9 September, 2006

VIDEO: WTC Demolitions Testimony

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What motivated the 9/11 hijackers? See testimony most didn’t…


  • 3 Responses to “VIDEO: WTC Demolitions Testimony”

    1. Sickle Cell Anemia Says:

      Hamilton and Kean know who their master is and they were good little slaves to the Jew…and just in case, AIPAC’s Dennis Ross was seated next to them as a reminder. That old prick Hamilton should get an honorary yarmulke for his treachery.

    2. Olde Dutch Says:

      This is one of those things that you want to be sure, and send to your friends & relatives—because tomorrow—September 11th is a big jew promo for further attacks on the moslem world. And anyone else for that matter who stands in the way of the jews greed, and, lust for power.

    3. van helsing Says:

      I have tried that tack before, asking folks why the ‘rabs would want to blow up our buildings.

      Most folks dont think things thru regarding politics. Even the ones who can and/or do usually are so wrapped up in their day to day life that it takes a WHILE to soak in.

      One coworker I brought the topic up with, later asked me while we were both on travel for work… what I thought of the rc-controlled airplane terrorism scare… i replied that it was pure fucking propaganda.

      Topic was dropped like a hot rock.