15 September, 2006

Released: Goyfire #39

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Direct mp3 download (23 MB): GoyFire_39.mp3

Archives and Streams: here

Podcast :

The Roundtable includes: Agis, Alex Linder, Geoff Beck, and Craig Cobb.

Topics: NJ School Corruption, White Terror, WTC & Prof. Steven Jones, TNB: a black serial killer on the loose, Aryan Communities.


intro: theme of communities and their construction and destruction

nj school corruption

blaming whites/white terror
Cobb: http://www.whiteterror.com

WTC birthday (loose change – can’t hurt)
download of LC911 on VNN in memorial

TNB/TMB (many, many examples, tying in and concluding with kvil stuff)

white SOLUTIONS: Aryan Communities

Also mentioned in this broadcast:

Victor Wolzek’s Survivor Essay

George Carlin’s Video

Edelstein: the Aryan Hater

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  7. 6 Responses to “Released: Goyfire #39”

    1. New America Says:

      One, Beck did not mention WHEN the 911 video would be on VNN; would it not be better, from a bandwidth perspective, to put it on youtube?

      Two, Saga’s version of “Tomorrow Belongs To Me” is so moving that I just listen to it, in a dimly lit room, and dream about what was, and could be again, if WE, the CREATIVE RACE, start moving in the appropriate direction.

      This song – and you should play it all, instead of cutting it off prematurely. The fading out is just beautiful. If you are concerned about the sensibilites of some people – VNN? – you can cut off her final words, “Tomorrow belongs to you, Ian.” You will recognize the reference to Ian Stuart, whose words and music literally Inspired her, hitting her mind like a powerful laser, buring out the dross and inspiring the Quickening of true RACIAL Consciousness.

      As for Alex’s idea of laying the foundation for a true White Homeland, one block at a time, it seems you are catching the same idea that Peter Shank, of shankradio.com, is beginning to deal with on his Forum – enough of the impotent bitching of the Patriotards, and the Libertariots. Let’s think about solutions that do not depend upon the kindness of strangers.

      Edgar Steele deals with one way to begin this, and Harold Covington’s Northwest Trilogy lays out a possible formation of an NS state in the Northwest.

      If we can accept that this is POSSIBLE, today, it may become PROBABLE, tomorrow, and THE REALITY, in less than a generation – much less, perhaps, depending on how things shake out here in the next little while.

      Great show.

      Thank you, one and all, for an excellent work, and a wonder.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. jimbo Says:

      good stuff again from the crew!
      Field Marschall ‘Agis’;
      Obergruppenführer Linder;
      Oberführer Beck;
      Sturmscharführer ‘Chain’;

      the ‘White Terror’ web/pg is TOTAL CRAP….looks like a semi-computer-illiterate 8-yr-old put it together!

      fortunately, it was recently broadcast on Oz/SBS-TV & yrs truly ‘taped’ it!

    3. Geoff Beck Says:

      Take note,

      This coming Monday, the 18th, Free Talk Live returns for an 8 PM CST – Midnight live broadcast.

      We are taking skype calls only. Skype is a free program, directions are here: http://www.skype.com/

      You need Winamp or iTunes to listen.

    4. Olde Dutch Says:

      For the most part these escapist & communist communities don’t make it.

      The Amish are private for profit farmers who have a religious code of community behavior. They don’t have cars, trucks, electricity, electronic devices, modern machinery etc. etc. around or in their homes & farms. Although, today more Amish are being forced because of ag prices to work off their farms in woodshops, sawmills, and as home re-modlers and builders. This is how they augment their farm income.

      The Mennonites range from strict Amish to mainstream Protestant in their use of technology. The guy dressed like an Amishman, with an fm walkie-talkie in his back pocket—the fm Amish. Or an acquaintence of mine who is a modern computer Mennonite.

      Really, get your real estate license, find an area that is 99% White, with a 99% White school district, and sell your friends on it. Once you get about 30 miles from most cities that’s what you got.

      You don’t have to re-invent the wheel…

      Btw, good show!

    5. Anima Eternae and Theseus are shit Says:

      Anima Eternae and Theseus cover the forum in shit with their juvenile opportunistic idiotic attacks. They sound like little jews.

    6. raboy Says:

      Hello I heard your program and I noticed you mentioned good studies in anthroplogy. This is a must read, from professor Carleton Coon. (trust me its REALLY good stuff specially if you want to know what subrace you are)

      The Races of Europe free


      Nordish.com offers free of charge the greatest and most documented book on the White race ever written. A must read for every white nationalist.