13 September, 2006

Idiocracy in Action: The Shrinking SAT

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The Youth of America: Foretelling the Future

Here’s the site for SAT results nationally and by state: http://www.collegeboard.com/about/news_info/cbsenior/yr2006/reports.html

It’s an alarming report. The future of America is in its demographics. Note: only 56% of the test takers were white.

And 54% of the test takers were women, who scored slightly lower than men. Men outscored women in math (34 points).

And yet 58% of college undergraduates are now women! Consider that, that’s 38% more women than men (roughly four to three, 58/42 = 1.38) are now enrolled in college!!!

Why are more women being admitted to colleges? This will frighten you, dear reader, but see here: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/sats/who/ . Entitled, “Who was good enough?”

Slightly rewritten, but containing the essential criteria here:

“Despite nearly perfect scores on his SAT (1550), he doesn’t seem well rounded. He had too much time to study.”
His essay didn’t excite me.”
“Might become a good scientist, but he isn’t a future leader.”
I like her! This is a no-brainer, I would admit.”

It’s cultural Marxism on estrogen. One female got all A’s in math (including Honors math) but received a 410 on the math section. Awful! But the admissions officer “like(d) her and would admit.” Isn’t that shocking? How does that happen?

We know, don’t we? And we know why she’d be accepted, don’t we?

And 43% of the test takers had “A” averages! In typical cultural Marxist style, not only have they artificially nigger-rigged the tests to insure higher scores, but all schools are now doing it with grades!

Otherwise, people might realize that with multiculturalism scores are declining. The “people in charge” wouldn’t like that to be known. Better to talk about “failing schools, class sizes too large, underfunding, and lack of diversity.”

For how many more years will this smoke screen continue its snake-like charm?

Of those who took the test 7% had an A+ average. Of those, 61% were women. How does that happen? Especially, when men outscore women on the SAT?!

When I took the test some 35 years ago virtually all of the test takers were white (90% plus). Average score then? 480 on each section, 960 total.

Again, now a mere 56% of test takers are white. Down from 90%. What’s our future?

It’s “renormed” each year. They try to get the average score of 500 on each section regardless of how poorly students score. They have a name for it: “recentering.”

What do white test takers score today? 1,063! That’s 103 points higher, which gives a more realistic appraisal by how much the scores have been inflated.

Now look at the scores for the three most populous states. Their results are abysmal. That’s our future, America’s future. California, New York, and Texas are ‘leading the charge.’ And, lest we forget, that’s after yearly “recentering.”

Missouri, the “hick” state, outscored “sophisticated and cosmopolitan” New York by 94 points on the verbal and 81 points on the math (175 points, total). Oh yeah, and 99 points on the writing section.

“Rednecks,” if you will. The designated bad guys. As opposed to “multicultural” New York. Hence, the test is “racist.”

As for IQ scores? That’s most closely correlated with the math results. Who scored higher? Men. Who are colleges accepting? Women.

Cultural Marxism, or, How to Ruin a Nation From Within.

Another thing. We were always taught that an average IQ score was 100. WRONG!!! That was for Western people only! White people. The true average, world-wide? Closer to 90.

They never told us that, did they? Well, now you know.

Average IQ of Americans? 98, so experts tell us. It’s 107 in Germany. 87 in Mexico. 70 to 75 in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Like those numbers? Well, then you’re goin’ to love America 2050!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Can’t copy and paste the pdf files, but here are some results of those who took the test:

Verbal Math Writing % White

Nationally: 503 518 497 56%

ND: 610 617 588 82%

IA: 602 613 591 76%

MO: 587 591 582 71%

NY: 493 510 483 53%

TX: 491 506 487 49%

CA: 501 518 501 36% (buoyed by Asians, 22%)

Wash., D.C.: 487 472 482 23%

Black D.C.: 420 396 412 0.0%

Puerto Rico: 459 450 444 44% (so they say)

Americans: 434 429 428 0.0%

Whitey: 527 536 519 100% (so we assume)

Difference: 93 107 91 —

  • 5 Responses to “Idiocracy in Action: The Shrinking SAT”

    1. UN American Says:

      Humm.. all my home schooled kids tested 109 IQ.
      So what does this make us, an enemy of the state?
      I also would dare to say a NICOLA TESLA or
      GALILEO or any other WHITE human would not be welcomed
      in any University or College with an IQ above 90?
      The last time I looked all my kids were WHITE!!

      Any body got any answers to where we WHITE People
      go from here?

    2. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “Can’t copy and paste the pdf files,”

      Use this link to convert pdf to html


    3. Scipio Americanus Says:

      “It’s cultural Marxism on estrogen.” This phrase captures it perfectly — what a classic! Of course test scores have been inflated. Do you actually think the hordes of Third World vermin would have the effect of raising standards? If actual standards, circa 1900, were held in place, the vast majority of college students today would be out on their asses. Honestly, what passes today would have shocked and appalled a professor one hundred years ago. The difference in standards are truly shocking!

      I would advise all readers to purchase the 1910-1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th Edition. It’s available of CD and can be purchased on eBay for less than $20.00. I have all 29 volumes in hard cover and it is wonderful. It’s completely devoid of semitical correctness, cultural Marxism, feminism and other egalitarian nonsense and has the highest standards of scholarship. After reading this set, you will come to understand just how low we have sunk as a nation.

    4. ALFRED HOLDEN Says:

      Demographic percentiles indicate the changes in school student profiles and reflects our multi-cultural society. SAT score changes merely reflect numerical equivelencies. The desire and demand to enter college as a means of success is no longer the driving force for enrollment or academic excellence. It is now a means to an end. And schools are not for everyone.

      The elan of our society has diminished for our need to educate is no longer “western” in approach and outlook. Our egalitarianism and our lack of mission and purpose underlines the present disoriented society.

      The SAT profiles merely gives statistical insight as a research tool for measuring change over time.

      The question moreover is: why the stress over numbers? Is there a point in all of this? Who cares if there are more women or minorities in our schools? Why all the attention to isolated facts? Is there demand to these articulations? I do not see the alarm in our population. We are an apathetic, self-absorbed, pleasure seeking society and we love it.

      Focus on yourself and your family, maybe even your friends. Why concern yourself over numbers. Raise your standards. Be the best that you can be.

    5. Anon Says:

      The satiable female degree-holder is an essential component of the NWO.