3 September, 2006

MAYNARD: al-Qaeda, or Adam Pearlman

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The Media Calls him Al Qaeda, but his Jewish Father Calls Him Adam Pearlman

By Curt Maynard

The CNN article[1] is entitled “American al Qaeda: U.S. should convert to Islam,” and if that wasn’t scary enough the article then quotes one of the speakers on the alleged “Al Qaeda” tape, a Jew named Adam Pearlman, “We invite all Americans and believers to Islam, whatever their role and status in Bush and Blair’s world order…Decide today, because today could be your last day.” The article then quotes an alleged “expert,” on Al Qaeda and terrorism, a woman named Laura Mansfield, who says, “the time reference could indicate an attack is near. Muslims believe that non-believers should be given a chance to convert before they are attacked.” Booga booga!

What the CNN article never mentions is that Adam Gadhn, or “Azzam the American,” as the media likes to refer to him, is in reality a Jew from California named Adam Pearlman. I’m not kidding reader, I’m as serious as a heart attack: Azzam the American is a Jew. CNN isn’t the only negligent news agency, not a single one of the television networks has mentioned Gadahn’s/Pearlman’s pedigree, not one. The only news sources I am aware of that mentioned the fact that “Azzam the American” is Jewish were the L.A. Times and the Washington Post, and then only in the most cryptic manner.

According to Xymphora, a very credible Internet blog that cited/sourced the Times and Post articles, the Times noted in a “characteristically coy” manner:

“In 1995, at 17, Adam Gadahn moved out of the family’s Winchester home, his father said, because ‘he wanted out of the country and wanted to be in the city,’ where he lived with relatives in Garden Grove.”[2]

Xymphora then presents what are referred to as the details of the case – who exactly those relatives were. Details provided by the Washington Post but ignored by the L.A. Times.

“While living with his grandparents in suburban Santa Ana, he made his first trip to the nearby mosque in 1995. He introduced himself as Yahya – the Arabic name for John the Baptist, revered as a great prophet in Islam.”

That’s right reader, Gadahn/Pearlman’s “relatives” were actually his grandparents. Now here’s the interesting part, Pearlman’s grandfather was a sitting board member on the Anti-Defamation League, a notoriously anti-Gentile organization that has historically attacked anything and everything that could in any way be considered Christian, wholesome, virtuous, honorable, etc… The ADL is the primary force behind the assault on Mel Gibson.[3] Anytime anyone utters anything that could in any way be perceived as less than pro-Jewish, Abraham Foxman, the director of the ADL, immediately orchestrates a smear campaign designed to force an apology, and to keep the onlooking goyim in fear that they’ll be the next target, no matter how innocuous their remarks.

In a past essay I noted:

“In reality, the ADL is nothing more than a political arm of organized world Zionism. It is essentially an organization that is designed to smear the reputation of those that dare question the motives of Zionism and often, individual Zionists acting out of sheer selfishness or on behalf of their co-ethnics. The ADL has the ear of government, the judiciary and law enforcement, it has managed to insert itself in these venues by claiming to represent the underdog, which is generally understood to mean minorities in our present day and age… The ADL engages in defamation, in fact it has mastered the art of defamation – it can and does defame anyone that attempts to bring attention to issues that organized Zionism wants kept under wraps. Interestingly, Foxman and the ADL aren’t in the least bit hesitant to engage in this type of disingenuous behavior, in fact they do so in the open, relying on the media, which is disproportionately owned, operated and managed by Jewish Zionists to convey to the world the ADL’s goal while at the same time suppressing the League’s defamatory techniques.”[4]

Nothing has changed of course, the media continues its subterfuge, that is why Adam Gadahn’s true background remains unknown to the vast majority of Americans, the media refuses to tell viewers that Adam Gadahn, “Azzam the American,” is in reality a Californian Jew with a penchant for “death metal,” music[5] that just happened to “convert,” to Islam, and become an important player in Al Qaeda, so important in fact, that Al Qaeda’s number Two, Ayman al-Zawahiri himself, introduces “Azzam the American,” in the latest Al Qaeda taped threat.[6]

Wake up America, you’re being lied to.

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    1. Craig Cobb Says:

      Pearlman’s grandfather was a sitting board member on the Anti-Defamation League…

      Hey, what happened to the $10,000,000 reward? It was there before.

    2. Craig Cobb Says:


    3. Sickle Cell Anemia Says:

      Oh,the irony of a KIKE being a big shot in the Muhammadan death cult-but not really. The fuckin’ idiot Muslims(redundant) are full of agent provocateurs like Pearlman…Wake up America,the Muslims are just tools of the infernal JEWS.

    4. van helsing Says:

      Are the muzzies watching?

    5. John Wilkes Booth Says:

      What would you think of a nation of people where the majority race allows their female grade school, high school children and college students to dress like prosititutes? What would you think of a nation where males of the majority race believe that it is cool and socially fashionable to affect the mannerisms, slang, and garb of nigger savages? What would you think of a nation where the majority race allows and even participates in the deracination of its heritage? No wonder adam perelman can appear in a video that denigrates and condemns the society in which he exists. The muslims do not hate us because of our “freedoms,” they hate us because we have become decadent and impotent. Multiculturalism, diversity, illegal aliens, and abortion are just some of the elements of that decadence. Wake up white people, join the White Race while there is still a White Race to join.