9 September, 2006

Shitskins Destroy Magic Mountain

Posted by alex in Alex Linder, AmeriKwa, mex gangs at 7:14 pm | Permanent Link

If I recall correctly, Magic Mountain is the place where, in the seventies, a couple teenage nigger couples cut in line, and when my dad called them on it, one of the she-niggers started jabbering away in ebonics and then said, “I hope you fall off halfway across.” Some kind of ski lift thing. I was young, and this made a very strong impression on me. I knew that: 1) that no white would have acted like these things; and 2) that whatever these things were, they were worlds different from White people.

In any case the lesson is: just as two things can’t occupy the same space simultaneously, you can’t have niggers or mexicans and civilization. You must choose. Either-or, itz!

Niggers and mexicans are symptoms; JEW IS THE DISEASE.

But in the last 15 years, the park has declined in attendance comensorate with the rise in gang activity. Families have steered clear of MM ever since the cancellation of a TLC concert led to bloody riots.


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  7. 11 Responses to “Shitskins Destroy Magic Mountain”

    1. CZ Says:

      Humorous ITZ, as one of the main reasons I can’t wait for the clean up to begin is my desire to go to an amusement park void of teenniggers, race mixing, and the nigger baptist church bus loads of black bastards.

    2. jackumup Says:

      there is no constitution rule or amendment that gives government the right to make laws that white business owners have to allow talking monkeys into thier establishments

    3. van helsing Says:

      Went to Michigan’s Adventure on way out west for a 3 week vacation this summer.

      This is not a big amusement park, folks. Usually very clean, not a lot of darkies, fairly sedate crowd.

      But this time… Saw a lot of kikettes there, youngsters, orthodox dress. Might have been some boys, but if there were, they dressed in other than sheeny clothes.

      On way out, several buses were right at the exit. Some yahoodi school from Chicago…

    4. -JC Says:

      Story was apparently removed from the web. If someone has it, please post it. My wife enjoys their roller coasters and tells me they are among the best. I don’t have the stomach for such places for several reason but, if you want to pay big bucks to get sick, for several reasons, go to Disneyland on government employees day.

    5. alex Says:

      Yes, they pulled the story after we posted it.

    6. Shabbos Shabazz Says:

      Yes, Silverstein pulled the story after we posted it.

    7. Tyler Durden Says:

      Last time I went to Magic Mountain I saw more wiggers than anything. It would be great to walk through there with my M1A and spend about 5000 rounds. Then it would be a real fun park.

    8. bdnigga Says:

      If you GD krackers had left us (Blacks) in Africa (with our diamonds and gold) you would not be having these problems. So much for your superiority. Your people were so superior (lazy) that they chose to enslave others to work for their sorry arses. Well this is what you get so live with it kracker! As for the “kracker revolution”, forget it. We can always count on you greedy ass krackers to fuck up so there will be no revolution. Stupid krackers.

    9. Ms Taletha of Texas Says:

      Stupid krakers. Stupid enough to win World War II. Stupid enough to make advances in arts, sciences, culture and music. Stupid enough to create computers and the internet. Stupid enough to send a man to the moon and return him safely to Earth. Stupid enough to creat the most technologically advanced civilization the world has ever seen.

      Now boy – dance for my amusement!!!!!

      Taletha, p/t student, p/t Hootersgirl

    10. Francisco Gomez Says:

      Obviously, you’re the kind of person that takes credit for the advancement of others just by your association of ethnicity. Why dont you tell me specifically how you have contributed to the advancement of science or perhaps technology. The only thing that you have contributed to this world is eye candy by showing us some T and A while you fetch us some buffalo wings at hooters. You’re racism and ignorant views are an embarassment to yourself. I truly feel sorry for you.

    11. Tommy Says:

      I’m sure you’ve been brainwashed by liberal media to belive white devils stole you from your African Homeland. The fact is, your own African Warlords sold your relatives to us, bargain priced, to put more bling on their necks.

      Do some research.