14 September, 2006


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If you think ignorance is expensive, try college.

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  7. 19 Responses to “Lines”

    1. unedgeekated nigga Says:

      IT BE RACISM that don’t let no niggaz wiffout no edgeekation bein airoplane pilots!

      IT BE RACISM that unedgeekated niggaz don’t be no brain surgeons!


      Let all the doctors just be doctors, and so on…

    2. I Says:

      Every young white nationalist NEEDS to take “CLEP Tests”.

      They are tests you can take that cost only about $50 for 3 or even 6 credits!!

      I found out when it was too late, but I took a test and to my surprise, it counted as 6 credits, all from taking a test I already knew the answers to!!!

      (sort of like Jeopardy general knowledge questions for the test I took)

      Would you rather spend thousands of dollars and months of boredom and jew brainwashing or take a test for 1 hour???

    3. Johnny Rotten Says:

      No shit! Since Im white and came from a middle class family, (you know…white privelege and all), i couldnt get grants for school so I had to resort to loans. Well, since I had to work to pay for other things and loans only covered so much i had to drop out of a tech school….. 7 years later Im delivering pizzas while my former classmates with their bullshit degrees make bank working NY city for some big shot company. However, I feel that not having been brainwashed in a traditional university im all the better for it. Just wish people tipped better.

    4. Carpenter Says:

      Yes, college teaches ignorance – in the social sciences. Yes, a college education is a waste – in the social sciences. Not in the natural sciences. They are the stuff White Tech is made of.

      Too often, WNs talk about the social sciences as “college,” as if math had never been discovered and exploited.

    5. Scipio Americanus Says:

      Thirty years ago, a person attended college to receive a high school education. Today, they attend it to receive a sixth grade education.
      Actually, given the Judeo-Marxist propoganda dished out at these so called institutions of higher education, I think using the term “education” needs to be dropped outright. Institutions of lower living should be employed instead as this best describes the conditions on university campuses.

    6. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Technical & scientific education is still worth pursuing. Generally the giants of 19th century European science wouldn’t have pissed on a jew if he was on fire!

      In the 1930’s the WN German scientist Johannes Stark was asked what he thought of the latest theory of relativity. Without a moments hesitation he relpied…..”I am not interested in jewish science”.

      Also in our spare time we can read history from a WN perspective, something impossible to do in a “liberal arts” college.

    7. I Says:

      What’s with Glenn Miller advertising David Duke and NOT VNN on his radio ads?

    8. Terry W. Phillips Says:

      My son is a biology major with a minor in math and another in organic chemistry. He’s on track for med. school so the social science crapola hasn’t been an issue. Yet. But, he’s very racially aware, and is a bright young White Nationalist so he is as prepared as a kid can get.

      Here in Florida there is a merit based program called ‘Bright Futures’ scholarships. Florida also has a prepaid tuition program that parents can pay into over time and the tuition price is locked in at whatever it is at the time you sign onto the program.

      There are also dual enrollment programs wherein an advanced high school student can take college courses at a nearby community college while completing high school. A hard working young person can actually finish high school and go straight into university as a sophomore

      If a young person is really bright, works hard and slams the grades, they can actually have small but significant monetary income while going to college in state and if they live at home.

      And I absolutely agree with what others here have said. Keep our young White people as far away from social sciences as possible.

    9. alex Says:

      That sounds good, Terry. Utah had a similar thing – I took some language classes at Univ. of Utah while in high school. The point is not that all college education isn’t worth it, but that you are BUYING A PRODUCT, and must judge it as you would any other. There’s a mystique associated with ‘college education’ — still — that is wholly undeserved. You will get a better liberal arts education, for free, by reading VNN and following up the links, and thinking through the ideas we present, than you will by majoring in history or English in the ivy league. I saw a great quote from Mark Twain the other day, which pertains to college/liberal-arts-today as well as the direct object of his criticism. “If you don’t read the paper, you’re uninformed. If you do, you’re misinformed.” As I’ve written, public schools exist to spread lies before experience can teach truth. Poisoning the minds of the young is job one for the state. You have to pay for this poisoning through property taxes, but you don’t have to subject your children to the poison. As in any other transaction, you must make sure that what you receive is worth more than what you exchange for it.

      Great to hear about your child, Terry! Good luck to him, and to all of our readers’ families.

    10. Terry W. Phillips Says:

      Thanks, Alex. I couldn’t agree more about being aware of the package you’re buying into when you send your son or daughter into the belly of the beast still known as “college”. That is why preparing your kid for what they are going to face before they get there is of ultimate importance.

      Providing an anchor that a young person can depend on is so critical. And, its so easy to do because it is the natural order of things: kith, kin, and kind. His family, his relatives, his race. With this simple formula the child knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, who he is and what he is and it connects him to the greater whole of his people. It has to start when he’s still at his mother’s breast and the both of them wrapped in the arms of the father. Family. Family extended, is race.

      My son reads VNN’s main page every day. VNN helps to stack bricks of knowledge on the foundation his mother and I have laid for him creating a wall the zoglodyte influences smash against like bugs. In addition I’ve always made the classics of Western thought and literature available for him in our family library.

      Its easy to get down in the dumps about the way things are, but I tell you, when I look into the striking blue eyes of my son and see the Aryan warrior he has become, it gives me hope and takes away any urge to give up. We have to keep fighting, as White men we have no choice. It about family.

    11. Hey Terry Says:

      hey terry:

      try to steer your kid into that organic chemistry thing, maybe even making bio weapons for the government.

    12. ALFRED HOLDEN Says:

      Education is essential. The purpose of an education is the transformation of knowledge and practice that enables the individual to develop his/her specific self-interest.

      Why all the self-depreciation over college? Use the academic institutions to enable your productive and creative powers. Learn argumentative reasoning and acquire insight through a good liberal arts background. Read and study the great body of literature and textbooks that are available.

      Stop kvetching and komplaining. Stand up and use your intelligence to better our planet. Stop whining about others. Be someone. Life is about YOU!

    13. alex Says:

      Excellent, Terry! I think you have to teach your kid directly and personally, regardless of his ‘official’ schooling, about money and media. I consider a parent’s duty to instruct his child on where money comes from, where it goes, how it can be used for and against him. And also, to show him directly and repeatedly who attempts to manipulate him through the mass-media, and to what ends.

    14. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:

      Good on you, Terry!

      I recently took a history course at a major AmeriKwan university. First day of class, female “professor” shows a list of definitions for the word “history” by quoting men along with slides of their portraits or photographs and says, “You see why I call history the study of dead white men?” and that’s a bad thing of course. It must be changed. Never mind that half the historians quoted were kikes. Or that white men MAKE history and that when our women participate they are not overlooked by our historians.

      Later in the course I asked why recent “historians” are putting out books about “new theories” of certain events when another author and true expert on the subject, let’s call him Dr S, had already put these matters to bed, and furthermore, that in the past 40 years since he wrote his work nothing’s changed dramatically enough to alter his findings. Her answer: don’t read older historians because they are wrong! I kid you not. Her response should at least been logical to the point of suggesting that Dr S is incorrect on this according to so-and-so or due to a new piece of evidence “X”. Or how about the more intelligent approach of read Dr S as well as others and make up your own mind. No. It was “Do not read Dr S!” And she was emphatic about it, later ostracizing me when she realized I wasn’t receptive to her reply.

      Such is the state of the social “sciences” in the Kwa.

    15. Terry W. Phillips Says:

      Thanks, BG.

      Your post reminds me of a conversation I had a few years ago with the man who was my American History teacher in high school. The old boy is dead now, but I swear, when he was teaching he was one of the best. For instance, one thing he taught that really stuck with me was that learning history, or any other subject for that matter, is like being an investigator. You have to go to many sources and find the truth because so much of what is presented as truth, is in fact, opinion, and you have to learn to do it yourself.

      In our last conversation, he told me that he was very disturbed by the trends in teaching he was seeing. With political correctness in the forefront of everything, teachers were telling students what to think and not teaching them how to learn.

      That simple comment just floored me because it so describes the many facets of the cultural Marxism that rules our jew screwed culture. That is the very tool that is being used to dumb down our people in schools and out.

      It is the absolute duty of parents to arm their children against the stupefication waiting for them when they go out of the White family home. The family has to be the core educational unit. That is why the family is antithesis to our current cultural norms and is so targeted for destruction by the zoglodytes.

    16. alex Says:

      Par for the course these days. I certainly saw some of that in college. We had one sit-in female-minority prof, who claimed, if I recall, that 100 million Indians had been killed by White colonists. I asked her where she got the numbers and got a nasty, meaningless response. They just lie. It all follows the jew pattern. Lie and get away with it is as good as honest research and attempts to convey the facts.

      I think women in particular make perfect PC because a lot of them have really shitty characters – they’re mediocre. PC works because it is undemanding. All you have to do is show up, and as long as you still have your vagina or melanin, you’re cool. Just repeat the going line and you can’t go wrong. Women seek environments in which they feel comfortable, and that means other women who think the same way, no one too demanding or pushy. Women don’t like disagreement, they fall out over petty personal stuff when they’re in a group. Principles? Maybe one in a hundred thinks at that level.

      As Florence King said, when an institution is dominated by women, it is a sign that its golden age is over.

    17. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “. . .that 100 million Indians had been killed by White colonists. .”

      Another blatant lie! The actual figure is 600 million. . .

    18. Terry's Boy Says:

      Steer your boy towards bio-weapon research.
      I’ve heard weapons are being developed by governments that target specific races.
      We need to be on top of this…

    19. Scipio Americanus Says:

      alex Says: “As Florence King said, when an institution is dominated by women, it is a sign that its golden age is over.”

      Damn skippy! The golden age of civilization is marked by the masculine spirit and decline and death are marked by the feminine. We are in the last stages and I’m afraid there is no way to reverse course. That is actually good because this rotten, filthy cesspool of a society needs to go “bye-bye” — sooner rather than later.

      ALFRED HOLDEN Says:” Education is essential. The purpose of an education is the transformation of knowledge…”

      Yes, but today’s universities, for the most part, are nothing more than Marxist-feminist-egalitarian-multicultural propaganda organs designed to wipe the mind clean of rational thought/knowledge and fill it with destructive dogma. Of course, I’m speaking primarily of the social sciences and humanities. The physical sciences are much better, but they too are being corrupted simply by lowering the standards of entry to make room for more excrement colored “diversity”. And yes, I speak from experience as a college graduate who has studied at three large “cosmopolitan” universities — the University of Cincinnati, Cornell University, and the University of Michigan.