8 September, 2006

Black Serial Killers: Lorenzo Gilyard

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On the C&W show, they claimed whites are serial killers, and I rebutted that blacks serial kill even more often than whites – it just isn’t reported outside the local area in which it occurs. Here’s one nigger mass murderer you’ve almost surely never heard of – unless you live in the Kansas City telesphere. You can bet the jews won’t mention Gilyard in an A&E special, nor in a Lifetime movie. “Crime” tv is dedicated to the proposition that white men are white women’s greatest threat. Whereas the nigger that preys on white women is to be treated as their natural partner.

Please note that as the bogus claim raised by C/W is commonly repeated ‘urban myth,’ so to speak, we are initiating a new category: black serial killers (will encompass mex and other colored serial killers too). This will be the first entry.

Attorneys Hear Arguments in Serial Killer Case

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Attorneys are debating what evidence will be presented when a Kansas City man goes on trial in March in the deaths of 13 women.

Fifty-six-year-old Lorenzo Gilyard was charged in April 2004 with strangling a dozen women after a federal grant allowed the police crime lab to begin testing evidence from old, unsolved cases. The 13th murder charge was added in June.

The victims were strangled between 1977 and 1993. All but one was a prostitute.

Gilyard is being held without bond.

More arguments also will be heard today in Jackson County Circuit Court on defense efforts to prevent prosecutors from seeking the death penalty.


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  7. 28 Responses to “Black Serial Killers: Lorenzo Gilyard”

    1. alex Says:

      Jackson County prosecutors charged a man in the deaths of 12 women and girls spanning 16 years, and the investigation is far from over.

      Lorenzo J. Gilyard (pictured, left), 53, is charged with two counts of capital murder and 10 counts of first-degree murder.

      The women were 15 to 36 years of age, all strangled, all sexually assaulted. Nine of the victims were white, three were black and all but one were prostitutes, KMBC’s Peggy Breit reported.

      The cases languished over the years until homicide investigators and cold case detectives began looking back at them.

      “What we did in this case is just crunch information, take each individual’s name in the cases, see if any names came up more than once, if we got DNA samples for them and what not,” Detective Mike Luster said.

      Gilyard gave police a blood sample in 1987 during one murder investigation — the death of Shelia Ingold.

      “The blood standard that was taken in 1987 remained frozen in our laboratory in archive storage until it was tested just recently,” said Christine Olsson, of the Kansas City Crime Lab.

      The results were entered into a national database. What investigators got back were hits with 12 Kansas City murders.

      “It wasn’t investigative leads per se that led to these charges. It wasn’t additional witnesses that came forward. But it was through the aggressive use of scientific evidence and the work of the regional crime lab here in Kansas City that led to these charges here today,” Jackson County Prosecutor Mike Sanders said.

      Breit reported that the Gilyard hit came just last week. He was put under surveillance and arrested Friday night.

      Gilyard spent some time in jail and prison. But there are many long gaps of time in Gilyard’s history, Breit said. The investigation is ongoing.

      Victims’ Families React

      Relatives of the victims have been waiting a long time to find out exactly what happened to their sisters, mothers and daughters.

      Seven out of the 12 victims’ families were at police headquarters Monday to hear the news from investigators.

      “My sister told me this morning that the detective called her and told they had him in custody,” said Annette Kelly, sister of victim Naomi Kelly.

      Kelly told KMBC’s Dan Weinbaum that she waited years for this day to come. Naomi Kelly was killed Aug. 16, 1986.

      “We were just like two peas in a pod. Where you see her, you see me. I’m glad they got him,” Kelly said.

      Debbie Blevins was Pam Bell’s sister. Blevins was found dead Thanksgiving Day in 1986. Bell said she never gave up hope investigators would make an arrest.

      “I’m a firm believer in prayer and I’m a patient person. I believed in persistence with the police department and it paid off,” Bell said.

      Tricia Southern did not hold out hope. Her sister was Catherine Barry. Barry was killed in March 1986.

      “She was my sister — the type that I start a sentence and she’s finish it. He took that away. My babies never got to know their aunt,” Southern said.

      Gilyard is being held without bond. He is expected to make his first court appearance Tuesday.


      Prosecutor Could Seek Death Penalty In Serial Killer Case
      DNA Evidence Allegedly Links Gilyard To 12 Murders

      9:11 pm CST March 8, 2005

      KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office could make history later this week.

      KMBC reported that a decision will be made Thursday on whether to seek the death penalty against accused serial killer Lorenzo J. Gilyard.

      Gilyard is accused of murdering 12 women between 1977 and 1993. All of the victims were strangled. DNA is the alleged link between Gilyard and all of the victims.

      Prosecutor Mike Sanders said if his office seeks the death penalty, it will be the first case of its kind in the country.

      “We’re unaware of any death penalty prosecution based solely upon DNA evidence, so if that is the decision we make here in 48 hours, that would really make this case fairly historic, not just for our jurisdiction, but for the country,” Sanders told KMBC.

      Sanders said it has taken months to reach a decision on the issue.


    2. Sickle Cell Anemia Says:

      Some nigger serial killers and mass murderers that the Jew-ed Media don’t want you to know about…Wayne Williams,Colin Ferguson and the Beltway Snipers were too big to cover up
      The all time covered up case is the “Zebra Killings” by the NOI “Death Angels” targeting whites in Oakland/San Francisco which the gov’t insists was 13 victims in 73/74..when in actuality the murders started around 1970 and probably numbered closer to 300.
      -Crazy nigger Mark Essex killed 10 in New Orleans between 12/31/72 and 1/7/73-
      -Coral Eugene Watts killed at least 35 women between 1969-1982 in Michigan and Texas
      -Jarvis Catoe killed at least 10 in 1943 Washington DC
      -Jake Bird killed at least 11,possibly as many as 50 in 1943 New Orleans
      – 12/7/87, David Burke shot the pilot of a small passenger plane causing the plane to crash into a mountain in California killing all 43 aboard
      -Carlton Gary the “Stocking Strangler” killed 7 women in Georgia,1977
      -Cleophus Prince killed 6 white women in San Diego,1990
      – Marty Graham killed 6 niggress whores in Philadelphia,1986-87
      -George Russell killed 3 white women in Belleville,WA summer 1990
      -Nathaniel Code killed 8 niggers in New Orleans between 1984-87
      -Alton Coleman killed at least 7 in a killing spree across the Midwest between May-July 1984
      -Timothy Spencer targeted white women for rape and on occasion,murder..did at least 4 killings between 1983-87
      -John and Reginald Carr killed 5 whites in Wichita in December,2000
      -Hulon Mitchell Jr “Yahweh Ben Yahweh” killed at least 8 whites in 1980’s Miami
      -Robert Charles killed 7 white cops in 1900 New Orleans
      -4//22/74-William Andrews and Dale Selby Pierre Salt Lake City’s “Hi-Fi Killers” murdered 3 whites and severely maimed 2 others by making them drink Drano.
      -1905-Edna,TX. Monk Gibson and Felix Powell murder the white Conditt family of 5 while they slept
      -Ray Dandridge and Ricky Gray murder 7 in 2 seperate robberies in Jan ’06…
      -Vaughn Greenwood-the “Skid Row Slasher” of Los Angeles in early 80’s killed at least a dozen
      -Kendall Francois killed 8 women in Poughkeepsie,NY in 1998
      -Gerald Parker -“Bedroom Basher” in LA 1978/79..caught in 1996 killed at least 5
      -Brandon Tholmer killed possibly 34 women in LA between 1981-84
      -Derrick Todd Lee killed 5 white women in Louisiana 2002-03


    3. Mark Says:

      Don’t forget about Coral Watts, already posted about it.

    4. the ones who killed fellow niggers Says:

      the niggers who killed fellow niggers should not be listed because niggers are not human

    5. Craig Cobb Says:

      …we are initiating a new category: black serial killers (will encompass mex and other colored serial killers too). This will be the first entry.

      Nig Mark Goudeau, score 8:

      Gilyard on 04-19-2004, score 12 or 13:

    6. Tim Says:

      Benjamin Thomas Atkins is another log on the black serial killer fire that I am almost certain none of you have heard about. Between December 1991 and August 1992, Atkins murdered 11 hookers in Highland Park Michigan. He raped, then strangled them and left their bodies in abandoned buildings. There are articles from “The Detroit News” and “The Detroit Free Press” dating back to August 1992 but almost nothing on the net about this double-digit serial killer.

      Shelly Andre Brooks is a black serial killer with 7 confirmed kills (possibly up to 14) http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060830/METRO/608300350/1003

      Highland Park: Benjamin Thomas Atkins’s Stomping Ground
      Highland Park Michigan, formerly known as “The City of Trees” came into prominence in 1913 when Henry Ford opened the Highland Park Ford Plant there. The plant had a continuously moving assembly line that reduced the assembly time of a Model T from 728 to 93 minutes and gave birth to the mass-production of vehicles. In the first half of the last century, Highland Park was very low crime, working class town of attractive brownstone apartment buildings with a smattering of palatial style homes. In the 1950’s and 60’s, blacks swarmed in and by 1968, the city became majority black. Today, Highland Park is 95% black hellhole populated by hookers and other hopeless, pointless low IQ types. The mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, has referred to it as “the capital of Detroit.”
      Here’s a page on the rise of crime in Detroit and Highland Park: http://www.white-history.com/hwrdet4a.htm
      Here are three pages of photographs from Highland Park following the black takeover:

    7. White Meanie Says:

      There are THOUSANDS of black serial killers. But they are so stupid they get caught after the first crime.

    8. alex Says:

      Hahaha, great line.

    9. jackumup Says:

      blacks kill! Fuck you cracker you’s be racist.

    10. Biff Baxter Says:

      From the mouths of babes.

      The reason there are so few black serial killers is that blacks are too stupid to avoid getting caught, whereas our white tropical monsters have the brains to remain free long enough to rack up a body count.

      Nigs be creatures of impulse and therefore self-sabotaging, whereas whitey even when crazy is something of a patient artist. Whites make better serial killers just like they make better everythings at everything.

      Our yooish society is always willing to point out any minor white miscreant, like we can be responsible for a cosmic billiard ball knocking a chromosome astray at conception even in DNA as good as ours. That’s because they’re rotten bastards and they know it but control the media so they never show it.

    11. Sickle Cell Anemia Says:

      Biff Baxter-you missed the point! THERE ARE MANY NIGGER SERIAL KILLERS-NOT “SO FEW” ,but the Jew-ed media hushes it up. You’re buying into myth.

      The Jew media also covers up that MANY of the white serial killers are homosexual. So they’re mental defectives to begin with.

    12. van helsing Says:

      And the black ones arent? Well, they are often omnisexual… men, kids, women, animals…

    13. Sickle Cell Anemia Says:

      Niggers seem to be inherently omnisexual/pansexual predators. The nigger “wolves”,who sire dozens of niglets on the outside,who then sodomize their way through the prison…thankfully,there is AIDS and the wolves infect “dey bitchez” after getting paroled. Then the Jew-media can talk about “Heterosexual AIDS”,as if such a thing exists…

    14. any nigger serial killer who goes after jews Says:

      if there are any nigger serial killers that go after jews, that might be a public service.

    15. Scipio Americanus Says:

      What? Blacks commit serial killings? When did this occur? I was told by the one eyed jew (aka — the televitz) that only White males were serial killers. LOL!!!! Seriously, I hear people repeating this shit all the time!

      Negroes make up only 12% of the U.S. population but commit well over 50% of the murders. The only reason we don’t have as many Black serial killers on the loose is because they are so damn stupid — they are usually apprenended before they can kill again.

    16. van helsing Says:

      uh, any nigger serial killer who goes after jews …

      That ought to be a tv series… i would watch that.

    17. Sickle Cell Anemia Says:

      Don’t get your hopes up about the pets(NIGGERS) killing their masters(JEWS) Colin Ferguson failed to kill even one on a train on the heavily Kike infested Long Island for fuck’s sake! The victims were named McCarthy,Magtoto,Nettleton,LoCicero and Gorycki…and an Asian named Kim. Don’t ever count on the niggers to help in any regard.

    18. Michelle Says:

      Why don’t you all white boys go live in a box…… You are all such stupid white nigga’s…. I am ashamed of you… my pink brothers….. Stop The Hate…….. You little sick men…. Go drink another bud and fuck your sorry white hooker wives (that love black dick better)…with the stinky poon.. then go to your sorry jobs where you are supervised by your dominate black brothers… Poor hateful little creatures…..little pitiful pink animals… GO TO YOUR BOXES NOW….. Momma Say’s GO or I will spank your stinkin’ asses

    19. Sickle Cell Anemia Says:

      “Michelle” is a JEW FAGGOT troll pretending to be girl. Step out of the shadows Rosenbloom and go back to your NIGGER buttbuddy.

    20. gary leon ridgway Says:

      you stupid inbred cousinfuckers make me sick, youre all a disgrace to the caucasian race. for every black mass murderer youve mentioned i could name 10 white ones, but thats not even the point. you dont even have any reason to hate blacks or any other races, the reason you cant get jobs is because youre lazy stupid pricks who didnt go to college, not because of affirmative action. you get all your politics and opinions from your parents who were exactly the same as you are now, pathetic losers who went nowhere and needed to use entire races as a scapegoat for their failures in life. “jew kike faggot nigger” it sounds like all you do is repeat the words you learned at your dinner table before your daddies came into your room at night and ripped your assholes open and made you swallow their seed. ill tell you right now there are reasons to hold grudges against other races, but i bet none of you have ever been the victims of reverse racism or anything like that. you strike out against women, blacks, jews, and asians but the truth is that the most inferior race on the planet is closed minded, incestous, barely literate white trash who were the victims of physical and sexual abuse as a child and need to hate others as a way to make themselves feel alright inside. people like you are worthless and should be tossed in a pit and shot like rabid dogs

    21. Bob Says:

      Gary Leon Ridgway your the one who is uneducated judging from your grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence composition. Your obviously racist and disturbed yourself judging by what you say in your little diatribe. Your no better than the people you complain about. You make judgments only God can make and pronouncements God would never make.

      Michelle the same applies to you also.

    22. rachel Says:

      to all you racist fucks open your eyes and see that you me and everyone else are all the same you still bleed the same and think the same everything in side is the same and the clour of your skin or shape of your eyes should make no difference. after all blacks asians ect have all achived great things if better things in history then we have

    23. Magic Cracka Says:

      I have to concur with the brethren that conclude the originators of this racist website are victims or worse, WILLING participants of incestuous anal encounters with their sick, frisky fathers and yes, indeed, at times to this very day, sing lengthy “sperm operas.” If you would just find the courage to come out of your closets I’m sure all this angst, fear and misplaced aggression against minorities would disappear with your first HONEST gay encounter. Most of you act like you congregate in your grandparent’s basement and spank each other’s ugly faces with your cocks then frolic and intertwine with your unwashed bodies and play sphincter whiffing games.

    24. Mason Says:

      I think it is a moot point as far as White Nationals are concerned. Most black crime is Black on black. White serial killers mostly target whites. Same with black serial killers. Whites have a great deal to fear from whites.

    25. alex Says:

      some good links in comment section here:


    26. tellTarge(tter){then}else{} Says:

      hey, Luther King and Einstein where persons whit different collours, but anyway they did best things than us, see? poeple here are cops by money(dought nuts) lawyer by money (paid to help criminals) any job by money, dont think, just immitate, dont try renew world (be even the same) dont od notting, only more 1 person in the world, we say “hah, he are better than you” but who is we? we are the white from einstein or black king’s group? or are from the group who think that is fammous but isant famous? most of us arent from the acting collour group, but from the group who watch the collour group do the thing and think “yes, we are great”, but instead of acting, all they do is watch, most of these guys just have a normal life and watch tv whole day, clap they hands when see a good talk but dont even know what they meaned, they say: eat shit, and if u think he said in a beautyfull way, you eat…. i guess 99% here didint even killed someone and say “OUR seriall killers are better”, how could be OUR? if u never killed someone, OUR if not only the collour but the class of person is the same, if you are a civilian, there is no OUR… is THOSE SERIAL KILLERS WHERE BETTER.

    27. David-CT Says:

      I think what is needed is for each of us to get the word out on every horrendous black on white crime that happens in our community or state.

    28. Renfro Says:

      There are “decent black people” who try to live normal lives, and then there are “niggers” who want everything without work, and ussually resort to crime and killing. The problem is that there are too many “niggers” and the “decent black people” don’t speak out against the “niggers”. The “niggers” have taken over and “decent black people” are victims similar to whites. We all want to get far away from “niggers”.

      On the other side, white people universally speak out against “white trash”.