18 September, 2006

MAYNARD: The Anti-Fascism Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

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By Curt Maynard

I’ll be darned if Sean Penn didn’t say something the other night on CNN’s Larry King Live that made a great deal of sense. As a rule Mr. Penn and I don’t see eye to eye on many things, but I couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised to see Penn, the son of a Jewish father and Irish Catholic mother catch Larry King momentarily off guard when he quoted the old Kingfish Huey Long. Penn said, “Well, in 1932 Huey Long said something very interesting. It was, ‘Fascism will come to America, but likely under another name, perhaps anti-fascism.’” The look on King’s face was priceless, for a moment he was speechless, he finally managed a few words just before going to a commercial break, “We’ll dwell on that for a minute,” he said with a perplexed look on his face.

Of course King never returned to that particular comment, nope, something like that hits way too close to home. For the better part of fifty years Larry King [born Lawrence Harvey Zeiger] has done his absolute best to convince Americans that “anti-Fascism” is the heart of the greatest American ideal, that as the polar opposite of fascism it must always be good, whereas fascism is always bad, and should forever be equated with Hitler, the Nazis and of course the holocaust. And in one unguarded moment, this half-Jewish co-ethnic of King’s goes and gives the whole thing away, on national television, honestly noting that there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference between two types of totalitarianism, even if the current perpetrator may have once been its victim.

What difference does it really make if one’s ideas and inherent right to express them are suppressed openly as they might be under a so-called “fascist system,” or covertly as they are in our current system, which likes to masquerade as a government with the greatest respect for its constituencies civil and constitutional rights, a modern democracy it likes to refer to itself as, but yet when it comes to expressing an idea that doesn’t jibe with the status quo’s view of things, suppression and persecution are in order. It happens every day in the United States, Canada and Europe. If someone takes a stand and the ruling elite doesn’t like it, that individual will be made to pay a stiff price, to serve as an example to others, often this happens with the full support and collusion of the misinformed public. In Europe they throw people in prison for questioning certain aspects of the holocaust – don’t believe me? Perhaps you should do a google search on Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Germar Rudolf, Siegfried Verbeke, Horst Mahler, Sylvia Stolz, and hundreds of others. Canada’s approach is slightly different, but with the same results, instead of charging historical revisionists with “defaming the memory of the dead,” as they do in Europe, they charge them criminally with a “hate crime,” or drag them into the courts and force them to engage in expensive litigation to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. The alleged modern democratic nation of Canada held one historical nonconformist, Ernst Zundel, in solitary isolation, in a maximum security institution no less, for two years without charging him with a crime, just because he dared to question a few details associated with a relatively brief moment in time, when time itself is considered in its totality, the years 1939 through 1945, and what really happened during those years in Nazi Germany.

Any relatively intelligent and inquisitive person might wonder about some of these details too – for example, six million Jews allegedly died during the holocaust. Initially, four million of these Jews were said to have been gassed to death at Auschwitz. For decades a plaque commemorating their deaths sat on the Auschwitz grounds for all to see. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Popes and Ambassadors paid homage to it, diligently pointing out during their photo-op the dangers of fascism. The plaque read “Four million people suffered and died here at the hands of the Nazi murderers.” Today a different plaque commemorates those that died at Auschwitz; the old sign was quietly replaced in 1990. The new one claims that “about one and a half million men, women and children,” were killed by the Nazis. I’m not a mathematician, but I do know there is a numerical difference of two and a half million between four million and one and a half million. The Zionists know it too, but the difference between them and Ernst Zundel, is that the Zionists don’t want you to know about the change in plaques and Zundel does. It is for this reason that Zundel was illegally arrested in the United States on the pretext of a missed immigration hearing. It is for this reason that Zundel, a white European Christian, without any history of criminal behavior or terrorism, was illegally deported, without due process, from the United States and held in a Canadian maximum security prison without any criminal charge as a “threat to Canada’s National Security.” Can you believe his case is really this petty and simple? Can you? Well it is, it’s just that simple, Zundel questions certain aspects of a story that doesn’t add up, and for that reason and no other he now sits in a German prison facing five additional years. The charge he faces in Germany, i.e. “defaming the memory of the dead,” has a five-year sentence attached to it and the so-called modern democratic German government doesn’t intend to give him any credit for the three and a half years he’s already spent languishing in prison. Talk about vicious – it’s all about making an example of Zundel, albeit cryptically, but it still amounts to the same thing – an attempt to frighten any other dissidents or skeptics into silence, fascist principles to be sure, doled out by our so-called modern anti-fascist governments.

In what has become the normalcy of our modern schizophrenic approach to democracy, we believe we can force other nations to embrace the “democratic process,” but when they actually exercise those princliples and elect rulers our government doesn’t like, our government then believes the results should be null and void – in other words democracy is only good if the people democratically elect representatives our government approves of. If that isn’t a schizophrenic view, I don’t know what is. The very same thing happened in Germany after the Second World War, but the Americans found a much more willing and compliant group of people in Europe than they are finding in the Middle East at present. A perfect example of this logic, or lack thereof, at work can be seen in a recent Reuters article by Erik Kirschbaum entitled “Far Right Wins Seats in German Assembly.” Without so much as noting the irony associated with his article, Kirschbaum details the fact that the far right in Germany “won 7.2 percent of the vote in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a northeastern state on the Baltic Sea which borders Poland,” in a democratic election. In the very next sentence Kirschbaum quotes “Dieter Graumann, vice president of the Central Council for Jews in Germany, who told Reuters, “The [German] government must look for ways to impose a ban,” on the political party that the German people had just democratically elected.

As noted above, Kirschbaum doesn’t even attempt to tone down Graumann’s obviously undemocratic statement, he just puts it out there for all to see, but he does it in such a way as to hide its true implications, which is that democracy is great as long as you elect who the Zionists want you to elect. Unlike the Iraqi people and their democratically elected government, which apparently cannot be cowed, there is a distinct possibility that the German government will outlaw or ban its competitors, damn the voters, they have attempted it before, as evidenced by Kirschbaum’s article, in which he notes that Jewish groups intended to call upon the “federal government to renew its bid to ban the party after a previous attempt failed.”

So in the name of anti-fascism, because the German far right is perceived to be fascist, the anti-fascists are more than willing to embrace fascist principles in order to deprive the German people of their democratic right to elect their own representatives – now if that isn’t twisted and downright undemocratic, I don’t know what is.

Wake up America, you are being deceived. Fascism HAS arrived in America, and the rest of the western world, and it IS parading about as anti-Fascism, just as Huey Long predicted seventy-four years ago.


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  7. 15 Responses to “MAYNARD: The Anti-Fascism Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

    1. ole næss Says:

      What was so bad with fascist germany?
      what`s so good about democratic elections?

      Why equate the situation in america now with nazi-germany.

    2. jimbo Says:

      except that the ‘fascism’ currently ‘in vogue’ is not ‘fascism’ as historically under-stood!

      ‘historical fascism’ could be more accurately termed: ‘racial socialism’

      and that term involves all the attitudes & beliefs now associated with White Nationalism

      once again, the ‘usual suspects’ alter the meaning of words in order to control the terms of the debate!

    3. Curt Maynard Says:

      The article isn’t meant to “criticize” Germany, in fact it never mentions Germany [or Hitler for that matter] in any critical way. In my 38 years of life I have never heard a consistent definition of the word “fascism,” it means different things to different people at different times. Ole Naess is right, democracy has proven to be a failure. Most Americans, including myself, have only just recently come to this conclusion. Goebbels’ labeled it a dismal failure more than seventy years ago. Today, I can see that he was right. Seven years ago, I would have said it [democracy], and a Constitutional government could be salvaged with enough “sacrifice.” Today, I no longer believe that.

      A “fascist” government under the Jews would be an unmitigated disaster for everyone, yet that is what we essentially have here in the United States today, a totalitarian government led by Jews [Zionists for the faint of heart]. ZOG cannot yet rule openly [meaning that the majority must not be aware of the true extent of their power], but the time is drawing nearer. What can save us? Most probably [assuredly] a fascist [totalitarian] government led by white anti-Zionists, aware of the history and thus intentions of organized Jewry.

      Lastly, the article was in no way meant to compare our world today with “Nazi germany.” This is a mistake that many people are making – there is no real comparison. Modern American’s aren’t pre 1939 Germans, the Jews have had an additional 66 years to dumb us down. Our great grandfathers were well aware of the intrigues of Jewry, today we consider our own ancestors to have been unenlightened and foolish. Our contemporary Kosher “fascist” state is literally run by Jews, Hitler excluded them from government, academia, sciences, various professions, finance, and for good reason – we can today see that very reason in modern American society [look around].

      Another point worth mentioning in this article is that we should take heart in the fact that things may well be looking up. Consider what it means when a uber-liberal like Sean Penn [1/2 Jew too] has come to see that “anti-fascism,” [the alleged polar opposite of fascism] is in fact a wolf in sheeps clothing. If you would have told me a decade ago that Sean Penn would come to make this distinction one day, I never would have believed you.

    4. Name Says:

      ole says “why equate the situation in america with nazi germany.”(sic)

      He’s correct – the present situation in the USA should be equated with Weimar Germany, and not National Socialist Germany.

      Weimar had to “happen” to “make straight the paths” for the National Socialists, just as the coming, er, “economic downturn” (read f***ing CRASH) will make the paths straight for true reformers here.

      The only problem with this current “Weimar” scenario is that American National Socialists do not have:

      a) a real plan
      b) a real political party
      c) any knowledge of the existence of National Socialism in the average lemming’s brain
      d) a true leader
      e) any mainstream media to speak of

      So to take full advantage of the coming, uh, “downturn,” American National Socialists had better “get it together,” and I mean like NOW.

      Otherwise, say good-bye to any chance again, ever. The “powers that be” will round up, rape, pillage, and execute anyone who dares defy them after the crash. They have the guns, money and police to do it. The time to ACT politically is NOW, if the American NS is to have any chance for power in the coming “days of tribulation.”

    5. Doug Wulfram Says:

      Name makes a very good point in bringing up the ‘tribulation’ idea that the judeo-Christians pound into their own (and possible converts) on a daily/weekly basis. They are setting us up for the big fall. It is all becoming clearer now. Self-prophecy is being made because it is DIRECTED in that way.

      This all may as well just be one BIG epic production in the making. Time does grow short.

    6. Olde Dutch Says:

      As far as government goes—you get what you pay for.

      In the US the jews are now contributing over half of the money to both political parties by prudent estimate. Maybe even more political money is contributed by the jews if you consider jew owned & controlled corporations.

      There are a lot more of us than there are of them, but, we must understand that we must contribute in order to advance our causes.

    7. Shabbos Shabazz Says:


      This site claims Nazism originated in America.

    8. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:


      Thanks for writing your articles! You’re good. Please continue writing. You said:

      “In my 38 years of life I have never heard a consistent definition of the word “fascism,” it means different things to different people at different times.”

      Here’s an article on VNN that mentions “fascism” and “totalitarianism” if you haven’t read it.



    9. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re Name:
      Some good points made.
      We are all trying to make educated guesses. I seems to me that the “inevitable” economic crash is the last thing the jew power elite wants. They want to lull us into hypnotic obeisance as they push forward their demographic and cultural changes. A crash would serve as a wake-up call. The last thing they want is White America awake and vengeful.

      If the jews succeed in turning North America into a third world breeding colony, at that point they will collapse the house of cards.

      In the meantime we can rely on the jew’s arrogance and hubris to turn events favourable to us.

      These are exciting times for us. Forget about the national level. Let’s concentrate on forming a bedrock of local ‘leaderless resistance’ cells.

    10. whiteskelet Says:

      I agree 100% with the article except for the use of ‘Zionists’ instead of ‘Jews’. That’s not the same thing.

    11. Lutjens Says:

      Fascism… no such thing, kinda like sexual harrassment.

      Thailand has a new government now. Well done!


    12. van helsing Says:

      The form of totalitarianism, if jews are still around, that comes to complete fruition here…

      will actually ape many aspects of fascism, certainly until the guns are grabbed. this is because we have lots of laws and adherence to the laws is actually high.

      but obviously it will be communism, and jewish, based on the fact that the majority, although shrinking, will be punished. THAT would not happen under actual “american” fascism.

      communisn is jewish fascism.

    13. Mati The Estonian Says:

      Lets be honest there – we do not now yet about Thai new gov. it might be a kike plot …

    14. Craig Cobb Says:

      Curt Maynard, would you like to come on Goyfire?

    15. van helsing Says:

      Since our media approved of it, i tend to trust in the story that since the guy paid off all debt and thailand was debtfree, the bankers wanted him out.