8 September, 2006

More Video Clips for Nationalists

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[Clips provided by Max Hadden]

Fox News coverage of rioting against the National Socialist Movement in Toledo .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVJRpMK-aTo

Jewish Defense League in hysterics outside of court.


Former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky discusses brainwashing Jewish kids and the subject of loyalty.


Explains the Jewish role in the “Russian”, actually Jewish Bolshevik, Revolution. Note: Clip is from the truthtellers.org website.


Father O’Connor explains some little discussed aspects of WW2.


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  7. 9 Responses to “More Video Clips for Nationalists”

    1. alex Says:


      I thoroughly enjoyed the white nationalist videos that you have been posting. Please post more. Also, do you archive them on VNN? Does Solar General have them?


    2. alex Says:

      The links are archived under video here on the blog. If youtube shows a disposition to eliminate these types of links, we will archive them in full on VNN. We may do that anyway. Solar General, you’d have to ask Malleus.


    3. alex Says:

      In any case, rest assured that Max Hadden has them and will resupply them to us should youtube erase them.

    4. predator2prey Says:

      If it’s pro-white it’s alright. I’m glad VNN doesn’t have a problem showing clips of the nsm like some other unmentionable right wing “white nationalist” web sites do. Everyone’s got their own trip and if a group is supporting the 14 words, support them or get out of the way. People need to start being held accountable for the slander they spew…

    5. alex Says:

      We’re trying to be BIG, and we encourage others to join us. That means, at the least don’t fuck with others on our side. That ought to be obvious to all, but isn’t. Otherwise, WN devolves into squabbling, mutually suspicious sects, run by corrupt, pussy-n-pelf chasing humonkeys, like low-level Protestant Christianity.

    6. alex Says:

      That in no way implies refraining from making sharp distinctions between us and them. For instance, AmRen is NOT white nationalism, nor is CCC, no matter what their leaders claim.

      If you don’t name the jew, you aren’t White Nationalist.

    7. Sickle Cell Anemia Says:

      Alex’s point of “naming the Jew” is definitely the key to finding out if someone really UNDERSTANDS the problems we face. Every white with a brain is pissed about niggers/spics moving in/ruining their neighborhood,but we need them to realize that the KIKES ARE COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE for the invasion,not the muds. It’s ZOG warfare at it’s most base…

    8. alex Says:

      Whites were forced at gunpoint to mix their children with niggers, whom the jews called their “equals.” This has destroyed public education. Dumbed-down, frightened, brainwashed white kids? Just what the jew ordered. This is loxism, and its end is genocide.


    9. Carpenter Says:

      Yes, the NSM name the Jew. And infighting is bad. But it just has to be said, that dressing up in uniforms from a hated army, and an army you have never served in at that, is not good but extremely bad for our cause. The Jews love the NSM. And don’t say we mustn’t criticize those who name the Jew; Alex Linder has criticized those who ran the NA into the ground numerous times.