25 September, 2006

STEELE: Converting the Brainwashed

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by Edgar J. Steele

“Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.” — Samuel Johnson (English poet, critic and writer, 1709-1784)

Note: The following article appears in the current (Sep/Oct 2006) edition of The Barnes Review under the title, “Conversing with the Politically Correct.”

Tired of being the odd one at family gatherings?

Sick of friends who apologize for you to others by prewarning them that you are a “white supremacist” or a “racist?”

Having trouble meeting girls?

If married, do you have the sense that your wife slowly is slipping away? That your children are vaguely ashamed of you?

Tired of being angry and upset about any or all of the foregoing, but unwilling to “go over to the other side?” Get in line.

The good news is that you have lots of company. The bad news is that you keep shooting yourself in your foot. I’ve been there. I know.

Today, I have a healthy and robust family life with a wife of twenty-one years who respects my opinions and even shares a great many of them. My kids are proud of me, despite occasionally being tarred with the brush that regularly is used on me. We all are plugged into normal society, with normal friends (in my case, all things are relative, of course), normal interests and normal pastimes. We all love each other – a lot. I’m a lucky guy, for these are the things that really matter. But – is it really just luck?

Often, I remark to my children that the world is full of morons, a phrase that has become a mantra for us and turned into one of our longest-running family jokes. But it isn’t really a joke – not in the sense that I mean it.

It is simply amazing how stupid everyone can seem to be, isn’t it? Even close friends and family members can seem like empty-headed dolts when politically-incorrect concepts come up. It is a powerful urge to take them straight on and overwhelm them with the sheer strength of your logic, so that is just what you do. And, every single time, you end up dusted, muttering to yourself about how the world is full of morons. Does any of this ring a bell for you?

There’s an old joke that goes: “I can win any argument, just ask any of a number of my ex friends!” What? You’re not laughing?

Well, listen up. There is hope.

Dare to Be Normal

One of my closest friends brought me up short one day long ago when, in response to my chiding him for moving into one of those vast, rambling plastic apartment complexes: “Eddie,” he said, “character is something that comes from within. We don’t wear it and we can’t live in it.” When you hear a fundamental truth like that, it validates itself with an internal ring of authenticity, doesn’t it? Some things simply do not require proof.

Just look at so many teenagers and young adults, yet to discover their own inherent character (or lack of it) – putting on odd clothes and hairstyles in an attempt to distinguish themselves from their parents and teachers. Body Piercing. Tattoos. Profanity. Anything to be different, it seems. Anything to be an individual. Anything to have character. They haven’t learned what my friend so effortlessly knew by instinct.

In fact, their odd appearance and demeanor gets in the way of getting along with the rest of us, doesn’t it? Consider – why would it be any different for you?

Dare to be normal. Look and act like everyone else and they will assume you are one of them. You are, you know. There is very little difference among us, when all is said and done. Go along to get along. No, not ideologically, though moderation might serve you better than extremism in that arena, as well. If you truly want to persuade others, then be as acceptable to them as possible, so that you can get close enough to plant those seeds of dissent into their psyches.

Go for the Easy Kill First

Because we all are pretty much the same (even liberals, believe it or not), our pushable buttons all are in the same places. Choose your points of entry with care when approaching others on politically-incorrect topics, to ensure you get initial agreement and acceptance. Once you have gotten someone to say yes a few times, it is much easier to keep them saying it.

Even liberals have strong feelings about unfairness. Consider just how unfair are things like affirmative action, hiring/school admission quotas, slave reparations and the like. Go for the easy kill first. You’ll be surprised at how easy the more difficult kill becomes after you have gotten them saying yes. Get someone voicing displeasure with their kids’ education being crap because half their classmates belong in remedial institutions is a big step toward getting them to see what’s wrong with miscegenation and unlimited immigration.


Ever notice how you seem to develop your thinking and your positions while you are busy talking? We all do that. Employ that fact as your main strategy. Get the other person talking and keep them talking. Get them to say what you want to say so that they actually end up defending their new-found position against your devil’s advocate questioning.

We all love to talk. We all love to be listened to. What is your objective, after all – stroking your own ego or persuading others? Listen. It’s easy. It is the basic strategy of true persuasion.

Nudge Them into Position

Persuading another can be likened to a tugboat guiding an ocean liner into her berth: you must apply constant pressure, pressure which barely is felt by the other. Otherwise, you create your own opposition and force them to defend (and, often, adopt) a position contrary to the very one to which you seek to bring them. You know what I’m talking about because you’ve done it far too often, haven’t you?

The primary technique employed in the strategy of persuasive listening is to ask leading questions – questions which suggest the very answer you seek. Questions to which you already know the answer. Questions which you know the other person will answer in a certain way, thereby taking the first steps down a path you have charted. Make it topical, if possible, so that the other person has some knowledge but has yet to harden into a position about the subject. For example: “Hey, did you catch the Academy Awards? Did you see Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of the Christ?’ What happened?”

A second technique is to share some compelling and honest portion of yourself, thereby forging a bond of intimacy and trust which compels the other person to respond in kind: “I feel like I’ve let my son down, somehow, simply because I can’t afford to send him to my alma mater, due to the amount of out-of-state tuition they want. Did you know that illegal aliens get that requirement waived?”

Ask the leading question or share yourself succinctly, then stand back. You will be amazed at the results.

Overcoming Objections

Sales people talk about handling a prospect’s “considerations,” enroute to closing a deal. Consideration: “This car’s pretty old.” Response: “Yeah, but she sure does run well. They don’t make them like this any more, you know.”

You will have to do the same. Consideration: “I take people individually, one at a time.” Response: “Society doesn’t, you know. It passes out favors to whole groups – and we’re not in any of them.” Or: “When was the last time you had the favor returned by any of them?” Or: “Is it simply coincidental that Blacks are fifty times more likely to commit violent crimes than Whites? Fifty times! Do you believe in coincidence? There’s something more fundamental than social or economic injustice going on there.”

Bread on the Water

Don’t look for on-the-spot conversions. You won’t get them. But, that doesn’t mean you haven’t made a difference. Everything you say goes into the hopper. The more credibility you have with another, the more weight they accord to what you say.

People are kind of like a balance scale: Keep adding weight to the light side until, all at once, it suddenly swings into a different position.

Be satisfied that you were heard. Be there when they come back for more.

New America. An idea whose time has come.

My name is Edgar J. Steele. Thanks for listening. Please visit my web site, www.ConspiracyPenPal.com, for other messages just like this one.

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  7. 11 Responses to “STEELE: Converting the Brainwashed”

    1. Scipio Americanus Says:

      Converting the brainwashed can be achieved provided you get to them at a younger age. It is my experience that most folks, by the time they reach their mid 20’s, are basically set in their outlook on life. There are exceptions, but not many. I think this is an excellent topic that should be explored in greater detail. Regardless of the level of brainwashing, there exists one thing that will “convert” the masses of asses in the end and that is REALITY, which is simply non-negotiable, regardless of the liberal superstitions that have been inculcated.

    2. Johnny Rotten Says:

      When 9/11 happened I was swept up in the hooplah and had a Bomb em all go USA/ISRAEL! mentality. I was 22 at the time and had many “progressive” left leaning friends with the WERE ALL THE SAME viewpoint. A half a year later i stumbled upon a website by the name of FAEM. Im sure many know of it even though the creator is now deceased. It blew my friggin mind to say the least. It was like waking up from a nightmare. I disagreed with a lot of what the guy (brain fart…cant remember his name) said in many of the posts as far as his approach to things but I used what he said to base my own opinions an find my own facts. It made me research many things including atrocities Israel commited against US interests. I no longer felt this desire for a utopian mish mash of toilet bowl scrapings. I felt a more common bond with what the founding fathers had so desired this country to be. What garbage my friends believe to this day! One is a town councilman who is ever so slightly becoming moderate but still a bleading heart liberal and his psychology major brother who has no real world experience outside of college walls. He has been a student for the last 10 or so years and now a part time teacher at his current university so his experience with muds, cruds and degenerates is insulated from what its like on the “outside”. I love them both to death as they are like brothers to me (friends since 1993 and lots of odd adventures along the way) but the stubborness to see things outside of controlled situations theyve both been in forever is frustrating. They have a half sister….a nigger lover who has 2 kids by a deranged spic who was deported and one half niglette by a haitian immigrant. My friends butter up to those abominations whenever theyre around even though theyre misbehaved, generaly stupid (especialy the half nig) and one is fat and lazy. When my friends are in town I usualy must be around those 3 mongerals while I visit them….I am called uncle….what I want to scream at the top of my lungs is IM NOT YOURE FUCKING UNCLE!! YOUR MOTHER IS A WHORE! Ill play uncle to my friends white children…not the half sisters. Yet if i expressed my desire to not be associated with those 3 shits or the sister Id be losing 2 of the closest friends I have ever had regardless of my personal beliefs otherwise. Bringing up points on race and immigration is difficult when you have a lot at stake. I just realized how verbose this “rant” of mine was…ha ha….sorry

    3. brutus Says:

      Ed Steele, the Dale Carnegie of White Nationalism!

      Thank you Ed for this great explanation on how to better our human relationship skills when we try to explain our cause to others.

      The advice is sound and pertains to all endeavors. If we’re smart and listen to your suggestions, we will enhance our own worth and esteem, and thereby build our own credibility that will make us that much more persuasive when we attempt to convert the brainwashed.

      Thanks again.

    4. Scipio Americanus Says:

      I should mention, however, there are many twenty-something White males and a few females who are entirely confused and bewildered by this kosher inspired madness and do not have definitive views on life except one: that the current culture is destructive to their well being. That is where VNN comes in — providing a voice of sanity in an insane world. I came to my own conclusions long before coming across this and other White nationalist sites, so for me, it was simply an acknowledgment that I was not alone in what I felt about a world that had gone mad. This should be our focus instead of wasting time trying to deprogram the hordes of brainwashed lemmings, IMHO. Most of simply too far gone. Let’s work with those who still have a chance at “seeing the light”.

      Johnny Rotten, glad you liked FAEM. I just stumbled across the site a few months ago. Although I have not yet had a chance to read most of it (there’s a hell of a lot of material to read), from what I have read, I can say that the views expressed match my own almost point for point. What really impressed me was Robert Frenz’s commitment to the concept of character and his love of Old America — something that I can personally relate to, even though I’m only in my 30’s. Needless to say, the other material written by Eric Thomson, Maguire and the WW 2 vet Joe is superb as well. I highly recommend FAEM.COM to all — please check it out if you have not done so. Simply stated, it is the finest commentary on the net. Many heart felt thanks to all who contributed to it! May Robert Frenz rest in peace knowing that the fight is just beginning — the ghetto will NOT prevail.

    5. Whitefist Says:

      Written by a genuine barrister, talk, talk, talk, some more talk, talk more, talk a bit more, then a little more talk, and finally talk again…

      Kwans long ago made up their minds to turn their backs on racial reality and accept jewish lies in substitute. Let’s not kid ourselves, every White Kwan intuitively knows the score, so much so that we have two very well known descriptions: “White Flight” and “The Limousine Liberal.”

      White Kwans get it, they simply don’t want to confront the truth and deal with it, for them the path of least resistance is obedience to the multicult Kwa, and to surrender, flee and capitulate whenever push comes to shove.

      It’s gone well beyond brainwashing, though obviously mental programming is a factor, but only in their rationalizations not the cause. The reality is the White race has become a defective and sick race, for which nature will render her final verdict.

      To actually have to convince a race of people they have a right to exist and thrive, a right to self-determination, is already an indication of the worthlessness of such a people. That condition is nowhere more pronounced then in the Kwa, but everywhere White is afflicted the difference at this point in time being only one of degree not so much kind.

      Where this is in an advanced stage, as in the Kwa, Mr. Steele’s advice is irrelevant and if followed will prove futile. On the other hand, in places less “ill” globally Whites may yet be salvageable, though that remains to be seen.

      Tactical communication can be an effective tool, but only with people that have the character, internal strength and intelligence worthy of the effort. Sadly, those people no longer exist in Amerikwa…

    6. Whitefist Says:

      Scipio Americanus makes a good point, at this point it’s best to concentrate any effort or communication on those “twenty-something White males and a few females who are entirely confused and bewildered by this kosher inspired madness and do not have definitive views on life except one: that the current culture is destructive to their well being.”

      That’s where tactical communication and edjewcating will yield results.

    7. planter Says:

      I think we need to look ahead one more generation. The WW2 generation is mostly dead now. They and the baby boomers got the white race into the fix we’re in (I’m a baby boomer). The majority of my childrens’s generation are trying to conform and expect to live comfortable lives here in the multicultural ghetto. They feel they have something to lose. It is my grandchildren’s generation that will be the key. The majority of that generation really has nothing to look forward to. The majority of them will spend their entire lives butting heads with coloreds over crap jobs if the present situation holds. They might as well fight. They have nothing to lose. I think the main propaganda effort should be directed towards the grandchildren of the baby boomers.

    8. Johnny Rotten Says:

      Robert frenz…thats his name….duh! Id lose my own ass if it wasnt so big and attached to my body

    9. Scipio Americanus Says:

      “I think the main propaganda effort should be directed towards the grandchildren of the baby boomers.”

      This goes without saying. But who will be there to teach these children? Answer: those of us in our twenties and thirties (and the handful of aging ‘baby boomers” like planter).

      “Kwans long ago made up their minds to turn their backs on racial reality and accept jewish lies in substitute. Let’s not kid ourselves, every White Kwan intuitively knows the score, so much so that we have two very well known descriptions: “White Flight” and “The Limousine Liberal.”

      Well stated! I agree completely! Bravo! People with any common sense know the score but do not want to confront the ugly and terrifying facts that stare them right in the face on a daily basis. I know this because my parents fall into this category. Attempting to communicate important ideas to them is nearly impossible. They simply do not want to hear about it and always refer to my efforts, no matter how diplomatic, as “negativity”.

      “Tactical communication can be an effective tool, but only with people that have the character, internal strength and intelligence worthy of the effort. Sadly, those people no longer exist in Amerikwa… ”

      Once again, I concur. Diplomatic “talk-talk” has very limited value. About the only thing we can do is carry ourselves with dignity and demonstrate to the sheeple that we are not crazed “lunatics” and “haters” as our enemies have branded us by speaking the truth. After all, facts are facts and the laws of nature still exist, regardless of Liberal and Marxist fairytales. Aside from that, there is not much we can do with these people. I know this because I speak from experience, having wasted time and effort trying to communicate this to them. Most are hopelessly gone. It’s a sad fact but one we need to accept.

    10. Whitefist Says:


      It’s funny, I’ve heard the same label directed at me, “you’re too negative,” LOL!

      Too negative for pointing out that we’re being genocided, deliberately killed off, well, I have to agree that is negative, though it’s not that which annoys the masses of asses, it’s that you’re interrupting their fantasy world with such “negativity” rather than “positive” thoughts, lol.


      There’s serious lack of maturity in this so-called movement, and so just as the lemmings don’t want to be confused by the facts in many cases neither do well meaning WNists, like Mr. Steele. Most of the White herd in the Kwa is lost, irretrieveably lost, nothing short of cataclyism will bring them around, and while I don’t rule out the possibility of serious economic fallout, we can’t strategize as though we’ll definitely get the lucky break we need to turn things around.

      Wasting effort and energy debating the White sheeple just isn’t worth it in the kwa, unless WNists somehow capture the one-eyed jew deprogramming en mass will not be possible.

    11. Glenn Miller Says:

      The glaring flaw in Steele’s approach, is that most adult Whites understand and agree deep down with his positions on race, but too GD yellow to admit it. The reason being that agreeing with him means they’ll be seen as politically incorrect, therefore sticking their necks out. Their perception is that something bad might happen to them if they stray from the herd. And so it’s just plain not in their self interests to ever, ever be seen as politically incorrect on racial issues. Therefore, no matter how convincing our arguments are, and no matter that the lemmings agree with us fully, they will still maintain their politically correct positions.

      I think the best approach to them is to shame the yellow bastards, publicly and to their faces. Because so long as they can pretend to be real men free from contradiction, they’ll never become real men in fact.

      And even if your shaming doesn’t succeed in changing them, you’ve at least forced them to change their idiotic, self-serving arguments.