29 September, 2006

Released: Goyfire 41

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Podcast :

The Roundtable includes: Agis, Alex Linder, Geoff Beck, and Craig Cobb.

Topics include: TNB: Tiffany Hall and Ulysees Handy III, TMB: Mexicans gang rape White woman on Florida beach, Professors sent to Gulag, Yale center for Loxism established, greaseball and goose, and animal rentals in Denmark.


tiffany hall
ulysses handy III

TMB 3 mex on white beach sleeper

Professors sent to Gulag:

Professors sent to Gulag

Yale creates anti-Semitism study center:

Advertisement: greaseball and goose

Animal rentals in Denmark

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  7. 16 Responses to “Released: Goyfire 41”

    1. New America Says:

      An excellent show, with several truly substantial issues.

      At about 76 minutes Linder made the point that can not be emphasized too strongly; that the JEWS, an Asiatic Hive Consciousness RACE (my terms), are working continually to turn white women into race mixing whores, and emasculate white men into homos and whiggers.

      This is part and parcel of the JEWS policy of tikkun olam, the pacification of the host race, and the host nation, into a form suitable for the parasite to operate in, and silently control.

      What better way to destroy the RACE, than to destroy the children, via the public fool indoctrination system, and the 24/7 attentions of the Propasphere?

      From, literally, preverbal (Kid’s NICK), to boomer generation (VH-1), and even country music (CMT), the total attack on every element of our culture saturates virtually ALL medium, except for books.

      At about 77 minutes, Chain describes the efforts of the JEWS in this regard as “diabolical” – literally, “of the devil” – as the JEWS indoctrinate our children while turning them into (my term) the Next Mexicans, a permanent, marginally educated and marginally literate underclass, forced to compete with the Old Mexicans for marginal jobs at near-starvation wages.

      YET, the “Greatest Generation” cheers them on, and, passively, so do we, by surrendering the future of our RACE to our sworn RACIAL enemies.

      Hence, home schooling becomes a matter of RACIAL survival, particularly as tool for the transmission and transformer of our CULTURE.

      Also at about 77 minutes, Beck gets full marks for noting that in effect, Jews act as a “diabolical” force. Whether this can be ascribed to them in terms of a social evolutionary mechanism, AND on spiritual terrms, is MOST important.

      Literally, the JEWS act as a virus of evil for their host nations.

      I think Beck’s comment can be elaborated into a critical point that Peter Shank made; in so many words, and I am probably putting some of those words in Peter Shanks’s mouth, Jews are not REALLY our opposition.

      JUDAISM is the opposition to us, and JEWS are simply carriers of the spiritual and cultural virus of JUDAISM.

      While we attack THIS JEW, or THIS JEWISH facade, or THAT JEW, or THAT JEWISH facade, it is of the first importance to remember that we are not merely fighting beings of flesh and bone; we are, literally, fighting Principalities of Darkness; to quote “Pastor Bob” from “Yahweh’s Truth,” we are fighting “demons in shoe leather.”

      The JEWS have millions of faces, and millions of facades; the trick is to identify the common thread, the (LITERAL!) Spirit of Anti-Christ that is JUDAISM.

      There is a deeper spiritual issue that I would like to address in the context of the JEWS, and that is the nature of EVIL – a literal, living force that they manifest in their host nations.

      I think evil has two components – first, something is in the wrong place, and second, something is INTENTIONALLY doing the wrong thing; in effect, it goes directly against the Will of God.

      We might view “evil” as an intelligent spiritual process that acts to retard the development of more developed spiritual forces, and the entitities that carry them in their soul.

      One example of such a spiritual force is Western Civilization; one example of an entity that is carried in the soul of Western Civilization is Christ.

      Literally, in the absence of Christianity, a living spiritual process, there is no Western Civilization.

      My working definition of Judaism thus becomes obvious – the ASIATIC HIVE CONSCIOUSNESSS that is literally in direct opposition to Western Civilization, in the service of the Babylonian Dark Gods.

      In effect, Judaism is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Western Civilization, and works ACTIVELY to undermine and subvert the only force that has defeated it, and its Gods, in the history of the world.

      This explanation explains the elegant simplicity of Linder’s observation at about 77 minutes, in response to Beck; literally, every other people the JEWS touch are harmed by them.

      There IS a reason for that, and I think the reason I stated above helps to spread Light, among the Darkness.

      Q: What is Judaism?

      A: Judaism is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Christianity, and Western Civilization.

      Where the Men of the West have gone, we brought electricity, hospitals, medicine, more efficient agriculture, and the modern institutions; these, of course, could ONLY have been developed in Western Civilization.

      If this was pearls before swine, well, misplaced Christian universalism paid the price, and we should not have to pay it again.

      Can you think of ONE place, ONE nation, that has been improved by the presence of JEWS, ACTING as JEWS?

      No, of course not.

      There is a reason for that…

      At about 87 minutes Linder knocked one out of the park with his analysis of WHERE the porocess of tikkun olam would lead America; “the baseline American is going to be a nigger.”

      Wonder why?

      Wonder how?

      No, neither do I; however, it is all the more galling to literally see this happening right before your eyes, and be held in open contempt if not threatened! – if you dare suggest that a different educational focus might be in order.

      At about 94 minutes the issues of brothels for beastiality in Norway was addressed; you could liteally hear the sorrow in Chain’s voice, and the disgust that this was even possible.

      Linder addressed the issue in terms of the business aspect; why would you pay for beastiality?

      The answer is simple – just bear in mind tikkun olam, and realize that this LEGALIZES beastiality, and thus begins to NORMALIZE beastiality, FOR PROFIT.

      How the JEWS must rejoice that the beasts of the field – US – are seeking to have sex with OTHER beasts of the field – for a FEE!

      Can you guess whose hands will be outstretched to receive the fee? Of course you can!

      Not only have the practitioners of beastiality become willful co-conspirators in the destruction of our RACE, we get to pay for it, even as it becomes enshrined in law…

      And, you heard it here first: from an animal, to a dramtic lowering of the age of consent, all in the pursuit of tikkun olam; after all, doesn’t the Talmud allow a rabbi to have sex with a boy older than eight, and a gentile girl of THREE?


      So, are the Western nations becoming normalized under a system of Talmudic law?

      Itz coming…

      At about 98 minutes, Beck cites Pierce on alienation. Linder noted that Whites have been forced into a system that is hostile to them, and a psychic pain derives from this.

      “It is not by accident” that our children are being supplied with a full panoply of pharmecutical medications, with full State support – and even State sanctions – for noncompliance.

      First, drive them mad, and force them to forget – or even hate – their RACIAL heritage.

      Then, sell them the drugs – at a profit – needed to addict them to a world of illusion, at the expense of recovering and fulfilling their role in our unique RACIAL destiny. Thus, the State creates drug addicts, while retaining the means of control.

      Anyone read “Brave New World?”

      Chain made reference to a video on 911; I think the correct query to put into google is: 9/11 mysteries(fulllength,high quality)

      A comment on the entire issue of 911 investigations.

      Overnight, the JEWS have created a thousand false flags under the heading of the “911 Truth Movement.”

      ALL of them address EVERYTHING about 911 with one exception:

      They NEVER discuss the FACT that EVERY single benefit of 911 accrues solely – I repeat – SOLELY – to the JEWS.

      As Peter Shank noted, “They are discussing everything about a murder, except the ONE thing that matters – WHO pulled the trigger.”

      So, let’s be careful about the various rabbit holes being set as intellectual traps by the JEWS around 911, and ask ourselves, “Why is it that NONE of the MANY ‘911 Truth’ investigators will not ask the ONE question that truly matters – WHO did it?”

      “WHY” then becomes fairly obvious…

      Tikkun olam wins again, UNLESS we focus on the JEW.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. Stronza & family Says:

      Thanks v. much for telling us about the 9/11 Mysteries video. We are only halfway thru it and can’t wait till tomorrow, when we’ll watch the rest. It is the best we have seen so far.

      I am sure that the debunkers are already cranking out their response, however.

    3. cygnet Says:

      Each Goyfire is even more enjoyable than the others.

    4. Stronza Says:

      A good essay, New America, even tho it’ll probably rub a few folks here the wrong way. Christianity may have been one part of the 3-prong foundation of western civilization (Christian/Germanic/Classical heritage), but it doesn’t change the fact that Christianity was never meant for us; it was meant for the people whose society Christ was born into. And you know what happened to HIM.

    5. Lutjens Says:


      Who are these scumbag kikes calling haters? As he wrote this, his kike commie brethren were exterminating tens of millions of Ukranians and other Slavs, and we should be quite convinced that he and Jew scumbag Untermyer and the rest of the commie, US-based, sheenie clan knew this. I have never read such hate and lies in my entire life. This is just fucking classic Jewish hate shit. This was a sick man, spawned from a very sick race of people. Israel must perish, and all the kikes of the world. Only then will there be peace.

    6. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      great show. one of the best yet.

      “it’s a madhouse…A MADHOUSE!!!”

    7. New America Says:

      Stronza wrote:
      A good essay, New America, even tho it’ll probably rub a few folks here the wrong way. Christianity may have been one part of the 3-prong foundation of western civilization (Christian/Germanic/Classical heritage), but it doesn’t change the fact that Christianity was never meant for us; it was meant for the people whose society Christ was born into. And you know what happened to HIM.

      in reply:
      Thanks for the kind words!

      I suspect that Christianity began as a religion, but it is greater than ALL religions, because it encapsulates the truth that any of them have, with the cultural limits – for example, in this light, I consider Zoroastrianism as the functional equivalent of training wheels for Mankind at the stage of spiritual development. It was, pretty much, the best they could handle, in that place, at that time.

      Christianity is so powerful, it is the ONE religion that the JEWS must subvert, having gone to great lengths to undermine it at all points, from the Mastroetic textual foundation to the 1611 King James, to the Revised Standard Version, to the modern perversions of JUDEOChristianity – notice what word comes FIRST in that term.

      I am no fan of what Christianity has become; from the religion that inspired conquerors of continents, to a religion that enshrines perversion at the Institutional level, much of “Christianity” has become the plaything of our RACIAL enemies, working ACTIVELY against the living Spirit of Christianity.

      Thus, the cowardice of those who believe in the “Rapture,” with its egoistic trap that NOBODY in the New Testament was “raptured,” and only Elijah, out of the Old Testament, was “raptured.”

      If the Twelve Disciples, including Paul, and Mary, and even Jesus Himself, were NOT “raptured,” why on Earth do you think YOU make the grade?

      And, what a clever trap that doctrine is, because its believers want NOTHING to do with their RACIAL DUTY to making the world a better place, here and now, much less a better place, for their posterity…

      Cowards, indeed.

      For those who cirticize what Christianity has become, frankly, to a remarkable degree, I am with you; however, one useful analysis and example of Christianity can be seen at Christianseparatist.org.

      The test of a man is his enemies; look at how totally devoted the JEWS are to attacking Christianity in all ways possible, at all opportunities possible.

      THAT is what makes my definition of Judaism so useful; Judaism is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Christianity SHOULD be, it is LITERALLY the Satanic perversion of Christ’s Message, and His Work.

      And, while I can not argue with your “three-pronged foundation of Western Civilization,” if those who support the “three-pronged hypothesis” do not wish to accept a LIVING spiritual foundation for Western Civilization, SURELY we can all work on updating the foundations and applications of the OTHER two prongs!

      One place to start is sending some money to Alex Linder, at the address on the bottom of your screen; he’s getting out front FOR us, and the least we can do is support his activities financially.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    8. Thoughtcrime Says:

      As a small sidenote to the above discussion, I attended the movies last night with my girlfriend and we had to sit through four new movie previews, ALL of which, as a main element of theme, heavily advocated race-mixing with blacks. Primarily, it was either young, white, ‘pretty-boy’ looking males shown madly in love with the ‘spiritually wise’ negress or the beautiful blonde Aryan female madly in love and completely under the voodoo spell of the ridiculous corn-row niggero.

      I was completely nauseated by the content of these previews and the rapid fire manner in which they were shown one right after the other, with the common theme of each being white/black race mixing set in some far away land. The question all whites have to ask is, who is creating these types of movies and what is the larger purpose?

    9. Theseus Says:

      Congrats on another great show!

      Goyfire taught me to NAME THE jEW!

    10. Theseus Says:

      New America:

      Christianity is a jewed form of Zoroastrianism. That is all.

    11. Stronza Says:

      Hello, N.A. It seems to me that simple Christianity (with none of that rapture baloney & other kaka) is a good philosophy to live by if every single citizen of the nation in question has a heartfelt belief in Christ’s teachings and a burning desire to follow them, and, further, has the capacity to carry this out. But if you have just one person who doesn’t get it, then everyone is ultimately at risk – because this strange religion says that everybody else is more important than you!

      Now, if I knew for sure that everyone around me had this firm belief in “all for one, and one for all”, maybe I could be talked into a re-conversion. On the other hand, maybe such a worldview can work at a level no larger than that of the family. It’s all about sharing both the same blood and the same geography, and you need these two, to make it workable.

      I have run into a few people here and there, years ago, who have said (publicly) that Christianity makes more sense without the Old Testament attached to it, but I doubt we can say that with impunity today. Not one week ago, I challenged a local Jewish-Christian cult on their attachment to the old testament (they observe the day of atonment, coming up) and the first thing that popped out of the nice lady’s mouth, in reply, was “we’re not really Christian”. Oh, really? Their literature is full of Christ’s teaching, quotes from the Book of Acts, etc. etc. They say they follow his way of life etc. etc. How can you have it both ways? As our Mediterranean brethren say, “You can’t ride two horses with one ass.” And those brethren are peeing their pants laughing at those religionists, and, of course, at the whole damn lot of us.

    12. New America Says:

      In reply to Stronza:
      Thanks for the constructive criticism.

      I am trying to emphasize two points:

      One, our Deep War is against JUDAISM, and JEWS are simply the nodes through which the cultural process of JUDAISM operates.

      Two, JUDAISM is the EXACT opposite of what Christianity SHOULD be.

      This second point is important because JUDAISM takes many forms – control of the public fool system, control of the textbooks and curricula, control of the means of mass communication, control of the political process – and thus, the political parties.

      Virtually ALL of these provesses are working pretty much in opposition to their NOMINAL purpose, their STATE purpose, because they ALL – I repeat, ALL – are virtually tools of JUDAISM, implemented by the JEW.

      The Asiatic Hive Consciousness nature of the JEWS, on the other hand, makes them a perfect delivery system for JUDAISM; remember, THEIR FIRST AND ONLY COMMANDMENT is, “Is It Good For JEWS?”

      NOT “Is it good for ME, as a JEW?”

      NOT, “Is it good for A JEW?”


      “Is it good for the JEWS as a RACE?”

      THAT is their only commandment.

      If the answer to that question is “YES,” then the answer to it, for the Men of the West, is always, “NO!”

      Thus, understanding JUDAISM as a PROCESS is the jey to understanding the JEW, as a RACIAL PROCESS; the exact opposite of these can be seen in Christianity.

      That’s why the JEWS fight Christianity, and of ALL the religions, ONLY Christianity, tooth and nail, at all places, at all time.

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    13. predator2prey Says:

      Excellent show. For those of us who have named the jew and are fully aware of what it is, we should also begin to remove the jew from within as well as without. Didn’t Himmler make a statement to this effect? Here’s a few examples:
      race traitor whores
      corporate elitist whores
      zionist chrsitians
      liberal teachers

      BTW, Great commentary New America. Good to see you on the forums too!

    14. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      thoughtcrime, you really don’t know?

      the worst 4-letter word in any language: J-E-W-S

    15. New America Says:

      Thanks, predator2prey; some thoughts…

      I think that something – SOMETHING – is trying to develop on OUR SIDE, and the JEWS – the demons in shoe leather – are doing ALL in their power to stop it from happening.

      Historically, the leaders of the “Patriot” organizations were, with the exception of Rockwell, were all but hirelings of the JEWS, as they accepted the JEWS terms and terms of reference.

      Worse, they were ALWAYS on defense, and were protrayed in the JEW-CONTROLLED media as gap-toothed, ignorant, illiterate bumpkins.

      This is slowly starting to change.

      People like Peter Shank, and Alex Linder, are defining our situation in more objective terms, AND are not living on pure defense anymore.

      Remember Bob Whitaker’s summary – “The problem of RACE is defined by our Enemies as a WHITE problem, and ONLY White people can be racists. Those who want to rid the world of ‘racists’ want to rid the world of White people.”

      Historically, we have fallen into the trap of allowing our RACIAL enemies to define us to THEIR satisfaction, in terms of what we are AGAINST.

      This gave them all of the power, and had us chasing our tails like puppies in a “fight’ against the JEWISH construction-of-the-week – Communism, Soviet Communism, the United nations, the New World Order – whatever.

      With people like Steele, Linder, and Shank we are developing our OWN analytical framework, and it is defined in POSITIVE terms, and POSITIVE values – Shank’s conceptual framework of FAMILY, RACE and CULTURE – with RACe being the dynbamic fulcrum between FAMILY and CULTURE – is inherently positive, and a welcome counterpoint to the JEW’S NEWS that we have blindly accepted.

      I like to look at what the JEWS truly HATE’ from that, the Truth is fairly obvious.

      What do they hate?

      1. Christianity – REAL Christianity, the kind where the Son of God aroose from the River Jordan, fabricated a weapon, and cleaned out the Synagogue of Satan!

      2. National Socialism in a White Western Country – look at the economic, social and political situaition in Germany in 1933; by simply removing the JEW’S control systems – reparations debt, JEW-controlled banking, the media – and replacing them with organically developed systems that derive from the natural relationship between WESTERN MAN, and technology as the union of science and engineering, in an organically socialist society, look how far, and how quickly, the German PEOPLE progressed.

      By simply removing the parasite of JUDAISM, Hitler made it possible for the CREATIVE powers of the German people to flow organically into new, and creative forms, dynamically remaking the forms of the old institutions into vessels that carried forth the living substance of Western Civilization at its peak.

      Is there ANY doubt in your mind whatsoever that, as someone observed in another thread in this blog, IF we could go back to 1939 with a dvd player and some magazines showing what we have become, EVERY LAST ONE OF US would have told President-to-be Joseph P. Kennedy, “We must fight for OUR racial brethren, and the living foundations of Western Civilization. We can not fight on the same side as Stalin! If we did THAT, fifty years later, we would be living in a Mud Hell. YOU saw the dvd of the ARMY forcing our children to attend public schools for racial integration at BAYONET POINT! That’s just for openers!”

      We are facing the functional equivalent of THOSE choices, DAILY.

      THAT’S WHY we need people like Linder, and Peter Shank, to provide the intellectual ammunition to fight the JEW-CONTROLLED Propasphere, and Hal Turner, to keep us focused on the Enemy, while inspiring us to get off our asses, and STAND UP, for a CHANGE!

      Spreading the word about Peter Shank’s forum – which is now OPEN to all – on all sites and groups you can is a very useful, even vital, first step we can ALL undertake.

      Additionally, sending some money to Linder – address at the bottom of this page – and Turner – address on his website – is simply a duty; they are taking the big hits for us.

      It’s the least we can do…

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    16. ariel Says:

      if the west was so good then why do you follow jesus he was not born in the west he was a JEW.you are just a pathetic bunch of racist scum you should not even be in america its not your land you parasites.you dont even know where your freaking ancestory came from despots your graet great grandaddy may have been a mongol.