17 September, 2006

Itz Coming: Detroit

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Very odd that they printed this in the Detroit News

Sun. 08/6/06 01:59 PM

Setting precedent could loosely be defined as establishing a pattern. In today’s world when we turn on the television we are constantly and consistently bombarded by pro-Israeli propaganda, there is no two ways about it, it’s a fact, manifestly evident to anyone with the capacity to think. On the one hand we are currently being subjected to a smear campaign against Mel Gibson, who made some so-called “anti-Semitic” comments about the Jews being behind all the wars in the world today, and on the other we are being told that no matter how many Lebanese children die, it’s all Hizballah’s fault and/or the fault of their so called sponsors, Syria and Iran. There is one consistency in all this, a common denominator that never changes, the Israeli’s and Jews in general are always faultless, they are inevitably the victims of others, never the perpetrators, and anyone that questions this special status is a no good anti-Semite and/or, a terrorist.

We never hear in the media about the countless acts of terror Israel is guilty of, The illegal brutal occupation of Palestine being the sole obstacle to peace in the region, one also never hears about the Lavon Affair, in which Israeli’s targeted American assets in Egypt in the 1950s in order to frame Arabs and bring the United States into a war alongside their Jewish “Allies,” we never hear about how Israel intentionally attacked the USS Liberty, an American ship in 1967, killing dozens of Americans and wounding more than one hundred. We never hear how Israeli’s consider Jonathon Pollard, a Jewish American that committed treason by spying on his own nation for the Jewish state, to be a hero, or how Israeli leaders work surreptitiously behind the scenes with American officials to win Pollard’s release from his well-deserved life sentence. Instead we get Benjamin Netanyahu from the terrorist Lukid Party telling Americans on CNN what to think about this conflict. Lukid Party is a direct offshoot of the Stern Gang and other zionist terrorist gangs that committed terrorist acts against Britian and still celebrates it 60 years later. It’s true look it up!

The mainstream media has never mentioned Asher Karni, an Israeli Jew arrested in Denver Colorado on January 2, 2004 for having sold nuclear weapon detonators to an unstable Islamic republic, or how his co-religionist Yehuda Abraham, an American Jeweler from New York City conspired to sell Russian made, shoulder launched, surface to air missiles to FBI agents posing as Al Qaeda operatives with the understanding that they would be used against non-Jewish Americans on domestic flights.

The fact of the matter is we have absolutely no reason to believe anything the media tells us today about this Israeli war, not a damn thing. One can safely assume that anything the media is focusing on today is distorted, fabricated, and/or deceptive. By doing so the US government continues to isolate Americans from the rest of the world. We (Americans) have in a way become Gazans execpt our zionist occuption is east of the Potomoc and in the media. It’s time to end the occupation and think for ourselves.

Curt Maynard


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  7. 6 Responses to “Itz Coming: Detroit”

    1. Scipio Americanus Says:

      I treat all news items reported by Jewish controlled Main Stream Media (MSM) as simply arbitrary statements. They could be true or they could be false. Only independent research and assessment can verify these reports. That’s the problem with Jews — if it is in their interest to tell the truth — they tell the truth, and if it’s in their interest to lie — they lie! Once people catch onto this and understand their nature, then our upside-down world of insanity will begin to make sense.

    2. jimbo Says:

      yeh….doubt if too much weight could be placed on it……after all: it’s only one ‘letter to the editor’ out of how many?

      occasionally: it’s true: the odd ‘politically in-correct’ letter to the editor manages to ‘slip through’ the net!

      whether that’s by ‘accident’ or by ‘design’ is problematic!
      (perhaps the regular ‘censor’ was on leave, @ lunch or OTW occupied licking some Ashkenasi arse or other and his/her place was taken by some slack nigg or t’other who couldn’t really give too much of a TOSS abt yoos?)

      a real ‘sea-change’ would surely involve editorial leaders making similar comments on a regular basis (?!)

    3. whiteskelet Says:

      In continental (?) Europe, the media are far from pro-Israel. They take the side of Palestinians or Lebanese, as a rule, that is, Arabs. Israelis complained about it, and called it anti-Semitism in Europe, especially Belgium, “the Beast is back”, etc.
      The media criticise Israel, but they wouldn’t criticise a Jew living in Europe (= parasite), at least they wouldn’t talk about his “Jewishness”, and they hush Brown (=parasites) crime. They ignore the dangers of immigration, every day they campaign for endless waves of “regularisation” of “undocumented” “persons” (“workers” would be a lie, “parasites” would hurt too much), smile at “multiculturalism”, etc.
      I think that it’s only in the UK (?) and USA that the media are so Zionist.
      Yet, white genocide is happening in every white country. There aren’t more proud white men in Europe than in the USA.
      Is the way the news from Palestine are given the most important issue for you? Do you cry for Arabs, really?
      I mean, in Europe, you WILL read editorials questioning Israel’s ruthless policy, but that changes nothing to the way vital racial questions are dealt with. Europe is full of Arabs the way America is full of Mexs. Sometimes, you get the feeling the media are cavorting for them.

    4. Mati The Estonian Says:

      dont forget Germany – those poor bastards have been getting the full force of kikes dicks in they arse – but when germans wake-up ?! lets roll the viking style party ;-)

    5. Up Your Ass Says:

      Is there any doubt that jews would have sold Saddam the nukes and then made money having him arrested. Somehow a certain case in the 40s has altered jew trickery on how to sell enemies the bomb secrets.
      Just be glad the jew Rosenbergs were caught arrested tried and executed for selling nukes to their jew Soviets who in turn passed it on to China N Korea and Cuba back in the late 40s.Top: Jewish Criminals & Spies: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Anti-American Jewish-Zionist-Soviet Spies. Had the Rosenbergs lived in todays 100% jew owned big media this would have gone unreported and never would they have been jailed much less executed.
      Thank you Joe McCarthy. BTW why hasnt GW Bush and his neocon jews attacked Castro who was in power twice as long as Saddam and who was twicew as ruthless and killed twice as many people? Guess Castro didnt have a bomb to go 10,000 miles to hit jewland did he?
      The Rosenberg?s were with out a doubt one of the single biggest example of America?s resolve to show the world it did not take the Communist challenge lightly. Communist threat to America was very real to the government, law enforcement and the public. American leadership had made the country?s position on Communism very clear in the years following World War Two. America considered Communism as a direct threat to her way of life. America considered the disclosure of her atomic secrets a very serious threat to her safety and democracy.

      At the end of 1945 the United States of America was standing tall over the rubble of World War Two along with the rest of the free world. The threat to world peace had been defeated and all was well with the world. The United States had stepped forward as the world?s shining example of democracy and protector of global freedoms. With power of the atom safely under control of this self appointed protector the world, the free world every where seem like a safer place. But this sense of security was shaken in 1949 with the Soviets successful detonation of an atomic bomb. The United States trepidation would was heighten with the Communist take over in China in the same year. The rapid expansion of communism alone was a threat to world peace as far America was concerned, but a communist threat with nuclear capabilities was unthinkable.

      How could the Soviet Union have mastered this technological feat so quickly? It had taken The United States of America two billion dollars and over four years to master this enormous feat. The Soviet Union by general scientific consensus was at the very least five to seven years behind the free world effort of the United States in the area of atomic weapons. Now only six years after the end of World War Two the United States was again locked in a fight for democracy this time against a foe with nuclear capabilities. America prepared its self for the worse, but how had this threat had gathered so quickly? American scientist swore that the Soviets could not have developed a nuclear capability this soon without outside help. The source of the Soviets help was at first unclear. The help that the Soviets supposedly received appeared to have come in the forms of Julius & Ethel Rosenberg and David & Ruth Greenglass.

      The Rosenberg?s, these Americans, the same ones who had been involved with America?s nuclear war effort during World War Two appeared to have shared information about America?s atomic secrets with the Soviets.

      In 1950?s two American?s were charged, tried, convicted of spying for the Soviet Union and were finally executed for violation of the Espionage Act of 1917 These two people were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, but did the Rosenberg?s really commit the espionage they were accused of? And what would be their motive for committing this crime? Closer examination of the information seems to produce some doubt as to the guilt of both of the Rosenberg’s and the decision to charge them the crime of espionage. Why were these two people the only ones ever prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and subsequently executed for disclosure of atomic secrets? If you look at the case from a distance the Rosenberg’s died due to a chain of circumstances that seems ridiculous now but in 1950s was the right and proper thing to due. The actions taken against the Rosenberg?s appears to follow the hard line attitude against Communism stressed by the Eisenhower and former Truman administrations.

      The impact of Senator Joseph Mc McCarthy and his hunt for Communist with his Red Scare tactics can not be discounted and did nothing to aid the Rosenberg?s cause. This public anti-communist bias created a serious challenge for their defense lawyer. This was a major indicator of the general climate that the general population was exposed to. This strong anti communist attitude was in the newspapers radio and the minds of the public and must be considered a factor in the trial.

      The Rosenberg?s and the surrounding events of their accused espionage betrayal of atomic weapons secrets has long been the subject of controversy depending upon your point of view. Were the Rosenberg?s chosen to be made an example of to show the extent of Americas resolve in the fighting communism?

      The Rosenberg?s are an enigma within America. Both Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were beneficiaries of the American dream. The Rosenberg?s owned a business, had a nice home and two lovely children. So why would these two people obvious benefactors of this life style try to undermine and destroy this dream by committing espionage for the Communist. To help the Communist did not appear to make any sense to Americans. The Communist were diametrically opposed to this lifestyle and committed to changing it by what ever means necessary.

      The Espionage Act of 1917 was the statue the Rosenberg?s was charged under. The Espionage Act of 1917 was originally written to aid in the prosecution of foreign agents that disseminated information to a foreign power against the United States during World War One, this act carried the death penalty in the time of war. This 1917 statue became a convenient law with which to prosecute the threat to the American Dream that the Rosenberg?s presented. There was an attempt to charge the Rosen bergs under the Atomic Energy Act of 1946. This action was struck down by the Supreme Court as a violation of and de facto prosecution the actual details of the trial will be covered under the trials section of the web site.

      The Rosenberg?s became targets of America?s hunt for Communist when Karl Fuchs was arrested in England for espionage. Under interrogation Karl Fuchs gave up the name of David Gold who revealed David Greenglass as a co conspirator. David Greenglass in turn gave up Julius and Ethel Rosenberg as part of a plead bargain to keep his wife from being charged as a courier for the spy ring that the Rosenberg?s were a part of.

      The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was under great pressure to charge some one with this crime of the century. Rather than settle for the small fish the FBI felt that if they put enough pressure on Julius they would be able to ensnare the whole spy ring. The FBI really wanted a confession from Julius Rosenberg to this crime of espionage. Julius Rosenberg was not cooperative with the FBI?s efforts. To try and put leverage on Julius the FBI decided to charge Ethel Rosenberg. There was very little hard core evidence to charge Ethel with as seen from the FBI surveillance transcripts. Transcripts were made available under the Freedom of Information Act. It was hoped that Julius Rosenberg would roll over on the spy ring to save his wife, additionally the FBI felt that could bargain with Ethel Rosenberg to put pressure on her husband to reveal the information that the FBI wanted, but this was an unsuccessful strategy.

      Court transcripts from the prosecutor and defense show the strategy that each of the lawyer used to for his respective position. As expected the prosecution followed the hard line of the FBI and the Administration. The defense tried to prove that the Rosenberg had nothing to do with the compromise of information. Unfortunately for the Rosenberg’s their defense lawyer made a critical mistake when dealing with the lens drawing made by David Greenglass in court. He had the drawing classified status made a point of court record thus increasing the value of the document for the prosecutor, rather than treat the information as common knowledge which would have helped the Rosenberg case.

      The trial Judge, Judge Kaufman for the Rosenberg?s trial and sentencing had a very hard line view on the espionage and his decision for a harsh sentence for both of the Rosenberg’s as shown by an excerpt from his sentencing statement. ?The competitive edge held by the United States in super weapons has put a premium on the service of home grown variety that places allegiance to a foreign power before loyalty to the United States. The punishment to be meted out in the case must therefore serve the maximum interest for the preservation of our society against these traitors in our midst? I consider your crime worse than murder ?I believe your conduct in putting the into the hands of the Russians the A Bomb years before our best scientist predicted Russia would perfect the bomb has already caused , in my opinion, the Communist aggression in Korea.? Judge Kaufman’s Sentencing Statement. When the Department of Justice was asked for sentencing recommendations the FBI said that the death penalty was recommended for Julius and a thirty year sentence was recommended for Ethel. This recommendation was pasted on to Judge Kaufman and ignored. FBI Agent Interview Unfortunately, the Supreme Court was unable to help the Rosenberg’s for after initially granting a stay of execution this decision was reversed by the High Court .

      The feelings of the Eisenhower administration did not vary from the guilty consensuses shown by the court. Twice President Eisenhower refused to grant executive clemency for the Rosenberg’s. The Intelligence Community had decrypted Soviet diplomatic communiqué³ during this time frame, known internally as the Venona files. The Venona files were only made available to certain people within the Truman and Eisenhower administrations. The Venona Files allowed the Administration to have inside information as to the Soviets recruitment of agents and possible involvement of the Rosenberg’s. This information was not made available to prosecute the Rosenberg’s because the Intelligence Community did not want to compromise this unique source of intelligence for America. So the Venona files remained a secret classified Top Secret. The Venona file had little or no impact upon the trial at the time. The use of this information could have cleared Ethel Rosenberg especially since the government really only wanted to use her as a lever against her husband. From the initial examination of the decrypted files it would appear at first glance that Julius Rosenberg would not have fared as well as his wife. In 1995 a portion but not all of the Venona file have been declassified In these files the Soviet complement an agent named ?Antenna? and later known as ?Liberal? and complemented him for his recruitment efforts. It is believed that ?Antenna? was Julius Rosenberg therefore he would not have been exonerated by the release of this information. The Rosenberg children also known as the Meeropols have this same information available to them and the have an entirely different take of the information in the Venona. The children still maintain the innocence of their parents to this day.

      Since the Venona files have only been partially released it makes the claims by both the government and the Meeropols hard to separate at this time. America was not to let a threat to the country?s safety and well being go unchallenged. The trail of the Rosenberg’s was the result. In later years newer evidence has been made available. An interview with Feklisov the spy master that was in charge the spy ring that the Julius Rosenberg was suppose to be part of flatly stated that Julius Rosenberg was the only one to participate in the espionage effort in the US. Also there is a book out now were David Greenglass comes out and states that he lied about Ethel to save his wife and family Depending upon who you are talking to the guilt of the Rosenberg’s has been established with out a doubt or only Julius was guilt and Ethel was innocent or another view is that contends that the Rosenberg’s where used as a scapegoat while the guilt went free because of deals that they made with the government. It seem to be the general opinion with in the Law enforcement side of the house that if the Rosenberg’s had cooperated they to would have been spared the death penalty like David Greenglass but they let their principles overcome common sense. The controversy over the Rosenberg continues even today with both sides of the argument still claiming that they are right and the other side is wrong. Recent articles still claim that there respective point of view is correct as shown with Herbert Romerstein article written in 1999 and claim that ?Venona intercepts prove that Rosenberg?s are guilt? but as previously shown in the interview with the spy handler Feklisov Ethel Rosenberg was never used in the spying operation. The Michael Meeropol statement issued 22 March 1999 just prior to the public release of the Venona Intercepts tells the other side of the story. Michael Meeropol still contends that his parents were innocence, and were used to make a point by the US government.

    6. Stevenp Says:

      Well I’ll be damned. I went to that comment section and submitted a copy and paste post that nails the Jewish media cartel in such a way there’s simply no arguing it. Well guess what? It went through. Go see it yourself – it’s the “feedstock for cattle” post.

      Or just read on. Here it is:

      Curt is right, the mainstream media is feedstock for cattle. To understand what’s going on in America, one must stop following the mainstream media and start reading the Jewish press.

      Here’s an example of what the Jewish press tells you that the mainstream media won’t:

      “Four of the largest five entertainment giants are now run or owned by Jews. Murdoch’s News Corp (at number four) is the only gentile holdout — however Rupert is as pro-Israel as any Jew, probably more so.”
      Los Angeles Jewish Times, ‘Yes, Virginia, Jews Do Control the Media,’ Oct. 29-Nov. 11, 1999 p. 14

      “Time-Warner, Disney, Viacom-CBS, News Corporation and Universal rule the entertainment world in a way that the old Hollywood studio chiefs only dreamed of. And, after all the deals and buyouts, four of the five are run by Jews. We’re back to where we started, bigger than ever.”
      Jewish Week, 9-17-99, 12

      By reading the Jewish press you’ll at least know what’s going on even though you won’t be able to speak freely of what you learn. Not without losing your job, career, reputation and possibly family to the neo-McCarthyite persecution tactics described in the Walt and Mearsheimer report.

      But it’s better to be cattle that knows but can’t speak than cattle that happily munches away at feedstock.


      Anyway, copy the above and post it wherever and whenever you can. The worst that can happen is they filter it out. So what? Just keep posting.