3 September, 2006

Reader Mail: 9/03/06

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Hi Alex:

I live in a mostly white central Minnesota small town. Yesterday, I saw a white woman walking down my street with three niglets! I had to control myself, so that I did not grab a rope and run outside! These women are like song birds who allow ugly Brown Headed Cowbirds to lay their eggs in their nests. They raise these birds to maturity at the expense of their own offspring! The result is the same for both species– extinction! Itz Coming!



Hi Alex,

Please have a look at Obadiah Shoher’s book and blog, Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict.

Google banned our website from its ad program for “unacceptable content,” and Amazon deleted all reviews. The book, however, is only honest, and the measures suggested are only rational.

Shoher is a pen name for veteran Israeli politician. He dealt with antiterrorism issues for most of his career. The Samson Blinded dissects honestly the problems accumulated since the Jews returned to Palestine. Advocating political rationalism, it deplores both Jewish and Muslim myths, and argues for efficiency and separating politics from moralism.

Please download a copy from


Being banned from Google, we depend on links to bring Shoher’s message. May I ask you to link to us from your site? Sure, I’d be glad to link back to typepad.com.

Thank you,



Gubbermint Hep fer Blacks an’ Browns Seeking Homes

Today, there are many ways in which penniless Blacks and Browns can buy homes…near you! One way is via the FHA [1]. Let’s talk to LaMarcus about it: [LaMarcus Tyrese Jones-Smith-Jones]: “I’s nebber ben able to afford a real home in a mostly-White area. But, wit de hep of de U.S. gubbermint, I’s kin now live near White folks!”

Isn’t that great? Poor Blacks can now live in your nice, quiet neighborhood! Like, right next door! Way cool…

[1] a mention of FHA/minorities: http://www.fhatoday.com/fha.htm




Zivit Seri is a tiny woman, a mother, who speaks with clumsy, defenseless gestures as she guides me through the destroyed buildings of Bat Galim?literally ?daughter of the waves,? the Haifa neighborhood that has suffered most from the shellings. The problem, she explains, is not just the people killed: Israel is used to that. It?s not even the fact that here the enemy is aiming not at military objectives but deliberately at civilian targets?that, too, is no surprise. No, the problem, the real one, is that these incoming rockets make us see what will happen on the day?not necessarily far off?when the rockets are ones with new capabilities: first, they will become more accurate and be able to threaten, for example, the petrochemical facilities you see there, on the harbor, down below; second, they may come equipped with chemical weapons that can create a desolation compared with which Chernobyl and Sept. 11 together will seem like a mild prelude.

For that, in fact, is the situation. As seen from Haifa, this is what is at stake in the operation in southern Lebanon. Israel did not go to war because its borders had been violated. It did not send its planes over southern Lebanon for the pleasure of punishing a country that permitted Hezbollah to construct its state-within-a-state. It reacted with such vigor because the Iranian President Ahmadinejad?s call for Israel to be wiped off the map and his drive for a nuclear weapon came simultaneously with the provocations of Hamas and Hezbollah. The conjunction, for the first time, of a clearly annihilating will with the weapons to go with it created a new situation. We should listen to the Israelis when they tell us they had no other choice anymore. We should listen to Zivit Seri tell us, in front of a crushed building whose concrete slabs are balancing on tips of twisted metal, that, for Israel, it was five minutes to midnight.



…The option ARM is “like the neutron bomb,” says George McCarthy, a housing economist at New York’s Ford Foundation. “It’s going to kill all the people but leave the houses standing.”

…Up to 80% of all option ARM borrowers make only the minimum payment each month, according to Fitch Ratings. The rest of the money gets added to the balance of the mortgage, a situation known as negative amortization. And once balances grow to a certain amount, the loans automatically reset at far higher payments. Most of these borrowers aren’t paying down their loans; they’re underpaying them up.

…Jennifer and Eric Hinz of Somerset, Wis., are feeling the squeeze. They refinanced out of a 5.25% fixed-rate, 30-year loan in June, 2005, and into an option ARM with a 1% teaser rate from Indymac Bank. The $1,483 payment for their original mortgage dropped to as low as $747 with the new option ARM. They say they had no idea when they signed up, however, that the low payment adds $600 in deferred interest to their balance every month. Worse, they thought the 1% would last three years, but they’re already paying 7.68%. “What reasonable human being would ever knowingly give up a 5.25% fixed-rate for what we’re getting now?” says Eric, 36, who works in commercial construction. Refinancing is out because they can’t afford the $15,000 or so in fees. “I’m paying more, and the interest is just going up and up and up,” says Jennifer, 34, a stay-at-home mom. “I feel like we got totally screwed.” They say their mortgage broker has stopped returning their phone calls. Indymac declined to commen t on the loan’s specifics.

…In an April letter to regulators, Cindy Manzettie, chief credit officer for Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati, said it’s not the “lender’s responsibility to help the consumer determine the appropriate payment option each month…. Paternalistic regulations that underestimate the intelligence of the American public do not work.”




Evil…for Now

Is Russia evil, or not? Well, that may depend on which Russian era a pro-Jewish website – like this one below – refers to. For example:

1. For years, Russia was Bad For Jews [i.e., the “anti-Semitic,” pre-1917 czar era].

2. But later, it was Good For Jews [the early and middle Soviet era, which Jews themselves created, e.g., Trotsky. In fact, the Soviet Union was the first state built by Jews – a key historical event. Most Jews in the world saw the Soviet Union as a godsend, since it outlawed “anti-Semitism”].

3. Then later, it was Bad For Jews again [the late Soviet era, after Stalin got wise to them and purged many Jewish officials, e.g., Radek and Kamenev].

4. Now, it’s still Bad For Jews, since Putin won’t play silly policy games in which the rules are pre-fabricated by global Jewry.

Bad, good, bad, bad…oh, the shifting sands of Jewish fortune…but at least the Jews can take comfort in knowing that they have one powerful, gentile country on a leash: America.



Iran: Holocaust ‘exaggerated,’ conference to be held in fall By The Associated Press Iran said Sunday it would go ahead and sponsor a conference to examine the scientific evidence supporting the Holocaust, dismissing it as “exaggerated.”

The move to proceed with the controversial conference, likely to deepen Tehran’s international isolation, came as UN Secretary General Kofi Annan raised concerns with Iranian officials over an exhibition of cartoons about the Holocaust.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said that because the Holocaust is a scientific issue, both opponents and proponents of the existence of the Holocaust could participate.

“God willing, a conference on the Holocaust will be held in the autumn. The Holocaust is not a sacred issue that one can’t touch,” he told reporters. “I have visited the Nazi camps in Eastern Europe. I think it is exaggerated,” Asefi said.

Asefi did not disclose where the Holocaust conference would be held, nor who would attend. Iran first raised the possibility of the conference in January.

Hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad already had called the Nazis’ World War II slaughter of 6 million European Jews a myth and said the Jewish state should be wiped off the map or moved to Germany or the United States. Those remarks prompted a global outpouring of condemnation.

Annan brought up the exhibit, that opened in response to Muslim outrage over the Prophet Muhammad caricatures in talks Saturday with Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, said Annan’s spokesman Ahmad Fawzi.

Annan told Mottaki “we should avoid anything that incites hatred” according to Fawzi.





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    1. alex Says:


      Questions of Preferential Treatment Are Raised in Sex Case Against Money Manager


      PALM BEACH, Fla. — In the summer and autumn of last year, when most of the mansions here stood empty behind their towering hedges, the police stealthily watched one at the end of a waterside lane. They monitored the comings and goings of its owner’s private jet, subpoenaed his phone records and riffled through his trash.

      The owner was Jeffrey Epstein, 53, an intensely private New York money manager with several billionaire clients. Months earlier, the stepmother of a 14-year-old girl told the Palm Beach police that a wealthy older man, whom the girl later identified as Mr. Epstein, might have had inappropriate sexual contact with her.

      In sworn statements to the police, the 14-year-old and other teenage girls said a friend had arranged for them to visit Mr. Epstein’s home and give him massages, usually in their underwear, in exchange for cash.

      Most of the girls, according to the police, said Mr. Epstein had masturbated during the massages, and a few said he had penetrated them with his fingers or penis. They identified him in photos and accurately described the inside of his home. Some recalled that his employees had fed them snacks or rented them cars.

      Mr. Epstein pleaded not guilty in August to the crime he was ultimately charged with, soliciting prostitution. But at a time when prosecutors around the nation have become increasingly severe in dealing with people accused of sex offenses, the case has raised questions about whether Mr. Epstein’s prominence won him preferential treatment.

      By the account of the police, they found probable cause to charge Mr. Epstein with much more serious offenses: one count of lewd and lascivious molestation and four counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

      But instead of proceeding with such charges on his own, the Palm Beach County state attorney took the rare step of presenting a broad range of possible charges to a grand jury, which indicted Mr. Epstein in July on the lesser count. In Florida, prosecutors usually refer only capital cases to grand juries.

      Even before the indictment, the Palm Beach police chief, Michael Reiter, had accused prosecutors of giving Mr. Epstein special treatment and asked the state attorney, Barry E. Krischer, to remove himself from the case.

      In an editorial, The Palm Beach Post attacked Mr. Krischer, a Democrat whose post is elective, saying the public had been left “to wonder whether the system tilted in favor of a wealthy, well-connected alleged perpetrator and against very young girls who are alleged victims of sex crimes.”

      The case has taken a toll on the reputation of Mr. Epstein, who owns a palatial home in Manhattan, has pledged $30 million to Harvard and once flew former President Bill Clinton on his 727. Politicians including Eliot Spitzer, a Democratic candidate for governor in New York, and Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, also a Democrat, have returned campaign contributions from him.

      But Mr. Epstein fought back, assembling a team of star lawyers, including Gerald B. Lefcourt and Alan M. Dershowitz, a friend of his, to look into the backgrounds of his young accusers.

      Mr. Lefcourt says that the police acted “outrageously” and that his client has been wrongfully dragged through the mud.

      “He disputes that he ever had sex with any under-age person or anything like that,” said Mr. Lefcourt, whose clients have included Russell Crowe, Martha Stewart and Abbie Hoffman.

      Neither the police nor the state attorney’s office would discuss the case in detail. But the police released a thick report on the 13-month investigation after the indictment was unsealed in late July.

      The police started investigating Mr. Epstein in March 2005, almost immediately after they were contacted by the stepmother of the 14-year-old, who, according to the report, was in a special school for students with disciplinary problems.

      The girl, the report said, told the police that an older friend had “offered her an opportunity to make money” and had driven her to Mr. Epstein’s house one Sunday. The friend, identified by the police as Haley Robson, a local community college student, told the girl to say she was 18 if Mr. Epstein asked, the report said.

      The girl told the police that Mr. Epstein’s assistant had led her upstairs to a room with a massage table and that Mr. Epstein had come in and told her to remove her clothes. She said Mr. Epstein had masturbated as she massaged him, had pressed a vibrator against her underwear and had given her $300 afterward.

      In October, the police interviewed Ms. Robson, then 19, who told them Mr. Epstein had routinely paid her to bring teenage girls to his home. The police then interviewed a total of 5 alleged victims and 17 witnesses, many of whom told similar stories about what they had observed or participated in at Mr. Epstein’s home. According to the report, at least one said Mr. Epstein had engaged in intercourse with her.

      Mr. Lefcourt, his lawyer, said one girl who told the police of having had sex with Mr. Epstein as a minor had lied about both the sex and her age and had not shown up for grand jury questioning. He also said Mr. Epstein had passed a lie-detector test clearing him of any sexual involvement with under-age girls.

      A spokeswoman for the Palm Beach police said that early this year, the police went to Mr. Krischer, the state attorney, intending to apply for warrants to arrest Mr. Epstein. Instead, she said, they were told that Mr. Krischer would convene a grand jury to examine the evidence and decide what charges, if any, to bring.

      Around that time, the police report said, Mr. Dershowitz met with prosecutors to share information about the accusers, including statements they had posted on MySpace.com, the social networking site, concerning use of drugs and alcohol. According to the report, Mr. Krischer’s office then decided to delay the grand jury session for several months.

      The Palm Beach police grew frustrated, the report said, and on May 1 the department asked prosecutors to approve warrants to arrest Mr. Epstein.

      Chief Reiter also wrote Mr. Krischer questioning “the unusual course that your office’s handling of this matter has taken” and suggesting that Mr. Krischer disqualify himself. Chief Reiter refused several requests to be interviewed, and his spokeswoman would not say explicitly why he had urged the prosecutor to step aside.

      Mike Edmondson, a spokesman for Mr. Krischer, said the state attorney’s office sometimes sent noncapital cases to grand juries when there were questions about witness credibility. Mr. Krischer does not recommend a particular charge in such cases, Mr. Edmondson said, but gives the grand jury a list of possible charges.

      Bruce J. Winick, a law professor at the University of Miami, said that while prosecutors in Florida rarely referred noncapital cases to grand juries, they sometimes did so with sensitive cases to be extra-cautious.

      Mr. Lefcourt said the police were wrong to have released the report so soon, especially without correcting information that later proved wrong. He cited his assertion that one accuser had lied about her age, adding that she had also been arrested on drug charges and had been fired by her employer for stealing.

      “What I’m trying to focus on,” Mr. Lefcourt said, “is, What’s motivating the selective and misleading release of information to the public?”


    2. John Says:

      I would say that Russia was good for the Jews under Yeltsin when they stole much of the country’s wealth. Putin has recovered some of it. I wish we had a president who looked out for the interests of the majority population.

    3. New America Says:


      Alex – you DO know that the website CONNECTED to the blogsite opens with a tribute to Stern, of the Stern Gang fame?

      The author seems to support a first strike use of nuclear weapons by Israel against, well, it’s a pretty long list…

      I didn’t see YOUR name on it.


      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is Here!

    4. -JC Says:


    5. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      I guess that most readers of VNN realise that we are in a war for our survival against the kike while most whites, when they think at all, are just a bit uneasy about the darkening of the white world. I don’t think there will be any real slowing of our slide until a significant majority of whites start to understand that we really are slated for extinction. That it is not just in the imagination of a few paranoid racists in the wilderness. The jews do intend to wipe us out through miscegenation, just as they intended to exterminate the German people through sterilisation and outright murder in the 1940’s under the Morganthau Plan. The Germans were given a stay of execution because there were still a significant number of whites in positions of power who decided that a live Germany was actually of some use. In the US and UK of today the kike rules supreme and now we all face the fate of Germany in 1945. I have seen no sign that the kikes have had a change of heart about this. The flooding of the US with over 10% of Mexico’s population and the introduction of forty plus million muslims into Europe over the last thirty years can be traced directly to jew activity. It has all been laid out in the Protocols. The kikes scream that they are a hoax, but, as Henry Ford said, they fit. As they say in the movies, this is not a drill.

    6. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      “It has all been laid out in the Protocols. The kikes scream that they are a hoax, but, as Henry Ford said, they fit.”

      If gloves don’t fit
      You must acquit

      If Protocols fit
      Kike must eat shit

    7. Glenn Miller Says:

      The math pertinent to White women producing mongrel offspring is two-fold. To comprehend the impact, one must multiply by 2.

      Each mongrel so produced, is not only an addition to the mongrel numbers by one, but also a subtraction from the White numbers by one. A white woman who produces 3 nigger babies, rather than 3 white babies, creates a difference of 6, not 3.

      You “intellectuals” never thought of that, now did ya ??

    8. Scipio Americanus Says:

      Glen Miller: I agree with your assessment. It’s a double whammy for us in the Western camp. It’s kind of like voting in a way. When there is a sitting politician who needs to be defeated, regardless of the reasons, you should always cast a vote for the person who is most likely to defeat him. If you simply sit out the election or throw it away on a third party candidate who can’t possibly win, you do nothing in effect to remove the nefarious incumbent. While denying the incumbent your vote, you assist the opposition in achieving victory.

      While I usually view elections as a means of throwing gasoline on the raging fire given the two party, one establishment system, this year we need to throw out the bums and that means Republicans. Besides, a Democratic sweep of the elections just might lead to the delightful spectacle of impeachment proceedings which would induce governmental paralysis and destabilize ZOG even more than it’s already doing to itself –a win, win scenario. That would sure make my day!

      Strength and Honor!

    9. New America Says:


      Mencken would be right at home with these guys!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!