15 September, 2006

“Survivor” by Race: Another Way to Attack Whites

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See Survivor on CBS? Here’s the beautiful irony. The black team, who couldn’t seem to get their raft together, lost the first challenge. They were granted the right to exile one member of another team to Exile Island.

And whom did they choose? The Jew, from the White team! Why him? Cause he had ‘stolen’ a chicken! The Jew, exiled!

The White team was the only one portrayed as not exhibiting ethnic pride and solidarity. Shocking!


Segregated `Survivor’ on Cook Islands
Sep 14 9:35 PM US/Eastern

“A social experiment like never before,” host Jeff Probst declared. Three weeks after unveiling a new “Survivor” gimmick _ its rival tribes would be split along racial lines _ the CBS adventure-game show returned Thursday to let viewers see if this was a crass ploy for ratings or a welcome new twist after a dozen previous editions.

The upshot after the first hour: too soon to tell.

Marooned on the Cook Islands in the South Pacific, the 20 castaways were assigned to live on four different islands according to their ethnic background _ black, Hispanic, Asian-American and white. Much of the season premiere was given over to watching them get settled, and hearing them reflect on the challenges ahead.

“Oh, God, this is gonna be hard,” said Ozzy, a waiter from the Aitu (Hispanic) tribe. “I feel like the people who have the same ethnicity maybe are gonna clash on things.”

“I could care less about divisions by ethnicity,” said Sundra, an actress from the Hiki (black) tribe. “When it comes to surviving, it’s a human effort.”

As for dividing up by ethnic groups _ “I mean, is that kosher?” laughed Parvati, a boxer from the Raro (white) tribe.

One member of the Puka (Asian-American) tribe wasted no time winning favor from a fellow teammate. Cao Boi, a nail salon manager with a mystical touch, massaged a migraine headache out of fashion director Brad.

“What I’m gonna do is pull this `bad wind’ out of you,” Cao Boi said, as he plucked at Brad’s face.

“I had a headache and he got rid of it,” said Brad a few moments later.

Thus did Cao Boi emerge early on as a character to watch.

The season’s first challenge: a complex multistage race whose rewards for the first three tribes to finish were fire (in the form of a kindling kit) and immunity.

The loser: Hiki. But it came with one consolation: These tribemates could choose one member from any other tribe for two nights’ banishment to so-called Exile Island. Hiki chose Jonathan of the Raro tribe.

Then came the tribal council, when Hiki had to decide who from its ranks would be the first castaway voted off the show after just three days’ exploits. Jazz musician Sekou was elected the weakest link. It was time for him to go.

From the announcement of the show’s new concept last month, reaction was heated from some quarters.

A Wall Street Journal editorial accused “Survivor” of “playing up identity-politics in a crude and potentially rancorous way,” while the Hollywood Reporter blasted the series’ creator, Mark Burnett, for “tapping a raw segregationist nerve and exploiting America’s obsession with race for personal gain.”

Members of the New York City Council denounced the show for promoting divisiveness. “How could anybody be so desperate for ratings?” posed one councilman, an Asian-American.

But in a teleconference with reporters last week, Probst argued that the new season features “the most ethnic-diverse cast in the history of TV, as far as I know.”

The organizing principal, Probst said, was conceived “in terms of ethnic pride, not discrimination.”


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  7. 5 Responses to ““Survivor” by Race: Another Way to Attack Whites”

    1. alex Says:

      Ethnic pride – schoolkids in “public schools” are taught that Whites have nothing to be proud of and everything to be responsible for, from imaginary holocaust, to shoving aside the few thousand savages in North America – whose ancestors themselves displaced earlier whites such as Kennewick Man.

    2. Mati The Estonian Says:

      by the way – little bit off the topic but I want a share with You people 2 links. In some way they are linked with with our struggle …

      V for Vendetta (2005) – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0434409/

      V-day – Signs Of The Times – http://signs-of-the-times.org/signs/promote_sott.php

      The thing we the people from former Soviet Union can teach YOU westerners is how do see trough jewis propaganda. We lived with it like 72 (or 50 depends littel bit) years. It comes very handy with sometimes LOL. The main rule is look the opposite. If You have “nice” nigger(kike etc.) “saving the day” think opposite – YOU now they “need” a some mud to be there so YOU think this guy as a white with VERY GOOD tan – and etc. We just “klik out” ethnic thing (we did all the time under those judeo-communists) and ignore this shit and just watch the movie. The thing is jews are just few % of the top – they cant control everthing and people making films (making includes hard work and jews dont like it ) are mostly white(aryans) with brains and they but THEY message under the jew propaganda (not allways but some films ARE better then others), sometimes the gents working for jews can make in some point movie with clear anti jewish setiment or atleast message WE can understand. Yes they must but some kikes in this production (Portman girl in this V for Vendetta) but in overall message is “White people unite and rise against opression” WHY You think this movie DID NOT receive wide acceptance and “stuff” – after realice jews did understand the hidden meaning and now its allmost vanished. In Estonia You cannot find it from video-DVD stores it like it never exicted !!! WHY – watch the movie and You will understand …

    3. van helsing Says:

      Not like I watch survivor – but i have ascertained that the first black is already GONE!

    4. White Survival Says:

      I watched this episode. I chuckled through the tribal council KNOWING that the niggers would make the stupidest move possible- voting out the biggest, strongest male and leaving in the small female who was the other candidate for possible eviction. Niggers literally can’t think!

      At the beginning of the episode, they showed several white people assuring us that they would have been just as happy to be in a mixed race tribe because it was only the individual personality that mattered, not race.

      Meanwhile, the other races talked about “representin'”, or how they had the advantage coming from island cultures (spics), or how they are underestimated and wanted to prove something (asians). Not one of the non-whites made overtures of interracial understanding and peace like the whiteys did. Wake up, white people! We’ll never get repaid for all the openness and tolerance we are badgered into giving these aliens.

      One thing that seemed inherently unfair was that the spics and asians had three men and two women on their teams, but the nigs and whites had three women and only two men on their teams.

      Another thing I noticed was that several of these spics were the whitest spics I ever saw. One especially, named J.P., I would never have taken for a spic. He is as white as they come.

      All in all, it looks like the asians and spics were the stronger teams b/c of the dominance of males in their tribes.

    5. tattoo-bob Says:

      No cadillacs, no welfare, no handouts, no liquor stores, no whitey to bitch about, life must really suck for the black folks on the island! Well, this was tiring, I need a break! No wait, I’m white! I stick to what I’m doing until it’s done. I wonder if it is possible to vote a whole ethnic group off of the island?