12 September, 2006

Ukrainians Killed by Stalin’s Jewish Police, Not Nazis

Posted by alex in Jewish Tyranny, loxism, World War II at 10:18 am | Permanent Link
The truth is slowly seeping out everywhere as another blood libel against the great German people is revealed as false.


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  7. 14 Responses to “Ukrainians Killed by Stalin’s Jewish Police, Not Nazis”

    1. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      The kikes are very fortunate to have such complete control of the media in the west. If the various nations of the western world were able to access and disseminate the truth about these murdering, lying vampires they would have to scramble very hard to escape their just desserts. No other peoples have suffered so much at the hands of these monsters than the Germans and Slavs. If any race deserves a real genocidal holocaust then it is the jews. Perhaps they will get is yet because it is unlikely that the world will ever have peace otherwise.

    2. Angle Says:

      Perhaps that is what it will take to get their slimy hands off our necks.

    3. CZ Says:

      My grandfather was picking up the bodies in his village during the communist imposed famine. The jews must pass away from this world for it to become a good place. The pernicious devil race trots across the globe causing trouble, corruption, perversion, and death.

    4. George Crane Says:

      Just as it is written in the section entitled “Thousands of Jews Killed By Native Population Before Germans Arrived” in Dr. Austin J. App’s booklet, “The Six Million Swindle”:

      “But it is also tragically true, but not willingly publicized, that many thousands of Jews who did not migrate east in time were massacred, not by the Wehrmacht, but by angry native populations before the Germans arrived.”

    5. Vadim Says:

      Mass graves in the article are TSB(typical Stalin behavior). It doesn’t let
      german atrocities in Ukraine off the hook since 1941,but it indicates clearly that a proper chronology is important in analyzing atrocities so that werhmacht atrocities are separated from those commited by abominable Great_Murdering_Turk. Ukrainian historians and government have
      collected much evidence of german atrocities in Ukraine,though they
      would mean nothing to a believer in Suvorov-style revisiotales,apparently. Atrocities commited by that mass-murdering turk georgian and his jewish homies need no less atention than german nazi crimes in the East.
      It must be shown that commie jews had no high moral
      ground in WW2,and they killed millions of whites in USSR, which puts
      world jewish community in no position to keep whole white race guilty
      of a ill-proven holocaust.

    6. van helsing Says:

      Stalin was jewish. People work overtime to say he wasnt. Ergo he was. 3 yiddish wives, his real name, how he looked, esp a a young dirtbag. How he spent his youth and time in seminary…

      Cryin shame those poor victimized ukes had to kill all them jews. Maybe they should have run thru some other country all asses and elbows and matzo balls…

      If Mr. Hitler had actually nailed 6 million, we wouldnt be having all these problems today. If the south was really that mean to all them salves, we wouldnt be having all these problems today.

      Being too damn nice. The other side understands and plays total war.

    7. Carpenter Says:

      I work overtime telling people that Santa isn’t a jew. Ergo he is.

      Stalin built camps where he was going to put the Soviet kikes en masse. But WWII got in the way. He did however purge party ranks from a great deal of Jews, and eventually the party became dominated by Russians. This despite his acceptance of some Jews close to him. It seems Stalin was against anything that could threaten his power, and since party Jews were organized he was against them. Except the ones he could trust.

      He also practiced some ethnic cleansing, like moving Uzbeks to Uzbekistan, Ukrainians to Ukraine, etc. This broke up entire families.

      So what were Stalin’s definite thoughts on ideology? Who the hell knows.

    8. Scipio Americanus Says:

      bryan o’driscoll Says: “The kikes are very fortunate to have such complete control of the media in the west. If the various nations of the western world were able to access and disseminate the truth about these murdering, lying vampires they would have to scramble very hard to escape their just desserts.”

      Yes, but where the hell are they going to scramble to? They have painted themselves into a corner. That is why they are so damn crazed about protecting their sacred holohoax and imprisoning anyone who speaks out against it. When the reckoning comes, they just might not survive as they did in the past. Imagine a world without G-d’s Chosen Vampires!
      Let’s face it, they have really overplayed their hand this time and it just might cost them everything, including their very existence.

      The Aryan is like a sleeping 1500 lb. Alaskan Kodiak bear that is just beginning to awake from its winter hibernation. Once fully awaken, there will be hell to pay, make no mistake about it. The sheenies know this and will make every effort to keep us drunk and slap happy in a state of bliss. As the economic outlook worsens, the state of stupidity we find ourselves currently in will begin to abate as reality sets in. To be sure, it will not be an easy time for us but it will be far more difficult for Hymie.

    9. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:

      There is no such animal as a “German atrocity” during WW2. This is jew-commie and anti-German propaganda. Not a single Ukrainian I’ve spoken to who lived at the time has said the Germans were immoral and murderous like kikes (of course, I haven’t spoken to all of them). Kikes are natural born killers when it comes to hating the non-jew. It’s genetic. Germans are not. Russians are not.

      Numerous “atrocity” stories like the one in this article are shown to be outright lies or simply inaccurate reports. As the jew David Cole said of the Holocaust garbage, the “evidence” rests on rumors and eyewitness testimony — put another way… that means jewish lies or jewish liars. Never on actual facts or science. And as Professor Faurisson and others have pointed out, to think the German soldiers committed atrocities while at the same time being reprimanded for simply kicking someone in the arse is ridiculous.

      Mistakes can even be made on a forensic level. The Katyn massacre was blamed on the Germans because of the type of bullet used, yet the commies were actually to blame. Ignorance about ballistic evidence notwithstanding. how many more false reports one wonders? the rule of thumb should be that if it shows the Germans/Nazis in a negative light — meaning that the average joe blow says to himself, “I don’t want to be an evil person like the nazis were” — then it’s probably a lie. Being a Nazi means being for your own people and against the jews trying to destroy them. that means death for the jewish vampire; therefore, the Nazis/germans must be demonized at all costs.

      One doesn’t need revisionist history to read between the lines and discern the agitprop of jew-inspired communists/marxists. But if you want to try, read John Toland’s “Bulge: The Story of the Battle of the Bulge”. Toland presented himself as an objective historian even though he was obviously biased and pro-American regarding German-American conflicts. Reading between the lines and understanding who the good guys in WW2 really were, one can get an idea of what really happened. Himmler was said to dispatch prisoners AS REVENGE for similarly treated Germans. The word “revenge” being crucial. One story by Toland where a German soldier in the midst of chaos and bombings took a shot at a civilian — not killing him — is treated as horrible because the German “intended” to kill him (even though he was a potential combatant), whereas an American soldier who murdered some German prisoners by shooting them in the back of the head, is only an inconvenience for an American officer who has to deal with covering up the crime so that the the American murderer wouldn’t get into trouble. These types of stories are common place during the chaos of war and don’t prove anything one way or another about the behavior of germans, americans or whites in general.

      “If Mr. Hitler had actually nailed 6 million, we wouldnt be having all these problems today.”

      If Hitler and the Germans had tried to exterminate people as claimed then they would not be the good guys they really are but rather the jew-produced hymiewood stereotype caricature of the evil Nazi they have the rest of the American patriotards believing in. We probably wouldn’t have the problems with kikes today if Hitler had been able to do what he wanted — remove all kikes from positions of power in europe and relocate them somewhere they couldn’t do harm. That was thwarted by England, France and eventually the US. The US would have eventually agreed with honest German propaganda about the jews and dealt with them here.

      Stalin was probably a jew given his real name and certainly no friend of anyone who threatened his power. keep in mind that he replaced his purged jews with other jews. kruschev said that over 50% of government staff were jews. Stalin purged them not because they were jews but because he had a well-founded belief that they were conspiring to kill him, which is in fact how historians feel he died (the jewish doctor plot… later leading to his jewish in-laws poisoning him).

      The fact that there were so many psychopaths in power — thanks to jews — in the 20th Century is amazing. Trotsky, Kaganovitch, Ehrenburg, Frankfurter, Morgenthau, and non-jews like Mao Tse-Tung. Dangerous psychos. And jews usually want gentiles in charge. Immoral and/or misguided people, like Jorge W. Bush. Anyone who kills for the cause of uncle hymie is even better than a jew in the same position, because they are slaves to their jewish master, take the blame for enforcing jewish desires, and give the jews time to suck blood somewhere else.

      This false belief that the US was the good guy in WW2 has to stop. False accusations against the Germans have to stop as well. Any TRUE mistakes or “atrocities” (that word is both wrongly and overused, like the word “hero”) were or will be admitted by the Germans and apologies and amends made as well as wounds healed. The problem we have now is NOT that Germans won’t admit to things they did, but rather they are forced to admit to things they didn’t do. What’s even worse is that Germans must claim that the beliefs of their best men — the Nazis — were false when anyone who looks into it or has half a brain can see that they were telling the truth.

      88 & peace to all

    10. Celtic Warrior Says:

      These same devils are now ensconced in power in Western Europe and teaching the ‘benefits’ of abortion, mass immigration, and race-mixing.

      When the storm breaks these vampires won’t have anywhere to hide least of all Tel Aviv.

    11. bryan o'driscoll Says:

      The legacy of the jew condemns him irretrievably for all time. It is a legacy of murder, destruction and corruption unequaled by any other group anywhere, anytime. The planet itself is in danger in large part due to the activities of this dangerous, malevolent parasite. Our race is the primary victim, but all people, directly and indirectly, are its victims. No other group is as consistently, mercilessly cruel as the jews. We can discuss the minutae of WW2 but it was essentially a jew war crime. Just as Bolshevism was essentially a genocidal crime against the slavic people.
      How can the world ever let them off the hook? It can’t. They must pay the ultimate price. Rather than polluting ourselves by behaving like the jew murderers we should, as I have said elsewhere, quarantine them permanently in some inaccessible place, such as Kolyma. They are remorseless, malevolent monsters and they deserve no mercy.

    12. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re Bryan: Well said.

      The quarantine must be absolute. They can do whatever they like in their hair-splitting talmudic paradise but they must be made aware what will happen the moment they start attempting to interfere in our world.

    13. Scipio Americanus Says:

      Where would the Sheenies go? They are hated by everyone. Even the Chinese, Koreans and Japanese know the score. Let’s face it, G-d’s Chosen Bandits are in for the fight of their life. They have no where to run. Perhaps they can bribe some corrupt Latin American country with enough of their blood money to allow entry. I heard Argentina has been earmarked for this should the USZOG and it’s Middle Eastern “Mini-me” — Israel — implode. Believe it or not, Germany has been also slated as a future welcome mat for the kikes, unbeknownst to the German people.

    14. Igor Says:

      Why are there so many stupid people in the world?