27 September, 2006

Niggers or Mexicans?

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Many of you passing by may like animals. You may be a member of an anti-cruelty or preservation group. Did you ever notice that only Whites care about these things? When you think about it, why should the desire to protect animals be universal any more than brainpower or skin color?

The fact is, animal preservation is a cause that only Whites care about. To the colored races, animals are something to eat or set fighting or torture for sport. Races of humans are different subspecies. And as you ought to know from your studies, subspecies cannot occupy the same territory at the same time: they fight until one or the other is vanquished. That is the biological definition of “white flight,” which is a characteristically loxist formulation used by the jew-controlled media to describe the White victims of gunpoint race-mixing in the post “civil rights” era. Before jews took over our media and legislatures, White men passed laws protecting White society. Judicial Diktats under the neutral title ‘civil rights’ destroyed these protections, resulting in aggressive warfare by coloreds against White humans. Just as coloreds like to throw kittens to pit bulls for their amusement, jews like to throw Whites to savages for theirs.

Why do we allow them? Because we are prevented from seeing what is going on, and those of us who have broken through are denounced as “haters” in order to prevent our teaching others.

Save the kittens? Sure. But save the White man first, as he is the only guarantor of the kittens’ or any other species’ protection.

Teens allegedly fed kittens to a pit bull

Dallas: Woman says she tried to step in but got attacked by adult.


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  7. 15 Responses to “Niggers or Mexicans?”

    1. Mark Says:

      “The fact is, animal preservation is a cause that only Whites care about. To the colored races, animals are something to eat or set fighting or torture for sport.”

      Africans and Asians are both known for their exotic appetites, which include endangered species. Not only eating them, but killing them in extremely cruel manners. Asians beat dogs to death, and skin them while alive, saying that the adrenaline the animal produces sweetens the meat.

      If you want to see racial differences more clearly, look at the races in their native countries unaffected by Western values and law. Much the same, look at how successful whites are when they are not burdened by the Jew and multiculturalism. Equality is nothing but forcing the third world upon the first world, non-whites upon whites, while non-whites benefit from whites, whites are corrupted and brought down.

      Interestingly the same altruism that makes whites virtuous, is also a vice when you have those who will take advantage of it.

    2. Mark Says:

      As to the question: “Niggers or Mexicans?”

      They’re closely related, considering Mexicans are on average 5% or more African in ancestry. According to America’s one-drop rule, they are niggers.

    3. James Hawthorne Says:

      The National Socialist German Workers’ Party {NSDAP} press release states:

      The Prussian minister-president Goering has released a statement stating that starting 16 August 1933 vivisection of animals of all kinds is forbidden in Prussia. He has requested that the concerned ministries draft a law after which vivisection will be punished with a high penalty. Until the law goes into effect, persons who, despite this prohibition, order, participate or perform vivisections on animals of any kind will be deported to concentration camps.

      Among all civilized nations, Germany is thus the first to put an end to the cultural shame of vivisection! The New Germany not only frees man from the curse of materialism, sadism, and cultural Bolshevism, but gives the cruelly persecuted, tortured, and until now, wholly defenceless animals their rights { Recht }. Animal friends and anti-vivisectionists of all states will joyfully welcome this action of the National Socialist government of the New Germany!

      What Reichschancellor Adolf Hitler and Minister-president Goering have done and will do for the protection of animals should set the course for the leaders of all civilized nations! It is a deed which will bring the New Germany innumerable new elated friends in all nations. Millions of friends of animals and anti-vivisectionists of all civilized nations thank these two leaders from their hearts for this exemplary civil deed!

      As we in the meantime have learned, a similar ban has been proclaimed in Bavaria. The formal laws are imminent – thanks to the energetic initiative of our Peoples’ chancellor Adolf Hitler, for whom all friends of animals of the world will maintain forever their gratitude, their love, and their loyalty.

    4. Carpenter Says:

      Nordic compassion is part of what makes our societies such great places to live. It is also so easy to exploit.

      Ever seen the film clips of Spaniards throwing goats out of towers? And what about letting out bulls in the streets, so they can be oh-so macho running ahead of the bulls. The street ends in the harbor where the bulls, driven to a state of panic by the shouting masses around them, race straight into the water and drown. The Spaniards couldn’t be more happy.

      Some relatives had a Spaniard friend when I was a kid. We were at the beach, a large group, and this Spaniard caught one of those little fish in his hands and brought it to us kids. The fish was flopping around in his hands, dying to no use. We quickly took it back to the water, but it was too late. The Spaniard looked at us with a blank stare. He just couldn’t understand the compassionate instinct in us, that extended to this animal. I remember another time, when two dogs fighting each other only made him smile, amused. There seemed to be a serious biological difference between us – our brains were not wired the same way.

    5. Hengest Says:

      Yes indeed, compassion and concern for the wellfare of animals is a strictly White thing.
      Many moons ago, back in my youth, I shocked my mother by declaring that I would rather save the dolphins than all the black babies in Africa.
      The sight of turd-worlders butchering dolphins made me cry and fantasize about vengeance involving mass homicide with a twelve guage shotgun; whereas the sight of starving, fly-blown niggers never bothered me.

    6. Scipio Americanus Says:

      Yes, but I think this is something we developed more recently — since the birth of Christianity. The Romans certainly were not compassionate to animals — they imported thousands of wild beasts to the Colosseum for slaughter. So great were the numbers that they nearly exterminated entire species! It’s something we should keep in mind.

      This compassion seems to be, broadly speaking, confined only to Aryans. I know the Far Eastern Orientals do not have the same regard for animal suffering. The Chinese still practice skinning dogs alive and then eating them! A horrible practice. I’m afraid we will see this here in North America as there numbers grow along with other alien races like the Mestizo.

      But I hope all of this “compassion” for animals does not make those of us so crazed that we will begin to demand an end to meat eating as such. It should be noted that we are omnivores by our nature. It is not healthy to go without animal proteins. If you choose that course for yourself, I highly recommend you supplement with Whey Protein. Vegetable proteins will not make up for the loss of animal proteins, regardless of the propaganda claims coming from the so called “animal rights” crowd.

    7. Kaalkop Says:

      How can one believe in animal rights and in large families?
      After all, human population crowds out animal population.

    8. Zoroastro Says:

      It is true that for whatever reason only white people have the sense for animal husbandry and taking care of lesser creatures. Pets, for on, it’s a concept virtually unknown to other races. Also our in-born and deep veneration for nature. True, shared by the older, native races, but virtually abhorrent and incomprehensible to city slicker joos.

    9. Tyler Durden Says:

      I lived in a spic apartment building. The little spic children would always try to hit my cat when they say him. They would throw things at him or try to kick him. I’m now in a all white area. The white children see my cat and want to pet, hold, feed and look at him. The spic children had hate and murder in their genes where the white children had wonder, love, a desire to experience something different. I learned a lot about race while watching these worthless spic kids.

    10. planter Says:

      mexican = mountain nigger

    11. Huey P Says:

      All of you crackers are assholes. After reading your little comments, all I can see is how jealous and scared you are of “non-whites” You bring us here from our motherland, beat the shit out of us to work for free to build up “your” country and now we are the lazy ones. In reality, crackers are the true niggers. You are colored to. Just reading this shit has probably turned your pink ass red, white, and blue (ha ha). Get a life or some help you. This animal love is some bullshit to. Whites fuck sheep,dogs, horses and their own mothers but I guess that’s not abuse, it’s “love”. The only thing the white race has brought to this earth is bullshit. I like some white people, but you inbred cracker motherfuckers can suck my big black dick.

    12. sfg Says:

      To Huey P: Very clever post indeed. Funny how you-if you are a black man–ended the post with a disgusting violently sexual threat. Very effective indeed.

      I am a white female who does animal rescue and I will tell anyone that I have NEVER nor will I EVER adopt any animal to a black or mexican. I wouldn’t subject my sweet wonderful animals to that kind of torture. When blacks or mexicans come up to my adoptions, I ignore them and if they ask questions, as they almost always do in their typically hostile loud voices, I answer them short and to the point and dispatch them in short notice. They get my meaning I assure you! They understand that I would never adopt to them and they leave.

      Animal rescue is made up of mostly white females, with a few white males, and virtually NO blacks or mexicans or even asians. If they came up and volunteered, I wouldn’t take them. I don’t deal with nigs or spics–period.

      You people are subhuman, and you KNOW you are. Right Huey P–you with your big black dick, which is good for just exactly what, by the way? Raping and gangraping white women?? Or maybe just walking around in public and holding on to it?? Just why do you guys always hold onto your penises out in public? Honestly, you people have absolutely no manners
      or morals whatsoever. I swear every time I see a black male walking down the street, he is holding onto his dick. What is WRONG with you subhumans anyway???

      Just know this Huey Piece of Shit: A lot of white people are thoroughly disgusted by your people and want nothing to do with any of you. Move in my neighborhood and I’ll soon have you gone just like the other little nigs who moved in and tried to bully me with their bad behavior. But, after a while, I’m still here surrounded by my white neighbors and the nigs are long gone–foreclosed on or some other such shit.

      Whew!! That sure felt good. A lot more satisfying than posting some dolled up little post on Amren. But Amren has its place too. I respect them as much I do other white nationalists.

      Oh, and Alex, it isn’t considered good manners to tell people you just had a second child and not even MENTION how the mother is doing!!!

      Sometimes you guys leave me a little chilled. Not that I’m sure you care. But I am a white nationalist female who supports the white nationalist, anti Jew agenda.

    13. Ed Keiser Says:

      Huey P, what exactly are we jealous of? Let me guess, is it your nappy hair? Your monkey like faces? The stench you emanate? The bling you wear? Maybe it’s the welfare you receive? Or could it be your bulbous lips and flat noses? I for one am not jealous of you or any other mudshark that crept out of some third world cesspool. You are at least one rung down on the evolutionary ladder and you know it. It eats you up inside and that makes me very happy. By the way, the next [necks] time I bring my Mercedes in to be washed keep your monkey paws out of my change, I need it to throw at homeless crackheads.

    14. MORRIS Says:


    15. windrunner Says:

      If the Obama half Negro wins the presidency it will be time for all true humans to arm themselves as the full enabling of black aberrance begins. The true beast will emerge in full fury!!!