2 September, 2006

Death of a Salesman

Posted by alex in Arboreal Americans, graphics/toons at 7:53 pm | Permanent Link

Remember to say a kaddish and squat out a spabook shiva or two for a young gro on the mo, cut down early, sniffles.

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  7. 24 Responses to “Death of a Salesman”

    1. alex Says:

      I joke above, but you see that this nigger piece of shit spawned 9 offspring before his death at 25.

      America cannot survive those demographics. It is virtually statistically guaranteed that 2-3 of his shitsprings will be violent criminals themselves.

      We’re on the express train to New South Africa folks, and this what we see when we get off.


    2. Kitchener Says:

      GODDAMN!! 3 sons, 6 daughters, 8 brothers and 5 sisters.

      It fucking defies imagination. How could a people be so utterly and completely oblivious to the consequences of wreckless reproduction?

    3. jackumup Says:

      it sound like death of a cockroach

    4. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “. . .wreckless reproduction?. . .”

      In what sense is it wreckless?

    5. Outis Says:

      Who could say? It would be RECKless, anyhow.

      White Nationalism: while the country slides into Johannesburgian decadence, still having trouble with spelling.

    6. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      Re Kitchener:

      What do you mean ‘a people’? Even chimps and gorillas don’t breed like these vermin. Only lower species like insects and rodents reproduce like niggers in white countries. Nature used to keep their numbers in check in Africa but with stupid white taxpayers supporting them they will increase like locusts. Each one of them will be able to pick up a blade or a gun some day and come for us. With hymie filling their heads with anti-white hatred it’s going to be messy. At least the nigger-loving liberals will finally get their harmony reward.

    7. McCoy Says:

      Dat shit ain’ wreckless, mofo! White man be pickin’ up dee tab fo dey chilluns!
      Dat shit be dee legacy o slabry, man!
      Too bad they all floated during Katrina.

    8. Craig Cobb Says:

      My money is on entrepreneurs Kwan and Larmonshell to stand in his stead and get shot dead as Larmondo Flair’s heirs apparent. Exactimondo!

    9. Celtic Warrior Says:

      ……maybe we can learn from “dem colored folk”. Isn’t about time that WN started producing 4 or 5 high quality White kids per family.

      There is a biological solution to our problems. If the 2 – 3 million hard core WN of child bearing age in the US started reproduction seriously, then how massively and quickly could we turn this situation around.

    10. Kitchener Says:

      Wreckless should have been reckless.

      Do you think we need more of these people?

    11. saltriver Says:

      ENTREPENEUR in Nigger talk means Crack Dealer

    12. alex Says:

      I doubt you could find a single white man in America who sired nine children by age 25.

    13. Graham Wellington Says:

      Speaking of Martin Luther King Boulevard, did you know there’s a street in Rotterdam named after Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King?

      “Martin Luther Kingweg”



    14. Filles du Roi's Boi Says:

      Hilarious! I know we’re in a life-and-death struggle here, but surely we can take a moment to enjoy the early departure of this one-man neighborhood wrecking machine, if for no other reason than the fact that this ‘groid will no longer be supplying unpronounceable names that we’ll have to wade through when reading future crime reports.

      Chris Rock gives advice about what to do if you find yourself stranded on a MarTin Luther King Blvd. somewhere: http://tinyurl.com/qgo2n

      Got niggers? Got ruins: http://www.eco-absence.org/stl/turnverein/

    15. alex Says:

      GW – sickening to hear the MLK drive is spreading to Europe. There’s hardly a major city in the U.S. without a big MLK blvd downtown. Salt Lake City throws in a Caesar Chavez, too.

      Yes, I remember Chris Rock’s routine. Something like MLK was a man of peace, but I don’t care where you go in America, MLK boulevard is the most violent street in the city!

    16. Tim Says:

      A hospital worker friend of mine took care of one local welfare negress that was 21-years-old already with 8 children!!! I was told by the same person that that if it were not for the venereal diseases, we would already be swamped.

      Speaking of VD and blacks, when I was recently in the emergency room of a local hospital to get my hand stitched up, I overheard the discussion between a doctor and a 14-year old black girl (the doc verbally confirmed her age) on the other side of the curtain. The doctor was asking her if she knew whom she had been sleeping with because he said she had venereal warts, herpes and Chlamydia!

    17. Misanthrope Says:

      The article didn’t state how many different women mothered his 9 children. It also didn’t state how many children he sired with his own mother.

    18. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      he’s a poster ape for my “ranting” on the forum for the need for white women to have AS MANY WHITE KIDS AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!

    19. Zoroastro Says:

      The reproductive, cockroachy mania never was a white way of wrecking havoc in nature. The only humane way is mandatory spaying and neutering. The demographic crisis has to be dealt though at this very moment as the planet cannot sustain the frightful explosion of its subspec least capable of survival on its own.

    20. jackumup Says:

      Q) What is the definition of confusion?

      A) Fathers day in the black community

    21. Bolg Says:

      “Speaking of Martin Luther King Boulevard, did you know there’s a street in Rotterdam named after Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King?

      “Martin Luther Kingweg””

      Well, we have a “Tel Aviv” square in Sofia, Bulgaria. There used to be “Angela Davis” streets in many towns around here, mercifully those are gone now.

    22. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      Wasn’t “Man of Peace” MLKJr beating up a prostitute the night before he was put down?

    23. Brian Gareth Martivale Says:

      How ugly and dumb would a female have to be to even think about mating with this creature?

    24. jimbo Says:

      alex says:

      “I doubt you could find a single white man in America who sired nine children by age 25”

      ain’t that exactly why the white race now has prblms?

      i advocate polygamy for the white race and the lowering of ‘the age of consent’ to 15 for females and marriages being legally recognised @ that age!

      i also advocate ‘match-making’ or ‘arranged marriages’ between white youths & girls as long as they are physically and mentally healthy and reasonably compatible………i believe this ‘falling in love’ is complete and utter BULLSHIT ‘cooked up’ by the kike a coupla hundred yrs or so ago in order to stymie the reproductivity of the White Race…..the only criteria should be: healthy white babies!

      this is a race against time.

      Nature’s Laws DEMAND that only the species that reproduces will survive………..there is no time nor place for touchy-feely-warm-fuzzy-lovey-dovey bullshit ‘feelings’ and having ‘life partners’…that is TOTAL jd-xian BULLSHIT leading to EXTINCTION of the White Race