3 October, 2006

Another SEVENTEEN Aryans Die for Israel

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Don’t forget about Iraq. It’s still there, filled with people who hate us, thanks to the jews.



At least 17 US soldiers have been killed around Iraq since Saturday, including eight in a single day in Baghdad, the US military announced, saying the toll had brought “a tragic day”.

The toll represents a dramatic spike for US casualties in Iraq which generally average no more than a couple of wounded a day, especially for the Baghdad-based forces.


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  7. 6 Responses to “Another SEVENTEEN Aryans Die for Israel”

    1. alex Says:

      The number of US servicemen that have died since the March 2003 invasion is 2,723 according to Pentagon figures.

      Violence targeting ordinary Iraqis has been higher than usual as well, with the US military reporting that suicide bombings over the past weeks have been at an all time high.

    2. silverstein wtc7 Says:


      bring ’em home, NOW!

      and put ’em on the mexishit border.

      and put the rest to work sweeping out the illegal mexishits back into the garbage bin that is called mexico.

      do it, little georgie! defy those jews, just ONCE, and you’ll be a national hero. that’s all it will take, bushy.

    3. Carpenter Says:

      And let’s remember, they fly many soldiers to hospitals in Germany and other places as soon as it is evident they are going to die. That way they aren’t counted in the statistics. Also not counted are those dying in accidents, which will always be a factor in wars, where you move fast. Also not counted are the mercenaries from “security firms,” like that big South African one, the name of which escapes me. And of course, the dead Britons and other nationalities are not counted. A full body count sure would be interesting.

      The old Roman…

      Dulce et decorum est, pro Patria mori

      Has now been updated to….

      Dulce et decorum est, pro Judea mori

      You never thought that, did you, Romans, when you invaded that stinkhole fit only for shepherds? That one day their descendants would rule Rome and its heirs? It would have been so easy for you to destroy them all, back then…just a couple more outlander tribes buried. Think of the lives, and the nations, that would have been saved.

    4. jimbo Says:

      ‘Carpenter’ cribs vrs from Horace…..my Latin isn’t exactly up to ‘speed’ but how abt:
      “Dulce et decorum est, pro gens mori”?
      (‘it is a great and noble thing to die for one’s race’)?

      enough!, i say, ENOUGH!

      NO MORE precious white blood shall be spilled for these in-sufferable ‘people’!

      let the jews shed their own blood if they wish….rivers of it!

      delenda est Judaica!

    5. Carpenter Says:

      I have to ask, Jimbo, why do you write my and other people’s names in quotation marks? It looks like an insult even if that’s not the intention; like you are questioning the validity of the name.

    6. leucocyte Says:

      “Another 17 aryans die for Israel”

      More than 30 % of our military is black. Don’t put silly headings.

      And besides we arn’t Aryans. 19th century white nationalists made a mistake. Iranians are Aryans and they’ve been calling themselves and writing it down that they are Aryans for the last 5,000 years. We haven’t been calling ourselves Aryans till about 150 years ago when anthropolgists started studying human culture. We are Native Europeans. Calling ourselves Aryans lumps us with Iranians, Armenians, and Northern Indians – which is detrimental to us.