29 August, 2006

Where Vdare Fears to Tread…

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…we don’t.

Pat Buchanan and Vdare pat each other on the back, but both stick to the System fiction, as expressed openly on either CNN or Fox last night, anyone from anywhere can come to America and become a good American. That is the opposite of what the founders believed, of course. The state is the vehicle of the race. It exists to protect and serve the interests of the people whose organic development gave rise to it. White Americans have nothing in common with niggers, Mexicans or the jews who sic them on us. The only options are separation or genocide. CHOOSE LIFE, CHOOSE WHITE.

This essay is my response to VDARE’s publication of a piece by Steve Sailer on Aug. 27, 2006 [ http://www.vdare.com/sailer/060827_francis.htm ] .

VDARE declined to publish this response.


Steve Sailer’s essay, purportedly about an editorial project by the late Samuel Francis, was shallow and misleading. Sailer even saw fit to compare one of the writings to a book about penguins in a heavy-handed way to show witty contempt.

The Red Herring: Who Is White?

After briefly reviewing the Francis editorial project, Sailer abruptly raises the divisive question, “Who Is White?” which torments no one who has a decent sense of self-respect, and as a way to muddy up the overall issue.

And that question in this context on an immigration reform web site should provide the definitive anecdote illustrating the meaning of “red herring” in all dictionaries. Addressing it as a weighty and oh-so-difficult matter, Sailer pretends to ponder whether Muslims, Iranians, Arabs, Chechens, Turks, Albanians, Greeks, Sicilians, and Jews are white.

Who Is White Answered

But the answer to “Who is white?” is simplicity itself.

White people are those young and old people who are attacked for being white on college campuses, on television news and entertainment programs, in the print media, and on sidewalks and playgrounds. White people have their whiteness defined for them by denunciation.

On the West Coast, media typically list major demographic groups with these labels: “African-American, Asian-American, and white.” White people are those people given the label that has two negative characteristics: no capital letter and no American status. (Unless the label is “non-Hispanic white” which has three negative characteristics.)

White people are the ones never described as diverse or vibrant or culturally enriching.

White people are told that they have all the power, but who find that they do not have the power to choose their neighbors, their employees, and their children’s schools, or to end the campaign of defamation that flows over their children every day via the dominant media culture and the corporate entertainment culture.

Getting Down And Wrestling

Sailer’s next topic is his claim that “white Americans these days really don’t like getting down and wrestling with the Al Sharptons [sic] of the world for racial spoils.” But he cites no evidence for this over-wrought claim and, in fact, Al Sharpton is probably the most wrestled with African-American ever. Consider the smackdown administered to him by an Italian-American attorney over the false claims of a kidnapping some years ago. Sailer typically picked the worst example he could have so far as “getting down and wrestling” is concerned.

Our Friendly-Enemies

Unfortunately, Sailer’s ideological wanderings have yet to come home to a sensible place, and those of us who are conscious of the campaign of defamation against young European Americans need to speak out when needed against our friendly-enemies like Steve Sailer, Mark Steyn, Lawrence Auster, Henry Makow, Israel Shamir, and Eric Margolis. Their advice, like their friendship, is tainted with strawmen, red herrings, slurs, hate caricatures, misleading historical bits, a supremacist claim to have the right to tell us what our name is and how we should think, unworthy vocabulary tricks, and/or the selection of their enemies for European Americans to hate and fear, too.

Immigration Reform

If friendly-enemies can help in the fight for responsible immigration, let’s welcome them to that fight. However, the only line in Sailer’s essay that touched on immigration reform was, “Today, Karl Rove swearing allegiance in person to the immigration goals of the National Council of La Raza is considered somewhere between unobjectionable and admirable.”

That’s not enough to justify Sailer’s long-winded and mendacious attempt on an immigration reform web site to describe and define whites, much less to prescribe how European Americans should think and feel about themselves.

Bo Sears



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  7. One Response to “Where Vdare Fears to Tread…”

    1. Mark Says:

      That Red Herring of “Who is White?” is answered in many ways, and in many cases it is relative to the population in question. There can be multiple methods to create a standard. The founding/native population of the nation, genealogy, genetics, physical anthropology, and of course people’s common perception with their own eyes. The last is accurate for the majority of cases, and the former can be used to set a standard and maintain purity. In America’s case, the standard of White would be Northern European, Germanic and Celtic.

      Ultimately force decides what will be. Do Jews argue with each other about who is a real Semite, a real Israeli? The fact that according to genetics the native Palestinians are more natively Semitic than Ashkenazi Jews? It’s a non-issue, because Ashkenazi Jews have the power and they decide what is important.