10 September, 2006

Download Loose Change 911 from VNN

Posted by alex in 9/11, Alex Linder at 11:37 pm | Permanent Link

For the five year anniversary of 11 September 2001 VNN invites you to download and view Loose Change 911, a factualist investigation of the crime scene known as 911.

Loose Change Part I (46 MB, WMV)
Loose Change Part II (47 MB, WMV)
Loose Change Part II (47 MB, WMV)

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  7. 7 Responses to “Download Loose Change 911 from VNN”

    1. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      hey, wait a minute!
      isn’t loose change made by a jew from new york?
      and it has a hip-hop attitude about it i found very off-putting.
      it isn’t anyways near as excellent as AWAKEN AND AVENGE, at any rate.
      how about pushing AWAKEN AND AVENGE for the anniversary???

    2. moderator Says:

      Several weeks ago Geoff Beck sent a message to the creator of Awaken and Avenge requesting a copy of the film. That message went unanswered. So, we do not have a copy to post.

      Though, I am now told there may be a copy on Solar General.

      Anyway, Loose Change is a good introductory level film about 911, often in sync with Awaken and Avenge – except for naming the Jew.

    3. Robert Fowler Says:

      911 In Plane Site is a better film

    4. alex Says:

      I’ve got a copy of Awaken and Avenge, we will get it online. It is the best WTC Demolitions video I’ve seen.

    5. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      Mr. Fowler, you are wrong.
      Unless you like mtv style hip hop filmin’ ‘n sheeit.
      ok, loose change ain’t bad, and more glitzy in the way i mentioned above, but awaken and avenge left a far greater impression on me and stuck in my mind better too. and it was done on the cheapest of cheaps, from what i hear. but that doesn’t change what i think is its vast superiority over loose change.

    6. Carpenter Says:

      Can even 9/11 doubting be jewed?

    7. carpenter, it already is Says:

      carpenter, it already is being….as you say…