20 September, 2006

AmeriKwa’s God Is Money

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Karl Marx said the real god of the jews was money. A German later said that America was the distilled essence of Judaism. You fools who subscribe to cable can watch Chaim Witz (Gene Simmons) say directly that those who don’t make money their god are losers. Since jews have invalidated Aryan communal life as “hate,” they must give us something else to worship: sex, drugs & rock ‘n’ roll — and more even than these: MONEY.

That’s just how it is, these days. If money is all that matters, then why shouldn’t corporations go for the lowest labor cost – wherever it can be found? Even if it means screwing American workers? Well, that is precisely how corporations think these days. Here’s an editorial in a jewstream paper describing the attitudes of those owning the giant mining concerns in West Virginia:

FOR YEARS, some coal corporations have talked of bringing low-cost miners from Mexico, where diggers earn $75 a week, to replace $1,000-a-week U.S. miners. Observers have commented that America would be less disturbed by mine tragedies if the victims were unfamiliar foreigners.

Last year, a labor broker asked the Kentucky Mining Board for permission to import 1,000 Mexican and Chilean miners. The pretext given was that Kentucky miners are “on drugs and don’t work hard” — but the real reason was because the aliens would work for a small fraction of U.S. pay. Reportedly, the plan faltered because the Hispanics couldn’t pass Kentucky’s English-only mine exam.

Ever since, elusive reports of immigrant workers in Appalachian mines have surfaced. And now, a Boone County tragedy has spotlighted the issue. An illegal alien using a fake Green Card and other phony credentials was working for a Milwaukee contractor repairing equipment at West Virginia mines — until the immigrant was charged with a drunken driving wreck that killed a 4-year-old boy. A second Hispanic mine worker later was accused of drag-racing with the first.

Employees of such out-of-state contractors aren’t required to pass West Virginia’s English-language written test for deep and surface miners. The United Mine Workers union is worried that more such aliens may be entering the Mountain State to work for below-poverty wages.

State officials should investigate to learn whether there’s an influx of low-cost foreigners — especially aliens using false papers. Meanwhile, rules should be changed, requiring contract employees to pass the same exams as other coal mine workers.

In some measure, the American mind has been trained to think like jews: other people are valuable insofar as they serve my sexual or financial interests. The result is a nation of stupid, immoral shitheads who care about nothing but being rich and cool, however those are defined, however they’re achieved. What a country.

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  7. 8 Responses to “AmeriKwa’s God Is Money”

    1. Terry W. Phillips Says:

      Yep. What’s left of White Uhmerikwa today is the fulfillment of the Randerian Objectivist dream. Most White people see themselves much like individual motes of existence. Not connected by family or genetic heritage. Just floating through the space of life as self satisfied as a jellyfish-man. Their universe revolves around their own navals. Pursuing the satiation of base desires is their religion, and dieing with the most toys is their measure of self worth.

      Jewed and screwed. Ahem. Sorry to be redundant.

      The value system, or its moral equivalent, wherein the pursuit and attainment of material wealth is the end game in and of itself, results in the poorest of cultures. Cultures that are plastic and cheap. Whorehouse cultures. Cultures created by people who give not a damn about the world before them, and could care less about what will happen after they die. For this cretin, the universe began with him and ends with him.

      This is exactly the difference between the person who understands the connections of kith, kin, and kind, and the bloated jellyfish-man. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that what I do, who I marry, the children I sire are affected by the actions of my predecessors, just as those after me are affected by my actions.

      Because of this realization I want to leave the world a better place for my progeny when I’m gone. Thus I will live true and breed true, and I will say this to everyone I can. I might just meet someone who has the good sense to realize that being a jellyfish-man sucks.

      You see, what we do in life matters.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      oh, yes, Ayn Rand.

      She raised me out of a condition of love, which the church and culture said I should have. It was a vague, wimpy frame of mind, this condition of “all you need is love” and “love your enemies.” A fragile, wispy feeling. But it must be right, mustn’t it? Aren’t all the higher states fragile and wispy? And if I felt like I was being used, shouldn’t I leap for joy because it showed that I was doing God’s will?

      And Ayn Rand said to do what your soul said–if it is to be an artist, then, by damn, be an artist. Or an architect. Or a businessman. And get paid for it.

      Charge them, and they will come. Or maybe they won’t. But money is a symbolic tribute to what we value, she said.

      And forget about loving others. Love is only for those whom you love.

      A definite step up.

      However, she left off the group dynamics. She would say that those who have the same interests can form any group they want to. Of course they can. But she gave no creedence to blood.

      There is power, power in the blood.

      I will join with those who believe as I do. That is what I am doing here on VNN. And in other endeavors, if I join with those who have the same values as I do, I still feel a whole lot better if the group is majority White or all-White.

      If you look at the Jews who have taken over her Objectivist philosophy, you will see that they are acting exactly as one would expect Jews to act–attack Iraq, attack Iran, open borders for America.

      And Ayn herself married an Aryan, Frank O’Connor, and then ended up having an affair with Nathaniel Branden (formerly Nataniel Blumenthal).
      The gentle Frank became an alcoholic.

      The power of blood.

    3. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      Just speed read Galt’s Speech and found this gem:

      “The doctrine that ‘human rights’ are superior to ‘property rights’ simply means that some human beings have the right to make property out of others; since the competent have nothing to gain from the incompetent, it means the right of the incompetent to own their betters and to use them as productive cattle. Whoever regards this as human and right, has no right to the title of ‘human.”

      Hmmm. Doesn’t goyim mean cattle? If kikery regards this as “human and right” (Talmud) then they have “No right to the title of ‘human’. . .

    4. sgruber Says:

      Ayn Rand was a jew; all her “inner circle” were jews; all her “intellectual progeny” are jews. The current head of the Ayn Rand Institute is a former (?) IDF propaganda officer. The ARI’s Chairman Emeritus, Peikoff, Rand’s “intellectual heir,” has for years called for the outright nuking of every man, woman, and child who opposes Israel in the Mid-East – as well as a ruthless, exterminationist invasion of Iran – as well as the physical extermination of everyone connected to any American militia movement – and (in little hints) miscegenation of blacks and whites. (“White Professors!” hollers this never-was-a-prof when self-asked what the trouble with the world iz. “White GERMAN professors!” ) The Ayn Rand Institute now upholds Martin Luther Coon as a great man, etc ad naseum.

      Rand brought gullible goyim into her tent with the “Rebel! Be your own person!” line (to whom wouldn’t that line appeal, except low-grade niggers?). This inspirational come-on is about two-years’ worth; it is followed, assuming you keep following her/it, by a decade (or lifetime) of deracination.

      Just another ignorant jew guru spaketh-ing another bullshit system, to undercut the Aryan race. Could be a footnote in Culture of Critique.

    5. Timothy Says:

      White America has been mentally remade into a half-Jew/half-Nigger combo.

      It has all the greed,gluttony,materialism,arrogance and narcissism of the Jew,combined with the baseness,childishness,stupidity ans short-sightedness of the Nigger.

      Is America even worth saving?

    6. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Re Timothy:

      No, the political, jew-controlled sewer known as America is certainly not worth saving, even if it could be. The only thing worth saving is the genetic wealth that exists in the few million high-quality white people who remain in the geographical area of North America. There are also some millions of high-quality whites spread over the world in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand and of course in Europe. No matter what happens to the various political and cultural entities in which these people live their physical survival is vital. The problem is that the jew knows this too and has made it almost impossible for white people to have the geographical separation from non-whites necessary for survival as the unique white race. From Iceland to the Falklands to New Zealand to Ireland to Alberta; all have been infiltrated by muds at the behest of the kike. In addition, the laws of all white countries now discriminate against the native whites to the benefit of the mud invaders. The outcome of this is quite plain: extinction. America, the real promised land for the kike, is the driving force for this end plan for the white race because of its political, military, (anti)cultural and financial influence. The faster this malevolent entity is destroyed the better. The longer it is able to spread its malign contagion the worse for the whole planet, but especially for our race. Anyone who believes that America can be made healthy again through political means is dreaming. The best that could be hoped for is a military coup. Even that would probably not suffice when one considers the character of the average American general. I firmly believe that America as a political entity will not exist fifty years from now. The financial catastrophe and the racial war that is looming will ensure that. I believe that the sooner it happens the better. If the kikes’ grab for world power fails we have a chance.

    7. Terry W. Phillips Says:

      I must say that I agree with you Bryan. The sooner the U.S.A. is dead the better for we White people. My people have been under the oppressive rule of the tyrants squatting in the Puss Pocket on the Potomac since 1860, and now all White people in this land are.

      Good points well made, sir.

    8. Biff Baxter Says:

      If the Founding Fathers were alive today they’d tell you to throw these pitiful no-audit-trail-for-a-civilization jews and niggers down the nearest well and concrete it shut. Jews and niggers are a net loss with no balance remaining in the accounting of America as a nation.