27 October, 2006

Friday Night: Free Talk Live

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Update: Thanks to all for a great show, show archive up soon.

The archive broadcast for last night’s show is posted:

ftl_10_27_06_p1.mp3 (13 MB)
ftl_10_27_06_p2.mp3 (15 MB)
ftl_10_27_06_p3.mp3 (17 MB)

All VNN broadcasting presentations are freely available as downloads or podcasts from the media archive, including VNN Free Talk Live.

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    1. New America Says:

      These are some ideas concerning how to use SKYPE from Peter Shank’s FORUM, which in on his website.

      This assumes you are using some version of Windows XP.

      First, make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you have your microphone
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      Things are a lot easier now that almost everything is color
      coded but it is still possible to have the mic plugged into
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      Next, download and install the latest drivers for your sound

      Most laptops have AC97, or some similar, onboard sound chip.

      Check your documentation to see which sound chip is in your
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      “Advanced Controls”

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      Then, on your SKYPE install, MAKE SURE it tells WINAMP to automatically cut off when you are using SKYPE to talk.

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      IF you stil have problems, please go to the TROUBLESHOOTER section:

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      And, PLEASE, let’s not waste any more time; do this a couple of hours before you call in, just to make sure!!

      New America!

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. Theseus Says:

      PM me for any topics/questions. As it is, I’ll be talking about the real political situation in Iraq, Uncle Sam’s game of international ZOGmanship, and on how to carry our movement forward.

    3. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      i’ll be calling in to the show on friday.

      i trust theseus will let me come on, as becky did not?

    4. Olde Dutch Says:

      Every hour the news indicates that Bush & the jews may do something radical in the Middle East before the election.

      I would really encourage any of you to volunteer to work for any decent White man running for political office. You will find that young jews are drawn like flys to shit to any political campaign that has a chance. Here’s your chance to torment the the shit out of the chosen children in person, and let White politicians know how you feel about them right in their campaign headquarters.

      You will also gain valuable organizing skills, meet the local players, and find out who is who in the local political game. You may find other kiindered Whites of all ages who are sick of the jews too!

      Get involved. Get off the couch & the stool.

    5. I Says:

      Did the Kike call in ?

    6. Quiksilver Says:

      Is this it:


    7. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      sorry geoff and theseus, i missed the entire show; got home later than expected.

      i REALLY DID intend to call in, so i hope you’re not mad at me.

      i promise, g-d willing, that i will call in to the next show.

    8. Theseus Says:

      No, he didn’t call in.

      And for the record, I don’t think he’s a kike.

    9. lawrence dennis Says:

      A tip for those using Linux, from my personal experience:

      If your test call went successfully, but then you later have difficulty with Skype, try a REBOOT!


    10. James Hawthorne Says:

      No silverstein wtc7 did not call in … one wonders why not

      I want to thank Theseus for being a great host. Geoff for the technical backside -without his help it wouldn’t happen.

      “Free Talk Live” is developing into something great – ANYBODY can call in to the show – It FEARS nobody !

      Truth will out !

      ..Sometimes our truth is too much for THEM !

    11. silverstein wtc7 Says:

      look, motherfuckers, i didn’t call in because i got home too late.

      i’ll call in next time, if i’m around.

      you know, an OPPOSITION phone call, to liven things up a bit.

      great for ratings.

      you’ll just have to wait till i’m available when your show is on.

    12. Hoosier Says:

      I’m listening right now, to the show, it’s sounds good. Ha Ha, they invited Silverstein to call in, after the loser said he would, and he never showed. What’s wrong, did the blow job he was giving his boyfriend take a little longer than he anticipated? Was he too busy sucking man ass? What a loser, he can’t even show up when he says he will. Mutha fucka, mutha fucka, HaHaHa

      I’m listening right now, Theseus is strong, I like Beck’s counterpoint. The show could be a bit tightened up a bit, but still very good – In my opinion, of course.

      “Olde Dutch Says:
      27 October, 2006 at 8:45 pm

      Would really encourage any of you to volunteer to work for any decent White man running for political office.”

      That, is a great idea, I wish I would have thought of that earlier. Next year……Yes, I bet these campaigns are swarming with beanie wearers. In the meantime, I’m going to read “Mein Kampf” I’ve put it off long enough – “one of these days” – and so forth. Procrastination – Kills! Its over 600 pages, so I think I could be done by December 20th, realistically.

    13. Hoosier Says:

      I just finished listening to the whole show. Great job, guys.
      I really like Hawthorne’s delivery – a nice light touch and a great sense of humor. His accent is “exotic” to me, an American Midwesterner, and he helps me “see” my situation from a different point of view. Rock on, James. “The Hawthorne Report” is one of my favorite.

    14. O*R*I*O*N Says:

      Good work guys.
      Theseus has some insightful info on the middle east and Iran. Also the comment from Geoff about global trade actually being bigger in 1914 was enlightening.
      One correction: the danish people’s party is not jew-wise. On the contrary, it is bourgeois and actually very PC. One of the leading members is married to a jewess. To their credit they are anti-islam, anti-immigration and anti-EU. However, they are also anti-racist and pro-zionist. Still they are constantly being decried and demonized in the kike-dominated danish media as xenophobes and racist.
      This way the media-system keeps the population confused about what is really pro-european; the spectrum is shifted so far towards the liberal end, that even the most mild and innocent form of patriotism is stigmatized. The idea is to make anything to the “right” of DPP anathema.
      One advice concerning your otherwise very fine programme: when callers are lost or has problems connecting for extended periods, dont hesitate to cut them of, I think everybody will understand that your first priority is to keep the show running with a minimum of interruption.
      Keep hammering away on the important theme of the necessity of personal contribution to the movement from EVERYBODY. People need to feel embarrassed, even ashamed if just listening without contributing to the cause somehow. Good point Theseus!

    15. James Hawthorne Says:

      Orion stated: ….”the danish people’s party is not jew-wise. On the contrary, it is bourgeois and actually very PC. One of the leading members is married to a jewess. To their credit they are anti-islam, anti-immigration and anti-EU. However, they are also anti-racist and pro-zionist. Still they are constantly being decried and demonized in the kike-dominated danish media as xenophobes and racist.”

      Great comment Orion, yes it proves even though some Nationalist forces dally with the ‘jewish question’, it doesn’t matter. The Jewish media dogs continue to attack these groups as you state as “rascist” “xenophobes”.

    16. sgruber Says:

      I don’t agree with Geoff Beck that if we Whites become a minority everywhere, we will be more highly prized and will have “good lives in terms of money and comfort.”

      How well are the White farmers in Zimbabwe doing?

      No, a White minority will be exterminated – if the majority is niggers/spics. If the majority is chink, the White minority will be slaves. Slaves are not well paid.

      Whites are different from all other races. Other races, like chinks, can become coolies and work their way up, niggers can work in fields and factories; jews can be moneylenders and rise up to a valued place in a society – in a White society, that is; we tolerate THEM as minorities. But it doesn’t work the other way around. THEY will not tolerate Whites as Whites tolerated and valued them. They will stamp us out. (Did we have respected extermination publications like “Race Traitor” prior to 1900? I don’t think so – maybe imperialist publications preaching darky uplift, that’s all.)

      The notion that “the wheels have to be kept turning” is White thinking. It isn’t the thinking of other races, and should not be imputed to them.

    17. Geoff Beck Says:


      Classes of Greeks did well in the Ottoman days as technical and military advisors, mercenaries, and such.

      Only speculation… thats all… but genocide does aptly describes the direction our race is heading, yet I do not believe Aryans will be wiped out to a man. We will be needed in some capacity to invent and manage things, on some level and some locations.

      Of course, this comment and the one in the broadcast was only meant for raw speculation, nobody knows the future and you may be right.

    18. sgruber Says:

      Mr. Beck, it’s good speculation, I just disagree.

      The slavery outcome may be more likely, particularly since (and here I am also speculating) the chinks are ascendant.

      Also, if jews are ascendant, as they are now, we can expect the current genocide to continue and worsen. After all, right now at the present moment Whites are not highly valued by the powers that be (JEWS).

      Btw, your efforts are appreciated. You’re not talking into a void. There must be many of us anonymous lumpen out here, “nameless” for good reason, listening, thinking, criticising, nodding again. The process is going on.

    19. New America Says:

      7 Theseus – Negativity alone will not carry the Movement; we need to show a better example.

      9 Beck – a “full-spectrum” society – Volkish, elite, versus what you see at the mall – Whiggers, Mexicans, niggers with white girls – all are snowballing.

      11 Theseus – we must create our own media –

      12 Beck – this RACIAL Consciousness is latent in our people; there are “untrained minds” – loss of immigration is a good tool to start getting our ideas across; from that, discussion about RACE becomes possible.

      15 Theseus – White Flight is the ACTION that proves we are right; New Jersey in the Fifties versus today.

      17 Theseus – people pick from a political menu offered by the JEW, and will always steer you off the road. You MUST focus on the JEW, and the programming from society blocks them, leading them on to false paths. The example of Gwinnett’s book on Roosevelt’s foreknowledge and plan to force Japan to attack Pearl Harbor. It was like 911; the normal defense controls were neutralized. The next day, in class, it was like this had never happened. Beck noted that if you say the wrong side won WWII, things will happen. Thomas Fleming’s book on WWI called “The Illusion of Victory,” is worth reading. Ferguson on the BBC noted the Germans were not at fault for WWI. White Europeans lost about 1.6 million young men in the flower of their youth. A discussion of the Venona cables dealt with McCarthy being right, yet McCarthy was shut down. “NO JEWS, JUST RIGHT” is the proper rule for ANY organization. McCarthy was undermined by Jews like Roy Cohn, proof that the Genetic Mafia supports the little yellow star, first. It is critical to make Jews identify themselves, as leaders of all central European countries came to. Finally, they expelled them. Beck noted “even the poor Egyptians” have been treated incorrectly – the Egyptians finally freed themselves from the Jewish Yoke, and the Jew cried as he slapped you. When the Jew is blaming someone else for something, look for how the Jew is working to benefit from it. The USS “Liberty” is an example, as is the German navy being strafed by Israeli jets today. The topic was shifted by the Jews to place, side-by-side, the German Army desecration of skulls in Afghanistan has been on hold for two weeks, and was finally put side-by-side with the Israeli Air Force strafing a German ship in international waters off Lebanon.

      At 48 Theseus used a term – “termiting their way into a Civilization” – to describe the Jews – they will be glad to operate behind the scenes, controlling the King with debt – in time, the Jews always feel overconfident, and show themselves.

      At 51 noted this is the Beginning for us; we can work together, and must.

      52 Mark in Cali – big tech problems – he has NOT hit the MUTE WINAMP button on the SKYPE install.

      58 Theseus focused on a more complex political understanding for our Movement; this must come from having a POSITIVE message to offer, as well as criticism of the present situation. We must have answers. Our current forms of government are being outpaced by modernity; corporations can move much more quickly than government. Corporations are shape-shifters – very Jewish – same in politics – no statesmen any more. Beck said Congress is a doormat; power is corporations and Jews, which are lined up with the President.

      62 Theseus – Conservatism just means you are going to lose slower; be a radical, let go! Beck – the dialectical hammer will cut you in half a thousand times if you let them – Theseus – Capitalism and Communism are both just tools to transfer power and money to Jews. Communist Russia was the first draft of secular Zionism. We have those Forms in all ways, we are closer to the Soviet Union than we are to the Founding Fathers.

      65 Beck noted “NO JEWS JUST RIGHT” is so important; White Nationalists need not have a specific economic policy, however, if you want a Libertarian WN org, it MUST be NO JEWS, or it will be sidetracked.

      67 Theseus noted the Swedish Model allows you capitalism and socialism; they make it work SOMEHOW, because it is a homogeneous country as Cultural Aryans. You don’t want to abuse a system your family has paid into. In Amerikwa, nobody cares if you are scamming this system. They made our grandparents kill each other.

      69 Beck – you know NO ALLEGIANCE to this government for what is has done to you.

      73 Beck – the Reconquista’s destructive acts are worse is better; it’s going to get bad- Theseus – when the illegals and the blacks throw down out West, it’s “get out the popcorn” time, the Fontana High School riots were an example – Beck wished he was younger when it really gets bad, and Whites actually fight back as a Movement. Theseus noted Chinese Communists started a revolution too soon, and were slaughtered. An idea for reaching out to our friends, stay fit, better ourselves collectively, take martial arts. The media can say anything they want to, as often as they want to. You have to Jew-Jitsu the system, and think like them.

      82 Beck – Hezbollah taught us the value of asymmetric warfare; Theseus said you fight for the minds of the people in the living room – that Israeli tanks were taken out is a huge problem for Israel – to have the trump card taken out is psychologically devastating –

      87 Theseus – our policy for the Mideast was a retribalization of the Middle East – the Israelis and us have no fear of Islam; they fear Arab nationalism. The goal is to keep Arab states disorganized. A major Arab philosophy – me and my country against the world, me and my tribe against my country, me and my family against my tribe, me and my brother against my family. Only nations can bring the type of resources to bear to stop the Agenda of the US. A Caliphate from Tehran to Egypt would be a juggernaut. Islam can help fracture them, because most of their internal fighting is over their religion. Sunni and Shi’ia, particularly. Kurdistan was the easiest region, from Mosul north. They’ve worked with our intelligence services, and have the organic elements to form a nation, with ambassadors. The Sunni’s are the majority in Syria. The Shi’ia are dominant in Iraq, and are a vast majority in Iran. We’re using Syria as a counterbalance to Iran while letting them meet in Iraq. We’re not going to war with Iran; we’re trying to pull Iran apart. They gave us overflight rights for Afghanistan. – Beck – Iran is the chief geopolitical foe of Israel; Theseus – we’re trying to counterpoint them with Syria. If we let the Arabs elect governments, they will go against first.

      97 Theseus notes Jews like talk of democracy, because they control the media – Beck – with Jew control of money, yes. Theseus – with Putin going after the oligarchs, suddenly the JEW-controlled media criticizes Russia for not being democratic enough. The JEWS are just picking the carcass from Russia; Putin is stopping them, even if some oligarchs escape to Itz-a-lie. Beck notes Islamists won in 92 in Algeria, and quickly, civil war erupted. Hamas is another example. Israel went into Parliament and arrested them

      99 Theseus – Jews will not leave people alone; left alone means getting off the international banking system. Hitler noted you can get out of the international banking system to stabilize their economy and currency; backed with the German people. WWII was “ON” at that point.

      102 Theseus – Iraq – if I’m right, who’s shooting American soldiers is we are working with everyone? Iraqi patriots who see we are carving their country up.

      104 Theseus began seeing the light starting as a student of political military strategy – why are things so hard? why can’t we win a war any more? It’s because we are not fighting armies, we are fighting people, cultures, and nations. They don’t form armies because we can bomb the Hell out of them. They aren’t afraid to die because they are fighting for their homes, their wives and children. You will not be able to beat people like that; even the Romans couldn’t do that. They had to bring them into the System. Never beat the Germans. This is an idea we should consider. We put too much trust in our political leaders. With an intelligent insurgency – the South, the Germans, the Japanese – things would be different, because they all signed treaties the Government pretty much ignored. (*my opinion*) We put too much trust in our political Forms, and have never been spanked.

      109 Beck – Our Elite have neve been decapitated, have never been attacked by our own people. Theseus notes other countries are more concerned about us – the Other Countries don’t hate Americans, they hate our Government – quotes Linder “The Government has elected a new People, by bringing in the illegal Mexicans.”

      111 Theseus – The Arabs know the Jew, and to know the Jew, is to hate the Jew. We need to encode this in our culture; Christianity was anti-Semitic. Beck – see McDonald’s “Separation and Its Discontents,” cites the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. Theseus – they all came up with the same answers, for some reason.

      115 Hawthorne – action for Griffin’s “Free Speech II” Trial – Theseus – they will not let BNP be successful –

      120 Beck – Shepherd and O’Farrell – not even mentioned over there – nothing about them on Stormfront – only VNN is watching – Hawthorne – “1984” is now – CCTV cameras everywhere – armed police kick their door down at 3 AM – solely for posting on the Internet – Beck cited O’Farrell’s “An Appeal To Reason” paper by Hitler, with British soldier laughing – O’Farrell said, “Who’s laughing now?” – British 1932 Race Relations Act 1935 Public Order Act – both mainly passed to shut up British nationalists – Theseus – not really concerned about car jacking, rapes, etc., that would not have happened if the violent, evil Negroes had not been imported. Hawthorne – BNP is truly growing, and the Griffin Free Speech I” Trial had a deadlock – pressure on Prosecution Service to bring a second trial on deadlocked charges on 1 Nov 06 – Beck – wear a VNN.com t-shirt or a black shirt – Theseus – “V for Vendetta” – British government is pathetic – need a British government for the British – “The Government should fear the People.” – that’s why Nationalism is more necessary – Globalism is steam rolling our languages, our Cultures, and our Way of Life –

      133 – Theseus – British people must do something, as O’Farrell was arrested at 3AM for printing a newspaper – Hawthorne – time for people to stand up –

      135 Theseus – proud of Aryan brothers in Oz at Cronulla – government could not control them – they just started kicking the ass of these mud foreigners who raped their women – take a page from the guys at Cronulla –

      136 Beck – amazed at Cronulla Beach, never in his life thought he would see White Men fighting back – felt so proud – just felt renewed and ALIVE to see aggressive White Men fighting their RACIAL enemies –

      137 Theseus – cited “Mein Kampf,” joy of fighting the Communists in the streets – coming after us slowly, they can’t get all of us at once, they will in time, we need to organize before they get the chance – surge of nationalism happening in Europe –

      138 Hawthorne – people in Europe see time is running out, people who were part of smaller organizations are joining larger organizations –

      139 Theseus – perhaps beginning of Nationalist groundswell in Europe, all across Europe –

      140 Beck discussed becoming an expatriate in Europe –

      143 Beck noted he went to the mall today, and the illegals are staring HIM down – these people are PACK ANIMALS – you always see them in packs, and extended families – pack of males and their litter around them – the Mexican Border Fence is a simple election stunt –

      146 Theseus – that’s how you know our system is fixed – the Fence will get them 86% of the vote – why won’t that happen? – no one to vote for who will do it – Beck – Military Commissions Act strips away most of the Bill of Rights – no candidate says he will repeal it – they ALL want it –

      149 Theseus on Byron Jost – great interviews with people you have never seen before –

      152 Beck – must start doing videos – Theseus – Internet is what might ne a one-time opportunity to get out our message world wide – we need 100 bootgrrls, we need hot newsbabes reading out OUR analysis on video sites – the NEWS isn’t explaining what you see in real life – Beck – geographical dispersion of our activists stops high quality video from being done – reading the news has to LOOK good – right lighting, sound, equipment – Theseus – the younger generation does not remember a time before the Internet – a different way of assigning trust to media sources – example of Jayson Blair at NY Times – over 35, shocked, under 35, it was pretty much routine – they don’t trust them anyway – a new mode of radical decentralization in media sources and a metaunderstanding of who to trust about who to trust – slickness matters, but less so than ever – watching fuzzy YouTube videos – Hawthorne – the VNN shows are getting better – Beck – the theme of the importance of National Socialism is a common theme in the “Aryan Matters” show – Theseus – his old model of Socialism was a transfer of wealth to black colonies that rape and stab and pillage – National Socialism is a family-based system – the government is a fan of the people, motivation is nurturing their people, like a garden – an NS government would never import Mexicans – it’s good that it is being demonized so by the Jews – it interferes with their Hegelian dialectic – with no democratic remedy to the 40 million Mestizos – an NS government is the cure to globalization – only an NS government will keep us from being dragged into the coming Mud Hell – Beck – “globalism” is a propaganda line to make people feel its inevitable – a force of nature that could not be stopped – Theseus – this is a psychological coup the JEWS have pulled over on us – it’s not inevitable – Hawthorne – globalization has left the White working class behind in Europe, and America – it’s shameful America does not have a Nationalist Party –

      165 Beck – the Americans are very politically untutored – we must ideologically train our people – Beck – Europe developed differently – Theseus – we are told its not polite to talk about politics – Beck – Nineteenth Century was a time of rebellion – Theseus – we like to think we are rebellious, it’s not true – Hawthorne – Britain now is “1984” – only Britain has done so – not in rest of Europe – Beck – first domino to fall, so many Muslims are in Great Britain, security laws are to control the Whites – the legitimate backlash of Whites against their invaders – Theseus – with a nice, quiet White society you do not need cameras – you can only have “innocent until proven guilty” if most people are innocent – if you import Africans, the system does not work – they have a different way of handling things – only a tyranny can hold things together, because we don’t share anything else – Hawthorne – the Internet makes this all possible, anything else is way too slow – Theseus – they are moving on the Internet right now –

      175 Hawthorne – it’s very exciting in Europe right now – people are telling the reporter with the tv camera in their face “I’m voting the national nationalist party.” – never did that before – Theseus – who cares what the JEWS think about us? Fuck those JEWS! – We create the countries everyone wants to come to; to the extent they use our country, they will make our country a Third-World shithole. We need to put our foot down and say “NO MORE!” – Hawthorne – we must have a RACIAL identity, or we are lost – WE build Civilization – Theseus – it’s been squandered in the course of a couple of generations – Israel said it would welcome a delegation of EU Parliamentarians if it included Marie Le Pen – Beck – you can have non-Whites or Civilization, you can’t have both –

      180 Theseus – you can’t have “innocent till proven guilty” and Africans at the same time – our systems are being eroded because the muds can’t handle it – The essence of the law is the muds will riot if free speech is allowed; if the muds can’t handle free speech, they want to do away with it. We must say “NO!” We can’t let the retards run the classroom.” Beck – Theseus came forward, you can come forward – Theseus – do some media, let us know about it – the average poster on VNN: we are YOU, plus a microphone – get a microphone, and call on in – use this as an incentive for activism – you need to contribute – none of us should sit still and wait for VNN Broadcasting – jump in – if you know about the JEWS, you are a node on the end of our political captivity – setting up a personal blog, calling VNN, jump in, get in the game – you are a misfit in the ‘kwa, because you recognize what is going on – join us! – Hawthorne – the Internet is a gift for us, if we don’t use it, it’s all over – join us for our RACIAL posterity, and the survival of our people – Final words of Theseus – “ZOG destroyed something beautiful, and it (what was beautiful) will be, again.”

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    20. Whites will Fight Says:

      “sgruber”, you are right. However, the deterioration of things does not mean this is going to happen. I enjoy Geoff, but he is too much of a defeatist in this area. When the total collapse hits – economic or otherwise – and it will, things will be Hell. For a while. Then whites will be forced to join together and fight. Those who don’t, we don’t need them. It’s the only way. Our mud filled armed forces will break down along racial lines. This is good. Most combat soldiers and almost all special forces are white. The jew ass licking ‘top brass’ will be on the run. Guaranteed. The zhids and others will eventually cut and run. They will try to come back some day, they always do, this is where whites have to make sure the NEW laws do not allow zhids and others in. At all. As far as there being too many non-whites in the US to get rid of. Bullshit. If the jew-bolshevists were able to move millions of people of different ethnic groups around the USSR in the early part of the 20th century, just to foment trouble, keep the people fighting and off balance, much more can be done now. Whether it’s expulsions, deportations or WHATEVER, they can and will be booted from our living space. Nothing lasts forever, not even zhid control. People are too brainwashed. They think the US is immune to total collapse, the Zhids are all powerful, they can’t be toppled. The US is ALREADY GONE. We are in the middle of an incredible, hate inspired mess. The zhids wanted to destroy the white West, and they have. Eventually, we, our people, will take it back. I don’t put anything past the zhids and puppets in DC to try and stay in charge – not even them sending Chinese troops into the US to make it LOOK like we’ve been invaded, all the while backing a ‘false’ Chinese govt in the US. Hell, everything else is Potemkin style, whether it’s diversity or our ‘economy’. They are spread thin. Very thin. As Alex has said, they’re highly leveraged. This is why we will eventually be rid of them here.

    21. Agis Says:

      This site helps to visualize how the Greeks faired under the Turks:

      Whites who fail to fight off non-Whites can expect to be treated the same.

    22. sgruber Says:

      Gentlemen, we must fight at every point. As others have observed better than I, first we must secede culturally; turn off the TV, turn on VNN. Then we must spread the word like seed, via growing White media channels; the seed will grow in worthy areas, among those strong enough for it. (The others are already extinct.) We must oppose, resist, fight as best we can at any opportunity, no matter how seemingly tiny. A person in a physical therapy program starts small, with achievable goals like stretching a little or cycling for a few minutes. We can flex this muscle then that one.

      Remember, our genetic power is incredible, when we use it. Only small groups of people ever determined history. So the fight isn’t hopeless; actually, we are in the usual position of tide-turners.

      The “now!” mentality of niggers is the path to pessimism and defeat. The jew hive works in terms of centuries. CENTURIES. The whiggers among us look at the last 70 years and weep “it’s too late.” Bullshit.

      The jews are 2 or 3 percent of the planet. We are 8 percent. This is not a battle of majorities, it is a battle of minorities.

      Look at how far the minority known as jews got, simply because they put us to sleep for 150 years or so. Over the next decades we can wake up and rip their heads off. This is already starting. Don’t stop it.

      Only a minority controls the planet, always has. The majority of humanoids are just sludge in any epoch of history. Who will be the world’s cream – us or jews? Only you (yes…YOU) can decide the answer.

      Start today. Commit the rest of your lifetime to this fight, and have kids. Our race will live if we choose life and continue in the path of growing wisdom and resistance.

    23. sgruber Says:

      Contribute to people fighting harder than you; help them. I just sent Alex some bucks. I post some okay comments once in a while. I talk to people and send them links and literature. I positioned myself geographically (moved to White area) and financially (got out of debt) and will become legally armed (signed up for the safety course). And I’m the LEAST of the lurkers. If I can improve, anyone can improve.

      The alternative is to be slaughtered by the muds. These humanoids are coming to kill us. Not to take our jobs. To kill us. Think of that the next time you are tempted to give a polite smile to Lequisha across the way or to be “civil” and “fair” to the “okay, bright” nigger checking your groceries.

    24. jimbo Says:

      re: ‘sgruber’:
      “The alternative is to be slaughtered by the muds. These humanoids are coming to kill us. Not to take our jobs. To kill us!”

      yr abv cmmnts remind me of that scene in ‘The Two Towers’……Peter Jackson’s mighty rendition of the great Tolkien classic………(let me see if i can recall the dialogues!)……
      (the scenes are: in the lodge of the King’s Keep and, l8r, on the battlements of Helm’s Deep; pending the great assault of Saruman’s ‘mud-man’/’uruk-hai’ army!)
      King Theoden: “A great host you say?
      Aragorn: “Ten thousand strong at least. All of Isengard has been emptied
      King Theoden:”Ten thousand?!
      Aragorn: “It is an army bred for a single purpose. To destroy the world of men!
      ……on the battlements…….
      Theoden: “They may destroy Rohan. They may burn our crops and raise our villages; but, behinkd these walls, we shall out-last them. Crops can be re-sown and villages re-built!
      Aragorn:”They do not come to burn Rohan’s villages or to steal its crops. They come to KILL Rohan’s people….down to the last child!

    25. New America Says:

      Theseus made the proposal that we should consider using video as a medium; the excellent works of finalsolution88.com lay out one answer.

      Here’s another idea…


      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    26. James Hawthorne Says:

      New America:

      Thank you for transcribing this broadcast. Reading through it was truly thought provoking. Theseus a new find for VNN Broadcasting – and what a find! Being able to read the broadcast you are truly stuck by the awesome fight that we are engaged in. Plato I feel would be proud of us. yet it was the wise words from the man from the Harz mountains that summed up the whole broadcast for me…

      “you can have non-Whites or Civilization, you can’t have both ”

      That in a nutshell is the problem !

    27. New America Says:

      James Hawthorne wrote:

      New America:

      Thank you for transcribing this broadcast. Reading through it was truly thought provoking. Theseus a new find for VNN Broadcasting – and what a find! Being able to read the broadcast you are truly stuck by the awesome fight that we are engaged in. Plato I feel would be proud of us. yet it was the wise words from the man from the Harz mountains that summed up the whole broadcast for me…

      “you can have non-Whites or Civilization, you can’t have both ”

      That in a nutshell is the problem !

      in reply:
      Some time back, Alex Linder made an observation that I lossely paraphrase, that remains with me:

      “We have the best Idea in the history of the world. we have the best ideas flowing from that, and we have the most incredibly third-rate lot representing us to the world you can imagine. Even if you allow for people who enjoy being hated just for the Hell of it, something is wrong.”

      This is the inherent flaw in White Nationalism/Western Nationalism, and I think it comes from two critical issues:

      One, total Goddamned JEWISH control of ALL of the mainstream media, as well as the public fool system, ALL of which is engaged in a full-on attack on White people – and Western Civilization, AND Christianity – on ALL levels, and…


      … other RACES – ALL other RACES – are explicitly encouraged to organize along RACIAL lines, as long as it is against US.

      Our Minds are overwhelmed with one message from ALL “Authority Sources,” while those same Minds see overwhelming proof, every day, of the truth of RACE, in general, and the total supremacy of Western Civilization, in particular.

      And so, our children, adn a good many of us, go slowly, and ever more deeply, mad.

      Two, most of us came from Economic Conservativism, with a Libertarian streak; both systems totally controlled by the Goddamned JEWS – ask the late Sam Francis about THAT.

      In short, the Goddamned JEW-controlled System gave us TWO false choices, both false, as they go directly to support the JEWS.

      What do you do when, as George Carlin noted, “The game is rigged; the table is tilted, and there is nothing you can do about it.”


      You reject the false choice – Poison One, or Poison Two – and, ask the CREATIVE RACE, create a better choice – OUR choice!

      This is why I am so heartened with what we are accomplishing, even though I will not see the results in my lifetime, absent extraordinary events; Jefferson could not have imagined the Society he was laying the groundwork for would send men to the Moon – and bring them back.

      We ARE getting there – when Theseus spoke about just abandoning the idea of making The Old Order work, and get busy laying the foundation for a New Order – a National Socialist Order – I thought, “GODDAMN! ABOUT TIME!”

      The fact that the best and brightest of us – Lita, Theseus, and others – SEE what the real issues are, and don’t try to stop the sand castle from melting with the incoming tide, is what gives me hope that it CAN be done, and, for the sake of our posterity, it MUST be done.

      Remember, when someone accuses you of “hate speech” – the necessary prelude to censoring you – YOU CAN ONLY CENSOR THE TRUTH.

      And, WHO would want to do that?

      Why, the people that gain from the lies they use to control you, of course – the Goddamned JEWS.

      I use the example of NSDAP Germany because ALL they accomplished, from the depths of the Great Depression, were possible because it EXPLICITLY neutralized the Goddamn JEWS – it was like taking the governor off of a car motor, economically, and suddenly removing the sunglasses – the Hoffman Lenses from “They Live” – and, suddenly, the inherent genius of the CREATIVE RACE flowed forth.

      We did it before, and we can do it AGAIN!

      New America!

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!