20 September, 2006

Letter: Jewish Corruption of Medicine

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Love your site, check it every day! I could say a lot about it, but let me sum it up with this: Nothing you say can be called a lie. You do a great job reporting nig crime and the jewish promotion of nig values in Amerikwa. However, I suggest you expand your horizons and report on another front: the jewish corruption of modern medicine.

As I’m sure you know, almost all great advances in medicine are made by Whites. Wilhelm Roentgen, the inventor of the x-ray machine, self-taught man. Louis Pasteur. Edward Jenner and the smallpox vaccine. Alexander Fleming and penicillin. Ignaz Semmelweis and the sterilization of instruments. Robert Koch and bacteriology. And last year’s Nobel Laureates, the Australians Barry Marshall and Robin Warren, who proved that the Helicobacter pylori bacteria, not stress or spicy food, causes ulcers. (They took 15 years to have their theories accepted and another 8 or so to be acknowledged by the Nobel Committee.) The great Aryan thinkers in medicine have long believed that genetics, germs, and the absence of nutrients required to fight germs are the causes of disease. If Occam’s razor is applied to medicine, it makes sense that germs cause diseases. But since jews dominate medicine, advances in that field have been held back. Jews by nature are not scientists. I don’t see how anyone can doubt that the top 1 percent of White males (IQ over 140) will be able to advance medicine a lot better than the race of third-rate sociology professors and passive profiteers.

I’d compare the shocking ignorance about the possibility of germs causing diseases to Amerikwans’ collective ignorance about race. Before 1945, it was accepted that niggers and spics/injuns were inferior, and gooks completely foreign. It was also accepted that individual scientists, not Koombaya committees, lead the way for breakthroughs in medicine. In both instances, we ignore fundamental biology and blame outside factors alone. It is because of jews like Morris Fishbein, head of the AMA from 1924 to 1949, that no cure for cancer exists. Here:


Royal Rife, a self-taught German Aryan from Nebraska, discovered that cancer is caused by a virus that can be killed through a radiant frequency. http://www.royalrife.com.

This brings us to the subject of psychiatry. As one who has had experiences of mental illness, I know how psychiatry cannot help you. You put it perfectly when you said on one of your early pages, “Psychology starts with biology” and then said that we had hardly taken that road. I wholeheartedly agree. JEWS are responsible for the decline of WHITE, WESTERN medicine, and I suggest you discuss that in Goyfire, FTL, or better yet your newspapers. Here, once again, is the Fishbein article that I sent you last year:


You’d do well to report the jewish destruction of White medicine.

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    1. Linda Says:

      I was just perusing through this site when I stumbled on this article and had to respond. I just finished writing my father a letter about 30 minutes ago in which I detailed some of the problems of our health care system. The truth is, many of these problems are kosher inspired, i.e. “presentation over quality and substance.” Being that America’s corporate mentality/business ethic is quite Jewish, it is no wonder that medicine too has become a kosher affair. Below is an excerpt from my letter concerning health care in America today.

      My work isn’t very rewarding; I am dealing with a population whose expectations are completely irrational to the point of being unreal. I am finding that 20% of them [at least] easily qualify as neurotic if not downright mentally ill. The bitching and complaining is ridiculous – I’ve seen grown women cry because they didn’t get a private room. I’ve seen family members who never spend more than five minutes at any one time with the patient scream at staff because they thought their family member was being ignored. I’ve had more patients in the last four months demand immediate attention for some frivolous request while their roommate is having a medical emergency five feet away from them, that I have had in the last 14 years. The other day I had a 400 lb woman tell her doctor that she didn’t want me in her room again because she thought I was being mean when I told her that as a diabetic with associated medical complications she shouldn’t be eating cookies and drinking cokes while she’s in the hospital. I sincerely hope Americans get the National Healthcare System they so desperately seem to want – it’ll be funny to see their faces when they are told that instead of a private room they get to stay in a four-man ward and that they won’t be able to special order individual dinners from the kitchen, which only slow down the kitchen staff and delay meals for everyone. At this particular moment we have 14 patients [Just two nurses and an aid – no secretary] and nine of them are diabetic.

      For whatever reason this particular population here in Texas are worse than any other group I have ever worked with; I’m not sure why. Nursing has truly become, at least here, nothing more than another service job with better pay. The hospital is managed by a corporation thus their approach to health care is all about presentation, rather than quality or substance.

      We discharge people all the time that have no business going home and we keep people that have no business being in the hospital. Penicillin resistant infections are pandemic – the result of keeping people that should be at home in the hospital. The management continues to sing the mantra that washing one’s hands will ward off all infections. Although washing hands helps, the problem really is gathering hundreds of people together in the same enclosed space and then running them through an assembly line process where they may be touched by dozens of different people each and every day that run back and forth from floor to floor, touching an AIDs patient one minutes and then a surgery case with an open wound the next. At least 25% of the methicillin resistant forms of staphylococcus are transmitted from staff to patient because the staff member has the bacterium colonized in their nose. The staff member’s immune system fights off the pathogenic effect of the bacterium, thus they don’t become ill, but when they breathe on a patient they spread the pathogen to someone whose immune system may be compromised for various reasons. The nose is a moist and warm place where the bacterium can proliferate without too much difficulty. I have yet to see any hospital check their staffs nasal passages for the presence of MRSA, despite the fact that everyone knows this is how the bacterium is often spread.

      There are many resistant infections today that I had never heard of back in the early 1990s. One particularly nasty pathogen is clostridium difficile, which has recently developed some resistance to powerful antibiotics. One particularly nasty strain killed a dozen patients over a month in Canada last year. C-difficile “sporolates” like anthrax, which means it forms a nearly impervious protein capsule around it when it is exposed to the environment. It can exist in this state of dormancy for years until it is once again introduced into a warm and moist environment, at which time it will grow, The only way to kill it is with bleach, which would be fine if the majority of it were deposited on the floor or countertops, but the cleaning staff doesn’t bleach curtains, bed frames, chairs, light switches, magazines, newspapers, medical charts, etc…

      The average amount of medicine prescribed to the average patient has also increased dramatically over those four years I wasn’t working in the field. I see patients all the time that are taking more than twenty different medications every day. Ten years ago if someone presented with a case of pneumonia they’d receive a single antibiotic [most often unasyn] over three days and then be discharged home with an additional supply of seven days worth of antibiotic pills. Today they might receive four of five different iv antibiotics everyday and stay from five to ten days. Being that they are receiving so many different antibiotics they frequently develop thrush [a fungal infection in the mouth that develops in the absence of normal bacterial flora in the mouth]. When I first started working as a nurse I almost never saw anyone with thrush except AIDs patients and the occasional elderly patient that had been on prednisone for an extended period of time. It is also common for them to develop “gastritis,” or an irritation of the lining of the esophagus and intestines as a result of being on antibiotics for an extended period of time. This almost always results in a gastroenterologist being called in who then performs a very expensive procedure called an EGD [esophogealgastroduodenoscopy]. The procedure isn’t curative; it’s diagnostic. In the old days a doctor would have diagnosed gastritis based on the symptoms alone, i.e. diarrhea, blood in the stool, pain, etc… and saved Medicare $4,500.00, but today it’s necessary to do this incredibly invasive procedure because the gastroenterologist wouldn’t get paid otherwise.

      So anyway, the demands associated with nursing today are far more than they were a decade ago, but the staffing has decreased significantly as a result of the introduction of corporate management and ownership. Turnover and burnout in nursing is horrendous which creates other problems, one of which is that the newer nurses coming in to the field essentially accept the way things are now as if that was the way they have always been. Thus they do not know that the overwhelming amount of time spent doing paperwork demanded for the sole purpose of reducing liability on the hospitals part was once spent actually doing patient care. I doubt I’ll continue working at the Hospital for very much longer. I’d like to get out of the field altogether but can’t make the kind of money I do now in any other field.


    2. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      once again, we see here that literally the jew is the disease.
      focus on the jew.
      niggers and spics and mud people are tools of the jew. get rid of the weilder of the tool, then you can throw out the tools.
      turn the niggers and spics and mudmeat against the jews with other websites (guided by alex and co.’s hand, but behind the scenes) and directed at attempting what education is possible for limited nigger mentality to make them aware of the jew menace, that jews ain’t white, and to have the jews fending off more than just white nationalists.
      jewish psychiatry is truly SICK SICK SICK. and it fucks up millions of otherwise functional white people and turns them into drug dependent chemically lobotomized shells of human beings.
      boycot jew doctors. just say no to a jew doctor.
      let’s send the jew scurrying to whatever hole the jew rat can find to escape to and leave us the fuck alone

    3. Stronza Says:

      Royal Rife’s “discovery” that cancer is caused by a virus – like the claim that “AIDS” is caused by a virus – is typical confusing of association and causation.

    4. A. Smith Says:

      You are correct in that people who do not take good care of themselves are MORE LIKELY to get cancer, however, they do not constitute ALL cancer patients. Moreover, it was believed before germ theory came into existence that no diseases were caused by germs, rather by lifestyle practices such as diet. A new germ theory could lead to breakthroughs in curing diseases, but, as the jew “Maimonides” said, “it is forbidden for a jewish doctor to heal a non-jew, even for payment”. So in the mean time, the best thing we can do is to eat right, excersize, and hope that all stays well. Eating junk food can destablize the mind, as I have experienced. Linda, you could have explained that, in addition to the diabetes, to your 400 lb patient.

    5. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:

      I believe that both Semmelweis and Koch are jews. We’ve always made the mistake of believing some jews were aryans, so they tend to slip through.

      A. Smith wrote:

      “Eating junk food can destablize the mind, as I have experienced. Linda, you could have explained that, in addition to the diabetes, to your 400 lb patient.”

      Perhaps that explains some of the problem (the sugar high and subsequent doldrums) as good nutrition is important for healthy mind and body, but it certainly is not the main reason. The main reason being that lower IQ undisciplined people are more likely to become fat because they do not think ahead and control themselves. Like a nog committing a crime and not thinking — because he’s incapable — to realize his odds of getting away with it were miniscule. Or like our stupid-ass political “leaders” who don’t see that with a massive spic influx we will be genocided in the very country our forefathers created for us. And if you’re not simply stupid about uncontrolled non-white immigration, then you’re deliberately malicious if you allow it to happen. Think about it. Think about everything.

    6. Zoroastro Says:

      Brilliant. Hearing another clear voice that tells it for what it is. I am not anti-science but sometimes I really do believe that the best of our stock comes from some distant star. Whites at their inimitable best are without biological compare. It makes it, of course, more painful to see the contemporary brain-putrefaction among so many of our lesser goody-jeboo-goody degenerated brethren.

    7. A. Smith Says:

      In these listings of jews, Semmelweis (from Budapest) and Koch are nowhere to be found:
      HL Mencken (1001 Quotes by and about Jews) said that the only jews who came close to equaling Darwin, Pasteur and Mendel were Paul Ehrlich, Freud, and Einstein. Ehrlich is now mostly forgotten, Fraud is discredited (except in popular culture and in NYC). That leaves a known plagiarist who lead the development of the weapons which may wipe out the whole civilized world- some accomplishment for “The World’s Smartest People”.
      As for all those Pets winning nobel prizes, consider this: The year before Marshall and Warren, the prize in medicine went to a Jew and a broad who discovered that we can regoginze 10,000 smells. Gee, that’ll REALLY save us from our graves.

    8. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      ‘The Fool of Pest’: An Exchange
      By Sherwin B. Nuland, Reply by Richard Horton
      In response to The Fool of Pest (February 26, 2004)

      To the Editors:

      In his unrestrained zeal to refute my thesis that Ignác Semmelweis was a major contributor to his own personal and scientific downfall, Richard Horton has concocted a review of my book, The Doctors’ Plague: Germs, Childbed Fever, and the Strange Story of Ignác Semmelweis [NYR, February 26], that is a tissue of misapprehensions, error, and distortions.

      Most egregiously misleading is Horton’s fabricated assertion—several times repeated—that Semmelweis was a Jew and therefore “the victim of a deliberate character assassination by a racist, anti-Semitic, anti-scientific, decadent, and murderous medical establishment.” Horton has either conveniently invented the myth of a Jewish Semmelweis or been taken in by our mutual protagonist’s name. The name itself is Swabian, and most assuredly not Jewish. Traceable through parish registers, the identities of Semmelweis’s direct forebears are known, beginning with the birth and baptism of his great-great-grandfather, Gyorgy Semmelweis, in 1670. Like his ancestors, Semmelweis was born and died a Roman Catholic. All of this is described in detail in my book, which Dr. Horton quite obviously chose either not to believe or not to read.

    9. Zoroastro Says:

      Semmelweiss was, I believe Hungarian-Austrian, who worked in Paris in the late 1800 hundreds where he discovered that thousands of people died in those days just because nobody ever thought of washing their hands while dealing with sick people..Simple pure white strike of genius!
      Koch was, unlike former mayor of NYC, not kosher. German jews often simply “borrowed” many german sounding names, e.g. -berg and -stein names. Usually the indicator that you are facing an Ashkenazim Jew of german/austrian descent….

    10. Dave Jones Says:

      Great article, the reference to psychiatry very relevent here in Britain since the kikes are now suggesting that the only way to help sufferers of depression (an almost exclusively white phenomenon if you do the research) is assisted suicide.

      Dear benevolent kind uncle jewie will help us poor white folks top ourselves and end our misery.

      Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/5364400.stm

    11. The Yawning Grave Says:

      Bavarian Gaulieter says: “The main reason being that lower IQ undisciplined people
      are more likely to become fat because they do not think ahead and control themselves.”

      Hey, maybe the low IQ think further ahead than the higher ones: they are looking ahead to everyone’s ultimate destiny: DEATH.
      You think you can put off death forever? Eventually “it goin’ gitcha”. And then it’s all over, baby. And for those of us who do not believe in deities and heavens and hells, there won’t be any memory of having ever existed. So your ultimate destiny is: A BLANK.

      A. Smith says: “The year before Marshall and Warren, the prize in medicine
      went to a Jew and a broad who discovered that we can regoginze 10,000 smells. Gee, that’ll REALLY save us from
      our graves.”

      Hey, nothing is gonna save you from the yawning grave. Eventually, “it goin’ gitcha.” Get used to the fact, and stop this ridiculous desire to want to live forever

    12. Mark Says:

      “Perhaps that explains some of the problem (the sugar high and subsequent doldrums) as good nutrition is important for healthy mind and body, but it certainly is not the main reason. The main reason being that lower IQ undisciplined people are more likely to become fat because they do not think ahead and control themselves.”

      I’ve seen plenty of high IQ fat people. Also seen many low IQ skinny people. It has more to do with body types than IQ. Some people can eat whatever they want and not get fat because of their body type, which has nothing to do with their IQ and ability to delay gratification.

      It’s all about a person’s personal range. Certainly someone who has the ability to be really fat, or has been really fat, and has made lifestyle changes to remain at a very healthy weight has a lot of self discipline, rather than someone who has never had to worry about gaining weight.

      There are different trials for different people. For some it’s weight, for others it’s substance abuse or whatever else.

    13. A. Smith Says:

      Yawning grave,
      you’re absolutely right and i’m wrong. i ain’t gonna live forever and neither are you. i caught my mistake.

    14. A. Smith Says:

      PS I meant EARLY grave

    15. Lutjens Says:

      I don’t go to doctors or dentists. I brush my teeth 2 times a day. When I get sick to the point I can’t function then I’ll go, but in the meantime, camomille tea, Vit C and Aleves work for me. Fuck the doctors and the whole medical community. They are killers and butchers.

    16. Stronza Says:

      Lutjens, you sure summed it up!

      Ok, since we are getting into health details here, I just read in a v. good book (all 750+ pages) by Paul Pitchford, a sensible, lucid, learned and reasonable writer, that drugging could be an unstated motivation behind the fluoridation of water. Yes, I know, all kinds of “nuts” have been saying this for eons, but this author is not a “nut”. I was startled to see him criticize water fluoridation so passionately.

      Prozac is based on the fluoride molecule. Fluorite, a naturally occurring compound of calcium & fluoride, is already used as a formidable tranquilizer in Chinese Trad. Medicine.

      This might explain the strange acceptance by so many North Americans of our “situation” here.

      Fluoride treatment of water is now illegal in 7 European countries. I wonder if we will ever wake up here, or if we are doomed to quietly go to the guillotine, or whatever it is that our superiors have in mind for us.

    17. Lutjens Says:

      water fluoridation…. I have a water softener/filter system in my house…. wonder if it takes that stuff out… I believe it does… I rarely drink any water away from my house and never from a public fountain. But yes, I agree. It’s poisoning the population. The Bolsheviks were good at that – many eastern Europeans lost their lives by drinking water from wells poisoned by those subhumans.

    18. I drink tap water Says:

      i drink tap water, and i’m one hell of a discontent.
      so it ain’t workin’ on me.

    19. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:

      I know that the kikes took and do continue to take Aryan/Gentile names, especially German/Polish, please don’t be so arrogant and condescending. I heard in the past that these individuals Koch and Semmelweis were jews — that’s why I mentioned it. I didn’t say that the names were not jewish. In the past few years I’ve met jews named Brown, Green and Campbell. Campbell! Can you believe it? Either way, don’t underestimate these kikes intelligence (as Sun Tzu would warn) because they’re kicking our ass.


      “I’ve seen plenty of high IQ fat people. Also seen many low IQ skinny people. It has more to do with body types than IQ. Some people can eat whatever they want and not get fat because of their body type, which has nothing to do with their IQ and ability to delay gratification. ”

      You need to generalize and not focus on the exceptions. VERY FEW high IQ people are FAT. Go to any trailer park or welfare office and tell me that the percentages of fatties is not related to IQ. My experience tells me that it is. I work with high IQ people and see 1 fatty for every 100. I go to low IQ areas with blacks and others and see a higher percentage. Nuff said.

    20. The Yawning Grave Says:


      if you’re a man, you inseminate white women, make them have babies, and take care of woman and children.
      that’s in your 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s, possibly 50’s.

      if you’re a woman, your eggs are fresh in your 20’s to mid 30’s. after that, your eggs start rotting, big time. your kids end up with down’s syndrome and retardation and shit.
      so you get fucked and make babies in your 20’s and early 30’s, raise them.

      after that, people, who cares if you live to be a 100? you did your duty. you prolonged the race.
      would you live forever?
      in the mean time, since it’s all gonna end anyway, don’t give a flying fuck about what anyone thinks.
      tell everyone, scream it from the rooftops: FUCK THE JEW!
      and fuck him any way you can.
      you’re gonna die anyway!
      so who gives a fuck

    21. jimbo Says:

      i’d heard of Royal Rife’s ‘frequency treatment’ for cancer but i think the idea the cancer is caused by a virus(what virus?)
      has pretty well been khyboshed…..that said: it doesn’t preclued Royal Rife’s treatment being efficacious for what-ever reason
      (and, certainly, more beneficient than ‘radiation therapy’…which, AFAI can see: is basically equivalent to standing near a nuclear blast!)
      from the material i’v read, cancer would seem to be basically a ‘vitamin deficiency’ disease rather like scurvy!; with: the vitamin in question being Vitamin B17 (or: Laetrile as it is colloquially known)
      the extensive work of G Edward Griffin and others seems to prove this;
      the most common form of B17 is apricot kernels although there are numerous other sources, of course

      my under-standing of the actual physiological mechanism is that:
      i/healthy cells can metabolise B17(which contains a certain amount of Cyanide…in the form of the molecule/protein: ‘isothiocyanate’….which is then excreted from the body as per the normal processes);
      ii/most common cancer cells lack the specific enzyme necessary to ‘neutralise’ isothiocyanate;
      iii/when the isothiocyanate reaches the cancer cells, the Cyandie component kills them!

      some more stuff here

    22. Stronza Says:

      Tk you for that link to “some more stuff”, Jimbo. Does anyone here remember Gaston Naessens of Quebec and his 714X injections as cancer treatment? I wonder what became of him.

      I would not doubt that some of these unapproved cancer treatments work in some cases, but, as usual, if it doesn’t appear in the daily newspaper in a positive light – why, then it just doesn’t exist and never happened.

      In any case – at least the treatments don’t kill you and leave you looking skeletal, hairless, nailless and toothless (the effects of heavy chemo).

    23. Alfred Holden Says:

      We have a motto here at BARNYARD HEALTH CLINIC, “where sheep may safely graze”. Our assiduous staff reminds one of the refrain: “Blessed are the Meek, for they see Heaven”. And indeed, many do.

      I have a suggestion for your readers: mad barking dogs are not user-friendly. Know Thyself. Get a grip. Acquire knowledge and an understanding regarding your sacred body, and the energy that surrounds it. Understand the process of healing, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Actualize every day,

      Stop Komplaining and Kvetching. Be prepared. Heal Thyself.

    24. whiteskelet Says:

      “Royal Rife, a self-taught German Aryan from Nebraska, discovered that cancer is caused by a virus that can be killed through a radiant frequency. http://www.royalrife.com. ”

      Is this a way to discredit this site?

    25. rife with hate Says:

      i bet royal rife WAS on to something, since big jew used every jew device he could muster to squash the poor fellow.

      when an aryan is persecuted by big jew establishment, i figure he must have something important to offer that big jew doesn’t want.

    26. sgruber Says:

      Sorry to be late with this, but here is a RIVETING article (prepare to be very angered by what it reveals):

    27. Stronza Says:

      And while you’re there at Bob Wallace’s collection of articles, have a look at Professional Paranoic Philip Roth’s dismemberment of Charles Lindbergh:


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