25 August, 2006

Today on Kirksville Today

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Iowa Man Convicted for “Threatening” Judge

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Judges are treated as a class above the law.  They are free to follow or not follow the written law in making their decisions, but should anybody resent their Diktats in any but the very mildest, lawyer-formulated language, they run shrieking to the cops, and demand the revolutionary be stuffed a dungeon – or deeper in the dungeon as is the case with this Myers in Iowa, below.


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    1. Olde Dutch Says:

      Here’s an interesting account kicked up by Google News:

    2. Scipio Americanus Says:

      “Back when America was free, judges stuck to the letter of the law because they were afraid of being lynched. Lacking that fear today, they become social engineers.”

      Yes, I believe they now call it “the spirit of the law”. This is yet another example of the Judeo-Marxist slight of hand word changing tactics that have been employed by our enemies to destroy our law and corrupt our courts. For more on this very important concept, please read my commentary regarding the difference between the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of Expression at: