12 September, 2006

America’s Youth Must Serve Israel, One Way or Another

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I recently was browsing through the headlines at Michael Rivero’s excellent information clearing house, http://www.whatreallyhappened.com, when I stumbled upon an article written by one Edward Bernard Glick titled “America’s youth must serve their country, one way or another.” The article was the typical bilge one sees so often these days. The author asserted: “The United States military has a very big problem: Too many global conflicts and commitments – and too few soldiers.” His solution? Reinstate the draft, of course. Glick, gentleman that he is, prepared his article in just such a way as to appeal to all of the tired and worn out politically correct ideals held by his ilk for the last forty years – he wants his reader to believe that a draft will somehow further “gender equality” and be “fairer to African Americans and other minorities.”

What a kind, altruistic and benevolent man, this Glick. He tells us just how he’d do it too. According to Glick, “Here’s how the new draft should work:”

• All able-bodied and able-minded 18-year-old men and women should have their names placed in a lottery. Depending on how many soldiers are needed – typically just a few thousand each year – a modest percentage would be drafted.

• Then, the names of all those who didn’t get drafted should be placed into a lottery for nonmilitary service in city or suburban slums, rural areas, native Americans reservations, or other poverty-stricken places.

• If the lottery puts draftees in a nonmilitary program – say, in healthcare – that requires more education and training than they possess, they could opt for getting that additional expertise in the civilian world. In that case, the draftees would have to enter that nonmilitary program immediately after completing their studies.

Glick eventually reveals his true agenda, giving himself away when he asks us to “consider the Israeli experience.” According to Glick “Except for small minorities, Israelis feel that the responsibility for defending and dying for one’s country is a duty that must be shared equally. They feel that military service should not be determined by demographics, by social circumstances, by the unemployment rate, or any other aspect of the nation’s economy.”

Then Glick resorts to American patriotism by reminding us that John F. Kennedy said, “And so, my fellow Americans: Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

According to the Christian Science Monitor, Edward Glick is “professor emeritus at Temple University in Philadelphia, where he specialized in civil-military relations. He is the author of Soldiers, Scholars, and Society: The Social Impact of the American Military, and Israel and Her Army: The Influence of the Soldier on the State.[1]

What the Monitor neglects to mention is that Edward Bernard Glick is Jewish and that he is also a hardcore Zionist. There are many neo-conservatives just like Glick – cowards, really. They evaded the draft and/or got deferments during Vietnam, they have always been anti-American and pro-Zionist in outlook, they have traditionally condemned anything they believed to promote patriotism among Americans. Right up until the point at which it became “patriotic” to support the Jewish state. So a Jewish Zionist has no business whatsoever spewing his hypocritical lies in the pages of the Christian Science Monitor or anywhere else, for that matter, when it comes to asserting that America’s youth need to do anything, let alone risk their lives to further the interests of Israel!

Despite sixty years of lies, American Jews have never served this country’s military in anywhere near the numbers they represent in the United States population, in fact Jews have always served in numbers far below what one would expect, based on their overall numbers. The New York Times itself noted some years ago that during Vietnam “Jewish combat deaths were lower, in demographic terms, than those of any other population group.”[2] The Times attempted to mitigate this empirical fact by stating that this was due to the disproportionate number of Jews receiving college deferments. Like I care; all I’m interested in is getting at the truth, and the truth is Jews have always served in the military in numbers far less than their proportion of the population.

Richard Earley, author of the excellent book War, Money and Memory: Myths of Virtue, Valor and Patriotism, notes on his website that the next edition of his book will “detail [Jewish] cowardice in the recent Iraq war. In an American army of almost 500,000 with Jews being little over 2% of the population a reasonable person would expect to see more than 10,000 Jews in the army if they were doing their share of the fighting. There were [according to Earley] less than 1500.”[3]

As of September 1, 2006, at least 2, 849 American soldiers have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. If Jews were in fact serving and dying in proportionate numbers [2.5% of the US population], one could expect that at least 71 Jews would have been killed by now in combat. The actual number is 17 according to Jewish Soldier, an online Internet memorial website commemorating the deaths of American Jews exclusively.[4] This author personally has a hard time believing that the number is that high, which by the way is still one half of one percent of the total number and approximately 400% less than one would expect if Jews were to have served and died in proportionate numbers. The fact is, Jews are not serving in proportionate numbers and neither are they dying in balanced numbers.

Based upon this fact, what business does a Jewish Zionist have in telling Americans that our children “must” serve in a military that is carrying out the interests of the Jewish state of Israel? What business does a Jewish Zionist have in dictating to us how he thinks a draft should be carried out? I’ll tell you what I think; I think if Jews are so fired up and in such a hurry to attack Iran, perhaps they’d better lead the rest of us by example and begin enlisting in the American military in numbers beyond their proportion of the population. Yeah – fat chance – Jews have always preferred to let others do their fighting and dying.

So, in the end, at least as far as I am concerned, Edward Bernard Glick can go to hell! Let’s see him enlist, let’s see him encourage his children to join a combat arms unit and face the IEDs he’d like to see our children exposed to. I’d like to see Edward Bernard Glick write an article entitled “America’s Jewish youth must serve in the American military, one way or another,” and have it published in the multitude of Jewish publications in the United States and abroad. Yeah, that’d be the day – but don’t hold your breath!

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[2] http://www.newamerica.net/index.cfm?pg=book_Rev&DocID=1032
[3] http://richardearley.net/
[4] http://www.jewishsoldier.org/wallofhonor_cat.php

  • 14 Responses to “America’s Youth Must Serve Israel, One Way or Another”

    1. predator2prey Says:

      Women are supposed to be included in this draft. Man, I pity white women who have to be holed up with their “fellow american” latinos, blacks and every other mud you can throw together. White women drafted would serve as entertainment for horney 3rd world soldiers. The scary part is that white women these days are probably so brainwashed they wouldn’t mind if they knew; they’d probably think it was all “in the name of love” (play U2 in the backround).

    2. Craig Cobb Says:

      More on kike Glick. His account of getting excited about a jew pirate, Jean Lafitte:
      We quickly established that we were both Jewish and that both of us had taught in Israel. Then we had the following conversation…


    3. confederate Says:

      will female jew yeshiva shiksas be subject to the draft also? oy, vey! shit no i bet.

    4. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      One wonders how many of Glick’s fellow kikes will be drafted into combat units. If the past is any indication, not many. They select the wars and the goyim die in them. Same old story.

    5. mrcrouton Says:

      Funny that Jews want others to serve in the military, that they don’t serve in. Some Jews have pointed this disparity out.

      From New Jersey Jewish News…

      Three weeks ago NJ Jewish News ran an article on Rabbi Kenneth Leinwand, a colonel in the United States Army and the highest ranking Jewish chaplain on active military duty.

      Rabbi Leinwand, an old friend, spoke at Temple B’nai Abraham recently, and his presentation was fascinating. He touched on the influence chaplains have on the moral side of military strategy, the increasing comfort level of Jewish soldiers, and of course, the day-to-day life of a Jewish chaplain in an army so heavily focused, at present, on the Middle East.

      All of it was interesting, but in the few days following his visit I found myself returning over and over again to one small part of his remarks. And while this was not new information to me, perhaps hearing it out loud from an unimpeachable source gave it special emphasis.

      Leinwand pointed out that Jews make up less than one half of 1 percent of all Americans in uniform. At the same time, Jews make up somewhere between 2 and two-and-a-half percent of the population. In other words, our representation in the military is something like one fifth of our representation in the American population at large. During the Korean War, said Leinwand, Jews in uniform made up 4 percent of all soldiers, and a local leader of the Jewish War Veterans present that evening claimed that in World War II the number was 5 percent.

      These figures are, of course, difficult to confirm with precision. Nevertheless, it appears quite clear that, both in comparison to the current population and by historical standards, Jewish representation in the American military is very, very low. “

    6. Curt Maynard Says:

      MrCrouton wrote:

      During the Korean War, said Leinwand, Jews in uniform made up 4 percent of all soldiers, and a local leader of the Jewish War Veterans present that evening claimed that in World War II the number was 5 percent

      Yes, the media in all its facets has inserted this idea that Jews once served in proportionate numbers, but the facts, as spelled out in Richard Earley’s book prove that this too is a lie. Jews have always avoided military service and when they couldn’t or it proved advantageous, i.e. during the occupation of Germany, they almost NEVER served in actual combat, but rather in administrative positions that their co-ethnics had arranged for them.

    7. JerseyJoe Says:

      During the second world war “Who’s your rabbi?” was the question asked of men of military age who were not in uniform. Wonder where it came from.

    8. jimbo Says:

      if the ‘Kwan ‘youth’ go to fight for Uncle Schmu, then on their own heads be it!

      naturally: one feels distressed when any white life is prematurely ended; however, the current crop of psychopaths happily murdering women & kids in Iraq and Afghanistan could hardly qualify for any-thing better than the label of ‘chabbez-goi’!; especially: when the evidence against any legitimate involvement is so strong (lies abt Iraq’s WMD’s, the bogus nature of ‘al-Qaeda’, the shakiness of the ‘official’ 9/11 ‘story’ and most ‘terrorist incidents’ since, the history of ZOG lies concerning involvements in WWI, WWII, Korea & Vietnam &c)

      un-less there are white people involved in these ZOG enterprises in order to advance the cause(s) of the White Race, then, as for the others, the phrase ‘just desserts’ springs to mind!

      If white people in the JewSA are STOOPID enough to believe their own guvmint’s BULL-SHIT in spite of even the massive amnt of evidence presented by vrs main-stream media over the decades, then more FOOL them!

    9. Sickle Cell Anemia Says:

      Jimbo is right. If white morons, aka-“Patriotards”,want to continue to let their offspring get chewed up by the ZOG grinding machine which is the US Armed Forces, than so be it. I can’t feel sympathy for any white who hasn’t awakened YET. They have to be blind or downright retarded not to realize who and what runs the government. I wish the Kikes would bring back the draft,for then maybe white folks would wake the fuck up! But I’m probably being overly optimistic…

    10. Biff Baxter Says:

      I volunteered for four years in the Army.

      Today, every single shabbaz goy who dies in uniform is contributing directly to improving the white gene pool. Seriously. The remaining whites will be more fiercely tribal, independent and less easily prone to Jew voice commands. A war like WW2 today would leave a population at home that was completely inimicable to Jewish interests and manipulation.

      We need to build our immune systems to this parasite and the best way to do it is by feeding our weak elements into their war machine. I think this will be one Jew war that will backfire on those who started it this time.

      Every dumbarse in the military rushing forward to defend Israel is subconsciously doing Darwinian engineering of the white remnant. The ones who don’t rush forward have their reasons and contrary to what the kike might say, it ain’t cowardice. I predict these draft dodgers will reveal themselves to be a whole lotta trouble for the shrinking Jewish power structure at home and they won’t be shy about it, either.

      It’s all the dopey cattle that drown out the bright ones and literally “cow” them into submission. Send them stupid gentiles into the yiddish meat grinder and keep the best ones back for breedin’ say I.

    11. Terry W. Phillips Says:

      My son turns 19 this month. If the draft is reinstated and he is selected, all I can promise is to do my best to raise as much hell as possible.

      I will have my wife call every local jew-media outlet of any kind. By God, we’ll call Oprah! After all, Oprah doan lie. My wife will do her best Cindy Sheehan imitation. She will whine and cry and make puling sheeple sounds like the good liberal she’s not. She will announce a draft protest to be held on the grounds of the old state capital building in Tallahassee.

      And, when the cameras are all turned on, all of our group will stand up and uncover their previously hidden signs that will read: NO MORE BLOOD FOR ISRAEL! Then, we will raise hell. So much hell they’ll have to arrest some of us.

      I know, I know. The cameras will suddenly go off and the reporters will all turn away. The only cameras still working will be those we bring. But, if I can just get one good picture of some big assed nigger cop manhandling my 75 yr. old mother and shoving her into the back of a police cruiser, or a picture of my 5’4″ wife being mistreated and thrown to the pavement, or one of myself, head busted and face covered with blood (And my shirt too, always wear a white shirt. The blood shows up better.), and all because of a “draft protest”, and then get that picture spread internet wide, well hell, some minds may be changed.

      Remember what a difference that visual images made in the minds of the sheeple during the snivel rights marches?

      This is not idle speculation. We’ve already made the plans.

    12. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “. . .literally “cow” them into submission. . .”


    13. Jim Says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with everyone that these clowns in the military got it coming to them. I’ve had the misfortune of having to deal with some of them and I found them ALL to be borderline sociopaths. They don’t even recognize racial differences. After all, its just one mean GREEN fighting machine. Fuck ’em all. A funny anecdote. I was at the checkout counter of a store the other night where they had tons of support the troops yellow ribbons for the ribbonheads. The cashier tells me that everyone should have one of them on their car. I just looked her straight in the eye and asked WHY? She was dumbstruck. My girlfriend chimed in that if you wanted to support them, you’d bring them home. She then says her son is there. I asked her if she brought him up to kill women and children so the jews could steal their oil? She got so flustered she closed up and told the manager she needed to go on a break. The problem is we are all too civil to these jerkoffs. No more. In the past I would have ignored the whole situation. But, the hour is late and we need to make a stand. Everywhere and anywhere – don’t let anything go anymore.

    14. van helsing Says:

      Well, most of the white ones dont recognize differences. or dont until their master sergeant who isnt, does them one bad turn. I deal with the army every day, but at a major subordinate command. Blacks are actually kind of rare. Few ther even approach competency; one i know of who does got screwed over by the same management team in one program area, kind of similar to… me. Except I saw it coming.

      The lesson is that true talent and willingness to stand up isnt wanted. They want morons or cowards who dont question jack in terms of management decisions.


      I think the troops overseas are starting to realize, quite belatedly, that GW is not on their side. Stop loss should have been the first clue. But again, few will vote other than pubby because well, they have no place else to go.