20 September, 2006

More Videos for White Nationalists

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Fox News Coverage of Toledo Riot (#2)

Fox News coverage of rioting at a National Socialist Movement (NSM) demonstration in Toledo, Ohio.


Falsehoods and subversion in America

Explains how propaganda about “anti-Semitism” in Soviet Union was not true, FDR & Socialism, and Jewish spies in America.


Yuri Bezmenov on KGB interest in yoga, brainwashing

Former KGB agent and Soviet defector Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov explains why the KGB was interested in yoga. (Note: This was taped in 1984)


Fr O’Connor on Zionism and the war on terror

Father John O’Connor discusses the history of Zionism in the Middle East, the Palestinians and the WTC attacks.


Introduction to the Frankfurt School story

A brief introduction to the Frankfurt School by William Rolen.


Introduction to Leon Degrelle’s Waffen SS lecture

Introduction to Leon Degrelle prior to the general giving a lecture about the Waffen SS.


Bezmenov on demoralization

Former KGB agent and Soviet defector Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov explains Communist psychological warfare methods and results.


Fr O’Connor on FDR’s treachery

Father John O’Connor discusses Pearl Harbor and FDR’s love of Communism.


Gregory Douglas on German concentration camps, Auschwitz

Researcher Gregory Douglas discusses his discovery regarding the number of deaths in German concentration camps in WW2 including Auschwitz.


The plight of the Palestinians

A poignant piece portraying the plight of the Palestinians.


Ted Pike on the ADL

Ted Pike and wife Rebecca discuss the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith with quotes from the US Congressional Record including John Rarick and Senator Jack Tenney.


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  7. 10 Responses to “More Videos for White Nationalists”

    1. Il Duce Says:

      Good video clips . Bezmenov on demoralization Pretty much sum-ups the sorry state of the Kwa. How many times I’ve heard “apathy” The onslaught in America has lasted more than 20 years of perversion-drugs-degenerate music-worship of money- equality ect.

      We are in a state of chaos. When order prevails, nothing is to be gained from the Jew-screw. Good night and good luck.

    2. Myles Says:

      Re: Fox News Coverage of Toledo Riot (#2)

      Jesus, listen to that Fox News slut make excuse after excuse after pathetic excuse for those niggers rioting in Toledo.

      The sun never sets on a day that I don’t see some white woman making abject apologies for the animalistic behavior of the nigger animal. The Jews dug our grave, but our women are burying us.

    3. Thoughtcrime Says:

      Female Fox News Reporter:

      “it’s all very disturbing, but HEY! at least the nigs aren’t attacking each other!…AND as a much less important sidenote, they’re just attacking and looting buildings, which as you know is not very important and to make the point further, the local police are allowing them to do it by just standing back and allowing the situation to diffuse itself. the police WERE going to use teargas, but when it was realized that the nigs were, again, just attacking and looting some probably derelict buildings, well, it’s just understandable that those poor repressed people would have to attack SOMETHING, especially since those WHITE EVIL NEONAZIS were scaring them! so don’t worry, nothing to see here, it’s all under control….”

    4. Videos, Please! Says:

      Will SOMEONE put these very useful videos on some kind of fucking downloadable format, for CHRIST’S SAKE!

    5. cygnet Says:

      “Videos, Please!”: if you have Firefox, try the extension “UnPlug”. It will do what you want by giving you download links to all the embedded video on a page.

    6. cygnet Says:

      ….and if you don’t have Firefox, get it.

    7. why firefox? Says:

      why firefox?

      i tried it, by the way, once.

      and i noticed, after checking all my security settings and testing my security, that it actually lowered the amount of security i had than with the browser i currently use. and i had everything, cookies, java, everything, turned off.

      by the way, is there a disadvangtage to using an old browser and turning off all the cookies, java, etc.?

      that’s why i do, and my security is, or seems to be, A+. any comments or suggestions?

    8. Mati The Estonian Says:

      get the Firefox – http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/
      and plugin – https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2390/

      it works I tested ..

    9. eNZedBlue Says:

      If you want to download videos from YouTube, visit http://keepvid.com/ and cut and paste the URL into the box provided. It will provide you with a downloadable link. You can usually save AVIs or FLVs. I recommend getting VLC media player if you don’t already have it, as it’s free & it plays just about anything: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

    10. Scipio Americanus Says:

      “The sun never sets on a day that I don’t see some white woman making abject apologies for the animalistic behavior of the nigger animal. The Jews dug our grave, but our women are burying us.”

      How true! White women are always making excuses for these savages. Honestly, it drives me up the wall. The leg crossing Shiksas on Fox are even worse then the media whores on CNN and MSNBC.

      Mati The Estonian and eNZedBlue — thank you for the links. They are greatly appreaciated.