15 September, 2006

Poem for Our Times

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Land of dope and Jewry
Land that once was free
All the Jew boys praise thee
Whilst they plunder thee

Poorer still and poorer
Grow thy true-born sons
Faster still and faster
They’re sent to feed the guns.

Land of Jewish finance
Fooled by Jewish lies
In press and books and movies
While our birthright dies

Longer still and longer
Is the rope they get
But — by the God of battles
‘Twill serve to hang them yet.

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  4. 9 Responses to “Poem for Our Times”

    1. Celtic Warrior Says:

      …..as said by William Joyce in observing the British situation of the late 1930’s ???

    2. cygnet Says:

      (To the same tune)

      Let ev’ry man bend o-ver
      Let ev’ry wo-man kneel
      Before our Presidential rod
      Of pink and fleshly steel

      George Double-U, George Double-U!
      Abuse us as thou please
      Each man with ass up-li-ifted
      Each woman on her knees.

    3. van helsing Says:

      I do not wish to be judged by any jew-ry of my peers.

      I also dont consider jew-ry to be any of my perrage but, ya get the ideer…

    4. NSN Says:

      Sentiments so sad and so true they could only have been penned by a true son of England.

      It could have been Joyce, Celtic Warrior, but it was Archibald Ramsay. A brave and courageous man who dedicated his life in fighting for the British people. His charges have never been refuted.

    5. Timothy Says:

      How about this?

      A’murrican Madhouse

      Booty-boppin’ Bluegums
      blabbin’ ’bout bling bling,
      kikes kikily kiking and canting continuously.

      Jewry’s cheerleaders and waterboys
      shilling for endless wars;
      bought Christian Evangelist whores
      mislead their flock
      to be warriors for Judah
      but otherwise forget their
      backbone and cock.

      Churches paid millions to ship
      stone-age Somali coons,
      to Maine to gang rape
      White girl poon.

      A devolving Turdworldistan,
      a Brazilian/African/Asian
      amalgamation-a Tan Everyman.

      The cesspool stink of it all
      overwhelms but becomes the norm;
      everything goes to shit,
      everyday,everyway,bit by bit.

    6. Timothy Says:

      The examples of Ramsay,Lindbergh,Ford and a hundred other eminently respectable men who opposed the jews only to be smeared or destroyed just the same,puts the lie to the idea that ‘respectability’ will win the day.

      Jews,unlike so many pompous White middle class dolts who are ever worried about what their fellow idiot White middle class neighbors and colleagues think,aren’t hung up on respectability-they play to win at all costs.

      The jews may be sleazy slimeballs but they also run the planet as their private fiefdom,on which we ‘respectable’ Whites are nothing but peasants.And the White American variety of peasant is the most obnoxious of them all,for these clowns beat their chests with pride,imagining they are something other than peons on a global plantation.

    7. NSN Says:

      This is true Timothy. In a system where winning at all costs is regarded as the highest good, that Aryan instinct, the basis for any Aryan society we call “common decency” will always put us at a disadvantage.

      It still prevails. How often are people shocked by the depravity the Jew will sink to either individually or collectively as a race. If the racial identity of these people were allowed to be broadcast, would not Whites everywhere demand laws against their inclusion in our society as historically they have always done?

      Few Whites regard winning at all costs to be the highest good. Most Jews do. It is the way they compensate for their instinctive inferiority to the Aryan.

    8. Keeping It Real Says:

      “Few Whites regard winning at all costs to be the highest good. Most Jews do. It is the way they compensate for their instinctive inferiority to the Aryan.”

      I have to say that I’m adopting the attitude of “winning is everything” in this particular battle for white survival we find ourselves in. I’d prefer to live and win – clean or dirty, by fair or foul means, I don’t care – than to die losing honorably.

      But, really it’s a duel code I seem to be living by as I become more radicalized. It’s more or less the same code as “La Raza.” organization – For the (white) race, everything, to the rest, nothing.

      Fuck the Jews.

    9. Schlomo ben Jewhadi Says:


      My Cohntree is of thee,
      sweet land of libroolty, of the I sing;
      land where my fathers died,
      land of the pilgrims’ pride,
      from every mountainside, let FreedomTM ring.

      Oy, no. Wait, wait …

      Oh beautiful, for specious skies,
      For amber waves of gain,
      For poople mountain transvesties
      Above the fruity plain!
      AmeriKwa! AztKwanZOGNamistan!
      G-wd shed his grace on thee,
      And crown thy good with brothahood,
      from sea to sheeny sea.

      Meshuga! How abowwet …

      O say, can you see,
      by the gulag’s early light,
      What so proudly we failed,
      at der freiheit’s last gleaming
      Whose broad stripes and bright stars,
      through the puerilous fight,
      O’er the ramparts we watched,
      where Patton finally did see!
      And Hollywood’s Red glare,
      the boobs bursting hot air,
      Gave proof through the night,
      that our false flag was still there:
      O say, does that star-spenglered banner yet wave
      O’er the land of the freeTM,
      and the home of the knave.