group of mainly spanish scientists finding that genetically a jew and a palestinian or other ligher skinned arabs are almost genetically identical. We both know that in nature the genetic inferior both physically and mentally are many more in numbers than the genetically superior. So introducing the weak and diseased jewish non-white DNA into our gene pool must have wreaked some havoc. Lowering the cultural and intellectual level of some(not all thankfully of white people) Also as a side note to say that white people are Aryan or that most white people are Aryan is a misonomer, only a few chosen whites can consider themselves Arya or Aryan. The original connotation of the word came i believe from ancient Vedic India which was created by caucasian warriors who swept over the himalayas from southern russia. An Aryan is a white person who by genetics, self-discipline, and training has obtained a higher level of spiritual development and consciousness than your average white person. The correct term for most caucasians would be either nordic, dinaric, alpine, etc. Though most of us are combination of these and predominantly of a Nordic racial type. Now concerning julius evola’s prophecy that when the weakest most vile of the races( or castes if you will) becomes the master then all civilization will be destroyed and the world will become a desert( my philosophy, and hitlers by the way) like what has happenned in the middle east and parts of north africa which used to be fertile areas when caucasians lived and cultivated the land. Anyway what the narrator of the regression of the castes broadcast neglects to say is that the jew is the lowest of all castes the weakest and the most vile. I have known many of them and most if not all are perverted and weak especially mentally and many are nigger worshippers secretly. Also most jews have a hyper liberated libido which leads to anarchy and more. Heres a good quote on that: ‘Unlike the standard version of the sexual revolution, Libido Dominandi shows how sexual liberation was from its inception a form of control. Those who wished to liberate man from the moral order needed to impose social controls as soon as they succeeded because liberated libido led inevitably to anarchy. Aldous Huxley wrote in his preface to the 1946 edition of Brave New World that “as political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase.” This book is about the converse of that statement. It explains how the rhetoric of sexual freedom was used to engineer a system of covert political and social control. Over the course of the two-hundred-year span covered by this book, the development of technologies of communication, reproduction, and psychic control – including psychotherapy, behaviorism, advertising, sensitivity training, pornography, and plain old blackmail – allowed the Enlightenment and its heirs to turn Augustine’s insight on its head and create masters out of men’s vices. Libido Dominandi is the story of how that happened.’ The book is Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control by E. Michael Jones. I suggest you read it or just peruse it if you have the time. Anyway the way out of this madness i see is that a select group of white men with the strongest and most brutal will to power(nietzche) to wrest power from the jew or at least turn the tide and empower the white mobs to instigate an all out uprising. I know you dont like Christianity(because the jew has tried to distort it) but Jesus said that this is a Spiritual(mental) war not a physical one( at first anyway). Anyway keep up the good work with your site though i like the old one better and btw are you going to add all the old archives back. Thanks, B

    15. alex Says:

      I was shown the letter that Jared Taylor received from a group of Jewish “friends” of AR, the letter that prompted the article we are all discussing. It was breathtakingly arrogant and pushy and dishonest. In a word, Jewish. It demanded, in essence, that Taylor make AR a Semitically correct organization: to publicly repudiate anti-Semitism, to prevent known anti-Semites from attending and speaking at AR conferences, etc. Hilariously, they even recommended that AR publish a symposium exploring both sides of the Jewish Question. Of course, the Jews would provide “both sides.” I hope you don’t imagine them standing for Kevin MacDonald being invited to debate them! I wish that I had gotten an actual copy of the letter, because it would have been broadcast around the world by now. I am amazed that it has not leaked yet.

      I think it is important to read Taylor’s statement in light of this letter. On its own, the statement looks like shameless pandering to Jews. In the context of the letter, it does not look quite so bad. I still think that Taylor goes way too far in accommodating the Jews. But given the demands in that letter, its authors have to look at Taylor’s response as largely a rebuke and defeat.

      Of course, in the absence of the letter, the Jews will posture and preen as if they have won a great victory. And of course the Jews will not boycott AR, as they threatened in the letter. Jews are not demoralized by partial defeats. They look at them merely as incomplete victories. The camel’s nose is under the tent. All they have to do is keep pushing to get in. And Jews are nothing if not pushy.

      I predict a huge influx of Jews at the next AR conference, all of them professing to have had a recent “awakening” on the race question. All of them, as they reach for their checkbooks, will thank “Jaawed” for creating an environment in which they are “comfortable” exploring racial issues. Then, dangling large checks in front of “Jaawed’s” face, they will ask why they are not represented on the board of the New Century Foundation? And why are there not more Jews speaking at the conferences, and Jews writing for AR, and editing the magazine, and running the website? Such moves would make them even more “comfortable.” And “grateful.” I wonder what Jared Taylor’s answer will be. Stay tuned.

      In my opinion, Taylor should have told the world that anyone who does not like AR’s policies is welcome not to subscribe or attend. Full stop. That would have been the end of it. But he said more, and now there is hell to pay, from White Nationalists now, and from Jews later, when they make their next round of demands and bring to bear who knows what new round of “pressures.” (Remember, for a Jew, torture is just “physical pressure.”)

      The worst thing about Taylor’s performance, as far as I am concerned, is that it is demoralizing for many White Nationalists. To us, Taylor seems to be behaving just like the White elites and middle class professionals who have sold this country out to the Jews and non-Whites. The White elites in America have always been incredibly vain and insecure about status. Their middle class imitators are even more vain and insecure. They have always sought to differentiate themselves from “those people”: the “poor White trash,” the “rednecks.” Lest they be associated with “those people” (or pay them a living wage), they have imported Blacks, and Chinese, and Mexicans.

      Every time White solidarity threatens to rear its ugly head, its enemies–the rootless plutocrats and system men, Jews more and more prominent among them–easily quash it by raising the specter of “those people.” And today “those people” include not just rural, Southern Whites, but anti-Semites. As soon as the Jew or his tool says, “You are not one of ‘those people’ are you?” the insecure, status-conscious White lemmings crawl over one another to execrate fellow Whites as “Nazis,” “paranoids,” “cranks,” “conspiracy-theorists,” “nutballs,” etc., and to profess their undying love of “Jewish people” (a bit of cant that shows that the speaker is conditioned to be terrified of the simple, honest, straightforward three letter word “Jew”). These bedwetters will fold like a cheap suit as soon as their credit rating is threatened. Yet Jared Taylor thinks he can forge them into a movement for racial salvation. Good luck.

      What would Jared Taylor do if he were a real leader? At the very least, he would not allow himself to be manipulated by the Jews brandishing the specter of “Nazis.” Instead, a real leader would say to AR-“friendly” Jews: “Boys, your behavior, and the behavior of your relatives and co-tribalists have gotten you in a bind. You have been indispensable in creating and sustaining social trends that are going to make America hell on Earth for Whites. And more and more Whites are awakening not only to the threat of non-Whites, but also to the role of Jews in creating this situation. I am afraid that more and more Whites are listening to extremist voices like David Duke and other ‘Nazis.’ If you don’t want a Fourth Reich on your hands, don’t waste your time trying to purge AR of Nazis and anti-Semites. You need to put all your time and effort into approaching your fellow Jews and persuading them to lay off. Then, and only then, will you Jews have any credibility as racial realists and friends of the White race. You can start by getting the Jewish power structure to throw its weight behind turning off non-White immigration and repatriating non-Whites to their countries of origin.” In short, a real leader would use the specter of Nazism to scare and manipulate the Jews, rather than allow them to do the same to him.

      That sort of stance would go a long way to repairing Jared Taylor’s credibility in my eyes. Publishing the letter would be a nice start, though. Mr. Taylor, publish the letter!

    16. alex Says:

      After 125,000 UFO sightings since 1955, the number has dropped dramatically.
      Crop circles have also vanished. Rational internet discussions are the nuts’
      greatest enemy. ET has gone home. Maybe the Innocent Jew will go home too?



      But it is also a result of human invention, and humanity’s evolving
      relationship with new technology. UFO sightings have declined as the
      internet has expanded. The web is the natural home of every crackpot and
      conspiracy theorist, but it also, eventually, produces a rarefied atmosphere
      of rationalism in which aliens and other elusive creatures cannot long
      survive. In the short term, the internet was a blessing to UFOs; but over
      time, it has all but killed them off.

    17. alex Says:

      [END 8/11/06 LETTERS]