6 September, 2006

Video Clips for Nationalists

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A number of interesting clips, compiled by Max Hadden…

1) Defense lawyer Doug Christie cross examines Holocaust expert Raul Hilberg. Note: These are from Canadian public television broadcasts of the 1985 Zundel trial.


2) Defense witnesses Prof. Robert Faurisson, Dr. Russell Barton, Dr. William Lindsey and SS guard Thies Christophersen on the stand.


3) Former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky explains the collusion between ADL of B’nai B’rith and Mossad. Note: The “Pete” referred to is former US Congressman Paul “Pete” McCloskey.


4) Estonian, Latvian, Swedish and other Axis prisoners handed over to the Communists.


5) After the Axis obtained the island of Oesel they discovered many who were killed by the GRU.


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  7. 12 Responses to “Video Clips for Nationalists”

    1. Geoff Beck Says:

      The last two videos are very powerful. Anyone who thinks WWII was a good war or the right side won WWII ought to think again.

      We fought on the side of the Jewish terrorists running the Soviet Union. We delivered all of Eastern Europe into their hands, and abetted the murdering of millions of our kind.

    2. alex Says:

      That’s exactly right. The “greatest generation” turned over heaping scoops of good men to the Judeobolshveik meatgrinder.

      Ninety percent of Americans wanted to stay out of the war in Europe.

      The jews, smearing Lindbergh, had their way.

      We must smash the jews, and forget politeness and honor and integrity – we must triumph over the jews by any means necessary. Aryan values only kick in when dealing with fellow Aryans. We owe the jew nothing but death, for genocide is the only thing he offers us.

    3. Jim Says:

      I’ve had the displeasure of knowing many members of the ” greatest generation “. Beyond a doubt, they were the greatest collection of morons ever assembled in one place at one time. I found that you could not even use simple logic to reach them. My father-in-law always struck me as the quintessential ” great veteran “. He would always say to me that if it were not for him that I would be speaking German now. He could say that with a straight face while his neighborhood was being overrun with niggers. This moron came home and spent the rest of his life working for jews at minimum wage. BUT, he had a lot of free time to watch TV. Ain’t Amerikwa grand?

    4. Kievsky Says:

      can someone turn those into wmv files?

    5. Il Duce Says:

      1/3 of the US troops never saw combat and or shot a riffle in ww2 . US strategic war was in the air of armada of B-29 carpet bombing the war supplies. The US Army did not engaged until the turning point at Stalingrad 1942/43, three and half year old war which by that time, the axis power was exhausted in resources and in spirit.

      ww2 veterans you see on TV yearly ect and the VFW hang-out, many of them never really fought the war other than getting on the government dole; the GI Bill.

    6. Anti-Gurlyman Says:

      Hey Alex, you better watch your language, or the girlyman that runs your site will ban you. Or worse yet, the Canadians will shut you down again.

      “We must smash the jews, and forget politeness and honor and integrity – we must triumph over the jews by any means necessary. Aryan values only kick in when dealing with fellow Aryans. We owe the jew nothing but death, for genocide is the only thing he offers us”

    7. Theseus Says:


      Which one of you haters did this:

    8. Mark Says:


    9. New America Says:


      If you have Firefox, get the Video Downloader extension for Firefox, and you will be able to download the movies.

      VLC Media Player, a free program, will play them perfectly.

      New America

    10. Mati The Estonian Says:

      First – all good links – just 1 thing – how get them out of this YouTube thing ???
      any torrents or something ??? those are very useful vids but in this youtube they stay hidden from many people. I now few veterans in Estonia ready to share they experiance but they dont – they dont want be first ones (long and hard life experience under judeo-communist rule). they are old – its the last change to get story straight – the judeo communist where REAL enemys not germans.
      Second- link4 – many of those estonians went directly to the Siberias jew runned GULAG and most of them died there, more “luckier” where shot in Tallinns infamous prison “Patarei” (old time cannon battery). Link 5 – there are many persons still alive to rememeber judeo-communist atrocities in Estonia in 1940-1947 (and after that) but we still have strong kike media propaganda in place so we have a Eugean staples problem – get out all this jew shit …

    11. Bavarian Gauleiter Says:

      A few observations about these video clips…

      – near the end of the Hilberg Zundel trial clip the Canadian broadcasters put up a banner “Holocaust hoax?” very interesting. do i smell rubber burning?

      – in the 2nd Zundel trial clip, the most important and damning evidence that the Holohoax is a lie was given by an Englishmen! no less. Dr. Russell Barton said that at war’s end when he was at Bergen-Belsen assisting the International Red Cross, people were dying at the rate of 500 per day. Imagine that! 500 people dying in an area not much bigger than 4 or so football fields. This accounts for the video and pics of the stacks of bodies, Germans included, that we’ve seen. And the good doctor Barton — who had no reason not to have the typical anti-German bias of most of the English — said the deaths were due to disease and hunger and NOT to any planned policy of extermination. not murder. death. That’s incredibly devastating to the Holohoax imho (not to mention the lack of a Hitler order, forensic evidence of death from poison gas, and no real “homicidal” gas chambers or even architectural or engineering plans for such).

      – and finally, that video of the horrific spectacle of Axis prisoners being handed over to the goddamn jewish-bolshevik killing machine of the Soviet Union. the most poignant part was the Swedish people pleading for the prisoners. heartwrenching and tragic, that.


    12. wmv mpeg mpg avi mov rm Says:

      will someone PLEASE convert these into downloadable formats!
      surely someone out there has the expertise to do this!
      get off your lazy ass, or asses, whoever you are, and convert these fucking files already so we can download them!
      i don’t have the expertise, otherwise i’d do it…