3 September, 2006

Released: Goyfire #37

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Alex, Agis, Craig “Chain” Cobb and Geoff Beck launch into TNB: covering the Vermont nigger murder spree, Kansas concealed carry, free speech martyrs, 1/3 of the Holocaust, George Allen: crypto Jew senator, turmoil in Mexico, Aryan mummies in Mongolia, and the ever present jewing of our White Western World.

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  7. 7 Responses to “Released: Goyfire #37”

    1. cygnet Says:

      Thanks for the props.

    2. jackumup Says:

      best show anywhere

    3. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      one of your best shows ever. really got a lot out of it. liked the structure of the show: started off with great humor (particularly the nigger attempting suicide by toilet flush) and ended with serious appeal by alex in particular to really get serious about the issues at hand and start being active.
      also, alex, you did the best any human could possibly do on the california radio show, and who knows? over all the childish attacks and cheap attmepts at humor by those two infantile hosts, you may have actually gotten out the message through the cracks to a few perceptive listeners; but your task was nearly impossible, due to the rigging against you.
      congrats on the latest goyfire

    4. D. Smith Says:

      As usual, a top-notch production. I eagerly await the next broadcast.

    5. Yankee Jim Says:

      Just keeps getting better and better! VERY INFORMATIVE and entertaining at the same time! I give it 5 stars!

      You can always count on Stan for some ASS KICKING music!

      THANKS AGAIN to everyone who makes it work!

    6. alex Says:

      Thanks, guys. 38 is taped and being produced; 39 will be taped this Sunday.

    7. [email protected] Says:

      Lets start a pro-white Sirius radio channel.