3 August, 2006

Reality Channel Presents… SOUTH AFRICA

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July 2006 Dear [X]:

… You mention the Mexican invasion and its attendant evils. Here in the Cape we have an invasion from Central Africa and an internal invasion from the Eastern Cape. Since there is little work in Cape Town, one wonders why they come here. It must be much worse over there since there are more niggers in power. And of course when coming here to “enrich” us, they want all the amenities, free of charge, of course. I asked one if he paid anything, he said No, because Mandela told them they could have everything they wanted for nothing. The council just built 700 flats, but cannot find tenants as they cannot pay $40 per month. There are 260,000 on the housing list who wants free houses, free water (which comes from heaven), free electricity (from the outside pole), free sewage (which they clog regularly). They have not asked for free trash removal as they just throw the trash in the street. And of course, they “demand” a job and want a salary connected to the number of relatives they have to feed. By job, I do not mean “work”, that would be too difficult. A job is passing the time from 8, 8.30 or 9.0 or later, when we can come around till about 5 pm when we can leave. And of course, at the end of the week, there is some money for spending the time in the job. Work is a totally alien concept.

Mexican Yakima is not different from Cape Town. Here there are 360,000 methamphetamine addicts in the greater Cape Town, plus all the other drugs. So business is good. I have never sold so many car bulbs. They use it to smoke the meth. Fortunately it is mostly among the wogs and of course some White liberal trash, which is a blessing in disguise. You are talking about crime…here they attack in company strength armed with assault rifles. Last week a jewish supermarket was robbed by 22 fellows for a paltry sum of $5000. One of the robbers was captured by the cops and led them into an ambush in their hideout. Eight robbers killed and four cops, including three Whites). The reaction from our police minister was that it was not the policy of the police to shoot criminals. They must arrest them and prosecute them. The problem is that the police stations are being robbed while the cops are sitting inside. They just do not want to turn their head for fear of jeopardizing their pay check. In Johannesburg airport, $10 million were stolen from an aircraft. Inside job. The plane was directed to a side parking and left unguarded while a band took the cash. $2 million were recovered but 10 days later were stolen from the police station’s safe. We just have finished with the security guard strike. There are about 500,000 in the country. It must be remembered that they are the fellows who are supposed to protect us from criminals. They trashed the towns and the shipping centres and pushed 33 of their scab friends off the trains. My son is in charge of the administration of a shopping centre near a black township. The security guards and their friends cleaned up the shops in the centre of all goods. At least there is nothing left to protect!

Corruption is overwhelming in anything one care to investigate. We have a new White mayoress who is looking into the tenders of the previous ANC administration. The perks, the inflated salaries, the tender kickbacks, the jobs for pals, this is the normal practice. The problem is that most municipalities are bankrupt and town officials just carry on voting themselves fat salaries. Tenders go to firms who have no clue what to do with them and who pass them on to subcontractors, who steal just as much. When the firm cannot complete the tender for lack of funds, the council just give a few more millions. No problem, it is not their money.

In 12 years of “freedom”, the regime has produced 45,000 dollar millionaires and 20 million below the poverty lines. Who cares, this is Africa! And none of these millionaires ever lifted a finger. Big business bribed the lot and passed the cost to the consumer.

As I thought, China is exchanging dollars against raw materials on a large scale. It makes sense. The Chinese can see the collapse of the dollar and want something solid. After all they have a trillion dollars and it is not a good idea to invest in America. Ask Iran. And friend Soros who is complaining that the Russian want to make Europe dependant on their own gas supplises. When he was planning his colourful revolutions, he should have realised that the one who pays the piper usually calls the tune. If you are dependant from somebody for your basics of life, you do not insult him. One does not bite the hand that feeds you. That is what the Ukrainians, the Georgians and others have found, never mind Mr. Soros and his fancy Foundation.

Otherwise, a luta continua, the looting continues and the masses are getting poorer. Nothing serious. The Boers are slowly waking up and are starting to understand how a struggle is being run. The Vice Chancellor of Stellenbosh University in charge of “transformation” has just given his resignation and is leaving the country. A few threats to his family and a lot of insults is all what was necessary. Liberals are usually cowards. The White bitch who became Jeffreys Bay vice mayoress for the ANC just had her car smashed with brick. They are learning.

Declassified info from the USZOG shows that Smith of Rhodesia was not such a bastard after all. Kissinger could not succeed to break him after four days. So he called on his old asset John Vorster who quickly came to the rescue by threatening to cut water and electricity. Smith had no choice but to capitulate. It must be remembered that Vorster in his time at Koffiefontein internment camp during WWII was a spy for Jan Smuts police and was informing on his comrades inside. You can be sure his case was known to Kissinger and Co. who just pulled the strings when the time came. Smith did not have a chance. This country loves its traitors and makes them prime ministers. Then they forgive them and send them to heaven.

I leave you now and wishes you all the best ORION88

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    1. Guest Says:

      In my eyes, the Republic of South Africa ended after the elections in 1994. Weren’t the blacks supposed to rename it Anzania or something?

    2. Phat Bastard Says:

      Anzania? How ’bout just Zany-er?

    3. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      I remember telling my South African hosts when I visited in 1993 that if they voted themselves out of power the next year it would be the end of their country and civilization. They just laughed indulgently at my reactionary views. South Africa was going to join the world community, they said. There was no room for the nasty apartheid ways any more. I found it amazing that so many of them had fallen for the liberal, niggers-are-our-equals, crap. I mean, they grew up with the apes and could see what they were like. However, the jew TV and other jew mind poison had done its work since I had last been in SA in 1978 on my way home from Rhodesia. We seem to be fatally susceptible to that form of mental illness. Why anyone is in the least surprised about what the blue gums have done in SA is a puzzle. That’s what they do; always and ever. No exceptions. No effort on our part can ever change it. So let’s detox our minds and souls, push the nigger back down into the mud where he belongs, deal with our jew problem permanently and get on with what we are here to do.

    4. Zoroastro Says:

      Well, not one whit different in the jewnited states. Here there’s even an artificially created black “middle class” (government work 98%). For the rest, da hoodlom no-class from da hood get their average social security check for the tune of the avg. $1,000 a month (plus extra hundreds for the spawn that never fails to come)…
      I guess as long as another south africa in the making has at least 40 or 50% Americans of German descent who blindly toil away and pay their taxes the structure remains shaky, but intact.
      It’s so tragic to see millions of wonderful, industrious men and women who basically built entire North America have no clue what’s going in increasingly insane installments…

    5. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re Bryan: Well said!

      Unfortunately as William Gayley Simpson stated in his book “Which Way Western Man”, we can deal with the negro problem at our leisure but our first action, the most imperative one , is to break free of jew noose that is slowly strangling us. Most people are still in a state of hypnotic obeisance but we must fight on.

      At the current rate of third world immigration into Western countries I doubt if we have got much more than 10 years in which to turn this situation around.

    6. Guest Says:

      I read something last week that South Africa was going to be establishing its own space program. Hmmmm, I can just imagine the contents of the articles in the future that blacks in space is now possible without the oppression of apartheid. And course there won’t be one white man in any publicity photos either.

    7. Elite Aryan Crack Smoker Says:

      Celtic Warrior says we’ve maybe only got ten years to turn this around.

      We’ve already rolled over the cliff, lads, and if you’re still waiting for “someday” then you should stick to beer and video games.

      You’re not “at war” against a people to whom you send monthly checks., as you do with X, Y & Z kosher cartels.

      Once again, the Laff-O-Meter pegs out. Can you make a face like Jim Varney? When Dr. Pierce and Oswald Mosely return in the mothership we will smash global Jewish power once and for all! Yeppers.

    8. Scipio Americanus Says:

      “I have given my life to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all White men who have lived here like I have must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the mental or emotional abilities to equate or share equally with White men in any functions of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring unto them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: White the superior, and they the inferior. For whenever a White man seeks to live among them as their equals, they will destroy and devour him, and they will destroy all his work. And so for any existing relationship or any benefit to this people, let White men, from anywhere in the world, who would come to help Africa, remember that you must maintain this status: you the master and they the inferior, like children whom you would help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”

      Dr. Albert Schweitzer

    9. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re Elite Aryan Crack Smoker:

      I’m well aware that we are well ‘past the eleventh hour’ and are truly in free-fall, but we have got at most 10 years before White society collectively hit the rocks at the bottom of the cliff.

      The landing will necessarily be a hard one and that maybe what’s required to wake most people. In the period allowed us before the crunch we should be building a grass-roots movement. That is what I meant.

      Are you suggesting we should sit tight and do nothing??

      PS who is Jim Varney???

    10. John Smith Says:

      I’m afraid that the sad truth is that we must realize that things will get much much worse before and/or if they can “turn around.”
      There must arise, out of the present day morass of filth and downward spiraling, another “great man”.
      These great men do not grow on trees.
      This great man, truth be told, already came and tried. He died on April 30, 1945.
      Another of his like will not sashay onto the scene antyime soon.
      Should one such miracle man arrive, his job will be infinitely more difficult and impossible than that of Adolph Hitler’s in his time.
      These internet scrivenings are necessary but said scrivenings are not enough (as I sit here scrivening).
      But do, dear friends, carry on with keeping these our tiny embers of truth and hope alight.

    11. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re John Smith:

      In the meantime is leaderless resistance our only option?

    12. John Smith Says:

      Lieber Bruder Celtic Warrior,
      With all humility, I must say I don’t know. What I do know is that brother Linder is to a glowing ember what a raging forest fire is to a burning cigarette. That’s a compliment of the highest order.
      Do you know of any leaders emerging? It certainly ain’t me.
      Just think, der Führer found his Germany, his world, simply too jewed and nigged out not to projectile vomit. In comparison, (the Weimar republic, the Versaille Treaty, the Depression notwithstanding) that world seems a paradise to my eyes today when I walk out my door and take even the most cursory of glances up and down my street (and I live in a “nice” neighborhood).
      With all due respect,

    13. -JC Says:

      Wanna see where a majority mestizo population with blacks moving up fast will take you in America? Visit shit magnet San Bernardino. There is currently an initiative before voters to penalize individuals and businesses who hire or rent-to illegals anywhere and are in San Bernardino. Google the subject and weep when democracy fails to solve the problem. If it becomes law, count on a South African boycott and even worse damage to the city. And check this guy out: http://criminaljustice.csusb.edu/Levin.htm