25 August, 2006

Stan Hess Runs for Northern Idaho Board

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Advocate for whites runs for NIC post
Hess wants more European studies

Filing for candidacy

Anyone interested in running for a spot on the North Idaho College Board of Trustees – NIC’s governing board – has through Aug. 31 to file candidacy. Candidates must be at least 18 years old and reside in Kootenai County. Those interested can fill out a declaration of candidacy at the county election office or with election clerk Rolly Jurgens, NIC’s vice president for administrative services.

[paper runs helpful sidebar to encourage non- and self-hating whites to run]

Meghann M. Cuniff
Staff writer
August 24, 2006

A man who hopes to fight what he said is a pattern in the U.S of discrimination against people of European descent will challenge the current North Idaho College Board of Trustees vice chairman for a seat on the board in November.

[it’s a matter of Hess “saying” that affirmative action etc etc exist; not an objective fact]

Stan Hess, 61, filed his declaration of candidacy Wednesday morning, making himself and vice chairman Denny Hague the only candidates who have filed for the seat thus far. The filing deadline is Aug. 31.

“It’s all about the European American human rights movement,” Hess said in an interview at his home in Hayden.

If elected to the board, he plans to push for the implementations of a European American studies program at the college and for the declaration of the month of October as “European American Heritage Month,” he said. He’d also like to get rid of the intercollegiate athletics program and replace it with an intramural one to save money, and to change policies so that the college president is elected by the people rather than appointed by the board and have trustees serve just two-year terms instead of the current six-year terms.

On the Web site of the European-American Unity and Rights Organization – widely regarded by civil rights groups as a white supremacist association – Hess is listed as the Idaho contact, but he said he severed ties with the group about a year ago. Started by Ku Klux Klansman David Duke, Hess said the group’s ties to the KKK concerned him and that he found it difficult to work within a large organization. He served as president of the organization’s California chapter prior to moving to North Idaho in 2003.

He said he has started his own group here – the European-American Human Rights Task Force. Still in its organizational stage, Hess said the group has members, but they want to keep their membership secret because they still work in the community.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a civil rights group that tracks white supremacist organizations and their members, considers Hess to be one of the 100 most prolific white supremacists in the country.

“He’s a big man in hate; there’s no question,” said Heidi Beirich, the center’s spokeswoman. “People should know that.”

Hess said he doesn’t consider himself racist and said he has broken friendships with people who use racial slurs. He believes all people are equal but thinks European Americans have been getting the short shrift.

“If American Indians have sovereignty and reservations, we Europeans should have tribal status, too,” he said.

Hess described himself as an “old anti-war activist” who opposes all military interventions by the United States and thinks the Sept. 11 attacks were orchestrated by a rogue faction of the federal government.

He said it’s long past time for “people that don’t have power, like European Americans,” to “go to the campus and demand that our heritage be taught.”

Hague said he welcomes the challenge of a contested race.

“I guess it’s always good to have an opponent,” he said. “It’s up to the citizens of the community. They should have a choice of who they would like to have, have the responsibility.”

Hess is no stranger to NIC, having attended a board meeting in June touting a video that he claimed proves that Europeans inhabited America long before Indians and expressing concern that NIC was becoming an “American Indian-centric” college.

He also interrupted a speech NIC President Michael Burke gave at a Gonzaga University human rights event in 2003, objecting to Burke’s use of the phrase “people of color.”

“I was ethnically cleansed from California,” Hess said at the time. “Whites today face the most extensive and intensive racial discrimination in American history.”

Hess said he hopes the “European American platform” he’s basing his campaign on will inspire others with similar ideologies to run for office. He plans to run for Congress someday.

The Board of Trustees election is Nov. 7.


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  7. 5 Responses to “Stan Hess Runs for Northern Idaho Board”

    1. Scipio Americanus Says:

      Are you kidding me? European-American Human Rights Task Force sounds right out of the 1960’s were this guy belongs with his burgonstocks and petulie oil. He is as effete as they come. Oh how a once mighty people have fallen. It’s embarrassing! If the recent experience in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) hasn’t convinced Western man that niceness, begging and cringing before our enemies doesn’t work, nothing will. This man is absolutely disgusting. Check out some more of this loser’s tripe:

      1) “Hess said he doesn’t consider himself racist and said he has broken friendships with people who use racial slurs. He believes all people are equal but thinks European Americans have been getting the short shrift.”

      2) “If American Indians have sovereignty and reservations, we Europeans should have tribal status, too,” he said.

      3) Hess described himself as an “old anti-war activist” who opposes all military interventions by the United States…”

      Remember the words: STRENGTH and HONOR. This clown has neither! George Lincoln Rockwell was right — the white race needs some real pruning. Nature will see to that.

    2. Hugh Lincoln Says:

      OK, tough guy – let’s see you run.

      Has anyone asked Heidi, by the way, whether any variant of exclusive advocacy for whites would be acceptable to her and her goons? Is it possible to be an “acceptable” white advocate? If not, don’t we have a problem, Houston? You know, that ol’ double standard thing that even the Bush-bots get vis a vis whites getting screwed?

    3. Scipio Americanus Says:

      “Is it possible to be an “acceptable” white advocate?”

      Hugh, in the current political climate, I’m afraid not. Look at what happen when David Duke ran in Louisiana — the entire political establishment circled the wagons and came down on him like a ton of bricks, including Ross Perot who personally threatened the state with economic destruction should the voters of that state vote for Duke. And he made that threat live on television.

      It is still too early for pro-white candidates to be running, at least on the national level. I do think people can do it on a locally, however. Regarding Mr Hess, I stand by my words. The man is an embarrassment. Is that the message/example you want to send to others? I hope not. Simply because someone is ostensibly “pro-white” and makes the SPLC’s top 100 list doesn’t make him the suitable candidate.

    4. 131488wolf131488 Says:

      An email I received recently…(My sent reply precedes the email)

      You’re a fucking moron who constantly stirs up division within the ranks of our People. Why don’t you just kill yourself so one of us good White Folk don’t have to waste the time, effort, and/or ammunition.

      —–Original Message—–
      From: The Northwest Front
      To: Northwest Front
      Sent: Fri, Mar 19, 2010 5:46 pm
      Subject: Latest Radio Free Northwest

      Hi, guys:

      Radio Free Northwest #8 dated 3-18-2010 is now up on the Party web site at


      Clink on the link at the right center of the screen.

      We could use another kamikaze who doesn’t mind getting permabanned to post this information to VNN. The loathsome Alex Linder is apparently so terrified of competition from the Northwest Migration, and he feels that his little internet empire is so threatened, that he has banned any mention of the Northwest on his group.

      Linder and his butt buddy, the drunken Glenn Miller, are people we don’t need, of course. But many of his VNN readers still do retain some elements of sense and we need to reach them. The best place to post is under “This Just In” on the Discussion forum, which has the highest number of looky-loos.

    5. 131488wolf131488 Says:

      This guy has been sending me crap for the past several years even after being requested not to. He reminds me of someone with a TALL little guy complex.