25 October, 2006

Goyfire #43 Released

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The Roundtable includes: Agis, Craig Cobb, Peter Shank, and Byron Jost.

Topics include: Topics include: Nig Serial Killer, Amerikwa Kills more Iraqis than Saddam, Man Sentenced 3 Years for Racist Comments, U.S. ready to take in 60,000 Bhutanese refugees living in Nepal, Yids build Holohoax Temple in Nebraska!, Mud-dona Adopts a Chimp, Joan Rivers: Mel Should Die, New Anti-White Flick: Catch a Fire (Liar), jewish “White man” rapper intellectual, and race riot at fontana high.

Shownotes: below

Nig Serial Killer


Amerikwa Kills more Iraqis than Saddamn


Man Sentenced 3 Years for Racist Comments

U.S. ready to take in 60,000 Bhutanese refugees living in Nepal

Yids build Holohoax Temple in Nebraska!

Mud-dona Adopts a Chimp

Joan Rivers: Mel Should Die

New Anti-White Flick: Catch a Fire (Liar)

jewish “White man” rapper intellectual

race riot at fontana high

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  7. 56 Responses to “Goyfire #43 Released”

    1. sgruber Says:

      Religion is not a powerhouse that binds together a race. It is a fairy tale that keeps a race back.

      The notion that culture springs from religion isn’t true. Culture springs from a race responding to reality. (Specifically, I define culture as the lasting actions that a group of humans take in their struggle to survive and thrive.) Fairy tales are a turning-away from reality, into imagination. When imagination is confused with reality, that is mental illness.

      You can’t get to the stars by praying. Only by building spaceships, i.e. through science.

      Faith and science are opposites. This truth is derided by the faith-based sophists of recent times, for obvious reasons, but it is still true.

      If you believe books which were written by jews 1500+ years ago saying a virgin jewess gave birth to a jewlet who later rose from the dead and was actually a ghost disguised as a human, a ghost that created the universe out of nothing…you believe in absurdities. At this point, you could say either: “He’s right. It’s a bunch of jew crap.” Or: “I believe BECAUSE it is absurd” (Tertullian). Make your choice.

    2. New America Says:

      My, we certainly would not want to be “verbose,” would we?


      O*R*I*ON wrote:

      Must… quote…[Gasp!]… Nietzsche… to clean air… from… the mideastern…[Rattle!]… israelite perfume-stench…[Gasp!]… of New America:

      “[…] One had better put on gloves before reading the new testament. The presence of so much filth makes it very advisable. One would as little choose early christians for companions as Polish Jews: not that one need seek out an objection to them — neither has a pleasant smell.”
      -The Antichrist (1888)

      “‘Faith’ means not wanting to know what is true”
      -The Antichrist (1888)

      “The very word ‘Christianity’ is a misunderstanding — in truth, there was only one Christian, and he died on the cross.”
      -The Antichrist (1888)

      “I call Christianity the one great curse, the one great intrinsic depravity, the one great instinct for revenge for which no expedient is sufficiently poisonous, secret, subterranean, petty — I call it the one immortal blemish of mankind.”
      -The Antichrist (1888)

      in reply:
      I can say a lot of good things about Neitzsche, and, given what he saw of what Christianity had BECOME – ie; JEW-infested, and JEW-controlled (good thing he died before he could read the JEW-written handbook of the American Zionists, the RSV) – his criticism are well-taken.

      Yet, of all RACES, which is the one that is explicitly “Anti-Christ” from its very founding, to today>

      The Goddamned JEWS.

      There IS a reason for that, as I have stated previously.

      If only for the sheer joy of watching the serpent seedline, hook-nosed followers of Satan just lose it in anger, you should praise Christianity. Think of how many of the demons in shoe leather have stroked out and died walking past a Christian church! Praise GOD!

      O*R*I*O*N wrote:
      The suicide cult of Jewsus: invented by jews and propagandized by jews.
      Here a few quotes from the “holy” bible that speak for themselves:

      in reply:
      I could not agree more than to the extent Christianity is influenced by the demons in shoe leather called Goddamned JEWS, Christianity becomes that Abomination, Judeo-Christianity.

      As Peter Shank so wisely noted, Judaism is unalterably and totally opposed to Christianity; how much better for the JEWS to literally pervert – “turn against” – the Christians from True Christianity?

      There is no perversion the Satanic seedline Goddamned JEWS will not glorify, and exalt; if it can be used to gain from the goyim, so much the better.

      O*R*I*O*N wrote:
      Luke 12:51 (jewsus speaking): “Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, nay; but rather division; for from henceforth there shall be five in a house divided, three against two, and two against three. The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father;
      the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother-in-law against the daughter-in-law, […]” and vice versa.

      in reply:
      Yes, this is the battle for true spiritual Individuation in microcosm.

      Think of it this way:

      How many of OUR own relatives, our OWN personal kinfolk, have turned against us once we made the decision to seek the Truth, wherever it is, and to act in accordance with it?

      Thus, the Adversary does, for lies, the same thing that Christ does, for truth.

      O*R*I*O*N wrote:
      Matth. 5:29-30 (the nazarene again): “if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off”

      in reply:
      How about this:

      “If you are in the presence of Evil that you see, look elsewhere.”

      “If you are committed to acting on evil, stop doing so.”

      O*R*I*O*N wrote:
      Matth. 5:43 “[…] I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you and pray for them that depitefully use you and persecute you.”

      in reply:
      Pastor Herrell documents that all of this “Forgiveness” preached by Christ is simply an interpolation; someone added it in, centuries after the Crucifixion. Obviously, we can all guess WHO, and we can all guess WHY.

      In fact, Christ NEVER forgave anyone, AND was THE most intolerant man to ever walk the face of the Earth.

      O*R*I*O*N wrote:
      Matth. 6:25 “[…] I say unto you, take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat or what ye shall drink, nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on.”

      in reply:
      I suspect the distinction is being made between your OLD life, your merely and solely MATERIALISTIC defintion of who – and what – you are, and your NEW life, in which you have been made new in Christ, and focus on your SPIRITUAL purpose, the purpose for which you were put on Earth.

      Of course, I am guessing about this.

      After all, I don’t really know, as I wasn’t really there.

      O*R*I*O*N wrote:
      Matth. 6:34 “take therefore no thought for tomorrow, for tomorrow will take thought for the things of itself.”

      in reply:
      This, again, is a reference to the SPIRITUAL Consciousness of the New Man; this means, your focus should be on the here and now, your duty to the needs of the Cultural Moment, and not get trapped in a Dreamstate where you can avoid your immediate responsibilities, and the greater context in which those responsibilities lie – that is, the living matrix of FAMILY, RACE and CULTURE.

      O*R*I*O*N wrote:
      Several times you refer to a so-called “real” christianity, as opposed to the jew-infested one of today. What typical semitic way of perception. You christians consistently confuse “real” with “ideal”. The “real” world for a jesusist is not the physical world surrounding him, no no, that is mere transience and illusion; earthly existence to him is even sinful and shameful. The “real” world to a christian is the afterlife in “paradise”.

      in reply:
      No, to the TRUE Christian, the “here and now” is the VERY real world in which we must operate; the trick is to not become ensnared in the merely material definition of who were are and what we do.

      The “ensnarement,” of course, you will recognize as a quote from the Bible cited on GOYFIRE – “You know, they want to trip a nigger up, like me, you know.” That was the first time I heard a preacher mention his Glock as part of the sermon…


      O*R*I*O*N wrote”
      Admittance to this nebulous and dreamy realm, however, is not contingent on your own merits in carnal life, oh no; you have to passively be SAVED by Jewsus. All you need is faith. Singing in a gospel-choir, or adopting nigglets always guarantees salvation ofcourse.

      in reply:
      Actually, that the mass-market, JEW-controlled Christianity.

      One, forgiveness follows repentance, but the sincerity of the repentance limits forgiveness.

      Two, this sincerity of repentance must be proved by your deeds – your temporal works in the fulfillment of your temporal duties. Otherewise, you have faith without works – or, in fact, no faith at all, because it is never tested, and remains a function of the Dreamstate.

      Three, I wasn’t aware that Jesus, or any of the Apostles, adopted niglets.

      Is that in the RSV?


      O*R*I*O*N wrote:
      ARYAN perception is facts-oriented. This approach was necessary in order to survive in a hostile, ice-bound environment of the Northern hemisphere during the ice-ages of Saale (220000-130000 bce) and Weichsel (90000-11500 bce). Dreamy, pensive christian types were simply culled out by the harshness of nature. No coincidence that the suicide cult originates in the warm and forgiving Levant. It is revealing that it is practically negligant of fertility and the cycle of seasons, whereas the pagan systems of the north and even the Hellene-Roman cultures invoke a strong sense of consciousness of the soil (Frey/Freya and Demeter/ceres).

      in reply:
      Could not agree more.

      I always suspected there was much more to the Norse faiths than we were told; while this makes King Olaf’s conversion all the more remarkable, I suspect Pastor Herrell would find much to approve of in the deep spirutual reaches of the Norse mythos.

      O*R*I*O*N wrote:
      The lack of respect for Mother Nature in christianity reveals its true character: a religion for the gypsie-like nomad, unconcerned with the responsibility of tilling, sowing and harvesting the soil in harmony with the cyclic rhytm of seasons. A religion eventually befitting the slaves of Rome, and perfect for the parasitic nigger on welfare.

      in reply:
      That is the perversion that much of the contemporary practice of Christianity has become.

      “Respect for Mother Nature” can go too far; Civilization is patriarchal in nature. What came before in the “warm and forgiving Levant” was a Matriarchal social order, in which men were accorded little value, and little respect.

      If memory serves, this degenerate Pagan cult including taking the strongest adn best of the young men, and cutting off his masculine parts, letting him “bleed out” and die on the soil, as an offering to Mother Earth.

      I strongly recommend seeing “The Wicker Man,” which is available on DVD. The 88 minute version includes everthing you need to see…

      O*R*I*O*N wrote:
      Viewed through Aryan eyes, REAL christianity is what we call FUNCTIONAL christianity. Definition simple: how most self-proclaimed christians practice their faith. It is not a pretty picture as we all know.

      in reply:
      I could not agree more.

      If ANY form of Christianity could be called DYSFUNCTIONAL, the current practice of JUDEO-Christianity is it.

      No wonder so many of its practitioners are fighting madness, and losing.

      O*R*I*O*N wrote:
      Another point: The prophesies of the bible, e.g.: the book of revelations, are exceedingly gloomy and litterally apocalyptic. But not to worry; after the götterdämmerung Jewsus will return from the dead and install the perfect multi-culti regime where the lamb rests with the lion and everybody sports a café au lait-complexion. I advise all to read the book of revelations. It verily drips with kike-madness.

      in reply:
      I suspect the Book of Revelation was written in a manner that, frankly, uses pictures to describe future states of Consciousness in the advancement of Mankind well in advance of our times.

      Even the pictures, I suspect, are at a far distant remove from what the Seer actually SAW.

      Indeed, it makes as much sense to the vast majority of Mankind of today, as the fundamental theorem of calculus would to Neandethral Man; worse, the men of today can grasp vague approximations of pictures with no ability whatseover to truly grasp their real meaning.

      Thus, by trying to map these picture to the material REALITY before them, they go mad.

      Let’s avoid that, by taking the best of TRUE Christianity, and building a better world for our posterity based on the LIVING IDEALS of FAMILY, RACE and CULTURE.

      In a small way, we can send some money to Alex Linder.

      In a greater way, we can look to the Northwest Trilogy of Harold Covington for ideas on how to create a National Socialist state, starting right where we are.

      In a much greater way, we can ask what King Olaf’s priests saw in Christ, as the LIVING vehicle of the LIVING Solar God, that made him convert to Christianity – not what Christianity has BECOME, but what it should have been, in that time and place, in that particular Cultural Moment.

      New America!

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    3. O*R*I*O*N Says:

      Christians should be among the first to be sterilized in Creative society.
      14 RAHOWA 88

    4. jimbo Says:

      re: O*R*I*O*N and re: ‘New America’ and re: xianity…….

      the current bible translations are wot we’re stuck with……irrespective of what might or might not have been the original texts!

      the over-whelming majority of xians accept these ‘translations’!

      suicidal concepts like ‘love yr enemy’ (especially if they’re NON-WHITE!) and ‘turn the other cheek’ (so the god-DAMN kike can SMASH you on it!) are thus foisted on the gullible goyim!

      (re: mis-translations: xians would be better served returning to the old Latin/Vulgate translations…..with which they might not be QUITE SO SUSCEPTIBLE to kike mind-control….
      for instance: the vrs “love yr enemy as yr-self” in the Latin actually specifies: ‘inimicus’ for enemy….
      i.e: the bloke next-door who may have inadvertently forgotten to return yr lawn-mower or sumthin’…..AS OPPOSED TO…..
      ‘hostis’: viz: public [or national/racial] enemy…..whom you are NOT OBLIGED to FORGIVE AT ALL!…under ANY circumstances!
      English is, all in all, a very sloppy and im-precise language for Bible translation…..again: probably NOT a coincidence!
      here’s another one: most would doubtless be familiar with the old ‘doxology’ trotted out abt Yule-tide which goes: ‘Glory to God in the highest and peace and good will to all men [on Earth]’
      BUT…the LATIN is: actually: “Gloria in excélsis Deo
      Et in terra pax homínibus bonæ voluntátis”

      ……“Glory to God in the Highest and, on Earth, peace to men OF good will!”

      the central rôle of the jews to jd-xianity and their resulting ‘special status’ is, again, what the overwhelming majority of current-day-professing xians believe…even AFA that illegitimate hob-goblin enclave of Talmudic gangstas(Yidsrael) is concerned….this, of course, blinds them to the deadly danger they and their children are in from these fiends!….just the way the hymies like it!

      that’s our current situation……like it or not!
      AFA ‘the future is concerned’….we have to be realistic……xians will NEVER forgo their some-what ‘crazy’ beliefs…..ESPECIALLY if force is attempted….the best policy is to let them continue believing what they want(after all: it’s IMPOSSIBLE to effectively control what some-one thinks….even the kikez can’t do that with 100% reliability!)…but: let White Nationalism be the bench-mark by which ALL socio-economic/socio-political/cultural public policy decisions are made….that’s what the Nazis did and it worked magnificently…..even the (formerly ‘xian’!) youth of Germany rapidly started deserting the church pews for the Hitler Jugend!

    5. Thoughtcrime Says:

      Christianity, as with all other religions, is simply a form of mind and behaviour control. This is essentially the distillate and it’s all that’s left when you scratch away at the surface. The main side effect of religion is to retard science and truth.

      Religion requires no facts or supportive evidence for it’s fantastic claims–just ‘belief’ or ‘faith’. Hey you gotta have more ‘faith’ brother is the usual tag lines preachers spout, while they have their hands in your pockets….

      I listened to some missionary this morning at my folk’s local church spout off about how he’s DYING to go back to Afreaka and be a missionary to those poor misguided niggers. Even went so far as to say that two niggers dreamed of his face and said that God was answering their prayers by sending him and his wife back to west Afreaka on a mission! However, immeditately prior to his ‘sermon’ he passed around placards which asked for YOUR monthly monetary support of his mission to revisit Afreaka! At the end of his ‘sermon’ he asked for money again! I could hardly contain myself. The sheer unabashed audacity of this ‘missionary’ in begging for ‘support’ astounded me. In addition, a ‘love offering’ was taken up for him which amounted to around 200 bucks!!! Not bad for one hour’s work I’d say!

    6. New America Says:

      The interaction between genetics, epigentic, behavioral and symbolic transformations – the four dimensions of evolution – worked together with the only spiritual Form that could carry the White RACE, and, using RACE as the dynamic bridges between FAMILY and CULTURE, even conceive of our return to the stars.

      Check out the concept of “neuronal plasticity.”


      This is a point Peter Shank hammers home incessantly; only the WHITE RACE can make democracy work, for example, and THIS reflects the CULTURE and the FAMILY – the EXTENDED FAMILY – interacting with one another as Co-Creators of our world.

      I will be silent, for the moment, as to the indispensable element of Christianity – TRUE Christianity – as the religion of the White RACE.

      New America!

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!