22 August, 2006

Released: Truth is No Defense #27

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Assessment: Lemmings, Oppositionalists, Enemies, and Racial Competitors

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Welcome to the broadcast. This is the 27th edition of Truth is No Defense.

Until this movement can put boots on the ground let us use this time constructively. My wish is these broadcasts, along with the work of many others, might help to form a coherent intellectual basis, or an ideology, upon which the movement might grow. It’s been said that ideas are as dangerous as guns, so let’s make the best of our situation and think. Let’s think about our ideology, let’s think about how we may educate those new to our ideology.

So, for this broadcast let’s think our enemies. The political philosopher Carl Schmitt said the first rule of politics is to know just who is an enemy. How do we as White Nationalists identify our enemies? An enemy, it seems to me, is a person or group that is by nature compelled to destroy another group or person. Enemies are things which are forever so and enemies are implacable. In contrast those who are merely in opposition are not necessarily compelled so by nature, nor is their condition necessarily perpetual.

All factions in opposition wish to end the status quo, to move society in a new direction; in some sense Oppositionalists are revolutionaries. I’d consider some libertarians and some Leftists to be oppositionalists. Hans-Herman Hoppe is an example of true libertarian Oppositionalist, though for the Left there a few oppositionalists today. The tentacles of Jewish influence in the political Left extend so far one wonders would there even be a Left were it not for the Jews. Indeed minus Jewish influence the Left might migrate to a political ideology similar to National Socialism.

Distinguishing implacable foes from those who are wittingly in opposition is task we must now consider. Oppositionalists, unlike our enemies, can think independently, they can observe and use reason, though from our perspective as White Nationalists they have come to incorrect conclusions. There are relatively few oppositionalists, just as there are relatively few congenital enemies of White Nationalists, but importantly, unlike other Oppositionalists, the enemies of White Nationalists are powerful, influential, and wealthy and they are winning.

The vast majority of Americans are only reactively opposed, not truly opposed, to White Nationalism, or for that matter any other form of oppositionalism. You may compare the general public to B.F. Skinner’s pigeons, that is, they are conditioned creatures, shaped by a regimen of rewards and punishments.

Because lemmings distort and misinterpret much of the propaganda they’ve been taught by public schools and television broadcasts there are endless variety and shades of lemming-hood. But they all share one attribute – they all serve the interests of the status quo in some fashion, even if they are apathetic. The lemming phenomenon is really quite complex, yet all lemmings are categorized into one of two partitions: active or passive, but more on that later.

In contrast, a true oppositionalist is a rare bird. A true oppositionalists is someone capable of independent thought, one who is capable or ordering his thought in some ideologically consistent fashion. A true oppositionalist is someone we want on our side. We ought to be measured in how we approach oppositionalists, its not that we need to be slippery, deceptive, or somehow sweeten our message, it’s just that we need to be persuasive and truthful.

One may ask, are patriotards oppositionalists? No. patriotards lack the capacity for independent thought. patriotards are active lemmings: lemmings capable of crude activism. The Minutemen are fine example of active lemmings. Anti-racists activists, or antifa, are the mirror image of patriotard lemmings. Both groups are active lemmings and both groups serve the multiculturalists’ agenda, which is to say they are both servants to the state’s mad cult of equality.

When White Nationalist use the term lemming we are most often referring to passive lemmings, consider an acquaintance of mine. His example is rather interesting, for I have actually convinced him that race does exist and that Jews are actively subverting our nation. He now sees the problem with his own eyes, of course that is only when he isn’t playing video games, riding his motorcycle, or flying his airplane. The fact is, as long as our enemies provide him the fuel and money he needs to cool his home and enjoy the many luxuries he’s amassed he won’t be joining us. But at least where there was once hostility there is passive neutrality. He has become a passive lemming. Passive lemmings are preferable to active lemmings: the passives are no longer a tool for our enemies; they don’t actively serve the interests of the SPLC or the Republican Party.

But our enemies remain, nonetheless. You know, it’s easy to label oppositionalists, and the many varieties of lemmings as enemies since the number of those who are reactively opposed to our message is so vast: one might conclude the entire population is our enemy. What keeps the lemmings hostile to our message is the extensive power our enemies hold in business, media, and educational institutions.

Increasingly though the system is making mistakes, it is biting those whom it should not and it is alienating others. For each outlandish provocation committed by the Jews and their proxy, the United States government, there are many counter reactions, or counter trends. Both White Nationalism and Islamic Fundamentalism are, in some part, reactions against the Jew’s mad vision of global rule over Goy nations, commonly termed globalism.

Certainly, we, the White Nationalists, can expect growing support as our shrinking population bares the burden of increased taxation, job loss due to affirmative action, and casualties caused by fighting the Jew’s wars. No doubt the mounting indebtedness of the US government and its citizenry will bring many to our side, if we are use these events to our advantage. We, the White Nationalists, did not create these problems, yet we can use ZOG’s missteps and greed to further our movement. These counter trends may become the vector which transforms the movement from a marginalized faction to a full blown revolutionary force.

Though our enemies are few in absolute numbers, they are very powerful and well organized. I’ll name them now: the State of Israel, the Jewish Diaspora living in our midst, along with the goy servants and goy enablers who actively and knowingly collaborate with the Jews. Truly, it is this group alone which is our only true and everlasting foe; the rest can be made to see things our way. Its really not hard to draw a line between implacable foes and both oppositionalists and lemmings, the formula is quite simple: if White Nationalists had control of the media and education centers most oppositionalists and all lemmings would follow our lead, only true enemies would not. It’s just that simple.

There is one group we’ve not discussed. So far, we’ve assumed all oppositionalists and lemmings are Aryans. How are we to deal with other races? Where do they fit in?

How for instance are we deal with a “reconquista” like the Jew-wise Voz de Aztlan or black nationalists like Louis Farrakhan? On one hand they mean our extinction, yet they too are racial nationalists seeking many of the same ends as White Nationalists. A big difference between us and them – besides the racial one – is that they are organized and have some representation in conventional politics.

This is most unfortunate for us, since we are no position to cooperate with them against our common enemy: the Jew and his proxy the US Government. Until we are organized, Black and Mexican nationalists have every incentive join in with Jew’s plan for White genocide, the genocide not only of White Nationalists but White oppositionalists and White Lemmings. We all go down together!

Consider too Muslims, they are actively fighting the Jew. Only they are facing the Jew on the battlefield, no White man at least to my recollection has in my lifetime drawn the sword to oppose the Jew. Hezbollah, Islamic Brotherhood, Hamas, Islamic Jihad deserve our respect, if only grudgingly. Frankly, I find great inspiration in Hezbollah’s courageous determination in Lebanon. We, as White Nationalists, can learn much from the Islamic model of resistance, just as we can from National Socialist Germany.

Yet, we face a mortal threat from the presence of Muslims in our homelands; also, we want no part of another Semitic religion or its followers. Worse, our European brothers face imminent destruction at the hands of the Muslim invader. Yet, the struggle Muslims face — in their native lands — is a struggle quite similar to our own. They too wish to be free from Washington’s puppets ensconced in Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, just as we wish to be liberated from the Washington Tyranny itself.

How we deal with the Islamic movement is most important. We need allies, just as the American colonists did in their struggle against Britain. Contrary to our mythology, without assistance from Britain’s adversaries we would never have gained our independence.

A parenthetical note: Lets remind listeners and readers of this transcript, this broadcast is about ideas, opinions, and speculation, there is no conspiracy, nor do I advocate one, with any group mentioned above. Whether events unfold as speculated nobody can foresee.

Now, setting aside geopolitical speculation, know that what ever small part you play in reaching a lemming or oppositionalist, pulling him over to our side, makes an enormous difference, it may literally save a career.

A listener to this broadcast called me, and gave me this report. Clara, I’ll call her, is a supervisor for a large retailer, a company all of us would instantly recognize should I tell you the name. Recently, a White manager for one of this firm’s regional stores was demoted to the rank of a grocery bagger. This White manager, she told me, had the temerity to give a critical performance review of a Mexican subordinate. The peers of this White manager, most of whom are also White, sided with the spic after he complained the White manager had discriminated against him.

So, we have another White man taken down by his own people. It is a common tale. It won’t stop until the notion of White solidarity returns to our people’s minds, and that is our job – you and me.

Thanks for listening.

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  7. 8 Responses to “Released: Truth is No Defense #27”

    1. Olde Dutch Says:

      Geoff you’re a bright guy. At what point will the jews switch sides, make peace with the moslems, and turn on the US?

      I’m sure you know the WWI story about after the sinking of the Lusitania. After which a consortium of jew bankers representing German financial in the US, walked across “the street” to apologize to the representative of British financial intersts J. P. Morgan. This is when the jews switched sides.

      As this jew created mess with the moslems drags on and on, America becomes weaker & weaker. It will only be a matter of time before the jews seek an alliance with their semite monotheist cousins to plunge a dagger into America’s back. Then the jews will truly rule the world.

    2. GB Says:

      Olde Dutch:

      I think the Jews are in the US for the long run, and they are sweezing us like a ripe lemon. Oh sure, as the returns diminish they will emigrate.

      Some portions of European right, though, are making a big mistake in cavorting with the Jews. I have in mind Vlaams Belang and BNP. For when the advantage comes the Jews will suddenly become brother semites and sellout the Aryans.

    3. David Prospero Says:

      Olde Dutch:
      It will only be a matter of time before the jews seek an alliance with their semite monotheist cousins to plunge a dagger into America’s back.

      It is already happening! The bleading hearts including the Renses and Michael Moores of the media who villify Bush and Blair et al and cabinet scapegoats for their warmongering generally are jews who clearly are putting a white face on each and every issue. The Makows and the Daryl B. Smiths go further by braying ‘Zionist’ and ‘Illuminati’ which also are painted as white faces while voicing only half the story (that is the jew is the willing tool of any Zionist/Illuminati conspiracy).
      The white servicemen in Iraq and elswhere are given higher profile than other ethnic groups so the image here is of white s doing what they do best. Even the the animals administering the interrogation and torture of peoples in the ME are primarily jews who pass themselves off as whites.
      When Bush and Blair are finally judged, they’ll be judged as whites and not the manipulated goyim they are. In fact, it’ll be the jews who’ll be their judges, and this judgement will be on the heads of the whole white race.
      It’s called collective punishment, and the jews are masters of it by their Chameleon involvement, and the reason they hate Hitler so much is because he identified it and gave them a taste of their own medicine.

    4. brutus Says:

      Very lucid and spot-on description of the players. Those coming to our side need to know who the players are and you’ve just provided that valuable lesson. Thank you!

    5. ftwainth Says:

      Excellent program, Mr. Beck. We need a new framework, integrating what we know about our enemies, yet accessible to the largest number of potential reqruits,and this program is a large step towards it.

    6. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      As I have stated before, there will be a physical struggle for our survival in the future. It need not have turned out like this. We could have regained control of our destiny peacefully and so avoid the horrors to come had we, as a race, not been so susceptible to jew-mind poison. Remember, it was primarily the efforts of the Anglo Americans which destroyed Europe sixty years ago and placed us in the terrible plight we now find ourselves. Stalin would not have succeeded in capturing half of the continent and may even have been defeated by Germany had not the ‘Arsenal of Democracy’ given him so much aid. Naturally, the jew thanked the stupid British and Americans by immediately initiating the process for their own destruction. That process is now so far advanced that there can be no peaceful resolution, other than a passive walking to the edge of the pit to be shot.
      Now we might think that if we adopt the tactics of the jew we should be able to succeed like he has succeeded. That will never work because we are almost different species. The jew is the most highly evolved parasitic lifeform on this planet. Hate, lying, corruption, cruelty, paranoia, greed and so on are the essence of the jew character. Healthy whites abhor those traits. We cannot become jews or arabs or niggers or chinks. We will have to survive and prevail on our own terms. Our enemies won’t want to accept those terms as our enslavement and destruction is their ultimate aim. Violent conflict is inevitable unless we can get control of some super weapons and threaten to use, or actually use, them to cleanse our geographical and spiritual living space. That seems highly unlikely at present.
      I am not advocating that we forget all about trying to develop political movements. The cauldron of political struggle is important too; it is just that we need to realise individually that we will be involved in physical struggle with our racial enemies all over the white world in the future. It won’t be in the distant future either.
      I would contradict the author in the above article on one point. He states that no white man has drawn the sword against the kike in his lifetime. The one example is, of course, Bob Matthews (one could also cite the Rhodesians). It is true that the Order was singularly unsuccessful in its brief insurrection. However, as Pierce wrote soon after Matthews death, his sacrifice demonstrated that the struggle against our enemies will require the spilling of blood. Oceans of it in my opinion, both from the enemy and ourselves. I believe that even if we had control of super weapons the messianic viciousness of the jew would make conflict inevitable. They have stated on many occasions that they are willing to bring down the world around their heads like their mythical hero Samson if their supremacy is about to be overthrown. White men need to start preparing themselves physically and mentally. Get rid of your televisions for a start and take up a fitness program. We don’t live in a 1984 world yet, although the jew is working furiously towards that goal. There is still a lot each individual can do. If we survive this test then we will be able to deal with anything.

    7. New America Says:

      Thanks to bryan o’driscoll for reminding us, again, that WE allowed this to happen to us, and WE can do what needs to be done to correct that error, actingly purposefully, one day at a time, one hour at a time.

      Other racial groups are organized, such as the Reconquista, and the various black groups.

      Here’s where I have a somewhat different focus than Beck.

      I don’t give a damn about these people, and they don’t give a damn about us, save to envy our Culture, and hate us with a blind, inchoate rage.

      Beck’s final point is his strongest point: until WE become RACIALLY united, we shall suffer at the hands of our brothers and sisters, as they serve the Jews.

      It is OUR DUTY – OUR RACIAL DUTY – to battle this, and lay the foundation for White RACIAL Unity by laying the necessary foundation of WHITE RACIAL SOLIDARITY in the minds of our RACIAL brethren, until they can take OUR side in the Deep Wat – the CULTURAL WAR – the Jews have declared against ALL of us.

      My ideas for developing this countersystem are simple – home schooling is an excellent place to start, and sending money, each and every month, even if it is just your daily coffeee money, to Alex Linder and VNN – and even Hal Turner – is the OTHER place to start.

      And if you can’t do AT LEAST ONE of those things, then remember that EVERYTHING your Ancestors fought and died for will go to your RACIAL enemies, who wil lturn your sons into geldings, and your daughters into whores.

      And, one day, YOU will have to answer for that, one way, or another.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    8. muslim Says:

      I would like to see a marriage of convenience between our groups. I guess that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I would venture to say that the jew is the enemy of mankind, not just white people or blacks or persians or arabs. We are warned in our scripture of their “thriftiness”. No gentlemen. The hooknosed parasite will never inveigle his way into arab or even muslim hearts or land. The whole muslim world is aware of the jew and his ways. We have studied Hitler and Luther and we have come to understand that the only good jew is either a slave, or a corpse. The same with their women (all of whom are butt ugoly anyway). So gentlemen, the end is near for our enemy. Thereafter if theere exist difference between muslim and white people, it is better, for if this difference exist while there still survives even one uncle ghagham, they will exploit it to the end. I say that jews are satanic snakes and where you find money and immorality, the jew will not be far away. We hope that you attain victory in your quest to rid your government and people of this nuisance, and that you return to the way your forefathers lived, with pride and morality. We also hope for the speedy removal of our common enemy (they are watershy)the jew. Off all the people in the world the jews are the lowest form of life. lower than even the excrment of a bottom feeder. Salute and good luck.