28 August, 2006

Video: Tomorrow Belongs to Me

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A truly inspiring song, no matter what the producing jew intended. From “Cabaret”… See the way Germans are portrayed as pigs, vicious pigs, needing only an emotional prod to become warlike, begin grunting, and looking about for jews to gas! Note the subtle way the director keeps the frame on the face of the blond ‘angel’ until the viewer/listener feels the sweetness of the song; only then is the trap sprung, as the camera pulls down to reveal the armband. A frisson of fear shoots through the viewer: “I just identified with a nazi!”


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  7. 21 Responses to “Video: Tomorrow Belongs to Me”

    1. Mark Says:

      With all of the guilt by association, racialism is wrong because Nazis did it, I’m surprised there are any vegetarians left, as Hitler was a vegetarian. Vegetarianism must be evil!

    2. Guest Says:

      Good point, Mark. Being a vegan is as as personal of a choice as it is to be a racialist. But when it comes to racialism, certain peoples feelings are more easier hurt when they’re excluded from an ideology. Then again, anybody could be a racialist regardless of your identity. So really, its all good.

    3. Theseus Says:

      I love that tune. Also, it’s true!

    4. Stan Sikorski Says:

      I’m going to make it a habit to watch that every morning when I get up with my coffee before I start my day. It’s powerfully inspirational and a joy to see White folks singing together with power and determination. Tomorrow does belong to us. It may be a long, bloody road to get there but we Whites are the only ones that have the genes to progress and prosper no matter what lies before us. Job #1 is getting rid of the jew. Like cutting out cancer, we will lose some of the ‘body’ to remove the disease that is the jew. But our powers of recouperation, when all working together can never be matched by any other race.


    5. bubba Says:

      I never knew guilt could feel so good. That vid is exhilarating! Should be shown to all white children…..and white adults for that matter.
      I recently saw a photo of Heidi Klum and her mongrel baby abomination. Seeing all those beautiful white faces without a single mud was therapy and true purification. Let’s make Uncle Adolf proud and make it a reality!

      White Power

    6. steven clark Says:

      I saw the implications in the film. In the stage musical CABARET, it is sung by waiters at KitKatKlub. But I thought the sunny outdoors of the song, the blonde singer and his clear voice was comparing a healthy society with that of the cabaret world, where everyone was sick, duplicitous, or diseased. I’m sure the director didn’t intend this. When I took my mother and grandmother to see CABARET, they walked out. Tomorrow Belongs to Me is a beautiful, haunting song…hey, April…why not have Prussian Blue sing it?

    7. cygnet Says:

      Yes, I truly expect that one day soon I shall be informed that, as it has been determined that Mr. Hitler put on his trousers one leg at a time, I cannot be a morally upright person unless I lie on my bed and wriggle into both legs of my jeans at the same time.

    8. Olde Dutch Says:

      The jew historians claim that Hitler shut down the wandervogel movement; by the same token Hitler was a product of the wandervogel movement. I wonder what the truth is…?

    9. New America Says:

      This is clean, clear, moving, and inspiring.

      At about 2 min 15 sec into it, JUST IN CASE YOU MISSED THE MESSAGE, he sloowwwwlllyyy puts on his cap, looks you right in the eye, and raises the outstretched right arm, hand straight out, palm down…

      You will notice the identity of the one person who could not even LOOK at such a clear, clean, bright statement of purposeful idealism…

      That’s right – on VNN, you don’t have to see who looked away from the brightness of the National Socialist alternative to teh Jew-controlled Weimar Republic…

      What a wonderful juxtaposition – a clean, open, honest, bright and clear-eyed young man, speaking openly, honestly, and alone; suddenly, he is speaking to the heart of others of his RACE who respond in kind – note the eyes of the old businessman changing from looking levelly ahead, to looking UP, as HE bagan to join the choir.

      And, notice the one man – again, who looked away, as if he literally could not stand the brightness developing before his eyes…

      That’s right – it was Old Jewy, literally unable to bear the lightness unfolding before him, the unhindered spirit of the German people, LITERALLY ignoring his scowls, his scorn…

      Heh heh heh!

      I’ve downloaded this as a mp4 file, and will play it, daily, as a reminder of what our duties are to our RACE, and, as we came through the Darkness before, we can do it AGAIN. Firefox users can get VideoDownloader, a Firefox extension, that does this very well. Just remember to name the downloaded file with an mp4 extension…

      This is really a song that stands as a an eloquent refutation to the Jews, and all they stand for…

      You can imagine it done in an auditorium – one row, then the next, then the next, each singing -“TOMORROW BELONGS!” – in an incredible cascade of positive feelings of love – for our RACE, our RACIAL DUTY, and our RACIAL DESTINY – and then, finally, EVERYONE ending at once, with just two words – “TO ME!”

      Can you imagine this being done at a synagogue of Satan?

      No, of course not.

      You wil recall, from the movie “Cabaret,” how this song was perverted by the Jews…

      Might be time to start throwing a few, discreet, brush-back pitches…

      I just might practice whistling a few notes, say, “Tomorrow Belongs,” around certain people I know, who use our time at work to lecture one nad all on our duty to our only ally in the Mideast…

      Perhaps a coworker or two might want to join me, from time to time…


      An EXCELLENT idea!

      New America!

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    10. Olde Dutch Says:

      Don’t forget this is a clip from a jew movie…

    11. Tyler Durden Says:

      Beautiful, just the way it was indended to be heard. Not like that piece of shit punk bastard version. This is something to look up to and be proud of.

    12. Carpenter Says:

      Dr. Pierce loved that scene.

      It’s a pity whoever put it online added a text message in the end instead of showing the scene as it proceeds; the two characters who visited the café leave, the American asking the German “Do you still think you can control these people?” Their car drives away, and we see the idyllic German countryside on a sunny day, as the camera pans out from the café.

      Then, the image of the cabaret owner, with black hair combed back, a pale face that makes him look like a hooknosed vampire. He grins evilly at the camera. Then back to the German countryside again, with the German people singing, showing their defiance at the corrupt Weimar spirit that the cabaret owner represents. That last part could not have been done better by Goebbels himself.

    13. Carpenter Says:

      Tomorrow belongs to me

      The sun on the meadow is summery warm
      The stag in the forest runs free
      But gather together to greet the storm
      Tomorrow belongs to me

      The branch of the linden is leafy and green
      The Rhine gives its gold to the sea
      But somewhere a glory awaits unseen
      Tomorrow belongs to me

      The babe in his cradle is closing his eyes
      The blossom embraces the bee
      But soon says a whisper, arise, arise
      Tomorrow belongs to me

      Now Fatherland, Fatherland, show us the sign
      Your children have waited to see
      The morning will come when the world is mine
      Tomorrow belongs to me

      Oh Fatherland, Fatherland, show us the sign
      Your children have waited to see
      The morning will come when the world is mine
      Tomorrow belongs to me

    14. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      I hadn’t seen that film since it first came out. It a very moving scene, although not in the way intended by hymie. I find it almost painful to watch. What might have been. How incredibly exhilerating it must have been to stand proudly, shoulder to shoulder with millions of other healthy whites, united in purpose. To live in a white world that National Socialism would have provided is such a contrast to the spiritually poisoned environment we inhabit now. It is becoming harder all the time to find little oasis of white peace. Everywhere is the noise and filth of the nigger and jew. But, I realise that the practical view must take precedence over the romantic. That world is dead. We have only the example of its ideas and courage to inspire us. However, the words of the song are potentially true if the disease-carrying tics in human form can be destroyed.

    15. tattoo-bob Says:

      Saw this today @5:00 AM. Made my day! I may watch this every morning along with my cup of tea. Gives me a great outlook before going out among the masses. Thanks for posting this wonderful clip.

    16. unbeirrbar Says:

      Nice video. Although the “older businnessman” seems more likely to be a an older teacher, professor or civil servant/senior official to me. Pure propaganda is the sitting old man who doesnt join the singing. Implying that the maturity and life long experience of this senior citizen is the reason he doesnt approve.

    17. Maguire Says:

      This scene was a favorite of the late Dr. Pierce. And it’s a favorite of mine. I enjoy 1970s nostalgia sometimes, which is all this is.

      When WE have 21st Century analogs to this we’ll have forward momentum. Until then, not.

      Who in their senses would take flintlock muskets into combat now? Muzzle loading smoothbore cannon, anyone? How about refitting the USS Constitution in Boston Harbor to sail into battle once more?

    18. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:

      Personally, I don’t care for it. The film Cabaret was a piece of filth (as Dr Pierce mentioned) and this clip gives a false impression of Germans being mindless followers which is really the case of the Rush Limbaugh dittohead crowd and others. More inspiring films with better contexts are Victory of Faith and Triumph of the Will. But if this video clip inspires you, that’s fine.

      Then you get shit like this from “cygnet”:

      “Yes, I truly expect that one day soon I shall be informed that, as it has been determined that Mr. Hitler put on his trousers one leg at a time, I cannot be a morally upright person unless I lie on my bed and wriggle into both legs of my jeans at the same time.”

      This is reductio ad absurdum at its finest. The dumbass cygnet making a elite aryan crack smoker kind of comment. I heard Hitler liked to eat food too, so why don’t you and the crack smoker pull a Bartleby the Scrivener and starve your dumbasses to death? We’d appreciate it.

      Seriously, no National Socialist says we must follow someone blindly just because everyone else in the crowd is doing it. This is what the Republicunt Bushlovers and believers in “equality” do, the Holohoax and many religions do. We say question the ideology and actions of the people you give your allegiance too. Hitler was worthy to follow because of his truths and that’s what we carry on today. The truth of his words as well as others, that’s what we follow. Race is real. The Jews are parasites. Our people are dying out.

      Hitler lit the torch to light the way out of our jew-made dungeon. Carry it.

      Tomorrow belongs to us if we can take it back from the kikes. And only then.


    19. VLC Says:

      Saga’s version of TBTM :


    20. Carpenter Says:

      Here is the song from the movie as an mp3:


    21. Marcus Says:

      Here’s an example of the jews braiding a rope that can hang them. Powerful stuff!

      I’d suggest everybody download it before Google pulls it.