22 September, 2006

Released: Goyfire #40

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Direct mp3 download (132 MB): GoyFire_40.mp3

Archives and Streams: here

Podcast :

The Roundtable includes: Agis, Alex Linder, Geoff Beck, and Craig Cobb.

Topics include: TNB: Down-Low UK Niggarow Infects 6 with AIDS, Stubbification of Kansas, Tuition Hiked to Pay for ‘Diversity’, Faggots Try to Censor Textbooks, Ebonics E-mail Sparks Investigation, Pope Apologizing to Everyone but the Nazis, Auschwitz Suitcases piled High, Ursula Gruber, and Raymont Hopewell, aka Michael Bennett, serial killer (5)/serial rapist.


TNB: Down-Low UK Niggarow Infects 6 with AIDS


Stubbification of Kansas


Tuition Hiked to Pay for ‘Diversity’


Faggots Try to Censor Textbooks

Ebonics E-mail Sparks Investigation


Pope Apologizing to Everyone but the Nazis

Auschwitz Suitcases piled High


Ursula Gruber



Raymont Hopewell, aka Michael Bennett, serial killer (5)/serial rapist. Comes on with a friendly Afro male rap


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  7. 18 Responses to “Released: Goyfire #40”

    1. Theseus Says:

      This server is fast. 400kb/s +

      Good work!

    2. Mr. Outis Says:

      Exceptional monologue by Linder in this one. Good job all around.

    3. Mr. Outis Says:




    4. Shabbos Shabazz Says:


      They’d cuss like that if they knew the full truth.

    5. New America Says:

      1. Making a 16 kb/s version available for download would make it possible to distribute it all the more frequently; the 128 should be available after the first day or so, for those who appreciate the quality.

      2. Everyone should get the ANDREA USB headphone set – or similar USB headphone set – so the voices don’t fade as they move from the microphones.

      3. When Linder RANTS, he is at his best; the fire and passion we need to help clear the fog of the JEW’S lies comes right on through.

      4. A shorter music intro, with something a bit more forceful. GOYFIRE 34 had a good mix on its intro, if memory serves.

      5. Beck has a really good announcer’s voice, and he keeps returning back to the issue of where can we find our nation, in this country. Good.

      6. I crack up every time Chain cracks the whip on someone; a solid reminder that, for all of our pontifications, as Twain said, “Thunder is all well and good; but it is LIGHTNING that gets the job done.”

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    6. Bud White Says:


    7. silvestein wtc7 Says:

      the inconsistent volumes on voices has bothered me for some time on broadcasts.
      i suggested everyone using the same type of mic, and also would suggest that some sort of “compression” be used to even out the volume of each speaker.
      it’s like one person is really loud, then i can barely hear someone else. then the loud one returns, etc…
      haven’t heard this one yet. looking forward to it.

    8. Publius Says:

      Disney now shows movies in Spanish with English subtitles and in English with Spanish subtitles.



    9. moderator Says:

      Next Monday, at 8 PM CST, VNN Free Talk Live returns.

      Beck returns as host, and is joined with Alex Linder, special guests, and callers.

      The broadcast goes to Midnight CST.

      Past show archives are here: http://vanguardnewsnetwork.com/download/ftl/index.html

    10. jimbo Says:

      The SturmAbteilung returns!
      Field Marschall ‘Agis’;
      Obergruppenführer Linder;
      Oberführer Beck;
      Sturmscharführer ‘Chain’;


      absolutely! the BEST ‘goyfire’ YET!

      Herr Obergruppenführer Linder ‘scorches’ the ‘air-waves’ with blistering rhetoric!

      Jews! Get out of my fucking country! GET OUT!


    11. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      great show. music interludes too long, though. agree with jimbo, the climax was alex’s impassioned outburst to throw the jews out of the fucking country, or something like tlat.
      the music that followed worked, but went on way too long. i didn’t quite get the point of it.
      think again about balancing the mics better. they were pretty good, actually, except for, i think it was when chain spoke? not sure if it was him, but every time a certain person spoke it was so soft i could barely hear it. just some advice on how to make a great show even greater, on the technical side.
      thanks for the great show, everyone involved! (geoff beck keeps getting better and better too, and is a great addition to the round table).

    12. D. Smith Says:

      As always, the show was great! The sound effects and voice interjections that you guys recently started using to add comedic appeal to the TNB spots are amusing, but the rambling nigger preacher excerpt used during this episode’s “Down-Low UK Niggarow” spot was somewhat lengthy, perhaps interrupting the segment for too long. I feel these interjections are used to their best capacity when kept short and punchy, so as not to “throw off” or confuse first-time listeners.

      Also, I agree with silverstein wtc7’s comments regarding the musical interlude. Keep these things short; otherwise, the flow of the show is disrupted.

    13. Agis Says:

      I encourage anyone who is a straight rant junkie to scroll through the music if it wears a bit long. We did do some things different but nothing necessarily ‘permanent’. Every show has it’s own ‘feel’ cuz these are handmade productions. Keep the feedback coming.

    14. cygnet Says:

      Maybe my attention span is too long, but I like the music.

    15. New America Says:

      Four comments:

      1. Chain on the Satori Moment

      This is of critical importance to understand; the Jew-controlled System press is giving us many messages, on all media, at all hours of the day and night.

      The one message that controls them is the Jew’s relentless attack on US, on all media, at all times.

      Those of us in the Western spiritual tradition refer to the satori moment as “the Quickening,” the moment that the final straw of lies breaks the camel’s back, and opens the door to a critical shift in Consciousness, where we can finally ACCEPT the Truth we have been aware of, but go to such great lengths to deny.

      This Moment, if captured as an anchor, forms the living foundation for “the Awakening,” as you continue to realize the depth of the magnitude of the JEWS’s attack on Western Civilization and Christianity in general, and the White RACE in particular, and, with even greater hatred, White MEN.

      IF you accept the responsibility for this growth in Consciousness, it is not unlike the movie, “THEY LIVE.” SUDDENLY, you can see what has been there all along.

      And suddenly, when you try to find the words to tell your friends, THEY turn on you, calling you a “racist,” and moving away from you.

      That’s why VNN and Peter Shank are so damn important; if they are alone, they tend to go slowly mad, as they can not place all of what is happening in a proper intellectual context.

      It IS, literally, an Archetypal Event, and from this Initiation you can not return to Sleep.

      However, without the steadying hands of your Elders to support you in this, you could succumb to madness.

      VNN, and Peter Shank, help you to realize that YOU ARE RIGHT, IT IS THE JEWS.

      Two, as to the distinction between the sin and the sinner, as define in that old homily, “Hate the sin, love the sinner,” note that this doctrine does not appear anywhere in the Bible.

      Indeed, as Peter Shank reminds us, Jesus NEVER forgave ANYONE.

      His only love was for God, and His Righteousness; remember, the First Deed of Christ was to arise from the River Jordan, FABRICATE A WHIP, and CLEAN HOUSE in the Synagogue of Satan.

      Beck later referred to an inversion of values, and that is EXACTLY how the Satanic Mind works; that this process of inversion leads to acts of perversion, is all part of the JEWS policy of tikkum olam – literally, parasitically turning their host nation into an inversion where the parasitic JEW rules the day, and blends right in.

      To the extent we accept the JEW’S terms and definitions, which is at the very foundation of tikkun olam, we become the intellectual slave of the JEWS today, and the physical slaves of the JEWS, tomorrow.

      Think of it this way.

      Pedophelia is being discussed in morally neutral terms.

      Remember, pedophelia is SPECIFICALLY sanctioned by the Talmud, with rabbis having the RIGHT, in the Talmud, to have sex with a gentile girl if she is THREE YEARS OLD.

      What kind of a moral inversion has to be accomplished to make THAT happen?

      In the town my father grew up in, at the first proof of pedophelia, the Elders would deal with the situation directly, and in a most forthright manner. However, in that place and time, children were so cherished that they were never left alone with anyone except their immediate parents.

      The idea of normalizing pedophelia was, literally, a non-starter. It was, literally, unthinkable. If you mentioned is as an idea to be discussed at all, save in absolute condemnation, the Elders would come visit you ONCE, and have a “clarification session.”

      Remember, Jesus spoke favorably of capital punishment, even if it was expensive to administer, for pedophiles. Indeed, He said capital punishment was preferable to His plans for them.

      However, what policy do the JEWS want? After all, animals exist to serve the them, by any means necessary.

      So, pedophilia – a JEW-approved policy – moves ever closer to “tolerance,” today, and acceptance, tomorrow.

      Being a RACIALLY AWARE WHITE PERSON, in general, and a RACIALLY AWARE WHITE MAN, in particular, of course, is certainly not tolerated.

      And you wonder why you feel you are going mad?

      It’s because the System media, which controls so much of your Reality, is controlled by your immoral, mortal enemies.

      You aren’t going mad; YOU are going SANE.

      That places you in a minority.

      Three, as to Linder’s “GET OUT” message for the JEW, a good song to follow that with is “Parasite,” by Fortress. The opening words, SHOUTED with great authority, are “GET OUT OF THE COUNTRYYY!”

      Four, the end music should be SAGA’s “Tomorrow Belongs to Me.”

      And, for the music I didn’t really like, I just replaced it with the good stuff, like the intro from VNN 34 and 39.

      Thanks to all for a great show.

      Thanks for all of your efforts.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    16. RabbitNoMore Says:

      Your comments are right on the hook-nose.
      I agree that your musical interludes are perhaps a bit lengthy, but that actually helps me catch my breath.
      Believe me brother, I get just as upset as you at the thought of what the filthy-rat-jews are doing to us.

      Itz sick and disgusting, but, as the kikenvermin continue to push the envelope, and go over the top with their flagrant bullshit, more and more Whites will awake. Unavoidable itz…
      You keep right on using the fuck word, too bad if cowardly Whites can’t stomach this kind of language, that’s not who we are intersted in reaching anyway.
      Let’s not forget who is pushing this filth on our children everyday….
      Beat ’em at their own game.



    17. Jackumup Says:

      What a great show it should be on every morning , but unfortunately uncle jewey would not approve so were stuck with things like Kate couric getting a tube shove up her Jew ass or the controversy of a 300 pound gorilla named Starr and a Jew named babaa.

      Where the fuck is this Armageddon that we were promised? I can’t take this shit to much longer.

    18. New America Says:

      An adendum to my comment above:

      In an analysis of Chain’s “Sartori Moment” analysis, I missed an important point I wanted to make.

      Effectively, THIS is the experience that is, literally, ABOVE TIME; your Mind enters a timeless state, due to the raw SHOCK of what you are experiencing – that EVERYTHING you have been taught is pretty much a lie – and NOW, you have a KEY that allows you to see things much more as they truly are.

      Now, I am not going to say that you will remain A Man Above Time; that takes a lot of work, and very special qualities of character.

      However, even that one brief moment is enough to change you life, IF you will accept responsibility for that insight, and work with it.

      I did not say it would be easy, but, would any of us REALLY want to go back to Sleep?

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!