15 September, 2006


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The reason the war on Iraq and the rest of the non-jewish world continues is that there are NO CONSEQUENCES, in America, for the jew-appeasers and paleo-kikes supervising the atrocities. Just an echo chamber called the free press. In Iraq, it’s a different story. Iraqis aren’t interested in being ruled by American soldiers, which they call “jews.” If there were any — I mean, the very slightest — risk of assassination, Rumsfeld, Gingrich and the rest of these jew-appeasing hobbyists would run for the hills between days. And that is the reason that so-called WN who preach legality are pulling your leg & wallet: They well know that the only people currently defeating the jews are those who kill them: the Iraqis willing to lose their lives to free their land of jewish dictatorship. War, for the Republicunt sixtysomethings, is simply a more interesting form of shuffleboard. Win, lose, draw, they’re still rich and safe at the end of the day. How ’bout you, White man? What’s in our Jewish Tyranny for you but mockery, drafts, tax bills, and funerals?

Nearly 100 Bodies Found in Two Days in Baghdad

Police found the bodies of 32 more death squad victims scattered around Baghdad on Thursday, bringing the two-day total to nearly 100. Bodies of victims bound, tortured and shot have been found in Baghdad for months.


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    1. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      I came to the conclusion a while ago that the time for talking is past. The kikes love talking. For them it is synonymous with lying, cheating and corrupting. You can never defeat them with talk. You defeat them by killing them. Hitler was the one man who defeated them by legal means and he was then destroyed by jew-inspired violence. Now, however, they can’t be defeated legally because they make the laws and their media and legislators will never permit another 1933 event.
      The danger now is that the kikes will leave us sitting to take the full force of the reaction to all the jew crimes agianst Islam. They will, of course be sitting safely while urging us on just as they urged us on against fascism.
      It is remarkable that no group has yet formed to specifically kill jews, other than Bob Matthews ineffectual effort. Hopefully, that will change soon. When Kissinger, Foxman, Spielberg, Rotschild, Redstone and other powerful kikes start to really fear for their lives then the corner will have been turned.

    2. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Indeed, it is absolutely essential that the neo-con junta learn to FEAR us.

    3. alex Says:

      It seems that the Iraqis get as many ‘Kwan troops as they can with IEDs, but really concentrate their efforts on getting rid of collaborators.

    4. van helsing Says:

      It isnt like American troops cant perform atrocities.

      But I suspect the Izzies do more than their share, as setups.

      A few months ago, see judicial-inc.biz, there was a case where one of our gennuls had to holler at the troops he was addressing – “the israelis arent doing IEDs!”.

      If ya have to say something like that… well it just caint be true.

      Of course they are planting some IEDs. When a fake concrete block comes with several very professionally assembled shaped charges in it and it can blow a hummer some 50 feet in the air and flip a tank over, it wasnt designed or assembled by a bunch of mere ragheads. Not to say that all Iraqis are dumb or anything but the block I describe required quite a bit of special material and expertise to construct.

      I dont put it past some russian scientists to be in the Iranian mix, but it makes sense to me that the false flag boys will pull some shenigans around the villages they want Uncle Sam to clear out next.

    5. Carpenter Says:

      Good point: no occupation can function without collaborators. The collaborators are the road to a state of peace, a sense of normalcy. Without them an occupation is partially blind, deaf and dumb, and visible, and remains an outsider. It can still kill, but it can’t control, not forever.

      Above all, there’s the visibility. With no Cheneys and Rumsfelds, there would be only the Wolfowitzes. Paul Wolfowitz would have been made the Sec of Def if his various utterings hadn’t been a bit too … extreme, murderous, so he agreed to stay right behind the curtain instead. The shabbos goy Rumsfeld on stage while Wolfowitz rallied senators’ support for the Afghanistan invasion from his chambers.

    6. Scipio Americanus Says:

      Yes, do not forget the White collaborators who work hand in hand with Big Daddy Jew. If it had not been for the efforts of Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and the myriad of other traitors back in the 1930’s and 1940’s, Germany would have won it’s war against the Bolsheviks and Yahweh’s precious little lambs would still be peddling trinkets from their push carts in the slums of Europe and Russia. Or better yet, now residing in a marshy spot somewhere in the far reaches of Siberia.