24 September, 2006

How Modern Art Was Invented

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Not too long ago, there was a king who ruled a European country.

The king’s daily life was pleasant enough, but he had a big problem: his only daughter, a teenager, was ugly. Really ugly. In fact, no man could look at her without wincing. How could she ever enjoy romance?

Then, one day, as the king was lamenting his daughter’s appearance yet again, his sly, Jewish banker, Hymie Goldbergstein, overheard his complaints.

“My king,” said Hymie, “may I suggest a possible solution to your daughter’s…situation?”

“Yes, of course,” said the king.

“Well,” said Hymie, “why not simply redefine the meaning of ‘beautiful?'”

“Huh?” said the king.

“Why not start a big campaign within your kingdom, in which ‘ugly’ is portrayed as ‘beautiful’ and ‘beautiful’ is portrayed as ‘ugly?’ For example, you could create some posters featuring images of ugly women on them, who would nonetheless be described as ‘the most beautiful women in the entire kingdom.’ Then, you could hang those posters in public places throughout the country for everyone to see. Then, jail anyone who doesn’t agree that those ugly women are strikingly beautiful. After some time has passed, and the new definition of beauty has taken hold in the kingdom, your daughter will appear to be beautiful, and men will adore her,” said Hymie.

“Gee, that sounds great!” said the king. “But how much time would such a campaign require in order to be successful?”

“Years,” said Hymie. “But your daughter would still be rather young when the campaign finally came to an end.”

“I like that idea!” said the king. “Let’s create such a campaign. And you, Hymie, will be in charge of directing it!”

The campaign was even more successful than Hymie and the king could have imagined. Soon, ‘ugly’ was the epitome of ‘beauty’ in all areas of the country – especially in the arts and crafts vocations in which it was created. Indeed, artists began striving to manufacture the ugliest creations, knowing that they were really creating beauty. Grotesque statues and monuments soon appeared all over the kingdom. Paintings featuring nothing but childlike blotches and scrawls – which would have been frowned upon in earlier times – sold briskly for top dollar. Soon, everything in sight was ugly…er, beautiful.

And that’s how modern art was invented! [1].

[1] all kidding aside, a non-humorous fact is that “modern art” appreciation – which has so permeated the West that “traditional” art is now considered silly in many social circles – was built up largely by Jews who championed modern art in their galleries, newspapers and magazines, both in Europe and in America. They championed modern art because 1) it wasn’t traditionally Western, and 2) Jews are famous for having poor taste concerning what is, and isn’t, beautiful. More about Jews and modern art here: http://www.nationalvanguard.org/story.php?id=2446 and also here:

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