10 September, 2006

STEELE: How Would Jesus Kill Hugo Chavez?

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Occasionally, I speak of my brother, the Southern Baptist. He’s a good sport and never has complained. We are a study in contrasts, he and I; each trying to sway the other to his own point of view. I’m going to win. You see, I have God on my side.


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  7. 5 Responses to “STEELE: How Would Jesus Kill Hugo Chavez?”

    1. brutus Says:

      This work skewers the self-righteous Bible thumper and lays bare their unconscionable hypocrisy. Ed exposes them for the apostate frauds that they really are.

      I really like Ed Steele!

    2. alex Says:

      I suspect genetic investigation of Baptists would yield some very interesting results.

    3. -JC Says:

      One of the principle methods of the enemies of Christendom is to make it complicated, stupid, apparently hypocritical, and the object of ridicule. The church experience in America, from what I’ve heard from the pulpits, would gag maggots and appeals to the unthinking and primarily to “girls of both genders” as Dr. Pierce would have said.

      Col. Jack Mohr referred to the “Baptist concrete” he encountered in trying to reason with them. Mohr was originally a Baptist of some sort; they come in a variety of flavors; and he was never able to shake much of what they believe himself. If I’m not mistaken, their largest branch is still convinced they can “save” Jews and therefore continues to encouraging evangelizing them.

      My experience with Seventh-day Adventists is at least as bad as Edgar Steeles and prompted me to examine their claims and the Bible for myself, too. In my experience, they are the most Judaized of all denominations– wanna be Jews. One of their principal pop theologians is a Clifford Goldstein; much SDA foolishness including Goldstein Judaism is refuted here: http://www.ellenwhite.org/graffiti.htm.

      And of course there are the conversos– maranos– from whence we get the name Converse, some of whom are apparently more than still kicking, e.g., Catholic apologist and theologian, David Goldstein (a popular name for rabbis), “sainted” by the Pope in 1955, I believe.

      Christian Identity is a mess because of such people. Once again, the point seems to get you to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Steele’s current rant is, I think, particularly good.

    4. van helsing Says:

      We should save all the jews enough money for a boat ride to israel. They can consider two weeks of ill gotten fed interest enough. They can go.

      Then the rabs can rapture them at will.

      Whoever comes to lead after that, peaceful or violent, will at least be a helluva lot quieter and less neurotic than jewry.

    5. quisling Says:

      I’ve never met a baptist that didn’t require a background check !!Why do those rookers run the check into cash mouse houses ?? And the Pawn shops ?? And Gaming Casinos ?? REBEREND MARTIN taught them well ! You know fellers, if you want to stop all this Yewified yiddish YUCK, simply BLOW up the GREAT GRAND MASONIC LODGE OF ISRAEL !!!