19 September, 2006

Released: FTL #10

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Now available from the VNN archives is the 18 September broadcast of Free Talk Live. Free Talk Live is an unscripted live call in show. FTL is not government approved radio.

Part 1 (17 MB, mp3)
Part 2 (21 MB, mp3)
Part 3 (19 MB, mp3)
Part 4 (23 MB, mp3)

Guests include: Alex Linder, James Hawthorne

With special guests: Theseus and Lita.

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  7. 10 Responses to “Released: FTL #10”

    1. Dr. Theuss Says:

      ok, i’ve listened more, and theseus is intelligent.
      a dick on the forum, but good on the radio.

    2. ovidio Says:

      they have won indeed. no matter what you fight to many weak men that have destroyed our race 50 100 iq halfbreeds with a purpose = 1,0000000 disillusioned white people and that girl probably banged 10 niggers then she came on to talk about her enlightening experience.

      the other clown, ummmmmmm whatever. you were lleft withouty a challenge youre awesome

      linder lets put our arms down the jews are the winners we, loose we have been betrayed and beaten goodbye.

    3. Jim Says:

      What the fuck is an ” ovidio ” ? And why are we wasting our time reading his droppings ?

    4. predator2prey Says:

      You say ‘we’ like you’re a white man, you’re not. Anyone who talks about a racially aware 16 year old who’s been that way for 3 years is either a mud, a jew or a race traitor. You’re the loser and the imagery you present sounds to me like you’ll be on the receiving end when the hammer falls. Idiot can’t even string together a complete sentence and if you are the color white our race is better without such scum. To this I thank the jews and their slaves for weeding out such trash.

    5. New America Says:

      Some thoughts:
      A very good show – congratulations to all, especially Beck for holding the show together; SKYPE seems to require one person just to run the show if it has a conference call going.

      I first heard Lita on Peter Shank’s show; if she and Predator are the future, I could rest easily.

      They are the exception that must become the rule, if only in our nation, regardless of what country our the members of our nation occupy.

      I think you should bring Peter Shank on as a host; he has the preeminent radio skills we have needed. He is also a masterful interviewer, and, as the WN2/M expands, he could do focused interviews and though pieces that will go a long way to separate the best from the rest.

      This is a remarkably positive sign, because, thanks to Linder’s singularly focused counter-memes, Shank’s well thought out analytical pieces, Beck’s thoughtful commentaries, Hal Turner’s speeches (bitch me out for this if you want; I say he is our Huey Long, and that is a compliment), Hal Turner’s activism (he did more good in one hour in Kingston than ALL of the conservative and patriotards have done in FIFTY YEARS), Bill White’s new national socialist formulations, and even Pastor Bob’s thoughtful “fire and brimstone” analysis of the complacency of the White Race in the face of Jewish predations (“pathetic and stupid”), something wonderful is developing on our side.

      As for the quality of our thoughts, let’s be clear that the words “White Nationalist” have been associated, thanks to the Jew-controlled System media, with rotten teeth, poor English, and vile appearance; it has been defined in terms of WHAT we are against, BY what we are against.

      We have accepted the responsibility of defining ourselves in terms of what we are FOR, and that makes all of the difference.

      My test for an organization is not the QUANTITY of the people it attracts; it is the QUALITY of the people it attracts.

      Lita (and Predator) are proof that we are doing something right.

      Bringing Peter Shank into FTL would help raise the quality even further.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    6. predator2prey Says:

      New America, you made my day. Thank you for your optimistic yet realistic vision of our current trajectory; I totally agree, things are looking real good. I’ve been in touch with Peter and recently helped him get his podcasting underway. He is not quitting, he’s just reordering the way he does broadcasts for quality purposes.

      I will email Peter and ask him to contact Alex. It would be great if Peter could participate with VNN’s activism in some way. Steele should be very proud that his words are yours!

    7. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:

      I agree that these shows were uplifting. Lita and Theseus are good volk. Lita must be part German or Scottish with that temper, lol. I am the same.

      Geoff… please make wise cracks more often. You cracked me up a couple of times. Good job!

      New America and predator… I’ve contacted Shank in the past and we had a couple of nice email exchanges even if we slightly disagreed about a few details. He’s good volk. Steele and Turner have a few issues that irritate me, but no people consist of individuals who ALL get along swimmingly. As long as we don’t actively fight and attack each other needlessly, we can work together.

      If we could get the band together, we’ll rock the world.

      Hitler, zu befehl!

    8. It's my understanding... Says:

      It’s my understanding that Steele quit frequenting this site over the nigger-on-white porn issue, and the fact that Alex would not apologize for it.

    9. Theseus Says:

      I think Steele is bigger than that. :]

    10. predator2prey Says:

      Nicely put Bavarian Gauleiter. Come on the forum and spread the word!