5 September, 2006

New Movie: “All the King’s Men”

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Great novel, now made into movie with Sean Penn in lead. (Forties urmake.) The story’s about Huey Long, who was assassinated by a jew. Here on Gerald L.K. Smith, who believed that FDR had Long assassinated (PDF). Good overview of Long here.

Some interesting stuff about jews in America, especially in colonial times. Here for those trying to get a brain around jewish crime, which is redundant for all practical purposes. If jew, then criminal. Here some ‘vintage’ thirties jew-truthing, now online. [The American Bulletin was a American pro-Nazi newsletter, which echoed the foreign and domestic policy of the Third Reich.] Here on Smedley “war is a racket” Butler and the MacGuire Plot to overthrow Roosevelt’s regime.

Mother Goose rhyme:

Jack Sold His Egg

To a Rogue of a Jew

Who Cheated Him Out

Of Half His Due.

Teach…your children well. 

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  7. 2 Responses to “New Movie: “All the King’s Men””

    1. Sickle Cell Anemia Says:

      Sean Penn-offspring of Commie Kike and race traitor Irish Catholic douchebag. He should stick to playing dirty Hebes like Sam Byck

    2. our day/nation is coming Says:

      huey long would have been president in 1936 and DESERVED to be.I can here fdr’s “wheew” every time i think of what America lost when the international jewocracy murdered Long. You know,like how the israelies murder people all over the world (including here in America) up to this very day and claim it’s good for jews(that is,if they deign to even GIVE a reason for their murders).Huey was a political scoundrel,but he was one of the very few politicians who cut the small guy(white AND black) in on the take.With Ezra Pound,Joe McCarthy,Henry Ford and JFK(do away with the federal reserve),a very great American hero.